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  1. For all the flaws with the combat and its politics, Bioshock Infinite still has some of the best environmental storytelling out there. This was also great:
  2. "Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it's home from work we go!"
  3. "Fly, my pretties, fly!" is not a line in the Wizard of Oz. “Do you feel lucky, punk?” is not a line in Dirty Harry. “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work we go!” is not a line in Snow White. Neither is "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" “Beam me up, Scotty” is a line that has never been said in Star Trek by Captain Kirk.
  4. Weird, you must have got a very po-faced screening. I saw it in a packed cinema and people were laughing out loud at multiple points particularly
  5. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    This is a fan made mock up, but if they released it with this skin I'd get one: I really don't think it's an issue. We are talking about a handful of the hundreds of games out on Switch.
  6. I think this is supposed to be funnier than Hereditary, there are scenes in the second half that are quite obviously played for laughs, in a horror way.
  7. I completely disagree. The bits with her boyfriend being a complete prick and all his friends egging him on were depressingly realistic. I really enjoyed this. It wears it's influences on its sleeve but I think it really works as a black comedy. It's not at all scary, but I laughed at least ten times, which is more than most films I end up seeing. Also, Florence Pugh is outrageously talented. Her performance carries the whole film.
  8. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    You see women in less than a bra on the bus?
  9. Isaac

    Glastonbury 2019

    Agreed - we ended up in there for three hours last night and it was stupidly good fun.
  10. Isaac

    Glastonbury 2019

    Reading back through this thread, I think people should just stop watching Glastonbury on TV. Seriously, dancing in a sea of 60-70k people to I Should Be So Lucky with the sun beating down on you and everyone singing along and having the most camp, fun time clearly doesn't translate at all to the TV coverage.
  11. Isaac

    Glastonbury 2019

    An example of the stuff at glastonbury that the BBC don't televise: http://imgur.com/gallery/J4qGLv6 http://imgur.com/gallery/hAaL2LF
  12. Isaac

    Glastonbury 2019

    Anyway, on a lighter note, I just got back from this and I think that was the best weekend I can remember. Kylie was brilliant, particularly as we were surrounded by people dressed like Kylie in kylie masks who were really going for it. The atmosphere really doesn't come across on TV. Also loved Miley Cyrus. Other highlights we saw: High Contrast Band (their cover of God only knows is truly special) Hospitality takeover (S.P.Y. and others) Crazy P Sean Paul (everyone again was slagging this off online but in the tent I can honestly say that his set was the most I saw anybody dance all weekend - he had everyone dancing for about 90 minutes straight) Stormzy Lizzo Jeff Goldblum George Fitzgerald And countless other smaller acts we stumbled across that I can't remember the names of. Only disappointment for me was Lauryn Hill, who was genuinely terrible and murdered her own library, but I saw so much other good stuff that I'm happy to forget that. I won't be seeing her again though.
  13. Isaac

    Glastonbury 2019

    The BBC didn't have most of everything, so so much of it is untelevised, particularly the dance stuff. None of block 9, Shangri la, Arcadia or silver Hayes is really televised, and that's more acts than you get at most other festivals. That's why it pisses me off when people say that Glastonbury is full of MoR music. You can tell that people who say that have never been, because there is so, so much niche music there that doesn't get on TV.
  14. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Swapping the buttons with the stick on the right is a terrible idea. It is only more comfortable for FPS games and twin stick shooters, and even then, only marginally. Having the right buttons level with the left stick is more comfortable for almost every game on the Switch.
  15. Isaac

    Cadence of Hyrule

    Completed Cadence today. It's good, but I can't help but think at over four times the price I've been a bit short-changed. It is far too easy, after a few deaths early on you quickly become far too over-powered and can destroy pretty much everything by about half way through. Looks and sounds lovely, but I wish there was a roguelike dungeon crawling mode included in the package, the amount of content in this is minuscule compared to Crypt.
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