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  1. Sorry - not really been on today. Ben/Nookington if we're already friends
  2. Where was all the lightening? You know the key identifying detail that helped them find the planet?
  3. thsnks for other offers but this is most perfect what’s your friend code (when you wake up) :D
  4. I will kill for a park bench or similar outdoor seating
  5. Sod it - open 5GVHC if anyone wants to look about
  6. I have yellow and res cos Red Hy White Tu Yellow Hy Yellow Tu Free now?
  7. Dynamic lighting sucks donkey balls. Don't use it. Our GM is lovely (and paid for it as mentioned) so I can't tell him but it just makes everything more fiddly. It might have a place if you don't trust people to "not see" things on a map - but it doesn't help gameplay IMO. It's especially bad when there's pillars or walls etc in a room with black "los" blockers everywhere
  8. Everyone stay 10feet away from Gazes to avoid the lightening strike coming his way
  9. A) how do you import designs in this? b) and does anyone have a good grass/stone mix for a rocky pretty garden
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