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  1. carlospie

    PES 2019

    Nah I’m on pc via GeForce now stream but I can’t access any directory’s
  2. carlospie

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Right got some summon help last night and am on level 2. Gonna respec sword and spear and fuck it up. Cyclops is getting wrecked
  3. carlospie

    PES 2019

    I never enabled vsync on first load and now can’t
  4. carlospie

    PES 2019

    It’s normal. The pc version is fucking horrendous lagging constantly and stuttering
  5. carlospie

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    This is so hard. Fucking cyclops. I fought loads of ghosts and got all purple gear, still get wrecked. Time to git good
  6. carlospie

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Cheers, I’m naked and using the axe at the mo
  7. carlospie

    Ultimate Team

    ST Bale looks incredible
  8. carlospie

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Is there an accepted best weapon or build? Just unlocked the world map
  9. carlospie

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Ugh I sold all my armour and now only have heavy shit. Makes it Uber hard
  10. carlospie

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    What are these red swords everywhere? There’s hundreds. I’m fighting and killing them and getting gear and some glory, what’s that? This games rock hard but good fun.
  11. Rllmuk backlash commence, let’s change all the thread title to sekiro is shite!
  12. Dave has 9 monitors so it runs at 6 FPS!
  13. carlospie

    The Division 2

    Got up at 4 am and played this some more, had some headphones on and it was MUCH more immersive with the ambience. Explored a dark zone and it was very eerie

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