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  1. Actually looking into it, I may have lucked out with my Saturn model back then. Some of them need a vdp2 chip pin lifting. don’t do this yourself.
  2. Yep the 60hz switch is very simple two wires to a jumper and a switch on the end. May have to remove the original jumper, it was 20 years ago I last did one, but plenty of instructions online. If you’ve got a satiator I would recommend it as you only ever need one machine.
  3. Controversial views on OoT but I agree. Amazing back in 1998 but now? an Edge 7 at best.
  4. Grandia finished. Was playing the switch port. I kinda bounced off it a few times. If they had a dungeon map option it would be perfect but it doesn’t. Only figured out I should have been levelling my magic on the run to the last ‘dungeon’ so was probably underpowered but totally smashed the end boss. on to Grandia 2 now I suppose.
  5. Nintendo getting it wrong again. We don’t want delightful crazy ideas like this, give us 4K resolutions and bland shootymans games.
  6. Which store? If you check their website, you can check store stock.
  7. We need the empathy tear back for retro repair misadventures.
  8. £70 boxed at Crack Exchange
  9. or if you want to play Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast on the oled screen with fake scanlines.
  10. Dug mine out today and regreased the drive rails. Sounds much better but the fan still screams. Does need a good whitening.
  11. 9/10 with a bit of educated guessing. Damn you Carol King!
  12. Fair enough. I’m not knocking it, free content especially around our niche hobby is always welcome. I appreciate I sound a fair bit ungrateful.
  13. I think your deffo younger than me da. I did agree with you all when you talking about that retro arcade pub. The owner sounds like he completely misses the point of retro arcade cabs.
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