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  1. Is the last story any good? Seems very expensive
  2. The haunted house theme in this is really good. Iv nearly finished the third rainbow road now
  3. I got 219 stars, then unlocked the mushroom stages. They are solid!
  4. What’s even weirder is that the Wii u can play GameCube games but Nintendo disabled it. Not on mine though....
  5. Nah 3 each stage, last stage needs 210 green stars.
  6. Is that every green star? I have about 499 wii games to get through! Il do it though just got 2 more 20 to go
  7. Just got to the end of rainbow road in this and need an extra 20 stars for the last level. Cba with that! Had a great time with the game though.
  8. carlospie

    Google Stadia

    I think the opposite. After using nvidia GeForce now for a year it’s actually kinda shit. No waiting for the Postie on release day, no physical machine, no trading in or selling, no bargains, always a bit of lag, paying for thin air, can only play what the company allow you to play, can only play for as long as the service exists.
  9. Or make a garden nice whilst watching caterpillars have sex
  10. It’s true. hate to be negative but A streamer just finished this in 13 hours using mainly one Pokémon. They are not very impressed with it...another finished it in 8 hours. Saying it reeks of a rushed cash in.
  11. This looks really really good. Just watching a streamer play it. They are playing it on the hardest difficulty and saying it’s no where near as hard as dark souls.
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