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  1. I’m hoping to complete this by Christmas as I’m getting Link’s Awakening, well I’ve asked Father Christmas for it, but I’m not so sure that will be enough time. Then again I don’t really want it to end.
  2. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    If Stadia doesn’t take off I don’t see why they’d bother, it’s not like they’ve made much effort to begin by the looks of it, providing a barely serviceable port.
  3. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    That’s not how the discussion played out, and it was before we even knew what kind of subscription service Google would offer.
  4. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Phil Harrison - kiss of death.
  5. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Not really because all Xbox exclusives are also on PC and therefore scalable, with regards to scaling hardware to provide more compute power they’ve already done that using Azure for the likes of Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves. Even now with extra power that Stadia has it offers worse performance than a powerful PC with RDR2 only being 30fps, for example. Obviously it’s early days but so far there’s no evidence of what you’re claiming is possible, it just seems like every other streaming service.
  6. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    30fps is a bit crap isn’t considering Stadia specs .
  7. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Metro Exodus will be the one to watch imo, does Stadia have ray tracing?
  8. Ok cool, can’t wait to get back to it
  9. No I’ve only just got it, sounds awesome! I am really enjoying the game, the first encounter I had with BT’s in chapter 3 was incredibly groovy and atmospheric, they really nailed the feeling.
  10. The walking thing is ace when you get that thing.
  11. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    RDR2 yes definitely, I was commenting on the games you get with your sub, well one of them anyway.
  12. This really gets into its stride, pardon the pun, once you get to chapter 3, it really opens up and lets you get to grips with all its interlocking systems.
  13. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    Don’t get me wrong Samurai Shodown is an excellent game but considering any device Stadia works on could comfortably run it natively, even an old laptop or tablet, it seems an odd choice to demonstrate your new high end 4K streaming service.
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