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  1. This is so fun. Just hit level 20 and went on a mission to slaughter a giant snowman. Presume it was dlc
  2. Yeh on original release. It’s really pap.
  3. Spoiler alert: it’s actually shit
  4. Why do the Russians even want to open the clunge of doom though? Also so the actor who posts will the wise infuriates me. Really enjoyed s3 though
  5. Lion king is my favourite film of all time. I was really excited for this but it just looks so, soulless
  6. Can you link the stream please
  7. They can all one shot me, I’m shite!
  8. Do you craft flash bombs? Iv barely touched the home hub or crafting
  9. I’m up to pink rathalos and feeling a bit lost. The monsters available just one shot me so I’m doing events and just firing SOS off straight away to summon so true hunters. Iv read as a hammer user I should be farming Diablo for his armour set
  10. carlospie

    Google Stadia

    One thing I have noticed with streaming, if you try use GeForce now on peak days e.g Saturday night it runs terribly, I presume because everyone else is using their internet at the same time
  11. That racing game looks fun for about 3 seconds. At least the cars make hilarious noises I guess
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