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  1. Make sure to equip them first too.
  2. Yeah that's how I use them, just target one and throw the ceramic, disturbs them and makes them search, breaking them up.
  3. It's defintely just one press of 'B' or 'O' if you have that counter move unlocked, so practice on the trainer guy, you don't need to hold a direction, just get on close and use it on its own.
  4. Ok, maybe you need to talk to Emma, it does become available but I can't remember when it wasn't there, I've had it very early on.
  5. Choose 'acquire skills' at the resting places.
  6. Yeah it does, there are latent skills and moves you can unlock, there's also a consumable which makes you more invisible. I find running away after a kill and re-engaging stealth is a good tactic too, and using those ceramic pieces to break up the mobs. I killed all the enemies in JtD's area this way, it's really well designed with loads of escape routes and hidey holes.
  7. Is that the I don't have that yet either, could you give me a clue where it is?
  8. I must play Nioh one day.
  9. I did, got the item but couldn't beat him, he was nails.
  10. You don't need to spam it but if you're unsure of your timing it might help to quickly give it a couple of quick taps, it'll be obvious when you've done it right, then imediately counter with RB/L1. Edit. RB/R1
  11. Took me ages too. I stealth attacked him once, ran away and re-engaged stealth, then just really kept my distance not getting too greedy with hits after he'd done one of his attacks. He's susceptible to a certain kind of damage too which helps a little. I probably jumped more than dodged too, not the most elegant way to fight but it worked. It is tough but it's the first time I really felt challenged and the need to sharpen up. Jeru the Damaja is a fantastic fight, and not very hard, just requires a bit of patience and planning. I love this game.
  12. Jesus I just found some crazy dude on the HE level. There's so much hidden stuff and different routes. It's totally From in that sense. I'm so into it I've even been reading up on the history of the era, fascinating stuff and I think they got the mood just right.
  13. Stanley

    Edge #331

    Cool, really nice article

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