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  1. Christ, trying to get to Kaathe before ringing first bell is harder than I thought it would be.
  2. Nice two punch post combo there.
  3. But back to why a game being in first person is a bad thing. I mean, I assume there were this many pages of tedious arguments about it when Fallout 3 was unveiled?
  4. Benny

    Sense8 - Netflix Series

    I dunno. You can probably make out a few during the wall-to-wall orgies.
  5. I think I need to start a new character so I can try a bit of that, after a jaunt to New Londo....
  6. Yeah I'm on PS4 so I figured them being hacked or duped items was less likely, and they've probably collected them from other people or multiple characters. Remaster has only been out a short time though so I doubt they collected them all themselves.
  7. So I popped down to Darkroot Garden right? Round the back by the bit near Andre; thought I'd try and murder a few sinners. I invaded the world of someone who waved at me, before dropping items all over the floor. This turned out to be multiples of boss souls (like 6 Manus souls), titanite slabs, the works. She summoned someone else to share in the bounty as she danced around with a Channeler's Trident, before promptly waving goodbye and backflipping off the cliff. Now I think I've accidentally broken it for myself with all these items. I guess time to repeat the favour for someone else?
  8. Benny

    Xbox One X

    So my replacement one is probably duff then. Great
  9. Kind of baffling because HDR is what makes the series seem like such a giant leap in visual prowess, not the camera resolution.
  10. My body is literally ready. Plug it in.
  11. Just got home and about to watch this. I bet they tease Smash Bros again.
  12. Benny

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    Remember everyone, if you've made a game it automatically validates your opinions on them. Like we all agreed about films in that other thread.
  13. Benny

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    I'm pissed off at this year's E3. Really pissed off.
  14. Benny

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    I bet that dodge bit is frustrating.
  15. Benny

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    All gameplay, no chat. I think the intermission was an excellent troll.

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