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  1. Does anyone know what sort of battery mod this is? Not seen one done like this before.
  2. The fact they said the game was downloaded more in the US and Europe than Japan, then subsequently go on to release the update news trailer in Japanese only is classic 1998 Sega logic
  3. I have an 80's gym playlist which is literally songs from rocky 4, no retreat no surrender, bloodsport, kickboxer, karate kid, top gun, all that energizing feel good cheese is brilliant. It's made from MP3s so i cant link it but i'll post it up later if you're interested
  4. The only one i like was the Blade Runner slipcase they did with the original 4K release https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLADE-RUNNER-4K-UHD-AND-BLU-RAY-COLLECTORS-EDITION-4-DISC-BRAND-NEW-/114897201554?hash=item1ac0682992%3Ag%3A5wIAAOSwGqZg9Ilh&nma=true&si=lLDNKUwWECCubRunOiLmegxfFBQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 jesus christ £92 I paid £24.50 for mine in 2018
  5. I'll stick with the arrow version with the original poster art on the reverse. Likewise this new Shawshank cover is woeful, why didn't they stick with the Drew Struzan art ?
  6. This is a great shout. I'd tended to avoid anything in the Rush series based on it's N64 reputation but this demo was brilliant and I got the full game not long after. I was really impressed with the demos for Virtua Tennis and UFC on the Dreamcast as well, had little to no interest in sports games but both of those were great fun. Especially in 2 player
  7. Got to 31 on this weeks with SOR3 Blaze. Her alternate blitz move covers a huge amount of distance, and arcs to hit mid air enemies as well, excellent move. She can do a running double hit uppercut with the Halberd and other bladed weapons which absolutely destroys crowds and bosses. Fell in a hole though after bouncing off a ball though didn't I
  8. For the Max and Shiva room, I take the golden halberd from stage 11 I think it is, drop it at the start of each round (AWAY from Galsia mind, who'll pick it up) and you can just wail on those two with it, got a huge reach and with toxic and electric it stun locks them, all done in about 10 seconds
  9. Honestly it's a piece of cake as long as the weathers good. I've done about 10 Dreamcasts over the last 3 years and all of them came out way better than they started with. It's also a good opportunity to get all the accumulated crap out of them and give them some TLC That said the Dreamcast plastic is thick, very high quality stuff. Never done a SNES. Last one I did came out like it was brand new.
  10. I genuinely don't mind losing - it's 50/50 every time you enter a match after all - but when you're getting blasted by high level players who are far better than the rank suggests, and they act like assholes too you just think fuck this. I ain't given you any more free wins. I played this one guy, Yakuza Ark, proper asshole Lau player. Tea bagged every round, zipped around like a lunatic. Refused the rematch. Game matches us up again and I know his tricks, beat him 3-1 and he DQ's. Happy to take his win but deny me mine? dickhead. Reload the game, pick a colour that isn't green and get the SAME PLAYER AGAIN - ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME VIRTUA FIGHTER NETCODE? Quit to dash as if I beat him he'll DQ anyway, then i get a message saying if I do that again i'll be penalized. Lol no played Streets of Rage 4 instead. At higher levels this game has some crazy damage issues. That Wolf touched me once and it was bye 55% or so with nothing I could do about it. And don't get me started on this guy. That combo at 27 seconds hitting a grown man flat on his back 5 times for 128 DMG? Nobody stops and thinks 'this looks rediculous?'
  11. Wonder why I'm getting constantly smashed by this 26 Wolf...(that it keeps putting me against 4 times over) oh cus player is a 37 Grimslayer with some of their other characters putting them in top 200 in the world. It's basically Virtua Smurfing now. Don't mind being beaten by visibly higher ranked players but getting totally schooled by players 3 or 4 ranks below because of this dumb system sucks
  12. http://s.alchemer.com/s3/e36abc0d4ca6 Sega are surveying Virtua Fighter owners: get on it. When asked what I'd like to see for the franchise I asked for Character Stories (an opening and ending at the very least), a return of quest mode from VF5 or 4 EVO, more emphasis on spacing, timing and counters as opposed to skirting players 10 yards across the floor for 60% braindead combos and guest characters from Shenmue and Yakuza. Ryo Hazuki and Ren Wuying vs Kiryu and Majima come on Sega. Easy money.
  13. To follow up on this : The MS was totally fine. They don't like Plasma TVs. I took it to my moms and tried it out on an old portable lcd and once tuned, perfect sound and picture (well as good as you can get for RF anyway) Just gonna leave this here in case anyone else stumbles on to a similar problem.
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