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  1. I spent like 500 hours or so on Factions, it's truly brilliant
  2. https://www.royalmail.com/price-finder That's economy. 42 days with no tracking and £20 insurance International standard is £30.45 (6-7 days)
  3. I'm the opposite and sent a lot of things to the US and it's no exaggeration to say shipping prices to the US have almost doubled over the last 12 months. A small parcel just under 2Kg costs £30.45 by standard airmail (not even tracked and signed) to send whereas last year it was about £17
  4. You watch that £70 tumble when it's got about 10 preorders on Amazon after a week
  5. If you aint boppin at 0:24 you prolly dead
  6. I've give up waiting on these. Still no sign of Golden Axe here a year later so I doubt it will leave the US. Right shithouse.
  7. Just finished S3 tonight. It's amazing really how they can create such ludicrously dramatic plots from what is essentially high school karate. Kreese is like Dolph from Universal Soldier, the war ended decades ago...but not for him it didn't It's brilliant. Absolutely LOVE it.
  8. I would take a modern update of this over just cause 5 and put the series to bed. I got JC4 for xmas last year and could only squeeze a couple of hours out if it before calling it a day. Incredible how they made a game about blowing stuff up so ugly and boring
  9. I know this sounds daft but give the fins a bit of a squeeze. Mine suddenly made a really loud vibrating sort of sound while watching a film and as I grabbed it to inspect , that pressure on the fins stopped it. May be the plates shaking loose? Either way it's super quiet again now.
  10. Golden rule of console launches : preorder the moment they become available, giving you time to cancel in the weeks leading up.to launch. If you flip flop thinking it over you aren't going to get one. It's been this way since Xbox 360. Premium systems were fetching a grand on eBay back then too, all this is nothing new. Even sort after accessories like Wii Fit were the same. Game charging a £150 bundle with a yoga mat, silicon cover and rechargeable battery.
  11. Massive improvement over XIV, and looks very fluid in motion, i'm looking forward to some of that.
  12. Just practice - boss rush is great for getting good strategies down and managing crowd control. The key to all modes is big combos. Big combos = higher ranks and more lives making thing much easier. Don't forget the blitz move (forward forward attack) Blaze's is great as it bounces enemies off the floor and you can jump, down+ attack them twice (and a 3rd time with her air special, enemy dependent) to keep combos going. Although you get points for held star moves at the end of the level, they are always worth using to hold onto a big combo. The return from combo rates vs the 500 points y
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