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  1. Ninja Doctor

    The Sega Dreamcast appreciation thread

    Are you sure the cable is pushed into the back of the Dreamcast fully? Also try booting it without a disc in.
  2. Ninja Doctor

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    I was watching that and toying with bidding myself.
  3. Ninja Doctor

    New SNK console(s): Neo Geo 2 & 3

    I’d still like a neogeo aes mini.
  4. 7:30pm tomorrow for British peeps btw.
  5. Ninja Doctor

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Games and apps> subscriptions
  6. Probably after they’ve finished swimming in a big pool of (deserved) coins like Scrooge mcduck
  7. Ninja Doctor

    Mega SG - New FPGA Console from Analogue

    There is no way the FPGA will fit the gates for a 32x. And the real hardware will never work as the mega sg doesn’t put out the analog video the 32x uses.
  8. Question for Alex, is there any function in the Xbox/PS4 dev kit to loads music files from usb within the game itself rather than use Spotify or a background app?
  9. Ninja Doctor

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    So when is season 4?
  10. Ninja Doctor

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    What’s with the bullshit descriptions too? Sat in a drawer for years? Well unless the seller was an avid collector of remote controls for years I smell a boot trader.
  11. So before I buy this (Xbox digital) can anyone confirm you can import music to the xbone ? I don’t have Spotify you see but will happily copy over the ssx tricky or wipeout 2097 soundtracks
  12. The official scart and zombie revenge are relatively valuable. Maybe street fighter too. The rest, less so.
  13. Ninja Doctor

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    Shortarse it is then. How do you do the special attack?
  14. Ninja Doctor

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    I’m guessing it’s the one on the classic 5 in 1 collection. I’ll have a look on the high seas. I had had a quick blast on the mega drive version and played as the Barbarian. I’ll call him Dave. So so far he swings his sword, occasionally picks people up and does a funny shoulder barge across the screen. Is this pretty much the depth of the combat or am I missing something? SoR2 this is not.

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