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  1. Just watch the intro to the first game. If the stylish cinematography doesn't get you the music will, and then you'll be spending hours running around Dobuita before you know it.
  2. Yep it came earlier. Bloody suns out mind so won't play till tonight
  3. Expected but sucks. Really looking forward to this one
  4. Down by Law


    Just finished the PS4 version of this. It's such a brilliant, challenging and stylish game. The 60fps upgrade and the clear visuals really transform the experience - hard to believe its a decade old. Also forgot that the US president colludes with the Russians. How topical!
  5. The train boss on scenario B is incredible in motion. Worth playing just for those last 10 minutes
  6. I'll take 6 great hours over a 15 hour game that wears out its welcome after 3 *glares at Doom Eternal box*
  7. Yeah the adhesive lightly pulls on the plastic so over time, you get those annoying bumps. You'll know if you're OK just by running your fingers over them
  8. The forest demo of Zwei used to be mind blowing back in the day. Especially the boss and the way it galloped through the trees toward you
  9. Not yet pal but still waiting on todays Post...
  10. Ordered through thegamecollectionoutlet on ebay and it's been dispatched today? Maybe they are sending early in case royal mail limit services?
  11. Dotemu have released some songs on soundcloud. Briefly listened to each one , all pretty good, different styles. I love this one though!
  12. I did feel bad for a bit then I remembered how much worse Konami fans have it
  13. It's crazy how good VF5 still looks. Good art direction goes a long way.
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