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  1. I ran Quake pretty well on a 486DX2-66 at 320x240, albeit with a much smaller window size. Even a stable 30fps wasn't exactly common in those days. Getting a Pentium 133 was a revelation though.
  2. I bought it on PC so expect I'll get on sometime over the weekend.
  3. That game was so ahead of its time. As was Descent.
  4. I thought the oddest thing with the
  5. Stayed up till 3am playing the management mini game. What is wrong with me.
  6. Ichiban is right up there with my favourite protagonists now.
  7. It's no big deal I just figure it's nicer for those who might be playing it on Game Pass for the first time now and coming in here to share in the madness. I certainly hadn't read the description so wouldn't have realised before playing...
  8. Spoiler that maybe for those who have yet to play it?
  9. Jesus Christ he's everywhere.
  10. Up to chapter 7 and I think to be honest I was starting to find some battles a bit tedious.
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