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  1. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Also if you just want live, 6 months gold for £14.99
  2. Mr Tony

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    Have to agree. I paid a couple hundred to get mine from Dixons. I remember it being tough to get too since stock was short. Handful of movies at £20-30 a pop and I had it all hooked up to my 720p TV! Only thing that was worth it in the end was I took advantage of a HMV glitch when they were cleaning the HD-DVD stock. Got 30 movies for 99p each.
  3. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Amazon have a bunch of Xbox One / Windows 10 Digital Play Anywhere games on Deal of the Day today. I'll link the bank holiday deal thread, but they are all in the top in there. -
  4. Mr Tony

    Titanfall 2

    No problems with NAT or connection in general. Can usually find games after 10pm and that's it.
  5. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Building customer loyalty and GAME don't go together. I'm surprised they still don't do the old favourite of selling a brand new console bundled with 5 pre-owned games and a GAMEWARE controller.
  6. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    They also have PSNow, which is their game streaming service. That's rumoured to be allowing downloads later this year.
  7. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I like the ones one mine. They haven't seemed to have the same stretching issue that the rubber grips on my elite pad had. Although I've not had it long enough to see if it will do it over the long term.
  8. Mr Tony

    Titanfall 2

    I think this might be finally dead on Xbox. Past few weeks I've tried to get games and it just searches for servers, often a 5-10 minute wait for a game, if it finds one at all. Damn shame what happened to this. EA should have originally released it a month or two later, not in the week between COD and Battlefield with no marketing.
  9. In a world where every game is a massive open world with checkpoints and missions dotted all over the map, no matter what the genre is, a fast paced, back to basics FPS is a damn good breath of fresh air.
  10. Mr Tony

    Game piracy in 2018

    Although technically that game is digital distribution only. Similar to just buying a top up voucher or something. I meant more like you get the disk but you get an unlock key to play it.
  11. Mr Tony

    Game piracy in 2018

    How long until we see publishers sticking codes in the box to register the game like PC games to stop used sales I wonder.
  12. Mr Tony

    Game piracy in 2018

    Uh oh. That's certainly a way to try and stop reselling games. Bethesda have started sending out letters threatening to sue individuals who sell their used games: https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/11/17661254/bethesda-sell-used-games-amazon-block
  13. That looks fucking NUTS. Day one. DOOM 2016 is one of my fave FPS.
  14. Mr Tony

    Xbox One X

    Can't confirm or deny.
  15. Mr Tony

    Xbox One X

    Wait until you play 4 in enhanced mode. It's glorious.

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