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  1. I can't imagine Leeds would do that without the option to buy after the Ben White saga. I've no doubt Bielsa would improve him like he has Harrison and Costa.
  2. Can see where Lampshade gets his attitude from
  3. I just watched the salamander episode. I actually remember it being much worse than this. The only think that really bugged me was they were down on the planet of the salamanders, then two seconds later they were back on the ship and everything was fine again. And then, iirc, there's no mention of warp 10 again, no more attempts, even though they were so close?
  4. That was a great game. Could have been another 7 goaler. Bambinho!
  5. This looks amazing. It's been crying out for updated fauna for ages.
  6. Just for a change, the EFL are being incompetent
  7. The new Marilyn Manson album is superb. Not over metal though.
  8. The fawning over Lampshade(Lampard, but I love that auto correct) in the media does my head in. Here's a more balanced view. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/sep/19/frank-lampards-blue-privilege-self-made-jurgen-klopp-chelsea-liverpool
  9. Speaking of former Wolves men,
  10. PS4 man this gen. I'm thinking an S and game pass will do me for 2 years. With no need to spend any more money, except on Fortnite tat and the odd game on sale for £20. When the 2 years is up, I'll see if I fancy upgrading to the X/PS5.
  11. I think Leeds game against League 1 Hull is the same. Hope it's better than the EFL streaming site which is useless. Or is it the same thing?
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