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  1. I don’t think Ghost of Tsushima was actually announced until 2017, also Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, Horizon, Days Gone, God of War, Last of Us 2, and I’m sure there are others, all were released outside the Christmas window, unless I’m misunderstanding your point. I don’t see the problem really - Sony have released loads of first party titles right throughout the whole generation, some hits, some near misses, some absolute dogs, but on the whole they’ve knocked it out the park.
  2. Doesn’t work brilliantly but comes together some of the time, but mainly dat beats https://rave.dj/IehCcQL0QZKOKg Gimme All Your Jean - Michael Jackson x ZZ Top
  3. Yes I was doubtful about just how much control over Spidey you would have during combat but it’s surprisingly adept. Tbh I love them both because tonally Batman is more to my tastes, but in saying that I love day time Manhattan in this too, it’s pretty great.
  4. This is superb, I wasn’t sure about the combat at first but now it’s clicked I love it - webbing guys to walls, swinging ‘em into other guys, launching them, air combos etc. etc. At first I was just getting in there brawling but now I’m starting to appreciate my whole move set more and using the environment - getting away when I need to and then approaching from another angle. I think, maybe, and I’m still quite early on, but maybe this has better combat than the Arkham games. And to me those are still the benchmark for these types of games. I’m not just doing the main quest because a game with environments as detailed and rich demand to be explored - so I’ve unlocked all the towers, collected a load of backpacks and taken photos (I like how there are secret ones of those too) and normally I’d find that a bit run of the mill but when the game plays well and movement is so enjoyable I don’t mind it at all, despite how banal stashing loads of bags around the city actually is. But speed, the height, the smoothness of control, fluidity, the density of it all, is just exceptional. I mean when this game moves it gives more of a sensation of speed than most racing games, and with that added verticality it’s breathtaking to experience. It’s almost immediately moved into my games of the generation list and I’m not even really a massive fan of super heroes. My favourite parts are definitely the Fisk bases - trying to take out as many mobs as possible with perch takedowns before getting in there and zipping around like, well, Spider-man. Think I’ll go for the DLC on this one as I’ve noticed it’s also in the sale, any good? And now Miles Morales has edged its way into my most wanted next generation launch games list alongside Halo Infinite. A PS5 or Xbox Series X will now be a tougher choice.
  5. Less than that, many worked out at just 20 odd quid, even less sometimes.
  6. Stanley


    Vile business it must be said.
  7. Smooth Dude - Aerosmith x Big Daddy Kane https://rave.dj/wXmMVrsZwTwf3w
  8. Ueda making games is always good news, been a while since we’ve heard anything - seem to remember some kind of cryptic image, but that was years ago.
  9. Another here who purchased from lik sang, then modded it to play US games (which were a steal from the likes of videogame plus) and got a Saurian RGB lead. I loved that console. I love those mock ups for the series s just cos it looks like a GameCube.
  10. I’m glad so many people like it, I was under the impression some were disappointed - I think it’s Ueda’s best game. Hope he’s still working on another game.
  11. They have totally nailed the swinging and traversal generally, all I wanted to do was swing everywhere and climb tall buildings - it’s easily the best representation of a city I’ve seen.
  12. I like this, the city is awesome, I must admit though I’m kind of mashing a bit during combat, don’t feel like I’m using all my moves and powers effectively just yet, does it become more intuitive? Feel like it throws quite a bit at you to begin with.
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