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  1. Yep agree. I’ve been in contact with the supplier and they’ve been good about it, no issues with an exchange but I wanted to try a few things before doing that.
  2. Tested the cabling. 5.27V out of the psu, same at the splitter ends. Powered up I’m seeing 5.10V at the DE-10 barrel jack with the splitter plugged in. So I guess it’s not the switch?
  3. I’m using the stock/supplied plug via an adapter, but all I have plugged in is the one Bluetooth dongle. I’ll give it a try without the switch
  4. and no, i have't put it in the wrong way around or anything
  5. V2.9 according to the spiel, from here https://ozmistermods.com/collections/expansion-boards/products/mister-128mb-sdram-xsd-board-v2-5 i also bough a hub from them. I contacted them yesterday, we'll see if they want to replace it i guess!
  6. hmm this is annoying, can't get my SDRAM working consistently at all Still managed to enjoy some Gley Lancer (MD).. never played it before, it's fab!
  7. At last, it lives! This thing is as awesome as everyone says! SD-RAM module is a bit tetchy, I tried the PSX core pretty early but when I came back to it after some MD it wouldn’t boot. Thought it might be the BIOS, turned out that no RAM modules were being detected Tried re-seating it multiple times, finally found a position it likes.. not very confidence inspiring! Ignoring that.. it’s so, so good!
  8. I need to dig out your settings file, went looking the other day but didn’t find it. It feels alien to simply switch the MiSTer off without having to go through a shut down process!
  9. I can't profess to know much about this but looks like people in the community have worked out how to DIY the sensors needed for Guncon3 to work, and it's now possible to use it to play lightgun games on MiSTer. Exciting stuff..! Well, if you already have a Guncon 3 it is! I don't https://streamable.com/hxfzid https://streamable.com/vc1qk6
  10. Finally found the spare 1 minute required to get Mr Fusion to expand. My MiSTer currently looks like this.. Need to pick up an OTG hub and I’m done.. well, other than my plans for a custom case. Edit: decided to just go with the official powered hub from OzMisterMods.
  11. Is it ok/indestructible to have the USB bridge hanging out the case like that? But yeah it otherwise looks great!
  12. Just watched it too, would definitely go right back in and watch it again! I would put the first movie in my all time Hollywood greats, it’s up there with Predator and Aliens for me as utterly defining action movies. And it’s the whole package that makes it so great, and that’s what they’ve captured again here. It’s been a pretty much unanimous “loved it!” in here and I’m no different. It was almost everything I could’ve wanted from a Top Gun sequel. And yes as a long time Ace Combat player, the whole thing had me going “this is like Ace Combat”, and “I could do that in Ace Combat!” A worthy sequel with so many good moments and callbacks, without laying it on too thick. if I had a criticism it’d probably be that the soundtrack isn’t as strong.
  13. On power… I’d love to find a 5V 4A internal PSU with its own switch that could go in a custom case… but that seems a pretty big ask! Most people looking for reliable power seem to go for the Mean Well external brick.
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