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  1. This is only a few bob for Prime users if anyone missed it on NowTV by the way. I thought it was a fantastic stand alone in of itself even if you're not intimately familiar with the show, but as someone who has only watched the show very recently it was a treat to get it all wrapped up so nicely and satisfyingly after watching it all. I do think it was a bit too sympathetic towards
  2. Going to go a bit left field here but: Whiplash, then Mad Max: Fury Road. Pulse-pounding raucous and tension filled action that will leave you breathless, followed by something slightly more mellow to recover with.
  3. Well, according to the results, Rllmuk's favourite Ghibli film of all time is... Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro! (Which is impressive considering it was made before Ghibli formed.)
  4. I'm sure we've had this topic before, but I was just thinking some films seem close enough in either theme or concepts that they would be enjoyable to compare and contrast in a double-bill evening. Two that spring to mind recently: The Guilty and Buried. Both films explore their narratives entirely through the medium of one man's phone conversations. Buried is a little more pure as it's much more literally confined, but I love how claustrophobic both films are and they have a similar level of tension and genuinely surprising rug pulling moments. Buried is on Prime and The Guilty is on Netflix.
  5. I also like frozen fish.
  6. I nabbed The Matrix for under £15. I'm hoping for great things. As an aside, is the new 4K release of Alien a massive upgrade over the Anthology Blu-ray? (The one with the 4 films)
  7. It's definitely quite a visually dull movie, excepting a couple of scenes.
  8. Benny

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Ah, the sweet refrain of the Nintendo fan getting wistful imagining what their games would be like with "proper" graphics. Please understand.
  9. I have a very strict criteria for any film I rate higher than 4 stars on Letterboxed: they cannot be merely excellent, they also have to make me either shed real tears of joy or man feels, or do a proper belly laugh. I think this film achieved all three.
  10. Are you tired of people criticising your movie for having problematic gender politics? Easy! Set the next one in the past so you can call it historically accurate!
  11. Like a particularly plump asteroid ripe for mining.
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