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  1. humdrum


    At least the players celebrated that goal, not like that time they scored and knew it would save emery.
  2. humdrum

    Pokemon Go

    Isn't that country just your location?
  3. humdrum

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah I missed that to start with, just been sitting waiting for a blastoise raid....
  4. humdrum

    Pokemon Go

    looks good but I don't think I have seen a lobby that isn't full yet
  5. Sorry I am not sure I understand your point? Surely the point is getting the right decision? and if the foul on Salah against West Ham was a pen then the Welbeck one today was a pen as well? how does the ref not giving it and being over turned factor into the decision being right? Plus that article is very poor piece, it mentions that Liverpool are -7 for VAR decisions but then includes for example the two offsides todays which makes it seem like you are getting screwed by VAR but the offsides where the right decisions but it also didn't include things like in the Arsenal game wh
  6. So it is VAR getting involved in this incident and not getting involved in others then? not an issue that is was the wrong decision? which surely is the point of VAR to get the right decision in the end? but also if Robertson didn't get the ball and kicked Welbeck then it clearly was an obvious error? I see what you are trying to say showing the VVD incident, but it is different as the ball would have been dead when the foul happened so I don't think it could be a penalty, a sending off possibly but the closer comparison would be the penalty you got against West Ham, which was very
  7. A genuine question, what is causing the upset with the Welbeck penalty? that you think it was the wrong call or that VAR stepped in and asked the ref to review it?
  8. humdrum

    Pokemon Go

    In game name is Maffthew, I'll have a think if there is anything I am after. I am guessing something that is worth having good stats for some something worth PVE, that or a cool shiny.
  9. humdrum

    Pokemon Go

    I think the trade distance is about 50k as mention, but I will be in Welwyn Garden City on Friday so that would put it fairly close to us being able to trade depending on north of south of the river. . Happy to try and arrange something via DM if you want? Also up for some raids, training code is: 1100 7342 0291 and misses is 2870 2915 7996
  10. humdrum

    Pokemon Go

    Is there a list of pokemongo players usernames from this thread? I have "Jorgemon2020" as a luck friend and just trying to track him down. what with the increased trade distance.
  11. Chelsea have named Petr Cech in their premier league squad.... https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/10/20/chelsea-s-premier-league-squad-named?cardIndex=0-1
  12. Isn't the point being the handball rule was changed so that handball is from the bottom of the sleeve, and the line was drawn from the bottom of the sleeve.
  13. I’ve cancelled my audible.co.uk sub and signed up again on .com and got some decent offers in the past.
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