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  1. Well Jotuun is a bit fun Need to make a fusion rifle set now
  2. Hexx

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    So DLC#2 is out and things have taken a turn that's upset a lot/a fair few/some people https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-01-15-assassins-creed-odyssey-dlc-has-a-shocking-twist-which-ignores-player-choice (There's spoilers for the DLC in there, and the main game in comments) Seems like a bad choice given wider context of game badly handled (that trophy/achievement title...)
  3. It took me far to long to recognize that was sexy Aunt May at the start This is Aunt May! #NotMyAuntMay!
  4. Hexx

    Star Trek Discovery

    I thought Yeoh was one of the best parts. Originaly Georgiou was one of the most "Trek" like elements - and Yeoh did will The Empress was a poorly written character in a poorly written plotline (or three) in a poorly written show...but Yeoh was clearly having a ball and that can elevate stuff. So yeah happy Yeoh gets a vehicle
  5. 2 chums did this last night (3rd clan mate couldn't do it with us as all fireteam members had to unlocked...hopefully it stays "unlocked" after you've gone past it for that purposes. People needing to be at the same stage of chain would be horrible) We assumed we'd walk it/that it was meant to be solo-ed like the 3rd forgo one. Nope. Hard as balls. Definitely hidden Match Game in the modifiers. We got to the boss and did so much damage his head popped off...then he went behind barrier. Then adds/plates spawned. Then before we could react he teleported/started running around area shooting everything....while still immune (the barrier/plates were still active). We quickly died as no way to deal with adds/plates/him on the fly and got kicked back to orbit and went away grumpy. Got malfeasance though last night. Ooooooooo that's nice.
  6. Hexx

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Plurality of opinion/peer pressure/going with the crowd is good enough for me.
  7. Hexx

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    General DnD question. Advantage/Disadvantage. If (in my head as a rule of thumb) I think of advantage as being roughly equivalent to "+5" to the likely outcome and disadvantage being "-5" that's about right (again as a rule of thumb) right?
  8. Anyone spotted this cheap(er)? PS4?
  9. IIRC Prof increases, extra attack (4 a turn!) unarmed strikes become 1d6, I can stun people Yeah level 5's a good'un. I liked yesterday - interesting fight when there's more to deal with that just damage/HP.
  10. Hexx

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    And we're back!
  11. Yeah after Azaka, Arianna was pretty clutch (as I think the kids say) there. Feneth is not happy we've left another person suffer because of the "big picture"
  12. Well this was odd. Not really clear what objective was - so rushed forward - ignoring exploring/world building which I suspect is a bigger part. Don’t like it taking 3-4 headshots to kill a zombie. The graphics were surprisingly ‘ok’ rather than amazing (My fault maybe for expecting as mind blowing on release as REmake) and the voice acting is odd (not my Leon etc)
  13. Our couple of hours last night didn't clear the raid -- we didn't even finish first encounter (we got tactics I think, just need to practice. No hints please) It's so much better than Leviathan

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