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  1. The thing that excited me about Stadia was the possibility that Google may one day upgrade the hardware behind the scenes so we get better and better games with no upgrade cost. I can imagine they'd only do it if it was successful enough though.
  2. Also, in Spain, France, Italy and Germany, 50 points would be 7-9th currently.
  3. I feel like it's ok when you talk to other fans of the same club(is Tommy Thomas Tuchel? I had to look through the whole line up to work that out) but if you have to check the team sheet to work out the names it's pointless. Good game by Jackie, Robin and Gjianni today btw.
  4. LL Cool J approved. Sign us up for the ESL!
  5. We did spend a lot, yes, but there's only really Raphinha who has played consistently because of injuries to Rodrigo, Koch and Llorente. So it's been mostly the Championship team. Not taking anything away from Sheff Utd, they did amazingly well, far more consistent than Leeds if nothing else. And I agree, the fawning over Bielsa is way too much, but he has massively improved every player in that team. I bet Leeds squad was bought for a fraction of Spurs'.
  6. It's getting ripped up at the end of the season. We only need 4 points to match Sheff Utds total last season and we should do that comfortably.
  7. Great performance from Leeds there. 50 points. Superb.
  8. It won't need to be a massive stadium though, as it won't be full capacity anyway. I think I read Villa offered their ground, which makes sense when you think of the teams locations.
  9. Spurs will be in for Bruce at this rate
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