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  1. I'd suggest he could include the game stats which somewhat vindicate him. He said he'd never played it and I assume that it was his opponent on that had alreay finished the game on 120 stars at the time the challenge took place.
  2. I'd ask him to tatt me up with an image of Mario falling off an ice slide.
  3. I think I could jump into any film in any order without much of a worry as a good deal of the lesser characters have been ret-conned to fuck. Not the big ones, obviously. This was the *Ant-man I grew up with when I was reading the comics. After that, any major plot twists based on movies I haven't seen can be accepted with an 'ok, I see'. * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hank_Pym
  4. She obviously meant text adventure with graphics (graphic adventure) which seems like a reasonable claim. The game you mention is obviously an early RPG and I would argue that they have always been separate genres.
  5. This seems rather definitive. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-03-19/doctor-who-christopher-eccleston-russell-t-davies/
  6. He'd previously done 'The Second Coming' with RTD.
  7. Who really cares what a console looks like? There's always someone ready to declare it ugly.
  8. That was one I didn't have... I've just watched a video of that. The Joust I had played better/faster with better sounds and the scale of the sprites compared to the background was more accurate. I have occasionally seen screenshots of Jouste and questioned my memory but watching it on Youtube has removed all doubt.
  9. I was certain I had a pirate copy of this back in the day. Having such things wasn't unusual back then, see also Crystal Castles by 'Thundervision'.
  10. Wan't the PS2 unpredictable with some RGB scart cables?
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