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  1. Mike1812

    Football Kits 2019/20

    That Juve shirt is awful
  2. Mike1812

    Codemasters Announce GRID | 2008 or 2019?

    VR would be nice
  3. Mike1812

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Dan James to Man U could be a bargain at £15m. He looks really good. Gutted Leeds didn't get him in January, think he could have made the difference.
  4. Mike1812

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    10 million isn't bad http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/05/god_of_war_ps4_passes_10_million_sales_milestone
  5. Mike1812

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    I think there are an awful lot of people that just play a single online game and nothing else, whether that's Fortnite, Destiny or whatever. That must hit sales a fair bit.
  6. Mike1812

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Mother of god.
  7. Hopefully Hernandez has another season in him too.
  8. Mike1812

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Can we change the thread title to 'The Expanse - Stick With It'
  9. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    Did they ever reveal what the third big update was on this?
  10. Mike1812

    Star Trek: Picard

    He's not Burnham, so he is irrelevant
  11. Without spoilers, when is that? In still on season 1 so a while to go yet.
  12. Rocksmith did this really well.
  13. I really hope Bielsa sticks around. With a couple more players we could smash that league.

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