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  1. Abby going to sweep the hospital floors was probably the most tense part for me. All the talk about how there's a reason nobody's been down there set my nerves jangling and then when you're first on the other side of the door to the rat king the listening mode shows this huge fucker the other side, had to switch it off at that point and play it again when it was daylight.
  2. Finished. I though the ending went on a bit long, mainly because when Tommy pulled out his map of California I thought 'sequel confirmed, roll credits' and didn't know there was still a load left. The fight in the mist at the end felt a bit Metal Gear Solid but I was dying for Ellie to let Abby live, it threw me that you play as both sides trying to kill the other and at one point I was completely on Abby's side. Minus points for not going full MGS and having a final showdown on top of the Space Needle.
  3. Nobody's going to have to squint to see who sponsors them, bloody hell.
  4. Nike going back to the 70/80s for Roma is a good decision
  5. Finished it out of a sense of duty, it picked up a little but the ending didn't seem to go anywhere. The biggest mystery through the season was why they sacked the original actor near the end and replaced him with Bear Grylls
  6. The episode where he leads him a merry dance around New York as if possessed by his dead Tyler Durden pal was a bit much. More like Shite Club, weeeey
  7. I've seen three episodes but there doesn't seem to be the sense of mystery the previous seasons had, at least not yet. However, I do find myself lost in Jamie's eyes so 7/10
  8. Bournemouth's should be too jazzy a concept but I really like it
  9. I love the controller design but the main console isn't doing much for me. The look of it was never going to be a factor though, I'm a little concerned about the size (and weight) of the thing. The PS4 being so petite was a breath of fresh air after the original PS3 was an awkward creaking tank of a machine, hoping this fares better.
  10. I strongly suspect this is the only time Cov will top a division in my lifetime unless we've got some more relegations planned so having it confirmed by furiously refreshing Twitter rather than a final whistle is a bit hollow, but then I don't really care about winning League 1 so much as just getting out of it so I'll happily take it.
  11. wullie

    Perfect Albums

    I'd probably say the whole run of this through to Songs In The Key Of Life but Music Of My Mind has always been my favourite
  12. wullie


    I stand by Musicology and 3121 in particular of the later stuff
  13. Apparently Arsenal's new away kit, allowing murderers to leave the scene of a crime without suspicion
  14. This was a relief There's an interview with Hummel's designers about how they finalise designs early, apparently they had to rein Cov in a bit on design ideas. GIVE ME MY BROWN KIT HUMMEL
  15. Really any moment he appears as Frank Costanza is a highlight
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