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  1. Glad you're ok. Hope the bike is too (but obviously only after knowing you're alright)
  2. I’m still loving it but I can’t help miss the ‘farce of the weekend from Season.1 over the serialised storytelling of pretty much everything since
  3. Well after an on rails start this got really good in Chapter 3 I've just reached the second safe house having explored most place and side signals - am I ok to push on with main mission or are somethings time sensative?
  4. Hey! Seardead's run off late in the day into the fog covered mire alone
  5. So played Freeplay to try season...and that's fine? The intro mission is fine (although the cutscene with Bray is hilarious) The public event is nice - but it's a public event. Next to Vex Min/Sundial it feels very slight And Umbral Engrams and targeting loot is nice...but why? I could find a group for dungeon but friends aren't here. But everything is doing the same content, same bounties, in same places to level up to get to as strong as you were before. And getting the same mods from the artifact to be forced to use certain weapons... Not enough to put me off September, but it feels like the worst of Y3
  6. Trying 5 masks (done 4 before)
  7. Yep needing currency to do vision is still one of the most stupid decisions blizzard could have made. That's my two runs done for the week with no reward and no way to practice. Amazing Content Blizzard .
  8. What’s free this season and what’s paid The weekly mission might get me in
  9. Yep Dungeon would get me back if chums going and easy loot cycle. How do they stand removing Mars and Mercuary which were paid dlc?
  10. Yeah that makes sense when the entire campaign is somewhere - but with Earth and Nessus still in that's half campaign in and half out
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