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  1. Battlefield 2042 Forza Horizon 5 Halo Infinite Advanced Wars
  2. I know we're all fixated by the on track action and the closest inter team battle for championship that we've seen in years. But there's a much more important championship to look at. 1st second and 3rd are pulling away now, with over 200 points between 1st & 4th? Have we got our championship contenders decided already, or could we see some surprise switches as the season enters into the last couple of months racing. The Rllmuk Fantasy League: #1 - ADC 7UP - 2,634 #2 - We Say No to Mazepin - 2,509.5 #3 - Flow VIz - 2,505.5 #4 - Formula Fondue - 2,414.5 #5 - Ferrariroquai - 2,405 #6 - Danny Ric's Right Foot - 2,399 #7 - Papaya Maldonado - 2,339.5 #8 - Pink Mercedes - 2,329 #9 - Tracing Point - 2,328.5 #10 - AlT Super Team - 2,324.5 #11 - A Stroll In The Park - 2,319.5 #12 - Scuderia Corranga - 2,295.5 #13 - LowCostMonkey Racing - 2,237.5 #14 - Wevverari - 2,227 #15 - Peter Team 1 - 2,221.5 #16 - Ed Team 1 - 2,195 #17 - Footling 1 - 2,165.5 #18 - Alfarelli Minelli - 2,162.5 #19 - Sir Box-a-Lot - 2,121 #20 - Mabawsa Racing - 2,050 #21 - Team Blue - 2,039 #22 - What's Verstappenin' - 2,017.5 #23 - Scuderia Sidewaysbob - 2,006.5 #24 - TEAM MEX SP WDC 2021 MEX MEX MEX - 1,969 #25 - Pogo Racing - 1,943.5 #26 - il_postino - 1,827 #27 - Junior Mint - 1,796.5 #28 - jonathanhoey1981 - 1,706.5 #29 - Scuderia Rosso - 1,634
  3. Well he's gonna be scraping the used tyres for the next few weekends!
  4. Yeah what happened there? It didn't look like a technical failure, it looked like he forgot something. Someone tapped him on the shoulder to go again.
  5. Wonder if he could have been a fan of Ron Dennis with the matrix system for staff and management directed haircuts for the drivers.
  6. 100% true, and it loops back to my point that he is still only 23. Yes he needs to control it at points, but a lot of maturing will just come with age for some people.
  7. I could easily see him taking the record from Kimi as most GP Entries.
  8. Might not be in his early F1 days anymore, but he is still 13 years younger than Lewis. He's still at an age where he's still developing mentally. How many of you were as calm and laid back about things in life when you were 23 vs when you were 36?
  9. Although when Lewis joined F1 he was pretty much the same age as Max is now. So while Max has matured a bit from his early days, Lewis still has 13 years more life experience than him right now. Still many many years for Max to mellow out.
  10. He wasn't trapped in the car. He was trying to reverse out. When max gets out of his car and starts to walk away you see him look over at Lewis while Lewis is trying to reverse back onto the track. As Max said in an interview later "He was trying to reverse out. If you're not okay, you don't do that". I think the penalty is fair enough. Similar to the Silverstone incident I'd say it's almost a racing incident, with a 60-40% split in blame towards Max rather than Lewis. These things can easily happen when both drivers are racing hyper aggressively against each other.
  11. It was Alonso. I think he was trying to avoid Russel coming out of the pits.
  12. Also the fact that Max likely could have no idea that his car bounced off Hamiltons head. When the cars came to a stop Max's was halfway down the nose of the Merc.
  13. Also something I’ve learned with this TV recently. Disconnect from WiFi and then disable it in the settings. It will feel like a whole new TV. Doing that made my menus go from a 3 second lag on button presses to instant response. No idea wtf it was doing when connected to WiFi, but the fact that button presses were so slow wouldn’t surprise me if it was tracking and uploading every press.
  14. switch off most of the expert settings like mpeg reduction etc.
  15. Didn't Per get a new engine last week, while Max is still on an old one?
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