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  1. I would not pay $250 for an N64 unless it was the one I gave to my cousin in 2005 when I felt guilty about moving out of our shared house in Newcastle man pet - provided in same condition, with the same games and save states intact! You should see the price of cars here!
  2. @Droo Yeah - he just said thanks, and that he was trying to make it stand out. No ongoing chat!
  3. I definitely didn't want to buy this, but had to give the guy props for the cracking photo!
  4. The MGS2 hype was pretty serious, yep – I got that DVD of the intro and made my family watch it. I bought Zone of Enders and definitely played the MGS2 demo that came with it much more than ZoE itself. But that was also the best bit of the game, for me – the tanker ship. The full release gave me far less joy.
  5. After the brilliance of Sega Rally I was super hyped for Sega Touring Car Championship on the Saturn. I’d never seen the arcade so imagined a kind of Sega Ridge Racer, with cheesy euro dance music and awesome DTM cars. Shame it was absolutely dreadful. I was likewise very excited about Auto Modellista - expecting JSR x Tokyo Highway Battle x Tokyo Road Race or something to that effect. And it was close, but the handling model was appalling. I loved the way it looked, the customisation options were great, but how they failed to tweak the handling and get it right I'll never know. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is perhaps the most disappointing game I’ve ever bought. - - - Errr... now perhaps something that actually delivered, so I don't sound like such a grump And it's got to be Mario 64 – the greatest system launching game of all time. It wasn't just good, was it? It was a genuine paradigm shift </edge>
  6. pastry

    All time greatest gaming moment

    Mario 64 definitely tops the list, there's no doubt whatsoever. The N64 is probably my favourite hardware launch, the one I was the most excited about – scouring magazines for every bit of info and dreaming of the day I'd have one at home. SM64 was just perfect and is by far my most played Mario game. My cousin and I experienced almost that entire gaming era together, taking it in turns. It was a really special time. Ridge Racer and Wipeout, for defining the start of the console 3D era. (And the T-Rex demo was good, too) Radiant Silvergun, for the mind-bending and creative depth layering. Soul Calibur, for proving home gaming was now beyond "arcade perfect". I think Shenmue deserves a mention – in much the same way as SM64 it was like nothing before it, realising a detailed world like no other. I remember all my uni mates crowded round my LG Flatron to see what all the fuss was about, and they didn't move for hours. (granted.. its quite a slow game!). Shenmue 2 for all of the above and more. GTA3 had the same kind of impact – I'd never seen such a huge, populated 3d world, and the sandbox concept was spectacularly addictive. The scope and scale of Operation Flashpoint gave me the same reaction, and the way you could discover alternative ways to accomplish many objectives was particularly amazing – why be a sniper when you can track down and steal a gunship somewhere else on the map? RE:make, for the spectacular visuals that added so much to a game I already loved. I know it's not all about graphics, but that leap was astounding. Finally, Christmas NiGHTS, for being the most special cover disc of all time. Thanks SSM.
  7. pastry

    Desert island discs - One game per system

    I like these kind of threads but I don't expect anyone to really take much note.. maybe it works best as a thread per system, so those who care about each platform can have a deeper discussion? Master System - Psycho Fox Mega Drive - Streets of Rage 2 Mega CD - Sonic CD 32X - Virtua Fighter, I guess! Saturn - NiGHTS into Dreams N64 - Super Mario 64 PS1 - Rage Racer PSOne - FFVII Super Fami Jr - Chrono Trigger DC - Soul Calibur GC - Wind Waker GBA - Yoshi's Island PS2 - Ace Combat 4 PS3 - Virtua Fighter 5 PS4 - Tetris Effect PC - Operation Flashpoint Mac - Cities Skylines
  8. pastry

    Shenmue 1&2

    I've been playing, at last – PS4 version. I just found Charlie, so not very far in. The sky box bug bothers me – I remember enjoying wandering and watching the weather from time to time, but that bug spoils that experience. Controlling Ryo in close quarters is dreadful, no doubt about that. In wider spaces it's no big deal, but I bought all the (6) technique scrolls in the antique store, and it took 10 minutes to get through all the repositioning, with a cut scene for every single purchase too! I don't remember this bothering me at all in Y2K, but it's so apparent today. I still love QTE's. They're great fun and really nicely choreographed. I do however find the translation from DC buttons to PS4 makes the prompts way less obvious. The DC had nice big coloured buttons and corresponding icons. The re-release has smallish grey button icons with the familiar X O □ △, but they're way less immediate. I've not noticed any particular bugs, and I think it looks pretty good really. It's been so long since I played through on DC that it's hard to compare things like lighting, shadows etc, but it all still looks and feels right. And I quite like the bloom effect, in real time. Looks odd in screen captures sometimes, but YOU Arcade's glow is quite fetching. In terms of experience? I'm not using area skip, and I enjoy starting and ending my day with routines. I go to see Fuku-san when I get home at night, say a prayer at the alter, then go to bed. In the morning I seek out Ine-san, have a chat/scolding, then head out to the Dojo to repeat the previous night's convo with Fuku-san (the dialogue repetition is another stand-out that you perhaps wouldn't see today). He doesn't want to spar yet, which is my aim.. Chasing down the story etc is still magic. It's very simple but satisfying as you get to grips with Ryo and realise he's a naive but bloody tough kid. I'm enjoying his detachment and inability to listen to reason, he is utterly single minded - I like that characterisation at this point in his journey, cold as it is. I also really enjoy the free battles and training – but then I always was a VF fan. I want more of them. I definitely plan to train hard, and to keep a save point before the big docks fight.. but I know the best fights are to come in the sequel.
  9. pastry

    Formula E

    ... then it wouldn't make it to the finish = 0 points But I take your point. Making it possible for a human to control is part of the ongoing challenge to innovate and go faster, I suppose - and always has been.
  10. pastry

    Formula E

    I agree with the sentiments here that they need to stop focusing on talking tech and make it about the racing - that's all it's really about. To be perfectly honest I think when it is possible they should merge F1 and FE. F1 should be about whatever is fastest to the finish, not restricting to specific engine types, downforce etc etc.. if that's an electric car then so be it. But all of that is perhaps another topic. And of course I'm putting aside that F1 is owned and run by twats.
  11. It's great to see anyone from the industry on here talking with passion and enthusiasm about their game, and more importantly talking about the *other* games they love. Because it's an awesome hobby full of rich experiences.. and we're all old and nostalgic here. Outrun, Sega Rally, Ridge Racer (Hi Spec and 5 in particular), Rage Racer, and Burnout 2 are all definitely on my list of "Best Arcade Racers". I was lucky enough to be just the right age when Burnout and more importantly Burnout 2 came out – spent many a day missing uni lectures to enjoy them with my mates.. and though I doubt I will ever experience your new game in quite that magical way, I will definitely support it. For 4 months of work, this looks absolutely incredible! Please add plenty of hot air balloons, blimps, waterfalls, fair ground rides, jumbo jets, as well rolling, banked, almost impossible roads weaving through architecturally interesting bridges, a la Rage Racer!
  12. pastry

    Cormac McCarthy's writing style.

    Yeah it's really integral to his work - hugely important to the pacing, and evocative of the slow, thoughtful nature of many of the characters and environments. And as @K said, it's funny how you go on to read other things and chuckle / seethe inwardly at the OTT use of punctuation. I loved The Crossing most of all.
  13. pastry

    A great gaming track a day

    Haven't posted in here for aaaaaages! This was the perfect game to click into the cuteness that was the psOne.

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