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  1. How many more episodes of this series are left? It really doesn't feel like they're getting close to a conclusion and I thought that they haven't yet commissioned another series so this might be the last... I've loved this series so far and last night's episode was great but I hate what they've done with Kate. Her suddenly going to bat to defend her boss this episode was really out of character I thought.
  2. Wow, yeah that explains it. The beers taste thinner, for want of a better expression, and you can actually see it there. Almost like it's watered down.
  3. I really don't like Brewdog that much any more, I'll visit their bar in a small town where it's the only place to get decent craft guest beers, but their own brews are pretty bland and rubbish now. I don't know if it's Punk IPA that's changed or if it's my tastes but I tried it the other day and it tasted bland, which I wouldn't have dreamed of saying a few years ago. Anyway, I picked up a few tinnies on Friday and some of these were really, really good: 20 Watt Moon by Verdant is a cracking beer. So was the Plantgazer by Neon Raptor.
  4. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hook AoE 4 to my veins. Hopefully they release a console version too.
  5. Not having to leave a stage when getting a star is such a small but clever change.
  6. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'd be surprised if we see GTA6 before Nov/Dec 2022, at the absolute earliest. Realistically I'm expecting 2023.
  7. That's great news, he's always fun when he pops up in their other stuff so having him be around more permanently is good.
  8. Love that he's got that setup to use Zwift, a cycling fitness app that can literally run at full spec on an iphone. His turbotrainer is just out of shot I presume.
  9. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    What's more interesting about Deathloop is whether it comes to PC Gamepass on day one. We know it's on PC the same day as PS5, but that Sony paid for a year-long console exclusive. But does that keep it from game pass PC? So far the answer is unclear.
  10. Dunno, there are a few alright discounts. I'm tempted by the RE2+3 bundle for less than £30.
  11. The Beak 3.5% beer they have out (Lulla) is a really, really good table beer. And perfect timing giving the weather at the moment. If you see one in a bottle shop near you snap a few up.
  12. Isaac

    Narita Boy

    I bounced off this too. The look and soundtrack are amazing but the gameplay is just floaty, unresponsive rubbish. And this is on PC too. Also as others have said the writing is trying too hard, to the point of being obtuse and so you just zone out and ignore it. There's no reason to care about anything. What a shame.
  13. I just finished this, loved it. All transcribes listened to, all emails read. What a game. I only did a handful of typhoon abilities in the end (not enough to have the turrets hate me) and still loved it.
  14. We cheered at the "bent coppers" line. Never gets old.
  15. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    Well yeah he was the only character with any personality.
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