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  1. I don’t mind Aragami 2, sure it’s pretty basic both stealth wise, combat wise and visually, but I still quite enjoy playing it
  2. It’s like a Bloody Gasper Noe film this episode!
  3. That’s so disappointing, the first one was alright.
  4. Batteries? Pfft, so passé, I plug my controller straight into my solar powered fedora whilst playing on my rooftop terrace.
  5. AC Odyssey looks gorgeous.
  6. I used to really like Chairlift but then one day I realised her voice is really annoying and I can’t listen to it anymore, like, bizarre right?
  7. I’ll ask the missus later for you as she paid ours off pretty much straight away.
  8. It’s just all the games you’ve ever claimed using Games With Gold, and yeah GWG comes with Game Pass Ultimate, so if you have that active then you can access them all. Speaking of Assassin’s Creed I just bought Odyssey for £13.74 - never played it and everyone says it’s a good one.
  9. That’s PS5 owners for you, they only play COD and FIFA.
  10. Stanley

    Edge #363

    It’s almost as if people have different tastes!
  11. I finished it last night, I was waiting for some more Calvagio but it never arrived. I definitely would have preferred a shorter game, the main levels are the best bits, the talky bits in between, not so much. Very generous with the achievements if that’s your thing.
  12. So can you not buy it digitally at all now? I wonder if this will make the physical version go up in value.
  13. The Game Pass thread is where to look, you’ll find lots of discussion in there about new additions to service, impressions etc. It’s all there. And really it depends what you fancy playing, there’s loads to choose from. You mentioned Halo so why not try The Master Chief Collection, that includes all main Halo games bar Halo 5, and that’s available separately as well. Here are some of my all time favourites:- Dishonored 2 Prey Hades Microsoft Flight Simulator Forza Horizon 4 Quake Streets of Rage 4 Dead Cells Ori and The Will of The Wisps Doom Eternal A Plague Tale: Innocence Dragon Quest XI Minecraft Dungeons Tetris Effect Subnautica I could go on and on, just have a look and play anything you like the look of, if you don’t like it try something else, you’ll never run out of games to play that’s for sure, enjoy your new console
  14. Looking forward to Phoenix Point, Julian Gollop is always good, had no idea it was even getting an Xbox conversion. Also have Aragami 2 downloaded and waiting. Didn’t know Subnautica Below Zero was arriving so soon after release either, just so many games.
  15. New Fearless track from forthcoming album ‘Future Rave Memory’ out 5th Nov. This is fucking immense. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/a6xYyk2VbtRUxrsg6
  16. Some of my most anticipated games are coming out. I can’t wait for Halo Infinite, I know a lot of people have grown tired with the series or don’t like what 343 have done, but I just love Halo, all of them, so that’s top of my list. Then Metroid Dread, which actually I’ll play before Halo, and honestly I’m looking forward to it just as much - Halo, Metroid, like being back in the good old days. Forza Horizon 5 - my favourite handling in any car game ever that isn’t Mario Kart, and they’re always lookers aren’t they. I’m still playing FH4, it just plays so well. I don’t know what they’ve added or whatever apart form the setting obviously, and it looks stunning in the previews. No doubt I’ll get Advance Wars, probably for Christmas as it’s a perfect Christmas Day game, and maybe that Mario Party compilation for family play, and I’m sure my daughter will be pestering Father Christmas for Pokemon. Oh and Alan Wake remaster, quite fancy that, think it’s out the same day as Dread?
  17. It’s met some delays this game, I’m confident it will be excellent though, the first one is just such a great experience, really captures that zombie feel unlike most other games.
  18. Ooh, you don’t have a link do you by any chance?
  19. Did you lower the bass on yours? It’s immense!
  20. No, it’s pretty much the same. And yeah you’re lining up shots and creating combos, learning patterns and waves, etc. I’ve no problem with the game play in Artful Eacape btw, platforming is fine, rhythm action is fine, it just doesn’t do either that well imo, to the point it may as well not be there.
  21. Rez is Panzer Dragoon with Tron visuals, I love Panzer Dragoon and I love Tron, there’s more to it than how you describe though, the game play is great imo.
  22. Got my headphones today, fucking ace they are, and cost me only a tenner using rewards
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