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  1. Can't you just reverse the sleeve on the arrow one for the OG poster art?
  2. The PC version looks great,I can tell your shot is running at some insane high resolution because of how small the health indicator is. But look at the wooden boxes in the foreground or the cross iron floor texture, they look way better in the remastered version. The blue handrail bars look like a solid blob while the remastered version is curved and weathered with rust.
  3. Yeah if it was £40 I could understand it but at £25 rrp which usually means sub £20 for a physical copy (with the DLC) I think it's more than reasonable. Again i think niche series need the support, this isn't like buying Halo 1 for the 3rd time just to get 60fps. I own the original collectors edition, paid for the DLC chapters, american nightmare, the PC version which is still sealed, I made an epic account just to get the giveaway version to show the demand was there for a sequel. Lets be honest this remaster is really about putting it in the hands of playstation gamers. The PS5 version is currently out performing Far Cry 6 on Amazon. I'm sure the enhanced xbox version will be on Game Pass soon enough if you dont want to pay again.
  4. As a kid me and my friends loved Sonic, Mario, Streets of Rage etc but it's easy to forget that those were the 'AAA' games of the era much like Minecraft and Fortnite are to kids today.
  5. I think it's a huge upgrade. Far more than some badly compressed Youtube Video will show. Look how blurry that 'paint jobs' building is on the original.
  6. This is nothing new, my dad played PC games like Ultrabots and X-Wing, thought the Mega Drive was for simpletons. When i saved up months of paper round money to buy a Saturn, as i excitedly called him upstairs to look at Sega Rally he thought it looked the same as Lotus Challenge II and Fighting Vipers was 'basically the same game as Mortal Kombat' oh and can't forget 'well done on wasting your money son' Wanker
  7. Alan Wake Remastered Sonic Colours Ultimate Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Christmas 2021 is so awe-inspiring I'll be playing new versions of games over 10 years old
  8. Agreed, 5 was a game I wouldn't mind my wife watching me play, especially on launch when it had VF characters and limited fanservice but 6? No chance Ironic when it was announced, it was reported; what a bait and switch if there ever was one.
  9. If a game ended on a cliffhanger or the series is dead in the water then there's a good chance i'll have loved and championed it. Blessing and a curse. Some of my fave games from the last 10 years Alan Wake, Alien Isolation, Binary Domain, Deus Ex HR/MD, Max Payne 3, Shenmue III, Spec Ops:The Line, Splatterhouse, Titanfall 2
  10. Last boss aside I loved Generations. It really re-ignited my love for the series long dormant since the 16-bit days. I agree though the majority of 3D sonic games are not even that bad but just aggressively average, and that's almost worse? like you can see traces of brilliance if they just doubled down on what works but they become too concerned with sticking in new features rather than refining the good in what came before. The fact that Mania 2 wasn't commissioned immediately after the critical and consumer response to the first game is a classic sign of franchise mismanagement if I ever saw it.
  11. imagine if this is actually set in a world where the matrix movie is an actual thing and the old guy reflected off Keanu in the mirror is actually just a schizophrenic superfan talking to Neil Patrick Harris. That's so high concept I think it could work
  12. Top shot Vs console , bottom shot Vs PC Far bigger upgrade than most imo
  13. The character models and cutscenes have been overhauled too,and seeing as they were initially prerendered , that's no easy cut and paste work. I really enjoy the combat loop, plenty of options and solid crowd control. I found burning off the darkness shield with the flashlight similar to stripping shields with energy weapons on Halo then finishing them off with ballistics. The sound design and visual effects, especially that 'streched' sound as the light takes hold and the shadows pop, is really satisfying. Love popping a flare and seeing the enemies recoil in the red light while the particles and sound go into overdrive,man that is really satisfying stuff. Great fun. Well I think you hit the nail on the head there. Resident Evil 2R is a remake, this is a remaster. However they have doubled the frame rate, jacked up the resolution, created new character models, included the DLC chapters, added dualsense support, a new directors commentary by Sam Lake, supported two new platforms....not sure what else they could do really, especially at a budget price. Remember this is a niche game, a sales flop given a chance to get a new audience. It's a similar situation to the Shenmue HD collection from a few years back, they couldn't justify spending a lot of money on it so we got basic 1080p and fast loading for £25 but that was good enough to show support for the series and to free them from Dreamcast exclusivity. These sort of projects should always be welcomed imo, wheares stuff like the PS5 "uncharted collection" of 2 games that already offer everything bar 60fps support, should not. Still everyone keeps saying they would dip for 60fps Bloodborne so who knows, it'll probably sell gangbusters. We might get Alan Wake 2 anyway as Epic have the deepest pockets around, but it sure is nice to be able to play the original in a complete form with extra bells and whistles (especially so for us 360 owners who went on to playstation 4 instead and have no access to the X series upgraded version) besides that it's just good business sense to make a remaster of the original available to the biggest console market if your gonna fund a sequel to it. Also this is the worst Christmas line up in living memory so anything good announced and released within 4 weeks will do me nicely
  14. Love to see it. I reckon eBay will do one of those 15% off codes between now and release so should be able to get it for just over £20
  15. Well £25 for improved resolution, dualsense support and the chance to play it on a console that is actually under my TV is worth it to me. I want Alan Wake 2 so i'm happy to buy this and show my support for the series, frankly i'd have paid full price.
  16. These are some 4K screens from the playstation flickr account and they look way better than the trailer suggests
  18. Rainbow Six becoming another bullet sponge co-op alien blob shooter loaded with cosmetics just makes me pine for a shooter where people actually looked like special forces vs terrorists or whatever.
  19. Nothing really, outside of the fate of a minor side character. The rest of the notes and stuff are too obtuse if you haven't played the game. I just finished it this evening
  20. Uncharted 4/LL Multiplayer is already 60 and feels great to play. Real pissed that they are going down the re-release route instead of just unlocking the frame rate for those of us that still have our discs.
  21. Locking those 60fps upgrades to UC4 and LL is a really fucking poor show. Horizon is older than Lost Legacy is.
  22. Not content with 4 marvel films a year we have to have 5 fucking games as well
  23. That's uncharted at 60fps but looks like we gotta pay again. Shithouse
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