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  1. And in the "its so simple" camp we now have one user recommending a drive which is below the recommended minimum speed requirements! ... "Sequential read speed 5500 MB/s or faster is recommended" https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/hardware/ps5-install-m2-ssd/
  2. considering that remasterd shot is "at its best", but the pc one...nah, heres what it looks like (may need to click to zoom. The remasterd version sort of has a HD texture pack thing going on
  3. yeah, 360 to bone! 540p to *drumrole* NINE HUNDRED PEE
  4. That was...What was that!?! Its like, part low budget 80's style post apoc movie, mixed with an asian martial arts film of the same era, cowboys for some reason, and nic cage being, well, nic cage!?! And some genuinely brilliant cinematography!? I wasn't quite sure what i expected, but bizarrely, it was exactly what i expected! absolute B movie/cult movie out of 10!
  5. See, that's a fantastic demonstration of somebody knowing what they are doing (thor) ...followed by the general public... It's only straightforward and simple, IF you know what you are doing...if you dont...well...
  6. fuck off ya fucking twat!
  7. jesus fucking christ....what the actul fucking fuck was that... lingard, fuck off! get the fuck out. and this came about from wan bisaka being shite.
  8. The refs a joke ! a right fucking "homer"
  9. id deffo take Ronaldo off now though, i mean, hes 36, its a bullshit artificial surface which aint gonna help anyones knees! and will give him some rest for Sunday!
  10. exactly, keep the two more defensive players on
  11. tactical...but...yeah... 5 3 1... with fred pogba and bruno in mid!?
  12. true, but its not gonna help him is it. I mean, there's no doubting his actual ability on the ball, he just seems a little off the pace at the mo. Hopefully he will adapt to the league quickly!
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