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  1. The Nextlander thing where they have hived off all the inane banter and chit chat into a separate podcast for Patreon subscribers only has basically killed it for me. Their free podcast is so dry without it.
  2. That's pointless though - if it's not hitting a solid 60 consistently on a 3090 then clearly it's still too early a beta to do proper performance testing as it's totally unoptimized. Which is essentially the point they make.
  3. This got a patch today across all platforms, adding difficulty settings and the ability to adjust the font size in the UI. Still hasn't added DLSS or fixed the ray tracing in the PC game pass version, which is still totally fucked.
  4. A competent HR department knows that sexual harassment in the workplace is bad for the company, as it leads to high staff turnover, potential lawsuits, and can have a massive effect on revenue and share price. Their activities here are grossly incompetent even when viewed from a perspective that they are there to protect the company. A complete failure on every level.
  5. For when you really want a homoerotic 80s free weight session.
  6. In Valorant, quitting mid-match gets you a 10 minute lock on being able to queue again, escalating for each time you quit. In competitive ranked matchmaking it also gives you a penalty that stops you gaining rank for a game or two, again, escalating over time. That's the system 343 should copy.
  7. Says it better than I can. For me, Skate 1 felt the most realistic (and had the best overall artistic approach). The games do look quite different from each other, weirdly.
  8. I have skate 3 but I'm going to download the original again the moment it's up. Nothing has come close to the original in terms of pure flow.
  9. Bobby jettisoning the President of Blizzard.
  10. I spent so much time on the demo of Knights and Merchants, that I got on a cover disk. It was an incredibly generous demo - you basically got the full townbuilding tutorial, which for a city builder / RTS meant that you got a huge amount of the game. Months of medieval town building later I eventually got a copy of the full game at a car boot sale, and proceeded to mainly stick to the tutorial in that too! Also @Timmo LBA2 was a magical game you're right - I rinsed that demo for months too.
  11. I was really beginning to get into this, but with the Devs saying that they are working on a patch to get DLSS and Ray tracing into the Windows store version I think I might hold off for a bit.
  12. They've already confirmed this is 120fps on series, right? For me, in a multiplayer shooter 120fps is much, much more important than ray tracing or shiny graphics. But I primarily play online multiplayer shooters on PC at 144fps (primarily Valorant and Counter Strike) so I'm a bit used to it. I can't imagine trying to play something competitive at 60 now.
  13. Prey is one of my favourite games of the last five years, it's an absolute classic. You're in for a treat. For some reason it doesn't click with everyone but if it clicks you will love it.
  14. Hmmm... Opened the windows store, clicked 'Get Updates' and nothing. Went to the page for the game on the windows store and nothing too. I'll try a reboot.
  15. Anyone gotten the hotfix for the PC version? Was supposed to be out at 4pm, I wanted to get it started so I'd have it installed for when I finish work. Just booted the game and haven't had an update prompt
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