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  1. Guile's instant hp crush counter nrghhhh. Evil move!
  2. Down by Law

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    As an admittedly price savvy gamer, the biggest problem I have with the Switch is if you're not into what Nintendo are offering there's not much point otherwise. Who wants to pay £50 for Wolfenstein 2 next month when it's at give away prices on PS4 and Xbox? Doom is still £40-50 everywhere on switch yet a fiver second hand on PS4. Add in the relatively expensive hardware at £280, proper controller designed for human hands at £55 and there's absolutely no motivation for someone like me to buy one* * until about three years time when I can get a used bundle with all the top games for about £200 (fingers crossed)
  3. Down by Law

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah, it's great, I got up to level 68 in Zone mode and felt sick for about 3 hours later totally worth it
  4. Off topic, but Garou : Mark of the Wolves is only £3.99 on PSN right now. Of all the SNK fighting games this is probably the closest to a Capcom style fighter and if you've not played it yet you're really missing out. On topic, 4 days to Cody and non shit survival woot
  5. Down by Law

    PlayStation VR

    Superhot is so immersive I walked up to my TV and stabbed it with the move controller. Luckily no damage, I'll never take the piss out of the rubber balls again! Talk about a simple idea executed extremely well. Outstanding stuff - probably my favourite VR game to date
  6. Down by Law

    The Last of Us Part 2

    Naughty Gods . Incredible stuff, that animation blending is something else.
  7. Down by Law

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    also the final two chapters of LL are absolutely superb, uncharted firing on all cylinders.
  8. Down by Law

    PlayStation VR

    Picked up Farpoint (no gun) and Until Dawn for a fiver each out of the local crime converters. Pretty happy with that. Anyone played Farpoint without the Aim controller?
  9. Down by Law

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    Shout 'climb you big titted bitch!' into your playstation camera for five minutes instead
  10. Down by Law

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Yeah, I'm itching to do a 3rd playthrough, it'll be the first time glorious HDR too. Multiplayer in 60fps + 4K HDR is amazing.
  11. All of that sounds really good.I might actually be able to get the platinum as all i'm missing are the hard and hell survival trophies! oh and the 1 million FM but I'm on about 917000 according to my profile so nearly there. I would have preferred to use the accrued points rather than FM to continue but at least it's only 1000. Laura's gloria costume is amazing. I might actually try a costume battle for once.
  12. Down by Law

    Pac-Man CE 2 Plus (Bandai Namco next masterpiece)

    £3.29 on psn for the regular CE 2 if you're switchless
  13. Down by Law

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    It's about money? Shocked I am, shocked!
  14. Down by Law

    The Last of Us Part 2

    Not my video but this shows some of the contextual moves plus the downed state AI I finished the game 4 times and never saw the leg grab at 0:48 once!
  15. Down by Law

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Nobody is going to pay £40 for Parappa the Rapper 3 or Ape Escape 5. The market has changed, and those sort of games are more suited to the budget/download market. Gravity Rush 2's flop at retail just emphasises that point. Ratchet and Clank was a mid price release (I think I paid about £25 quid on launch for it) and did very well, but it also has that broad appeal that Sonic and Crash have, not to mention it was a Pro showcase game. Sony have released and have plenty more of these sort of games in the pipeline, but expecting to see them on the E3 main stage is foolish.

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