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  1. Must be time for a few tracks to mark the PS2's birthday? Shinobi – Transfiguration (PS2) What a bastard hard game this was!
  2. The PS3 remakes of SOTC and Ico were of course technically more polished but definitely lost the hazy ethereal quality of the originals. I haven’t tried the PS4 remake of SOTC, but it looks as if a lot more care was taken with the art direction.
  3. Thought this thread deserved reviving – my boss said he'd just watched The Mighty Ducks with his kids, prompting me to consider this triple bill: The Mighty Ducks Remember The Titans Cool Runnings many parallels between 3 ostensibly family friendly movies which nonetheless tackle a few issues between them, not least acceptance and racism. Remember the Titans is one of those films that seems to be shown all the time (at least here in Australia), and I really adore it. Never fails to trigger tears. I guess for a decent quadruple bill you could add The Blind Side?
  4. Brilliant artwork ^^ and lovely track. The first couple of minutes remind me of some of the Kowloon music in Shenmue 2. Shogun Total War – Tension (PC CDROM)
  5. Yeh I looked it up, looks like he wrote a lot of music for Sonic Adventure. Figures! Time for a track, and it's a ripper: Sega Rally – My Dear Friend Rally
  6. I absolutely loved WWS, and the OST is a bit of a happy place. Did it have the same composer as Sonic Adventure? There are huge similarities, perhaps just representative of Sega of that era.
  7. I have a deep and abiding soft spot for My Best Friend is a Vampire. It's been a good many years so perhaps it contains the odd questionable element, I really can't remember though! With Robert Sean Leonard and David Warner in main roles it has a genuinely superb cast.
  8. pastry


    Yeah that part of the album takes me to about 1996, playing lots of Quake...
  9. pastry

    Best New Music 2020

    Cross posting from the main Squarepusher thread, because the new album ("Be Up A Hello") thoroughly deserves the exposure. https://warp.net/releases/156722-squarepusher-be-up-a-hello
  10. pastry


    This and Nervelevers the two standouts for me after a few runs through. The whole album feels like that cosy 80s & 90's bedroom of my youth.
  11. I think we've done this before, and I said the same thing.. W O N D E R M E G A and it has to be the early version. I think I'd also like to gaze upon the Steel Battalion controller one more time, I bought it on release but sold on many years ago, probably to someone on here! In terms of actual games I think I've owned them, PDS, Radiant SIlvergun, Guardian Heroes, and a load of other Saturn classics. Arcade hardware, I'd second Outrun (hydraulic version) and would probably also go for the simple pleasures of Sega Rally and Time Crisis!
  12. Feel I have to mention the great Ace Combat 4 in this thread - probably my most played PS4 game. And I can’t not mention the wacky and wonderful Way of the Samurai - toes the line between crap and magnificent most deftly indeed! I was lucky to get a UK launch model on release day with Ridge Racer 5 and Tekken Tag. i think the most special game on the system for me is Ico. Sorry, SOTC. For a Sega fan VF4’s appearance was amazing and deeply troubling in equal measure. Biggest disappointment? MGS2. Everything after the tanker left me cold. Soul Calibur 2 might take second place. i still think one of the big reasons that PS2 crushed Dreamcast was the DVD player. It was a massive thing at the time when a branded player cost a couple of hundred quid. Backward compatibility definitely a big deal too - played rather more PSone Dancing Stage on mine than I’d dare admit.. As confronting as it was after a long love affair with Sega machines.. PS2 was a really, really brilliant machine.
  13. I often have a blast at (Saturn) Sega Rally via OpenEmu, but today I finally got around to connecting a pad (DS3) to my Mac. What a difference! Time has not aged this classic at all, the balance of the controls is so bloody right. It looks pretty good even now, and I am surprised it didn't have even more impact than it did vs the comparable PS1 games. Granted it's thin on content compared to Colin McRae or VRally and doesn't have the merit of cutting through to the club crowd like 2097 or Rage Racer... but it's really is bloody brilliant! (as an aside.. forgot to record sound with the vid, done after-the-event. Oh well!)
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