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  1. Interesting that the WSJ uses the Pro and the X in that quote. Could it feasibly be as powerful as a vanilla PS4 or Xbox One? That'd open it up to ports from the big AAA franchises...
  2. A smaller, cheaper switch without detachable joycons makes a lot of sense, from Nintendo's perspective. It allows them to capture the £149 3DS market, whilst only having to develop games for one platform. I don't get what the 'enhanced' version would be for.
  3. What on earth could they mean by 'enhanced features'?
  4. If it's not on switch I'm not buying it. You'll find me with Yoshi having a delightful time.
  5. Isaac

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    Each to their own, I guess. Nothing interests me about big budget AAA games on the PS4 and Xbox. The last one I played was RDR2, and totally bounced off it. edit - @HarryBizzle
  6. Isaac

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    I have more indie games on my Switch than I have time to play - and there's more out every day.
  7. Isaac

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    I would like more ports on the Switch! Specifically, I want SNES and N64 games on there please. Thanks Nintendo!
  8. Isaac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I loved it, but I loved Banjo Kazooie back in the day, and its just that again, with all its strengths and weaknesses. Some good writing though.
  9. Isaac


    Disclosure, mainly. It's still nowhere near transparent enough, and the rules that are in place are rarely enforced. The Fyre doc was a great example of this.
  10. Isaac

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Yeah, the only way they could possibly improve the east coast content is if they got Bakalar hired there full time.
  11. Isaac


    Well yes, token legislation is beginning to pop up, but enforcement is fairly non-existant.
  12. Isaac


    I mean, there is a fairly strong argument for legislation lagging behind social media marketing. It's a wild west still.
  13. Isaac

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March

    This looks great. How much are they selling it for?
  14. Isaac

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Thanks for this post, I appreciate the effort you put into it. I may give it a shot, I just think that this is another way of him having his cake and eating it. His comedy is often him playing a character who means well but actually makes jokes at the expense of minorities and vulnerable groups. Yes, he can write a comedy where he has some plot justification for being an arsehole, but that doesn't excuse his standup, or how he's constantly an arsehole on Twitter. I think he is a lot closer to his characters than he'd like to admit. Stuff like this is beyond the pale: "I can joke about whatever I like, no matter how offensive, and you can't get upset if someone else finds it funny" is literally an argument straight out of Jim Davidson's playbook. But I'll give it a watch. I do find it hard to divorce the art from the multi-millionaire successful heterosexual cis white male punching down though.
  15. Spot the person who's never used the Switch Pro controller...

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