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  1. Ah yeah I see it's changed again. It jumps up and down in price a couple of times a week I've noticed.
  2. You can do this at any time using the cheap GamePass link in the bargains thread. Current price works out at £3.50 per month for GP Ultimate. Edit: @wavey no need to do that really! Just do this one, you can keep extending at the cheap price too.
  3. Convert your sub to Ultimate, then follow the guide in this thread to get it for £3.50 a month:
  4. Yeah it's annoying as fuck. The devs have acknowledged it and are prepping a hotfix apparently. So that will be another 420GB patch no doubt.
  5. Mr Tony

    Formula One - 2020

    Not a huge fan of the red sponsor design. Also, look at the size of those fins up each side of the nose!
  6. There's also a game breaking bug where people can change the colour of their names. So people are changing their name to blue so enemies think they are on the other team and don't shoot...
  7. Mr Tony

    Formula One - 2020

    The noses are looking really slim this year. The Red Bull has a really skinny one too. I also can't get over how small the air intakes are across all of them these days.
  8. Mr Tony

    Formula One - 2020

    MCL35 Revealed. Another team with a matte paintjob.
  9. It was doing it to us on shipment 2v2. It does it to us on the bigger maps like Grazna Raid. Regularly it spawns you on the exact spot you died on. The spawns are totally fucked in this game. Just look at the video I shared the other day, and enemy team spawning one after the other directly in a snipers scope.
  10. That's another one. I've regularly spawned inside an active cluster strike. There's no need!
  11. No it isn't. I don't care about my KD, I just want to enjoy the game and have a crack at doing my best. Spawning and being killed instantly due to the shitty system is really frustrating. I don't mind when someone out shoots me or gets a lucky shot or whatever, but when I'm regularly dying due to the games crap spawn system and there's nowt I can do about it, then it's annoying as fuck.
  12. That's the whole game mate. It got worse with the patch last week but every single game, on every map, on every mode, I see it multiple times where I spawn in a sight line or spawn on the exact spot I died on so I die again, or spawn on an explosive etc. It's annoying as fuck.
  13. Mr Tony

    Formula One - 2020

    The one I have seen chucked about is delaying Abu Dhabi by a week or two and slotting China in as the second last of the year.
  14. Mr Tony

    Formula One - 2020

    Looks like they still have a fair sized air intake just below the tip of the yellow though with possibly an exhaust for it at the top of the nose just below the 33?
  15. Mr Tony

    Formula One - 2020

    Ferrari car reveal soon!
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