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  1. I'm looking forward to playing that on my Spectrum Next when it arrives next year. I'll probably crack and get the pc version before then.
  2. Would £30 inc postage work for you? It is a German edition although I've printed out the rules in colour. The expansion was an international version so it has printed english rules. There is also a small expansion that came with spielbox magazine. Everything is in the main box. Assuming postage is the same to the rest of the UK? £25?
  3. I'll have a look when I get home and let you know.
  4. We're moving house and leaving behind a frankly rubbish built-in fridge/freezer. We're taking this opportunity to treat ourselves to a lovely big fridge/freezer and want to know what you guys have and what you would recommend.
  5. @Lochenvar Ok, we'll see what Rev wants to do. Roll through the Ages has been taken out of shrink but never played. Would you do £25 inc postage? I'll look into how much Mechs vs Minions would be to post as it's nearly 6kg on it's own. I think at that sort of weight it would have to be hermes insured as Royal Mail get silly.
  6. A question for all of the pizza oven experts. We are wanting to try cooking some other dishes in the Ooni and have been watching some videos on the Gozney channel, which is great if you haven't seen it yet, which use cast iron skillets. The Ooni cast iron has been out of stock for some time so we were looking at some in Lakeland, we have a 20% off voucher, but the Lakeland cast iron says it's ok for temperatures up to 260 degrees C. Obviously the pizza oven goes a lot higher than that. Do any of you have experience in using cast iron in a high heat pizza oven? Are there special typ
  7. @Rev I could put Ladybug, Mosquito and Pillbug in with the Hive box. Would that sway you? For Army of Frogs, Getaway Driver, Sensor Ghosts and Lux Aeterna would you do £50 inc postage?
  8. Here are some initial prices, let me know if they work for you. @PadsterFugitive: £20 inc postage @uglifruitRes Arcana and Menara: £20 inc postage for each of them or £38 for both? @Glasgowchivas Flashpoint + 2 expansions: £35 inc postage, Photosynthesis: £20 inc postage @revlobFirst Class: £35 inc postage @keptbybeesYomi 2 decks: £13 inc postage pm me if you want to discuss prices/delivery We are in a state of upheaval with packing and everything else so I can't promise to get these posted as quick as I normally would. I will try and get
  9. @Kzo Roll through the Ages (The Iron Age) would work for two. Shazaam is a 2 player game of dueling wizards. Getaway Driver is 2 player as well. Give them a look on BGG
  10. @keptbybees Exactly, each deck gives you a different fighter so you can give it a try.
  11. @GlasgowchivasI forgot to say that Flashpoint also contains 2 expansions. Urban Structures and 2nd Storey. I will try and work out some prices for you all over the next few days.
  12. @PadsterNoted. @frumiousYou don't have enough games. You haven't got these ones.
  13. That is a good question! We're in Newcastle upon Tyne. Currently Gosforth area but will be moving to Fenham before Christmas.
  14. So far this is the pile of games to go. For collection only I've also got Mechs vs Minions and The 7th Continent +What goes up must come down + the replacement cards but this is exceptionally heavy so not wanting to post. (my partner wants to keep 7th Continent for the minute) Untold comes with the extra dice sets. Dr Who, Batman and Scooby Doo. One Deck Dungeon has the playmat. Star Realms has 3 small expansion packs. A La Carte contains the Dessert expansion in the main box. I'll try and work out some prices soon but let me know if there is stuff you might
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