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  1. Surely he means £450 of balance refunded to his MS account as this is what he had before trying to make the purchase.
  2. Sony still have their own brand and IPs that a lot of people will want to invest in, and I think PS5 will still outsell Xbox (certainly initially), however Microsoft will have an outrageous userbase in Gamepass as it continues to grow. If it were Sony making this acquisition, I think everyone would be hailing this as game over already in the next gen race. But with Microsoft's new direction with Gamepass it sort of feels like unknown territory.
  3. I got my One X on launch day ordering from them so I think you're (we're!) fine
  4. Felt like the boat was fighting through a storm and taking on water, but finally got through to the order confirmed page, ordered through Microsoft. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-series-x/8wj714n3rbtl
  5. I reckon that it'll be Steam+PS5, then releasing on Gamepass after the allotted time.
  6. Deathloop is timed, pretty sure Ghostwire is full exclusive.
  7. Exactly. Owning an Xbox is not a pre-requisite to play these games. Xbox, PC or Xcloud with a Gamepass sub basically covers everyone on rllmuk I think. If it were Sony who bought Bathesda, you'd almost certainly need a PS5, with some of those games coming out on PC later on.
  8. Its timed console-exclusive on PS5, so it'll no doubt appear on Xbox at some point if the launch deal stays in place (I'd imagine any deals currently in place would be honoured)
  9. I think that's more of a nod to Xcloud than PS5.
  10. I'd say so. When memory starts to fill up, you want to give internal storage priority to Series X/S games. EDIT: and/or the 1TB storage expansion that gives the same load times as the internal storage
  11. That would be an awful lot of money for half a dozen franchises to come to Gamepass but with no exclusivity.
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