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  1. No, the Hi-Spec / Turbo edition is its own thing, a complete overhaul of the engine that powered RR and RRR and which informed R4. There’s some extra detail (especially road textures), higher resolution, goraud shading, and of course 60fps - but it’s at the expense of the full 8 cars, much of the “living” environment, and the day-night cycle.
  2. @Vimster you have everything you need to get stuck right in..! Especially if you have a heat sink. Do it!
  3. I guess Desert Strike and its sequels – though they never held great appeal to me, they were massive but I think died off in the late 90s with gen 5. what was the last one, Nuclear Strike? I was going to say Road Rash, too - it would be an easy one to bring back but not sure it'd sell – like most arcade racer style games, well out of favour I got so much fun out of it on the Mega Drive, and agree RR2 was the peak. Up until recently we could say any and all side-scrolling beat-em 'ups, but what a welcome return to form that has been - maybe not mainstream, but great to see new games in this classic genre.
  4. Did anyone else feel they massively, massively overdid the "Predator sounds"? Damn thing never shut up.
  5. Yeah for me the I/O board would really just be for the buttons, and in fact not even for those because I'd probably want to wire external buttons to the handy pins. @Ninja Doctor which GPIO pins can be used? I figured there'd be a way but haven't looked into it yet. I just want a neat on/off switch really, everything else seems perfectly accessible by simply mapping controller buttons. Not quite sure what the fuss is about the 3 case buttons
  6. Truly. It’s fantastic whether you’re a vintage computer user, arcade player, or just a relatively casual console gamer. Or all of the above and more
  7. It’s really just gambling, plain and simple. Gambling to see how much enjoyment you can get for your 20p. Of course it’s not the same as a one-armed-bandit, but it’s pretty close philosophically. I don’t think there’s any intent to give the average player more than a few minutes of fun, the trick and skill in the design is making them feel like they can do better the next time. This question does make me wonder which version of a game is best to play - eg is it the CPS2 version of Alpha 2, or the Saturn game? Which is better balanced as an enjoyable single player experience?
  8. Yeah there’s a reason I cancelled my Mouser order. Terasic order took only a matter of weeks and any cost difference was negligible. If you have the means I’d go for it @Protocol Penguin i don’t think Mouser take any money until just pre-shipping so you’ve got the cost to come either way, unless you do cancel entirely.
  9. God, I love Ridge Racer. What an achievement it is as a first gen PS1 game, but forgetting that - it’s just so fun, so balanced, so satisfying. Every time I play I feel like I improve, and not by any luck or brute force, but by really understanding the design and incrementally improving my techniques. I adore it. It stands alongside Sega Rally as home conversions of the day that have a level depth and refinement in their handling model that will always bring me back - and it’s not ever at the expense of enjoyment. While Ridge Racer Turbo is a hell of an achievement, the full field of cars and day-night effect in the launch game is something else. Yeah it’s 30fps and the overall look doesn’t match Turbo, but the game is what matters. If only Turbo could’ve been the full game!
  10. I adore SOR4 so yeah tad biased - it’s one of my favourite games of the last few years; old fashioned fun with enough modern and new mechanics to make it feel fresh and of its time rather than purely a throwback. Best side scroller of all time, for my money.
  11. Just heard about David Warner, what a legend. Elevated a lot of mediocre scripts with his presence. My Best Friend is a Vampire was a silly 80s favourite of mine.
  12. ...and god bless the wonderful people making that happen! I'm happy to wait for stable releases (plenty to play!), but it's fantastic. I cannot wax lyrical enough about the MiSTer project
  13. Well quite. Gosling doesn’t even carry a tree.
  14. Watched this, it certainly has a “modern day Commando” vibe about it. Basically dreadful tosh, but quite fun. Aaaaand it’s really not worth saying much more about it to be quite honest.
  15. The greatest arcade game of them all..! The NTSC-J Saturn SEGA Ages with its 60fps mode is hard to beat but the real arcade… it’s got to be close! Recently I’ve been enjoying AvP, Gunstar Heroes, GunHed, Super Star Soldier, Ridge Racer, Tatsujin, Parasol Stars… absolutely love this thing
  16. Ok, I got the idea from somewhere that it was best to just use “update”. thanks all.
  17. "Your girlfriend has been kidnapped and/or is bored! Beat the crap out of and/or drive faster than anyone who stands in the way on your quest to rescue and/or impress her!" What more do you need eh? In all seriousness, I too prefer a story told through interaction and subtle nods/reveals. Journey did this really well, though it leaned on those short animated scenes to add extra texture. The good thing about them was they were left to you to decode. For the most part I agree that cutscenes are largely a chore, but a big part of that is the quality of the script. Tomb Raider (1) had dreadful CG cut scenes, but the story of the game was the adventure and the discovery within the gameplay. A relatively recent point of comparison for me is Ace Combat 7 vs Ace Combat 4. The story in 7 is both dull and cringeworthy, and is one of the reasons I haven't finished that game. But I adore AC04, told through those mature still illustrations with a quality VO, and – importantly – through mission briefings that expanded the story and gave you the impetus to fulfil the goals of that briefing. Then the actual mission just layers on more and more. It's simple but effective because you feel like you're part of it all. For me, story based games should still let players use their imagination, especially if we're meant to feel like we are the character, and not just controlling the character.
  18. Are people still advocating `update_all` or is it better to stick to the official `update` option? I get that update_all also pulls in things like BIOS files. I haven't used it yet and have done that manually. For the coders here.. I wonder if it's a bit like using rsync instead of a git pull, and could leave stuff out of sync wth the update tool's versioning?
  19. yeah one of the good things really is it didn't trade too heavily on nostalgia (well.. outside of the entire premise anyway!). It was better for it.
  20. Yep agree. I’ve been in contact with the supplier and they’ve been good about it, no issues with an exchange but I wanted to try a few things before doing that.
  21. Tested the cabling. 5.27V out of the psu, same at the splitter ends. Powered up I’m seeing 5.10V at the DE-10 barrel jack with the splitter plugged in. So I guess it’s not the switch?
  22. I’m using the stock/supplied plug via an adapter, but all I have plugged in is the one Bluetooth dongle. I’ll give it a try without the switch
  23. and no, i have't put it in the wrong way around or anything
  24. V2.9 according to the spiel, from here https://ozmistermods.com/collections/expansion-boards/products/mister-128mb-sdram-xsd-board-v2-5 i also bough a hub from them. I contacted them yesterday, we'll see if they want to replace it i guess!
  25. hmm this is annoying, can't get my SDRAM working consistently at all Still managed to enjoy some Gley Lancer (MD).. never played it before, it's fab!
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