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  1. Down by Law

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Great video but I always thought the Dreamcast version ran at 60fps? looking at the footage at 26:24 Leon and the Zombie seem to move way smoother than the PS1 version. Anyway just over a month till the remake ! I'm proper excited, not watching anymore footage as it looks incredible and don't want to spoil anything else. Loved that the weapon upgrade system is still in it - Shotgun sounded much better and the Handgun stock actually has a use with a modern aiming system
  2. Down by Law

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    Well that's the problem - you can't play Battlefield without an update and Spyro 2 & 3 aren't even printed on the disc, so good luck trying to play those.
  3. Down by Law

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    This is becoming a proper mare, I look at my game collection and rather than deciding what I'd really like to play, I look at the games that are most unlikely to have received massive patches. It can be done. Titanfall 2 had a day one patch of a few hundred meg, and I think during the entire life of that game when they were adding new maps, modes and weapons nothing topped 5gb. Resident Evil 2 Remake is confirmed 21GB- for the entire game! and look how good it looks! So what's going on? How can something like Call of Sodding Duty 4 Remastered be nearly 100gb? Amazon are going to let me return Battlefield for a full refund as nowhere on the product page does it say you'll need to download 20gb of additional content just for it to work. People on data caps are completely screwed and for people like me who can only get broadband via phone line it's just another reason to be put off from modern gaming.
  4. Down by Law

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    well this hasn't gotten any better has it Battlefield V - Welcome to Battlefield! In 10 hours. 16gb Patch. Off to CEX you go Spyro the Dragon - Enjoy Spyro 2 & 3. After you've downloaded this 30GB! Patch. Piss takers. Call of Duty 4 Remastered - Got the code with the Infinite War special edition. 78 gigs! For a remaster! Cancelled. Waste of a code. Just Cause 4 - No massive patch but the developer says there's one coming, as they rushed it out. Gee, thanks. Fallout 76 - Lol
  5. Down by Law

    Shenmue 1&2

    Yeah but the music in the key room is so good and the answer to puzzle is in the desk drawer I loved every moment of my shen 2 playthrough, it was wonderful stuff
  6. Down by Law

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    Hotline Miami stage 8, the awesome miami disco by pertubator fuelling the dance floor slaughter, really warms my cockles
  7. I used to have a Burnout 3 Tax Disc holder, a promo from my Gamestation days. It had the games logo and 'GO CRASH!' written on it. Looking back possibly not the best choice as i passed my test that year
  8. @CrashedAlex ha fair enough, it just sounds a bit matter-of-fact I guess (because it is ) It sounds like it needs an Alan Partridge narration. Game looks killer though. Is a physical release planned?
  9. Down by Law

    Have videogames turned you on to other things?

    I took up Jiujitsu after finishing Shenmue II for the first time about 16-17 years ago. Did it for two years and loved it but had to give it up due to changing jobs. I do Kickboxing now but it's the Shenmue experience that really turned me on to the idea of seriously taking up martial arts. Not found any sailors yet mind
  10. I've been playing loads of Daytona 2001 on the Dreamcast - with the steering wheel, it's an incredible fun experience even today and graphically it's aged fantastically due to the larger than life car/track designs and the loud colour palette. Nailing a huge drift round that last right hand bend on Dinosaur Canyon is a superb feeling. Outrun 2 on Xbox is my second most played then it's Sega Rally 2 on DC. I only play arcade racing games and like you say the lack of them is very dissapointing. Horizon Chase Turbo is OK but the lack of proper drifting is dissapointing. Dangerous Driving looks great - first i've heard of it and it looks brilliant! Bit of a weak name though?
  11. I second Titanfall 2, Yakuza Zero and especially Evil Within 2, didn't rate the first at all but 2 is properly brilliant. Deus Ex is good and at giveaway prices, if you get into it and do the side quests then you'll easily get 30 hours plus out of it. It's worth 3 quid for the music alone!
  12. Down by Law

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Oh it's like that all over the Internet.
  13. Down by Law

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Just Cause 2 was a fluke.
  14. Down by Law

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    I've never had one, I don't like the joycons and I think 280 quid is an absurd price for what you get.
  15. Down by Law

    Dreamcast is now 20 (in Japan)

    Huge Sega Kid. Xmas 99. 14 going on 15. Dreamcast. Vmu. Sonic Adventure. Soul Calibur. Worms Armageddon. I was always the kid who got stuff last. When people were buying mega drives we had a master system. When we got a mega cd the Saturn and PS1 had been out a year. My mom and dad divorced in 99 so wasn't expecting much so my mind was blown when my mom gave me this. I know she'd have to have worked bloody hard for it. Still my all time favorite Christmas. Absolutely mind blowing jump in quality from the PS1 and n64. Never seen a PS1 turfed out from under a TV so fast. I was playing Silent Hill on Christmas eve, it looked like it was from the stone age the next day. Amazing how well a lot of the library holds up too. Ive been collecting for the DC again the last half of this year and it's been great fun. Vga to a modern TV blows that entire generation away.

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