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  1. As if you would have waited even if you did buy the new Switch! I don’t think anyone else on this forum loves Arkane as much as you.
  2. Have you tried pressing down to the set your flaps to ground position?
  3. Yeah, only Halo 5 Arena mode pisses on Destiny PVP, and everything else.
  4. I streamed it last night and it was ok, only done 11/21 so far.
  5. Yeah totally, I felt really weird flying that 747 midday in total darkness, just eerie. Like when I see a submarine just lurking in the depths in movies, gives me a real chill because it’s all so unnatural.
  6. I spawned a 747 on the dark side of the earth just in the middle of nowhere, pitch black with an orange glow on the horizon, could see nothing below me, quite terrifying.
  7. You can stream on your PC, laptop, phone, etc.
  8. Honestly you’d be better off with both, they’re just impossible to come by right now.
  9. Yeah that looks really interesting, wonder why it doesn’t say Day One for that and Psychonauts 2 as well.
  10. Yeah it’s a favourite, great for island hopping.
  11. Lumines is a good shout, and of course the mighty Hades, that game is immense.
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