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  1. Finally got a win! What a feeling! K.Oed both 2nd and 3rd place, aw yeah.
  2. Benny

    Mad Max - Fury Road

    This aged really well, eh?
  3. Benny

    Star Trek Discovery

    By long term Star Trek fans they presumably mean since they watched the first J.J. Abrams film? Fun fact: any kid who watched that film when it came out is of course now old enough to write terrible editorial for popular nerd "culture" sites.
  4. Benny

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    Weller'll be it for several dollars.
  5. Benny

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    That thing actually was legitimately incredible though.
  6. Benny

    Star Trek Discovery

    I was about to watch this episode as I thought at least I could use it as a way to demo the Dolby Atmos for headphones trial on my Xbox, only to find that my Netflix sub had in fact run out...
  7. I'm going to have to update this at some point; there's far too much good stuff out.
  8. Benny

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Especially for TM's RRP.
  9. Benny

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    How are you supposed to tell the buttons apart?
  10. It's definitely weaker than the first season. The main issue is really a distinct lack of the same levels of character development in comparison. For some reason it's also more noticeable this season when they reuse the same sets.
  11. Benny

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    It's just a shame to come across the same tired old issues really as I really like the concept and it's clearly made with genuine reverence for the games and gaming. Even that enjoyable new Russian Doll show couldn't get games right.
  12. Benny

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    So I tried this... It starts out promisingly, with a girl invading a "male" space and winding up a male character, but then it just descends into the female characters' lives essentially ending up being defined by whatever the male character is doing and then falling for him. There's loads of lovely retro gaming nostalgia, but it's wrapped around another set of tiresome harem anime tropes. I was interested to see more about the female characters or find out more about them, but their lives are often defined by how they react to the main male lead, rather than specific events in their own lives. The male character is all about being free and having fun, but one love interest (in episode 4) is happy to "watch from behind" as he plays. The only female character who is shown being "free" and acting uninhibited (in the day out episode) is called a weirdo. Because it seems that's the reaction if you don't act quiet and know your place. Maybe it will redeem itself in a few more episodes, but maybe not. I've watched Avatar: the Last Airbender recently and I think it's set such a high bar for believable and interesting character relationships, that it's going to be impossible not to compare anything else like this to it.

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