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  1. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    I would get Civ VI if it weren't for the fact that they've left out the recent expansion, which seems stingy when they're asking for £45 for it.
  2. I think that this game is designed to do two things really: 1. Onboard Pokémon Go players to the actual RPG series, or people who've never played an actual Pokémon game before 2. Appeal to the nostalgia of older Pokémon players There are other features missing (such as trained abilities, breeding, and held items) but none of them are really essential. In many ways, this leaner approach is actually better than the main games. Having said that, the full Pokémon RPG coming next year will have a lot of depth that this game doesn't have, the mainline RPGs can get as deep as any JRPG out there if you really dive into them, with a ton of min/maxing and stat optimization.
  3. First 20 minutes of the Chinese version of the game:
  4. Isaac


    Not bothered with that yet. I just use a normal kettle, bring it to boil, then give it about 60 seconds before pouring. Not as accurate, but makes a great coffee regardless.
  5. Isaac


    Yes, I've been using it every morning and it's been great. I used to have one of those plastic drip coffee things that took paper filters, which was also good, but I got tired of the waste and having to constantly buy filters.
  6. They could just comply with the legislation, rather than attempt to circumvent it.
  7. Yeah, the loot crates in Heroes and Overwatch, and Blizzard's utterly despicable attempts to circumvent legislation. China introduced legislation stating that (sensibly) companies had to display chances of receiving each item up front for loot boxes, ahead of players purchasing them - exactly how scratch cards do pretty much everywhere. Blizzard circumvented this law by changing their model in China so that customers don't directly buy loot boxes - they buy overwatch currency, and the loot boxes are provided as a 'free' gift. If that's not dodgy as fuck then please tell me what is.
  8. I still can't figure out how you toggle between seasons and normal modes, or how you create a non-seasons character
  9. Can we stop talking about the 'betrayal', and start talking about the surrepticious, gambling-for-kids monetisation model that'll no doubt be in this? I've always found it frustrating how Blizzard are almost as bad as EA for predatory microtransaction models, and yet somehow always get let off the hook. Wonder if this game will even get released in Belgium.
  10. Isaac

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    If the Edge review doesn't even use a sentence for controls what are they actually doing? I know game reviews in Edge can be a bit wanky but surely every review must mention how the game actually plays?
  11. Isaac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yeah, it does. I'm trying to figure out what I've missed, but it seems like there's just a tax on the gold edition.
  12. Diablo 3 is one of those games that drops you into a complicated main menu with a ton of options without a single explaination as to what anything is or what the difference between different modes does. My girlfriend and I just wanted to start the story in local coop but I was in something called Seasonal mode (no idea how to turn it off) so we had to create a whole Nintendo online account just for her to be able to play a second character. We finally managed to get into the story (I think?) but still not really sure what anything does. An exercise in how not to onboard new players.
  13. Isaac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Something is confusing me, am I making a mistake here? Mario Rabbids Gold Edition is £49.99 on the eshop. But the normal game is £29.99, and the season pass is £11.99, making that significantly cheaper than the gold bundle. Is there something I'm missing here, or is it genuinely cheaper to buy the standalone and the season pass than the bundle?
  14. Isaac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I just bought it off the eshop and I'm downloading it now. I own a copy on the PC I got in some bundle ages ago but that's without any DLC and I've never played it, so I'm really looking forward to dive in. Will probably play it in co-op with my girlfriend if she connects with it, we've been looking for another co-op game since Overcooked almost ruined our relationship.
  15. Isaac

    Nintendo 64 Mini

    This post is going to age badly in about two hours' time.

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