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  1. It looks absolutely terrific. But I wish enemies didn't spurt out a load of neon shards like it's Viva Pinata when you use the appropriate weapons. It just doesn't create a cohesive look at all.
  2. Yeah, having a curated collection of 10-20 titles per system (if that) i find a lot more pleasing than a wall of spines just for the sake of it. All my Dreamcast games take me back to a time and place of fond memories, rather than ''ooh Moho, absolute shit but rare' PAL PS2 games are the worst. All those black and white spines look like they belong in a chemistry lab. I've only got one PS2 game. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution.But WHAT a game!
  3. Probably wouldnt payout.... Act of God or some shit. I tried to claim on my home insurance once. Opened the patio door and the frame literally came away in my hands when I pulled it. Rang em up to be told the glass is insured but not the frame, that's regular wear and tear. These cunts will say anything to not pay out. Still pay for it every year cus the moment I stop I'd get burglarised or something. Sods law!
  4. I can't get fiber where I live yet. Right PITA.
  5. I've always pronounced it Sea-gah too so I was glad someone else did lol In my reasoning you don't call it the Say-gah May-gah drive , though that's gonna get us proper off topic haha. Anyway, the guy in the video used to run a games shop in the early 90s that sold imports, then he worked for an arcade operators for a while and learned how to fix/service arcade machines. He says the majority of his collection has come from via his connections he made when working in the industry. I could certainly believe that. The price of those games has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, probably more return on an investment than anything a bank would give.
  6. That's his 2017 video. Since then he had his house rebuilt to accommodate a full size arcade. It's amazing.
  7. Hell yeah I got one. Synthwave + Zone + Mach 1.5 is pure bliss. Teethgrinding bliss.
  8. Rubberjohnny most likely spent 30 whole seconds 'researching' something he clearly knows fuck all about Cor! Well cheesy !
  9. I played Doom II on PC back in the 90's as a 10 year old with my Dad's Top Gear 2 CD playing in the new fangled CD Drive. Who needs midi versions of metal classics when you can listen to Don't Fear the Reaper, the Final Countdown and Motorcycle Emptiness? As daft as it seems this CD and the game are forever associated in my psyche and thinking of one always brings up the other.
  10. Next person to reply after me gets all the negs.
  11. The game is basically unplayable unless you have fibre broadband. Next gen needs to offer a better solution, it's getting silly now.
  12. 2010 1. Incendies 2. The Fighter 3. The Expendables 2011 1. Drive 2. Source Code 3, The Raid 2012 1. Dredd 2. Seven Psychopaths 3. Dark Knight Rises 2013 1. Prisoners 2. Elysium 3. Lone Survivor 2014 1. Nightcrawler 2. Interstellar 3. John Wick
  13. Yeah I'd agree with that. Shenmue III is a journey inwards, not outwards. If when part 4 comes, i'm expecting similar strides in scope like Shenmue II was to the original.
  14. lol I know this sounds daft, but have you checked the pound cable is really plugged in to the back of the DC? Mine's really stiff and I have to push quite hard for it to click into place , or I get a no signal error too.
  15. You should be good to go. The prerequisite is you've got to Niawou in the story, the DLC is loaded from the main menu
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