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  1. Massive fan of this song myself, and Staircase.
  2. There is no weeping nerd just a few dickheads such as Jeff Keighly, who is a pro wanker, I think, and some girl who used to work at IGN who tends to just make videos about herself. The video is spot on IMO, the game may well play fine on PC but it was deliberately mis-sold on PS4 & XBOX, and so all those so called journalists are part of the problem, essentially being paid to market a game that didn’t exist.
  3. I’m deep, deep Into this now and it’s ‘kin awesome, I’ve unlocked loads of characters and they’ve all got such varying move sets that it never becomes boring. Mipha is my girl though, her air launcher
  4. I think Splatoon has to be the best implementation of motion controls I’ve used, and they’re optional, but the game plays much better with them - not sure what it’s like in handheld though.
  5. The online subscription games are brilliant and the rewind feature in them is a literally a game changer, but the catalogue currently available is severely lacking with only SNES and NES currently supported, there’s also no set time limit on when new games are added, so unlike PS+ where you know you’re getting new games every month, with Nintendo it’s just whenever they feel like and often months & months apart.
  6. Does Switch Lite not have motion controls, I thought it did?
  7. High and Dry Bones Paranoid Metroid Piranha Police Reggie Fils-Anima
  8. Hey who am I to say what they did or didn’t do, I just meant that they’d reached a point of no return similar to the position Nintendo found themselves in post GameCube as Yamauchi stepped down and Iwata took them in a new direction, that’s all
  9. Yeah you can only play SMP with joycons, and they require motion, rumble etc.
  10. It’s look quite nice but it also looks dead hard, which is a given I suppose given the series legacy.
  11. We’ve had to order this from Nintendo themselves - so that’s the game plus soft toy Cat Peach, steel book & stickers + Cat Peach & Mario Amiibo set, all in all setting me back £86 - the things I blame on my daughter
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