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  1. If I buy this from shopto digital version, do you still get the double gold points?
  2. I have a similar feeling to you @Majora, also playing on hard having never played a FE game before. I think i need to invest a bit of time reading all the stat menus to try to get a handle on how my characters should upgrade, what the best weapons to use and what abilities/classes they should have. Currently just past the first proper battle at the min, and lost a few of my characters (Hubert, Caspar, Bernadetta) stupidly after wasting my rewinds as well. Might have to replay the battle as i saved prior just in case. How important/worried should i be about losing ch
  3. Burnley at turf moor, is where my hopes lie.
  4. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    What’s the recommended sd card now to get for a switch? Asking on behalf of a mate
  5. So having never played a smash game, I think I’m going to pick this up & interested in the ultimate bundle. Though how much difference does a GameCube controller make? Is it necessary?
  6. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    @bradigor - can you help this the title of this thread? thanks freeman btw
  7. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    Also why is the thread now called Stardew Valley?
  8. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    What’s the recommendations on sd cards, still the toshiba as listed on first page of this thread?
  9. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    has anyone tried aces of the luftwaffe? worth a punt in the sale?
  10. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    so i believe there is a firmware update or something which helped to address the rumble noise. is it still load even after that?
  11. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone got a SF30 pro controller? If so anyone prefer it over the main Nintendo pro controller?
  12. Kazit

    Nintendo Switch

    So argos doing Xenoblade for £29.99, it’s hard to resist.
  13. Kazit

    Sonic Mania

    in addition to the digital only query above? How much is the digital switch version to be?
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