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  1. A feeble 0-3 defeat against Hull. We were just dreadful. Oldham's free kick was interesting. https://twitter.com/FootyRustling/status/1380618113188773899?s=20
  2. Everyone should want Liverpool to win surely! It's only right. After all, they invented football.
  3. If you ever want to see football players putting a big beach towel on a recliner in Marbella a couple of months early*, watch the highlights of our 0-3 defeat against Hull City. *Newquay
  4. Quantum Leap Scrapheap Challenge Top of The Pops CDUK
  5. There's a Tesco Metro over the road.
  6. Truly awful. You don't expect fit young men to die. It might have been suicide given no details have been announced. There will probably be an inquest. Really sad. I hope Yeovil recover from this. Our goalkeeper died when I played under 15s. We didn't win another game that season as we just didn't want to play and we were a top side. He was about to sign YTS for West Brom. I still think about Dean a lot, 30 years on. It took a long time for the team to recover. This Notts County v Wrexham game is bit agricultural.
  7. Wrexham on BT Sport in a short while. I'm watching for the advertising hoardings. Come on you Red Dragons! AFC Wimbledon at home today. A win and we're very safe. We struggle against teams at the bottom so I'm not that hopeful and Piggot caused us so many problems in the reverse fixture in a 4-4 draw. Our defence didn't know what to do about him. Friday/Monday fixtures this weekend. Good luck to all of you EDIT Wrexham are away. No hoardings to LOL at
  8. North Macedonia beat Germany 1-2
  9. I found it jarring. It reminded me of Dr Who with a CBBC cast.
  10. Peninsula Sequel to Train To Busan. The first film was tight, condensed, localised and focussed. This is atrocious. Shoe horned in American actors, zero tension and slap stick action scenes. I turned it off half way through. Such a shame. It really tries to be light hearted in places for no reason. 1/5 Amazon Prime
  11. Aquaman Jesus H Christ on a jet ski. I know it was only made because Marvel have managed to make billions from films involving a Raccoon in space and a man with a magical cape but this film is just awful. It's all over the place and some of it looked great whereas other parts were like a cut scene from a Final Fantasy game on a PS3. The plot is generic, some of the dialogue is like a rejected Mills and Boon novel and the very end made me laugh hysterically. It's just bad. The cast is rubbish, it's far too long and it's actually quite boring in places. 1/5
  12. Great to see Ollie Watkins score for England this evening. A real inspiration to any young player. You don't have to start your academy career at a big club to make it. Is that even more money Exeter have made from an England cap @El Pibe
  13. Pulp Fiction is a 5. The Godfather Part 2 is a 5. Starship Troopers, Goodfellas, The Wizard of Oz, The Shining... all 5s. It's entirely how you perceive it.
  14. We've got you on Saturday and I agree you seem to have hit play off form at the exact right time. This also coincides with me picking Blackpool to lose in accumulator bets so I take credit for your recent results.
  15. How's Antony Sarcevic playing? I was surprised he left us for Bolton but I think you've got a half decent squad there now. He was frustrating at times but I think 95% of our fan base absolutely loved him. Doyle up front was a coup too - he was lethal for Swindon last season.
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