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  1. If you try to use a health pack you don't have, you're character will ask for one. Edit- beaten, twice
  2. Edit: sorry, I'm thinking of the starter pack not the founders pack.
  3. Janski

    The Division 2

    Something was bothering me about the combat and I wasn't sure what it was until I read this on Polygon I can't recall from Division 1 if this icon thing was a passive skill or if I just used to spam Pulse loads, but you can very quickly get swarmed now especially in the open world which seems much wider than the narrow corridors of NY.
  4. Janski

    The Division 2

    Yes, supposely so. I had a 200MB update (unusual for a beta) after today's downtime which should fix that along with audio issues and matchmaking crashes.
  5. Janski

    The Division 2

    Got my code though from Amazon
  6. Janski

    The Division 2

    Cool, thanks. First 15mins here and probably what we will be playing in the beta. No cutscenes and nothing too spoilery other than revealing where the new Base of Operations is.
  7. Janski

    The Division 2

    Anyone had the beta code yet? I've pre-ordered from Amazon but had nothing through yet.
  8. Janski

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Game seems to have been seriously Watchdogs'd based on the 2017 reveal
  9. Janski

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Not had any loading problems this weekend and had a go of the Tyrant mine Stronghold. After a few false starts it seemed to be into clicking place; I like that the combat seems more about skills than weapons. Did a few encounters, got some rare gear and got to the Spider Boss but then it crashed back to PS dashboard. It doesn't seem to have saved the loot or XP either
  10. This seems to have righted itself once I deleted the frame in inventory and bought a new one.
  11. Yesterday's patch seems to have broken Black Armory frame item drops. I need 25 Radiolarian things from Vex for the bow frame and they aren't dropping them. There's loads of posts on Bungie forums about similar items for different frames not dropping too. le sigh....
  12. Janski

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Is there a way to guarantee an exotic drop? Is it from a weekly Underground cache? Been playing this a fair bit recently and it's still great. Massive seem to have streamlined some of the systems for Division 2 which I think is good as the endgame/stats/classified gear is a bit messy in D1.
  13. Janski

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I bet the store will work perfectly at launch.
  14. Janski

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Finally had a go in free roam this morning after constantly crashing on loading last night. The moving around and flying seems pretty good but not sold on the gunplay at all. Enemies are bullet sponges and there's not really any decent feedback either when your shots hit or the enemies die. Also the reward feedback doesn't seem great at the moment; I can't see any XP leveling or progression info at all and I've picked up some new items (maybe gear?) but can't seem to see what they are? Are the loadouts fixed as I can't seem to change my setup in game.

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