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  1. If you like Fleet Foxes the new album is nigh on immaculate.
  2. Yeah but then who is? Only His Purpleness really
  3. Anywhere still have an X available for preorder? Realise I’m probably too late, considerably so.
  4. As far as I know it’ll be the PS Pro versions and Last Guardian was improved for that. I could have sworn Resi 7 was on PS Plus though, probably some other service.
  5. That’s a good selection if you’re new to PlayStation m but the majority of those have been on PS+ already so likely in most people’s library already.
  6. Yeah but also by comparison Banjo Kazooie is a dull and soulless affair no matter how much it’s cleaned up, and I thought that about it on release on the N64 if I’m being honest with myself, even with all the hype surrounding it I could never quite shake that feeling, maybe because of the hype. You also have to remember that at the time everyone playing Mario, whilst wowed by the visuals, had to learn this whole new language of 3D space, verticality, and analogue control, so if it seems tricky now imagine what it was like back in 1996 when there was literally nothing else like it.
  7. Yes, 1996 marked an epochal time in gaming history - not only was Mario 64 the first proper game to explore a real 3D space, but it also introduced analogue movement as well. The idea of moving with such fine precision and controlling look, or the camera, was so new. But yeah it’s interesting playing this now as you fight the controls for system that didn’t exist back then. As such it makes every bit of the level, every corner, every angle, massively important to the way in which the game was designed. Then there was Quake which came out the same year and pretty much invented the con
  8. Yeah, I mean who can begrudge them but I wouldn’t mind if they ignored BoTW etc. and just focussed on stuff that maybe doesn’t get enough attention, or deserves more anyway.
  9. Yeah I think everyone has their cutoff point in Odyssey, I never got every moon, but I fully enjoyed my time with it - I never felt like I had to do anything, it was always because I wanted to.
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