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  1. Can I make GameCube games look better? Was playing Mario sunshine earlier and it looked offensive
  2. The sound track is great though
  3. Looks fun. I wonder if one of you will be the director and pick what spawns in and different units have cost etc
  4. Manhunt was a sickening game, I quite liked it but remember it making me feel a bit uncomfortable. It was the one you could put carrier bags over peoples heads right?
  5. I watch a twitch streamer called cante per me play this regularly, the way they play it’s like watching a dance at times.
  6. The first one of this is one of my favourite games of all time. So simple yet brilliant
  7. Yep I agree. I was going to buy this but just decided to stick with the original version. They haven’t really changed enough to justify it, just more accessible to those who hadn’t played it
  8. Im still playing base game on pc. Is there any tips on what I should be focusing on post main game? I’m a hammer main, am I best farming a certain monster to prepare for this expansion?
  9. Hell yeah. I’m gonna be cheating all I can this time round. I want Eden before I even beat ifrit
  10. Apparently the steam version has a lot more modifiable options such as unlock all limit breaks and full magic draws etc
  11. Is there an android based emu that features save states for the MD? Trying to get my 5 year old into sonic but it gets pretty hard pretty fast
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