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  1. Yep agree the car wash scene was roll-eyes lame, but it must be said there's quite a lot of "yeah, T&A!" in the show thanks to Johnny being such a throwback. For the most part its implied and gets away with it, but when it's really overt it definitely feels out of touch to me.
  2. At what point do some of the other parents step in and perhaps say "no more karate for you!"
  3. Equal parts dreadful and fabulous, leaning well and truly into one-dimensional caricatures that probably risk taking it too far into the absurd.. but it’s just so much fun! loved that we got a few backstory details filled in, and wishing S4 was out tomorrow to continue the ride!
  4. Merry Christmas all! Christmas NiGHTS - Jack Frost’s Chime - Sega Saturn
  5. NiGHTS into Dreams – Gloom of the NHC (Mystic Forest Stage) - Sega Saturn I really do adore the NiGHTS soundtrack, and the message of the game feels like a deep-seated part of me. Sonic Team at their peak IMO.
  6. Virtua Tennis – Menu Theme (Sega Dreamcast)
  7. I'm also a big Karate Kid fan, and I think it's the warmth and genuine sense of love in this central relationship that's so special, and works across all 3 films. Daniel finding a father figure in the most unlikely of places, someone he can trust and rely on – I think it's very special and quite rare in film. Yes, it's simple, sure it's romanticised – but that's sometimes what we need. I even love the 3rd film – it's a bit of a departure in the way that Terry Silver is such a (brilliant) cartoon villain, along with Mike Barnes.. but again, the central relationship juuust manages to hold it
  8. Street Fighter Alpha (Zero) 2 / Charlie / Sega Saturn
  9. It's a pretty sexy piece of equipment and that's about it. It'll look nice under your TV, has decent controllers, and a nice GUI, and looks like you'll be up and running with minimal effort. But yeah I guess you could just buy/make a really nice enclosure for your Pi. The real question is if this is to satisfy the demands of people who don't want the effort of a more manual setup.. surely those aren't the same people with massive collections of original games?? If you DO have a collection of original games you probably already have the original hardware too, and are capable of f
  10. I played very occasionally but we always had big LAN setups in our houses, and also played online a fair bit with all of us in the same server - usually CS. That's when we weren't playing DDR. I did play in a CS tournament in the labs, might've been 2000 or 2001. I don't know who won it.. probably that "redevil" guy, who stands out as a memorable student. That said there were a few characters at Teesside in those days, quite a few used to post "here" - or rather on the Edge forums. No idea how many went on to work in games, other than Cookie (Adam) who I know went to Free Radica
  11. I've been playing Burnout 2 emulated on GC, with a DualShock 3... Yes, all a bit wrong in terms of setup, but what a game! It's so tightly focused, the linear progression works without feeling at all restrictive, and of course the actual game is just hugely fun. It's very accessible, perhaps it doesn't have the nuance of a Sega Rally but what it does have is a finely tuned handling model that means you know that any mistakes are your own, very well designed courses which are stacked with variety, and absolutely massive "one more go" appeal. It's still an utterly a brilliant game, and s
  12. I agree with much of the above. I've posted about this on a DF Retro YT vid.. so might as well paste that here: I played CCE a lot and I think it's a perfectly fine racing game but it's not Daytona USA and lacks much of the charm/character. @gizmo1990 nailed it: Ridge Racer became one of the PS1 cultural icons just like Wipeout, it had all the ingredients and was just significantly more "cool" than Daytona, which had weird music, less interesting cars vs RR's super dorifto models, traditional track vs city courses... and no Galaxian – which was jus
  13. yep can't agree with @JLM enough – I'd say this is the best SOR of the lot!
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