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  1. Without recommending anything, have you had a look on eBay.com at completed auctions. Might give you a ballpark figure.
  2. Where did you get your covers from? I’ve been using ones from Autobleem and they have a black PlayStation border down the side.
  3. I tried this not long after finishing 12. Ymmv but I agree with the “it was a bit pants” comments. It held my interest for a few hours but nothing more.
  4. Had a quick blast on the pc engine version tonight. I think I prefer it to the PlayStation version. Undecided on how it fares against the SNES version mind. Obviously Japanese Saturn version is the definitive.
  5. Just format it normally. There’s no linking. The exploit runs solely off the stick.
  6. I’m normally a sucker for these minis but after the ps classic being absolute shite in its stock format and the neogeo mini being slightly better but overpriced I think this is going to bomb quite badly. The megadrive mini has more of a chance but I think the ps classic has tainted the mini craze and won’t do anywhere near as well as it (expectedly) deserves to.
  7. Try to stick to usb 2.0. They have a lower power draw than usb3.0 drives. I use a sandisk cruzer fit 64GB usb 2.0. Works lovely. If you’re feeling adventurous you can use bleemsync 1.0.1 to install ftp access and change the internal games to good/NTSC versions.
  8. I power modded my second port. It’s tricky but doable if you’re skilled.
  9. Blue version preordered. It’s going to be my bedtime Zelda machine.
  10. Thoughts on colors? I was originally going for grey but now I think the blue. Also, anywhere to preorder that isn’t amazon?
  11. Skies of Arcadia for me. It’s on my list for a second play through once my Dreamcast is set back up. Played originally back in about 2002 over 70 delightful after work hours with the ex.
  12. Conversely, I’m interested in this as I’m predominantly a handheld player. I was considering buying a v1 switch (switch heavy?) and selling off the dock and joycon charger grip as I’d never use them. Now I can get a cute switch in turquoise and play botw on the crapper.
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