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  1. It was a bit scary to be honest. I didn't get involved but my fucking stupid Dad who likes to talk to the away fans usually as he's football-obsessed was in a right predicament. "Ooooh some Rovers fans, let's see how they feel" was probably his first thought and they were basically squaring up to anyone all the way down the hill trying to get a reaction. There were little kids wandering down that hill too - little kids and Mums and Dads. Cunts. What a bunch of cunts.
  2. We won today 3-2 but it was marred by wankers fighting. Trouble was happening inside the ground. I've not seen that for a long time apart from Exeter games when all our local dickheads come out. I saw a disgusting fight on my way down the hill from the ground involving a group of Rovers 'fans' who decided to start a fight with a load of old men. The old fellas were all saying " go home now lads" and it kicked off. I was with my 70-year-old Dad who wanted to step in as he was trying to stop it and I just had to grab him and move him away. A minute later I heard someone punch somebody - a proper meaty smack. I turn around and my Dad isn't with me. I was genuinely panicked and I thought my Dad was in amongst that shit so I went back up looking for him and there's aguy on the ground bleeding from his nose who must be 60 at least. Luckily, he turns up a minute later telling me he feels cold. Really fucked off with it to be honest as we all support shit teams in League 1. I was going to take my 9 year old daughter to the game today but didn't as she was a bit ill - I'd got her a ticket. I am glad she didn't see it. Pathetic. Grown men fighting over what?!
  3. Splatoon 2

    Those two splat rollers were both rubbish and that's why we lost. Assholes. This was so satisfying though.
  4. Football Thread 2017/18

    I watched the Gazza documentary on Netflix the other week and obviously the 1990 World Cup featured heavily. The starting 11 out of that lot compared to the possible 11 from this lot.... it was better in my day Waddle, Gazza, Linekar, Beardsley were the attacking players. Now we have Danny Welbeck as the top scorer for England in that squad. Jamie Vardy, I rate. Sterling plays for a club where any fast man running towards the far post will score 10 goals a season without fail. It's a terrible squad. I'd just take those under 18 lads and play them.
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

    Some interesting as it stands fixtures and scores right now in the Championship and League 1 and 2. In the Championship Wolves winning and Villa losing, that would take Wolves 10 points clear of 3rd (Villa) with 9 fixtures remaining. Barnsley are winning and they're 4th from bottom so that would make things even more bleak at Birmingham who would be 5 points adrift but even worse for Sunderland who really look doomed now - as it stands, 7 points adrift. Hull are 3-0 up and they're on the same points as Barnsley. Cardiff winning would be 4 points gap between them and Villa. In League 1, Peterborough and Charlton are both looking at a point each and that'll push Peterborough up above Plymouth Argyle on goal difference and into the play-off positions. Charlton have games in hand but seem to be drawing far too often to make a late push but they're getting closer - it is possible if they win that all three sides will be on the same points - Peterborough have the better goal difference out of the three. In the p;ay offs, Rotherham are losing to struggling MK Dons. In League 2, Coventry are beating Luton so they'll go up into the play offs with a win. Exeter are 0-0 and they're in the play-offs. I love this part of the season as almost every fixture in the 3 non-Premier League divisions seems to mean something. As it stands can change dramatically though with late goals so this whole post could be bollocks in about ten minutes
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    If he was a Jamaican guy, you wouldn't even dream of saying that.
  7. Football Thread 2017/18

    I asked my club (both my Dad and I have been season ticket holders since 1986) to read out a happy birthday to my Dad at half time and they wanted £10. I didn't pay it and just told him myself instead.
  8. The Boxing Thread

    Post-bout press conference and Wilder is calling out Joshua again. Other snippets are that his win against Ortiz was bigger than Joshua's against Vlad and that Vlad lost rather than that fight being a Joshua win. He's also "the baddest man on the planet" I'd happily pay money for the PPV (I don't usually) to see Joshua take Wilder to school. I can't see that fight going any other way. Joshua is nowhere near one of the greatest of all time or even of the last 20 years but Wilder is just awful to watch. He isn't a boxer, he is a puncher and I've seen more controlled bar brawls. I really dislike the guy.
  9. Football Thread 2017/18

  10. He's changed my mind (it helps having Ryan Taylor back) but we have reverted in the last few games to defending a lead by sitting on our own 18 yard line and it's very frustrating. We've been quite lucky too with a lot of the narrow victories. Our best performance since Xmas was probably Wigan at home and we lost that 3-1. Credit where it's due though, Adams has changed his formation to a central striker with two number 10s behind him and it has worked. We had a terrible start, red cards in virtually every game and we went through seven goalies through bizarre injuries - since then, we've managed in League 1 and been competitive in every game we've played.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

  12. Splatoon 2

    You've not played against me then as I'd own you with a well-dropped grenade. I do enjoy playing against players that try and rush me I got 20 splats the other day with my trusty rifle and splat grenades. This was rather intense. I wish we'd get some more sniper rifles as there seems to be an absolute slew of dualies (those guns used by cowardly dodging pricks!) I have only played the new map once - every time I play I seem to get Snapper bloody Canal on heavy rotation.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    Wilder looks like my kids playing boxing on the Wii Joshua will annihilate this guy. If he's number 2 in the World, the heavyweight division is really in a bad place.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    I think anyone could have beaten that West Ham side yesterday - one of the Swansea goals was really summed up by the assist coming from the face of Hernandez who then, when he saw it go in feigned injury as if to say "this isn't my fault as I am hurt". West Ham looked really poor. Everton almost outdid them for worst performance but I think West Ham edged it. If we had VAR in the games yesterday, there would have been (probably) 3 points for Bournemouth, a red card for Newcastle and I'm not sure Ashley Williams would've been sent off - that was a really harsh red card.
  15. Football Thread 2017/18

    I left a game early once and regretted it. We were 0-1 down to Gillingham and I just wanted to get in the pub and forget a completely terrible game. It was genuinely abysmal, really cold and we'd had absolutely no luck at all; both teams had decided to really stink the stadium out. I decided to get up and walk out with 15 minutes to go as I'd had enough - I had to ask one of the stewards to let me out as I was just resigned to the fact we'd never score another league goal in my life time. We won 2-1 but I didn't find out until Monday morning with people commenting at work "what a finish to the game that was!" http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/3689222.stm I haven't done it since.

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