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  1. TLOU 2 special edition PS4 is really nice. The entire top piece is debossed. Lucky Amazon Warehouse find.
  2. I walk into a corner and as they are about to hit, jump into air special to get enough airtime / distance to avoid. Also is this patch ever coming out? Seems to be taking forever...
  3. English subs if you put CC on. Looks really really good, other than the guy taking an arrow to the head and comically launching off the ground, but no rush for a day woner.
  4. I often buy big bundles of hardware and software , take out what I want, and sell the rest on. It is a lot of work though - those ebay listing times add up, never mind the packaging and trips to the post office. Especially so when you sell 10 items, 9 pay straight away and the 10th person decides he's going to wait 3 days, so you have to make a special trip just for them. I bought a Dreamcast bundle of ebay last year for £230, and people here said I'd overpaid, but I made £400 reselling that after i'd taken out the games I wanted. In fact to give you an idea, last year I spent £666.25 on Dreamcast bundles and sold what I didn't want for £1213.61. That's a profit of £547.36 and a lovely collection of effectively 'free' games but it took about 3 months to clear and hours of taking photos and listing, post office trips and packing etc. TLDR selling bundles is not cost effective but is certainly time effective. What do you value more?
  5. Is that Gus from Breaking Bad?
  6. Let's hope so. Black is slimming after all To be honest it's that fookin big I've resigned myself to the fact it'll have to stand upright behind the TV, so it don't really matter anymore even if it is only in white
  7. Yeah the with the Terminator 2 style droning synth really suited the part. The game varies styles incredibly well at points I was making comparisons to First Blood, The Thing and Aliens. Which lets face it, is always a good thing.
  8. I did like that in the Astro Bot PS5 footage he seems to go up against some faulty fans
  9. Yeah my launch pro is exactly that. Ready for takeoff Now i just crank up the TV and get immersed in the game and forget about it
  10. Shinobi is almost a dead cert I reckon. There's only one arcade Alex Kidd game : Alex Kidd in Swinging Bollocks World (timestamped)
  11. Classic engrish that was on all the cabs.
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