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  1. pastry

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Come on lads. I know you’re tired but I got up at 4am for this! And I’ve got 3 kids under 4.
  2. pastry

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Shit, this is going to penalties now..
  3. pastry

    Favorite Gig?

    Madness at V-Festival Sydney 2009, just loads of fun. Elbow, Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers were pretty amazing too. I was at Reading in 2000 when poor old Daphne and Celeste got a hailstorm of shit throw at them. That was pretty memorable!
  4. pastry

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    They aren't overhauling it, if that's what you mean. It'll be HD and widescreen. It'd be nice if the textures were at a higher quality I suppose, though I never really think res'd up older games actually look any better than they did originally. It just highlights the blockiness. I do think they've added some bloom and made some very minor lighting tweaks, I don't remember Shenmue looking quite so much like Days of our Lives. Shenmue II in English though... spew!
  5. pastry

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    got to say though, without the potential psychological hurdle that is Germany.. we (England) now have the chance of a lifetime to go all the way!
  6. pastry

    Reverse rose tinted glasses!

    I didn't think there was any argument about MD sounding great, but maybe I don't paddle in the same pool as you.. with stuff like SOR, Thunderforce etc as evidence, I can't even understand where that argument would come from? @partious that's an interesting point about the 32-bit era - aspects have definitely aged poorly (some control schemes) or were poor to begin with (poor old Saturn transparencies, take another bow!), but I absolutely agree with @dumpster about the quality of the experiences. I'd put Ridge Racer up on that same pedestal as you, with Sega Rally right beside it. These are pure videogame experiences. I guess the rest of @dumpster's point is lamenting the death of the big-budget arcade experience, where investing 10 hours is actually developing a skill and appreciation of the fine details of the games design, not pressing forward and X every now and then (I've been playing UC4..). A while ago I began playing through Quake, which was never thought of that highly as a single player game – but actually, it's pretty great. At the time I remember it being all about multiplayer, but the SP campaign is actually cracking good simple fun!
  7. pastry

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    LOL @ Germany, though not that nice a thing to wake up to; I had them as runners-up with Portugal to win, returning me 6 grand off $25! Boo!
  8. You're talking about the original TR there, the best of the lot for the very reasons you describe. I agree with the rest of your ramble, you made the same point about 50 times but it's a good one so I'll let that go
  9. pastry

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I was looking into a VPN the other day, too – we don't get 100% coverage on free to air in Australia. And the commentary/punditry is shite compared to the Beeb. NordVPN look pretty legit, but I've no personal experience using it, or any other VPN.
  10. pastry

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    That trailer is just so special I keep coming back to it, too. Mizuguchi, you wonderful man. If he'd only ever given us Sega Rally, he'd still be a legend!
  11. I believe it does yes, it talks about the "Miyagi's Little Trees" business for example, from KK3. I hope they bring back Terry Silver too, that guy ruled.
  12. pastry

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    Only 1 trailer? That sounds like a negative to me! We used to have this place down the road, with sensibly staggered cosy seating, and even a second tier (rarely opened though), Our local multiplex was OK, but like @Danster's example, you can buy a beer or even a cup of tea at The Ritz (Randwick, Sydney)! Our new local (The Empire in Bowral, NSW) is along the same lines but not quite as good. No tea or beer, and the theatres and screens aren't quite as good. Most of the screens are tiny. So no, not terrible, just small. And none of them play enough classics for my tastes. Still, both much more pleasant than The Showcase in Nottingham, which used to be my "big release" go to!
  13. pastry

    WTF - New Thundercats series!!!

    I had a few issues of that early 2000's comic, gave them to my nephew just a short while back – the art was pretty great, but yes very far from the original style. I really like what they've done with the new art direction for this. It's interesting and lots of fun – I think it could work well. The original TV show is a timeless masterpiece* that will always happily stand alone, so I can't see any reason to re-tread that ground, stylistically or tonally. I'm glad to see it back. This thread lacks an image, so here it is: * sure it's 4:3 and may have a few "content" issues for modern audiences.. (?), but it's got such heart!
  14. Oh thank god, something happened. It's all a bit slow, I don't normally mind that but the show seems to be treading the same ground in a far less confident and affecting manner. Feels a bit like they are spinning it out for multiple seasons, rather than giving the story any impetus
  15. It was excellent. Just the right weight, just the right amount of fan service, and the various key character arcs were nicely set up. Obviously a large serve of cheese on the side, and I think it suffered just a little without Miyagi there to spout accessibly westernised eastern pseudo-philosophy, but it sure was easy to watch, and I definitely want more!

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