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  1. Not sure if it's still possible anymore. Will take a look.
  2. I think that's a no brainer, but I wonder if it wont make it to the current gen Xbox consoles.
  3. Flight Sim only had a logo for GamePass PC there. Didn't show both like other titles..
  4. Looking forward to MineCraft Dungeons. Looks like it will be fun to play with the missus and some pals online.
  5. You never seen an Inside Xbox Episode? Every single one they do is always scripted to buggery and really fake. Still fun though.
  6. You guys are a bunch of negative old gits! More games. Almost free ways of getting these games. Loads of them being added to streaming platforms. Streaming platforms going into the sub you already have.Planet Fucking Coaster. Lighten up!
  7. PLANET. FUCKING. COASTER. I'm so fucking excited for this. It's one of my favourite games on the PC. I can lose days to it.
  8. I got an older Surface Pro 2 today, mainly for a reliable portable, but stuck team on it. Im so happy the team put a 2D mode into the full fat desktop version. it works perfect with this machine!
  9. I've got back into PlanetCoaster recently. Figure it's about time to make another Christmas park.
  10. Never got round to picking this up. Will be changing that. One thing, I don't subscribe to Spotify. I have a free account, but thats it. My music is in Amazon Music. Guessing there's no way of having music in game for me?
  11. Cool news all round then. I figure you guys will get the balance right. If you can include a paid upgrade / sub to turn off ads / timers though, man that would be so good.
  12. My tactic for new parts is to give them to my number 1 and give 2 the old parts, that way both cars will get an upgrade.
  13. Tutorial is pretty quick. You're through it in 10 mins really. It's built as part of the campaign so you'll be given the steps as you start. It's easy to learn and youre fine taking a break, it's based off the mobile version.
  14. That's fantastic news. Will there be a paid version? I noticed some reviews saying freemium timers in the game. I'd much rather pay up front or even a reasonable subscription to not have those!
  15. There's a new bug been introduced with yesterday's update. People can mellee you in the loading screen. If you spam the attack buttons your character will punch. If someone is unlucky, theyll get hit. If they're really unlucky they'll be downed before even reaching the drop ship & spawn in bleeding out.
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