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  1. I think I really disliked it until 3 and then it grew on my over a few episodes
  2. NNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It's vaguely worth it if you just want to experience move of the characters you like, but the story is really quite shite.
  3. Yeah that was better with a fair few hints of what could be going on. There's a few options/combinations that seem likely.
  4. They've done an odd thing before I think where they use the new forms Con mod, but still their Warcaster feat. (If they remember concentration which is unlikely :P) The bigger think is they still get ability checks and saving throws wrong. Rarely a combat issue though
  5. That looks more Man of Steel asethetic than arrowverse. But yeah those kids are proper thick
  6. Rather enjoyed the first few episodes - but also glad their only 20-25 min. Each premise could have worn out its welcome.
  7. At least in these episodes 6 minutes of that are credits!
  8. Now they're going to the multiverse - What if the dream is finally true? A Not Another Teen Movie/MCU cross over?
  9. Since @Clipper mentioned it previously this was the first time I felt the story was being "driven" by Matt. The necklace being out and easily identifiable/dispelled, incapacitated/grapple interactions, the mistake over counterspell her...there was a lot going on in the game so possible mistakes (And loads made some - but they generally always make spell mistakes in their favour, there was a lot of people getting lucky about areas they couldn't see though) but it felt like an outcome was being pushed by the DM.
  10. Did anyone else not get the ship from Coup De Grace? And stuck at 17/19 towards title?
  11. Despite only pootering along playing it, I'm really missing this now
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