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  1. There's certainly a place for good minimalist design but it can still look good while being clear and easy to read. Ian O'Toole does some great design work that looks barebones and easy to see but is pleasing to the eye at the same time. See Irish Gauge for an example. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/161882/irish-gauge
  2. That one seems to be out of stock now.
  3. https://www.bggbasement.com/games/ A quirky game on the Gameslore clear out site. Mea Culpa is only £7.50, an interesting game about buying your way to heaven. You carry out actions (sin) during the game to gather indulgences so you can buy your way to heaven at the end. Action selection game with great artwork and pieces. I got mine at Essen a few years ago. There are some other interesting games on the same site. It's worth a look.
  4. I've had Knizia's Lord of the Rings co-op for about 15 years and today we got it to the table. Ooof, that is one hard game. I have a feeling that, unlike Pandemic which gets easier the fewer players you have, it may get easier with more players to share the punishments and pitch in resources. With just three of us the game tore into us early on with bad event following bad event. We got a little breather and managed to stagger through two of the scenarios before getting slaughtered in Shelob's Lair. It was an experience. I'm tempted to flog it but Fay wants to give it another go with more players. We'll see.
  5. @therearerulesI better order multiples if it's not going to retail. I want one for me and a couple for presents.
  6. Flick is on our island today. We've also got stars tonight with showers predicted 8.31, 8.34, 8.59, 9.05, 9.07, 9.09 so avoid arriving on those minutes if you can. We'll be opening the gates. There's a scorpion around so watch out.
  7. Thank you. We'll be quick. On our way. @Unofficial WhoThank you for opening late. Got one of the Celeste recipes that we've been after. Wished on some stars and got out.
  8. Sending you a friend request as well. We'd love to come and visit.
  9. It also adds taxes and shipping on top. That added so much to my last KS purchase that I'll now only go for small box games or ones that are UK based projects. I've paid more on KS by the time tax and shipping was added than I would have done on retail prices a few months later.
  10. I've never played Russian Railroads but have played First Class which, I believe, is a variation on the system by the same designer. I've never noticed a first player advantage in that so maybe they fixed it.
  11. We also have Redd. Still got Real Dynamic painting, fake famous painting and fake wild painting (left half). He also has a blue pinball table. Gates open to friends.
  12. @DarrenIf you want to try it then I have two Yomi decks. I'll post them to you if you want, I've had them ages and never played it.
  13. You could look into selling on facebook groups. I have been selling a decent amount of boardgames through a few of the specialist facebook groups. Postage is much less hassle these days and I was using online postage a lot. Another poster on one of the groups recommended https://www.mbe.co.uk/ as a good way of shipping parcels at a reasonable rate, there may be one near you and it makes postage a fairly painless affair. I would certainly try and sell some stuff on here. You'll get a decent price and give someone a chance to buy something they've been looking for.
  14. We've lost a rock! Fay has been breaking the rocks and trying to corral them into a rock garden. She has managed to get 4 to appear in the correct places so far but this morning there was no new rock in the garden so we went to look for it. Can't find it anywhere! Can a rock just disappear? We might need a search party to scour the island. Will anyone be free later on to join us on a rock hunt?
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