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  1. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    why does this game sound like its from that bloody aweful sounding south africa one!?!
  2. well yeah...but, a 970/1060 could do 1080p/60fps with the sliders set to 9...:P and as mr leadbetter says :- "It's a powerful PC for sure, but to be fair, assuming that the game was rendering at native 4K resolution - in line with the trailer footage that CDPR has released - that's actually not a bad showing for the debut demonstration of REDEngine 4, on a title that's still deep in development. Certainly from a graphics perspective, a GTX 1080 Ti delivering smooth, playable frame-rates at 4K would indicate similar (if not better) performance for the title running at 1440p on a GTX 1070, or 1080p on a GTX 1060. And by extension, assuming a 2020 release for the game, the GTX 1080 Ti would have been replaced by that point with 11 or even 12-series Nvidia counterparts with improved price/performance ratios" its got a looooong (sadley) way to go before release! and remember, the witcher took a few patches to really iron out performance as well!
  3. I can't believe I hadn't really used this before lol. Played a bit of my ng+ magic user... Got invaded a couple times neither got to even swing their weapons at me lol. The funniest was the second one was called 'fat spells'... Yeah, he was on the receiving end of that alrite!
  4. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    ...so...the slightest of touches thats a pen...wrestling somebody to the floor...nah...fucking el...
  5. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    fucking walker...
  6. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    walker is so positionally bad, and always has been!? why the fuck is he playing centre back!
  7. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    youve gotta wonder about fitness levels, being as there is a t least 10 mins left!?
  8. played a bit, started as a thief... master key, and black bombs! so got the demon hammer tucked away for later on haha, currently got the zweihander going on. Might go pick up the club though!
  9. Its often to do with the FOV, narrow fov, consoles im looking at you! and im a gonna, proper wide fov, or the ability to change it much better, no issues at all!
  10. just polished off my onebro run (SL1 run). wasn't too bad. oddly some of it seemed easier than normal!?! im thinking as i hadn't used pyro in a long time, i forgot how powerfull it was! ended with a nice collection of reinforced clubs, one for each occasion lol. Early parts, fire, as you can get that to +7 before anor londo, then a maxed lightning club for the rest of the game!,and +14 light crossbow for a bit of very powerfull ranged damage! also had a divine club to keep them skellies down from neato though, made that a doddle! seath, nothing a few chaos fire balls wont put down tbh, the most annoying boss boss, was the bloody gimmick! kept getting knocked off! did hit a wall with the fourking kings though!?! until i remembered power within was a thing...yep...power within and great combustion sorted that out! gwyn...is a joke if you can parry, didnt take a hit lol I would deffo recommend people give it a go as its great fun, but, make sure you know the game well, and know where you need to go to get what you need. so thats a solaire cosplay, a magic and an sl1 .,..think i might go for a simple smashy smashy run lol
  11. @jonamok its on his youtube channel,
  12. 5R7

    The Man Utd Thread

    nah mate, fucked up good an proper, hence forth, "doing a Karrius"
  13. 5R7

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    so....am, i allowed to liek new as ai lay...i mean seriously!?
  14. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    that was fucking beautiful!
  15. 5R7

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    well that was just

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