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  1. It's been a slow start but this is now officially the year of Switch.
  2. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    No way a Pro is coming in the next 12 months.
  3. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    They are gorgeous, I already have three pairs of joycons though Anyone tempted to upgrade their OG Switch for the new model? I might see what trade in deals there are at launch but if I stand to lose too much money I won't bother.
  4. After playing the second I'd find it difficult going back with all the QOL improvements, and basically just everything as @ann coulter says, but it's a great game still and worth playing.
  5. Not yet, I'm too busy putting roofs on everything in my farm!
  6. Just little things such as pressing down on the d-pad to drop any item in your inventory into your bag, which is also bottomless now, has such a big impact on your enjoyment, not having to constantly micro manage it all the time. Honestly it just keeps hitting high after high, throwing more and more stuff at you - and just when you think something might become a chore, they improve that too - constantly impressing and providing so much satisfaction and gratification.
  7. This is so good, I love how much the residents do now, it's a fully functional little community - way more advanced than the first one.
  8. Me too, paid for the season pass already, and from what I've seen it looks good.
  9. Ok let's try again:- Are games designed from the ground up solely for handheld use on Switch? Were they on GBA? I mean basically all I'm saying is that the screen can't get much smaller than a Lite because some games are already difficult to make out on a standard Switch as it is. It ain't rocket science
  10. I'm essentially playing through the game twice, my daughter needs a little help with the reading, and then my own game which I'm further ahead in that I just play on my own. It's great seeing how differently she does things compared to me.
  11. Yeah Super Metroid has oodles of atmosphere, I remember being completely gripped and just couldn't stop playing it, think I completed it in just a couple of days - absolutely loved the dark and foreboding atmosphere.
  12. If it makes it easier for you to understand then yes.
  13. Same here, I was older but it stopped me in my tracks, I had no idea games like this existed or could exist before I played it. There is basically before and after Zelda for me.
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