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  1. I actually got in to foot champs last week and got two red cards!! Failed three times this week. I have beast fekir so going to try a nice solid 41212 with LM and RM. Thanks for all the advice, going to work on slowing it all down.
  2. Yeh div three. I'm just not good enough! I get a few wins for qualifications then end up doing shit.
  3. And just as quick as I was in, I am out. Every game against a flashback benzo. Or icon. Or ninety nine percent of the teams are french. This has become FIFA pay to win entirely. Going to stop wasting my time with it now. It's not actually even fun. Plus I'm shit. Three failed weekend league qualifications in a row. So much time wasted.
  4. Goretzka is the best card I have used so far. All 80s club.
  5. Joining parties on Xbox live and never saying anything
  6. Ps5 is the best. If you want all your games to be 69.99.
  7. https://youtube.com/shorts/F9t4th6xpG0?feature=share Bought some weirdo FUT hero. His first goal for the club... Sorry unsure how to embed
  8. Wise advice. I can't even get my week rewards as I cant win three games!!!
  9. What div are you in? I'm sat on 300k at the moment! Can't win for shit played ten lost ten in div three
  10. No Xbox. The new old patch nerfing finesse
  11. Haha. I'm getting wrecked. Every single game. Iv concluded im just shit. The patch has also spoiled things a bit
  12. Use Gabriel Jesus instead of that striker. His positional awareness is really good.
  13. Iv gone full Brazil. Post patch I'm finding it so hard to defend also not helped by div 3 being rock hard.
  14. I just got killed but a very similar team to this 5 nil in a 433.
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