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  1. Yeesh, Ashes to Ashes is a continuity nightmare. And it's post the bloody borg kiddies. Voyager definitely peaked in Season 5/early Season 6.
  2. I thought Uncharted 4 was a far more consistently enjoyable experience than 2. My memory of 2 is of a LOT of samey combat sections one after another, despite it being excellent.
  3. For me retro is usually defined as anything I played before I left home and started having to pretend at being a fully grown human. But essentially anything from before the 21th century. These are all games I will happily play anytime today and still enjoy as much. 1. Lords of Chaos (Amstrad CPC) - used to play this obsessively, and I actually prefer it to Laser Squad. It feels more expansive and sandboxy. 2. Tie Fighter Collectors Edition (PC) - played X-Wing to death and loved all of those kinds of pseudo sim games. This rapidly became my favourite ever. 3. F-Zero X (N6
  4. When it comes to the 2020 Rllmuk awards it's going to be a toss up for my favourite game of the year that didn't come out this year between this or Sekiro.
  5. Imagine slaving away on a great original game like The Outer Worlds only for the internet to tell you to get back in the kitchen and work on another Fallout yet again.
  6. I wouldn't say it goes downhill, everything just ramps up, which was probably not to the taste of some people, but it doesn't mean it becomes a worse game all of a sudden.
  7. Also people in the thread didn't seem to realise that the English voice acting was all done by the French cast, which is nice.
  8. All the geeky billionaires are too busy being edgelords on Twitter.
  9. I await the posts of all the people posting in here in the track your gaming expenditure and pile of shame threads with interest.
  10. That looks like it's made of that stuff graphics cards are packaged in.
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