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  1. I listen to all their records all the time, they're awesome.
  2. Crikey, would have thought C&VG stormed it, read that since I was a kid just goes to show.
  3. I've not had it yet, assuming @Qazimod has though?
  4. I came across this song the other day so I thought I'd share it as it's not on the album and I'd not heard it before. I honestly don't know how I'd get by at times if Thom Yorke didn't exist, every time I hear him I feel like my soul is being topped up and nourished, truth and purity of spirit just seem to flow through and emanate from him. Ack, enjoy.
  5. Stanley

    Gears 5

    Excellent post, totally true, the gameplay is as old school as it gets. They've tried to open it up a bit, like God of War and Tomb Raider, but it lacks the puzzles and finer details of those games. Still, it's extremely enjoyable if not totally a one shot and done kind of game.
  6. Omg, excellent games, hope we get Soma too.
  7. Stanley

    Best New Music 2019

    A few middling reviews but I'm loving this record. Dat bassline
  8. Yes the job system, of course. I did really enjoy IX but it didn't topple VIII from the top spot for me, guess that's why I'm excited about XI. Apparently there's quite a bit of post game content in that too.
  9. It's some time since I played IX but apart from the multiplayer aspect I can't remember it being any different or more forward thinking. It had the same party selection and turn based battle mechanics, just more interchangeable characters for you to pick and choose from, but that came at the expense of being less focussed narratively when it came to those characters.
  10. Do you mean charm as in the retro sprite based graphics in IX? If so you might like the alternative mode in DQXI where you can play the whole game with old school 16 bit style graphics, it's not available in the demo unfortunately.
  11. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh man, well in - thanks for posting that @deKay looks like I'll be purchasing my first import on Switch (providing there is a physical release).
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