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  1. Japanese SoR2 / BK2 cover Mr X is traced from this pic
  2. Jensen climbing the ladders on mankind divided even if you're facing the wrong side
  3. Ive seen mini sonic 1 and streets of rage 2 cartridges in various e3 coverage videos so hopefully we will get the tower too. I'd buy one
  4. I've got to say, i'm surprised as fook
  5. Oh no, poor little old independent charity shop Steam getting a bit of competition ! When that eye watering 30% cut turns into 40% and beyond because PC gamers can't handle clicking another launcher without experiencing some kind of life changing meltdown and they pass that extra cost onto you, the consumer, well that's just tough sheit
  6. high fooking five, bro. the excitement of owning a new (old) piece of sega manufactured hardware in 2019 is just too much. In the E3 video above they showed they even have the removable plastic on the expansion port. Lovely attention to detail that wasn't expected.
  7. They should refund all the PC backers $29 so they can buy it for $60 on Steam in a years time, or $60 on the Epic store right now. Talk about sticking it to the man or cutting off you nose to spite your face
  8. Well just to confuse things further, they are bringing these out in August which are USB but only 6 buttons/mode and branded to work with the MD mini. They've already confirmed the existing pads will work (including the Saturn variants) so not worth rebuying IMO.
  9. No it's better. It's full size EU/US version as opposed to the smaller and less comfortable JPN version.
  10. That french article moans on and on about technical problems (not seen in any released footage) and nothing of the way the game plays. There's no way that B-roll footage from E3 was 720p either. Also 'student project' is a bit of an odd slur to make. I paid $29, or as the exchange rate at the time, about £24. This reads like a resetera outrage post
  11. Just finished S2 and I agree I really enjoyed it. I think the balance (haw) between the young uns and the oldies is just about right.
  12. "but muh principals 1!!1"
  13. *puts back on shelf*
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