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  1. Humbug https://twitter.com/Unyshek/status/1466858751722352643?t=3-6CcGf-nxHqc7DuJP-Ipw&s=19
  2. True @metallicfrodo. To break Halo MP down to the simplest of rules, if you control the map and dictate where/when the enemy will spawn, you win the game. In Oddball and CTF, you generally want to slay the other team and score points in between, or if you have the ability, 1 person scoring/running and the other three controlling the map for easy points. Its really satisfying when you slay a team to 1 player standing and get a flag run on them whilst they're waiting to respawn. The timing of it can make some scores look easy.
  3. I don't think thats why they went F2P. I think it has more to do with their objectives in the esports scene.
  4. That's good info for comparison. So Playlist wise, Launch Halo 5 had: Ranked Arena Slayer Breakout Free-for-All SWAT Warzone Warzone Assault Halo Infinite beta currently has (and in brackets should be there on 8th December, 343i getting hate mail if it ain't): Ranked Arena Quickplay Bot Bootcamp Big Team Battle *Rotating Event Playlists* (SWAT) (Free-for-All) (Elimination) Over time, I think its a given that Rocket Race, Infection, Grifball, KOTH etc. will make their way into the rotation (probably around the Forge update would make sense I suppose?). I would expect a lot of feedback to be asking for permanent Infection playlist as it seems to have a big following for the multikill/spree medal rate. Elimination is already a gametype that exists as its in the achievements (Possibly coming through a rotational playlist as it sounds a bit niche), SWAT is playable in Customs with some setting adjustments anyway and Free-for-All is just Free-for-All.
  5. I will be utterly baffled if the following playlists aren't there on 'launch' day: Ranked Arena (Squads and Solo/Duo, split by input as well) Quick Play Team Slayer Team Swat Doubles (2v2) Infection Big Team Battle There's also a game type listed in the Achievements called Elimination ("Revive a teammate in an Elimination match", possibly something like Apex Arenas?), but not sure if this would have its own playlist or sit within an existing one, but it at least confirms to me that there's more gametypes than what we currently have in the beta.
  6. Yeah, because you've died before you got the 5th kill.
  7. Theater mode probably gives it away? Of course you'd need to wait until after the match to confirm it. I haven't tried it yet.
  8. And no luck needed with some of the other weapons you spawn with. That's fiesta for you.
  9. You can see for yourself, it shows you all the unlocks when you view it. Some of the unlocks are decent imo but you should really decide for yourself.
  10. As the official no.1 player in the UK for Ranked Super Fiesta in Halo 5 (at one point...) you can all consider yourselves to be terrible fun at parties I think it's a great game type to mess about with different combinations of weapons/equipment.
  11. The weekly challenges are a lot less cuntish for me this week. The worst one is getting a kill with the gungoose but the rest are all perfectly reasonable challenges that I'll just get by playing normally.
  12. Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum-Diamond-Onyx Halo 5 had Champion rank as well for the top 200 players in the playlist but not sure if it's in this game.
  13. I don't go solo in ranked, always have at least a teammate to communicate with.
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