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  1. Ninja Doctor

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Amos once again wins best line of the episode.
  2. What time is the RCL E3 keynote?
  3. Ninja Doctor

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I was so hoping for some more Amos brutality. Why do we have to wait another week!!!
  4. Astro Wars or GTFO
  5. Ninja Doctor

    The Everton FC thread - Brace for disappointment

    so we might be finally getting Silva as new boss this week once Brands starts officially on Friday.
  6. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    I was just wondering if you used emulator to play or just grab a screenshot.
  7. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    @deKay emulated ngpc or hardware?
  8. Ninja Doctor

    Neo Geo Mini

    Usb c going from the pictures. Same for the power lead too.
  9. Ninja Doctor

    Neo Geo Mini

    The picture of the unit in that link seems to vary from the earlier renders. Has anyone translated the games on the back?
  10. I would suggest getting one of those madkatz ones with the 6 face buttons then. I don't think it'll be easy to turn the analogue triggers to digital inputs.
  11. Cheers all. I was aware of the account thing just wasn't aware if it was x360 compatible.
  12. So what's the quality like of Orta on a regular xbone and if I buy it will.it be playable on my 360?

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