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  1. Saint maxim and callum Wilson are unbelievable on this
  2. Yeh I like it but looking ahead there's nothing coming out anytime soon to really warrant not doing it
  3. So the series x is selling for 700 pounds. I'm going to flog mine and buy another when they are back in stock next year, can't turn down a free 250 pounds!
  4. I played metal gear rising, tetris, forza and ass origins today. All seamlessly quick launched on command.
  5. I think the same q got asked up the page
  6. Is sunshot any good? I got it off xur
  7. I'm gonna be free for this I think too
  8. Oh that's you! Sorry what an idiot.
  9. Are you on xbox? Might have to team up with you for some pointers please
  10. Il have to save up for erians as I missed it!
  11. Any tips? I'm 1239 and can get to the boss but can't do enough dps!
  12. Iv never once been dced on the xbox and iv hammered it. Anyone managed to solo the dungeon yet for new exotic armour?
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