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  1. I finally finished Enterprise this week. Really enjoyed it, never saw season 3 and 4 originally which is where it does it's best work. Except maybe that ending
  2. I take back what said earlier, I had a quick go on a couple of games and they weren't bad. A monkey ball type thing and a kart racer. Both played much better than I remember from the early access.
  3. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    I do exactly that. I know I could get a better router but it does what I need for free. Am I going to upgrade for stadia? Nope.
  4. From what I played of the early access(which wasn't much, admittedly) the games people made looked great but played terribly. I hope this is better in the final version.
  5. The prestige stretch goals are ridiculous
  6. He had said in the past is his dream to win the league with Leeds. Not sure he meant the Championship though.
  7. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    I think the main problem is that because it's so reliant on your network, you don't know how well it's going to work until you've tried it. They really should have launched with the 'free' option available so people can give it a go.
  8. This league is going to kill me. Utter madness.
  9. How much do you need to spend these days to get a 4k level gaming PC?
  10. I forgot to watch the replay! I'm pretty confident the last few at least weren't bots, the last guy had built above me so I was shooting up trying to get him to fall and just caught him on the edge of a platform. I still haven't got the hang of building. I very rarely do any, reckon I do pretty well considering.
  11. I got my first solo win the other day, after 152 hours playing(airing to that ps wrap up thing) My heart was pounding by the end. Really enjoying the changes they've made in chapter 2. Thought it was getting a bit messy by the end of season x.
  12. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    I think that was entirely to give founders something 'special' If this is going to work it needs to work on everything they can connect to a screen, I get that they probably want to sell Chromecasts but they'd get much more traction if you could get it on a fire stick or smart tv as someone says above. Even if resolution has to be scaled to the device. Then it would be £60 for a controller, which is fair enough.
  13. I've played 152 hours of Fortnite but zero hours online?
  14. 17. Knew Saha but was confusing him and Silvestre for some reason. Embarrassed I didn't get Anelka.
  15. Leeds fans are never allowed to have it easy. Please don't fuck this up again.
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