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  1. For what it's worth, I really miss going to the cinema already. I'm a Prince Charles Lifetime Member, and I basically go once a week after work, as my office is only a 15 minute walk away, on the other side of Covent Garden. I've seen some real classics I never would have watched otherwise, particularly in the mystery screenings they do, or the £1 members tickets. They have a fantastic rotating craft beer selection too, it's one of the best things about going.
  2. It's a bit off topic, and I don't even live in Nottingham, but thank you for the work you do keeping cinema and the local cinema 'scene' alive. The Broadway sounds excellent, I'll certainly visit next time I'm in town.
  3. Fuck me, I forgot about that show. That documentary is a real rollercoaster. Except it's all downhill.
  4. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    I played through Tacoma this weekend and I really liked it. I loved the setting though, and the ending was perfect.
  5. As an aside - this is the problem with just having one big "Netflix" thread - discussion on the documentary is interspersed with loads of other posts through that single thread. It seems like too broad a subject for a megatopic.
  6. Carole Baskin is a fucking psychopath. Also this is a banger:
  7. Perhaps we could break out a separate spoiler thread for discussing the ending / spoilers? I had no desire to play this until I got spoiled, but now I want to just to see how Nomura it all gets. He is absolutely batshit.
  8. This is all extremely plausible, given the chips they have chosen and the clock speeds, but who knows? Sony may have been given a lifeline by this Covid stuff if it's true - it means they can delay with a decent reason for the delay beyond their own incompetence.
  9. Spring Sale is up: Some big name titles in there - tempted by RDR2 at £26 now I have a one X, and the remastered dark souls is also tempting. Anybody got any other recommendations for good deals on games that aren't already included in game pass?
  10. Just finished the three extra houses, and we have one person moved in. We have unlocked fences, which has given us quite a bit of cosmetic stuff to do on the island. Still loving it so far!
  11. @Revival - I didn't know that Streets of Rage 4 is coming to gamepass.... That's fantastic news!!!!
  12. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Stuff like this has no place in a first party Mario game though: Clipping issues in a Mario game...
  13. I can't be arsed to watch an 11 minute video. Luckily, the youtube description has the source: https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-velocity-architecture
  14. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, Sunshine is by far the worst 3D Mario game. It's glitchy, the camera is terrible, and it lacks the polish first party Nintendo games usually have.
  15. Thanks again for the help! Sorry for the slightly mute responses - still don't really know how to emote yet
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