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  1. Gregory Wolfe

    Dave Perry is back...

  2. Gregory Wolfe

    Dave Perry is back...

    He's still practicing on Mario 64.
  3. Gregory Wolfe

    Dave Perry is back...

    I've just read that article and it's helped me to quantify who it is that Dave Perry reminds me of. Jimmy Savile, Dave is like gamings answer to Jimmy Savile.
  4. Update #39 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next/posts/2330223?ref=backer_project_update
  5. Gregory Wolfe

    Alien 8 (C64 port in progress)

    He’s saying the earlier, abortive, C64 conversion, featured in that YouTube video, was based on the cut-down BBC conversion. I had no idea the BBC version was cut-down though.
  6. Gregory Wolfe

    Alien 8 (C64 port in progress)

    I look forward to any WIP thread about Alien8 or further updates on Knightlore. Thanks for posting here.
  7. Gregory Wolfe

    Alien 8 (C64 port in progress)

    I don't know how you found us here but I'm glad you did. The Knightlore conversion cropped up on my Twitter feed and so I made a thread about it, when a link to your thread was posted I read it from start to finish. As a C64 owner back in the day I was very envious of these games on the Spectrum. You're doing a great job, please keep it up. I need to get myself some C64 hardware, maybe an mini, and give these games a go.
  8. Gregory Wolfe

    Alien 8 (C64 port in progress)

    I’m annoyed that they did that. That loading screen is enough to get hyped about and that slow, earlier attempt is more of an anticlimax than anything.
  9. Gregory Wolfe

    Alien 8 (C64 port in progress)

    That youtube video is not a WIP of emu's port as the website you linked to makes clear. It's wholly disappointing and based on emu's other ports not at all representative of what he is likely to produce.
  10. Gregory Wolfe

    Mr Tonys Next Restoration. Vote for your fave!

    Random beige box, IBM PC clone.
  11. Gregory Wolfe

    Doctor Who

    I expected to hate it but it was great. Bradley Walsh at the funeral was awesome. Any other opinion is wrong.
  12. Gregory Wolfe

    Knightlore C64 - It's happened

    Gunfright too. https://csdb.dk/release/?id=155861 Video is of V1.0, the most up to date version appears to be v1.10 which I assume features that loading screen above.

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