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  1. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Google’s problem isn’t what the future holds but their apparent inability to engage with what’s actually going on right now in the present; they have no games and that stems from the fact that they didn’t have any in development and they haven’t managed to form proper partnerships with third parties, in fact third parties and indie developers have said what Google is offering them is taking the piss. They could have the best tech and the most powerful hardware but without games it’s useless, to state the bleeding obvious. I mean look at this latest initiative to give Stadia Pro subs away with YouTube Premium, it’s arse about face, it’s an offer to increase YouTube subs rather than promote Stadia as a meaningful games platform because what do you actually get? Nothing, you still only get one or two shitty games each month that you previously had to pay for, it’s a state of complete lock up as no one wants to buy anything for fear of it being made free one or two months down the line, and no one wants to develop games for it as it’s not worth their while. Until they actually address these issues they’re fucked.
  2. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Yeah yeah it’s the future, etc. only right now it looks like the past.
  3. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Who actually pays for Google premium?
  4. The way things are an awful lot of people won’t be able to afford an expensive new console anyway.
  5. Well done Nate you’ve done a grand job - good luck whatever you’re doing next
  6. Right so selling then. Why else would it be delayed apart from for all the reasons they’ve given, why would they make it up?
  7. Two months and it had already been delayed. There are many reasons why a delay makes sense, but production and distribution will be key amongst them.
  8. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Quoted for truth - if you don’t own this treat yourself, it’s brilliant.
  9. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought it made use of the internal clock on the DD unit allowing for time of day play that AC became known for? I’d imagine a stand-alone N64 version to be quite a different experience without it, regardless my point remains - the series only became known outside of Japan on Game Cube, arguing it’s just an N64 port is kind of pointless given the context, and yes I know it wasn’t you who presented that argument but you appear to defending it - if not...
  10. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah and was released in Japan only on the 64 DD as far as I know so played by basically no one. Game Cube was where the series started in earnest.
  11. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    This kind of reductive arguing sucks, I meaning who fucking cares, no one had heard of Animal Crossing until the Game Cube.
  12. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    I wouldn’t complain if they made the water jet pack require less refuelling but otherwise it’s a decent game.
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