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  1. I think the main approach when tackling this game will essentially just be whether it achieves what it sets out to do. And anyone who has invested in the series will be best placed to answer that - those with no prior experience are going to have a baffling time. I can feel a very long essay about the series coming on after I've finished this, but the short version is: it's exactly as if the Shenmue series had actually continued on the Dreamcast and then the third game was recently painstakingly remade by Bluepoint. It's a complete success, and the only people who won't hate it will be the ones that understand exactly why.
  2. Unlikely to beat my number 1. Which is probably not the "best" game released this year, but is absolutely my game of the year. I need those votes, people, you only have a few weeks until January.
  3. The guns thing was the single most annoying issue for me in the whole game. Required the most tedious of micromanagement for very little to non-existant immersive gain.
  4. That is correct, yet the sense of mystery is one of Shenmue's great strengths, so I'm not sure why RubberJ is throwing a hissy fit at being asked to help preserve some of that. It's just a nice thing to do for potential new players.
  5. This game has really made me want to eat apples.
  6. There is absolutely no value in summarising the plot of the previous games in here, as those of us who already know it don't need the summary, and those that don't are just going to have a potential new experience spoiled for them.
  7. This feels exactly like the previous Shenmue games. And that's a good thing. The critics will absolutely miss the point - this was the right way to continue the series and it's an unapologetic love letter to the fans. If you haven't experienced the first two, wondering if you should jump in with this one also misses the point - it's designed to carry on right where it left off and it will absolutely disappoint anyone who has not already experienced Shenmue's unique world building. Get the first two games on Game Pass, live in them for a bit, finish their story, then come back here. And also don't read Rubberjohnny's frankly reductive post that just lists the entire plot of the games for no benefit to anyone. You will get nothing out of a playthrough or summary and will simply wonder what the fuss is about. @RubberJohnny - please spoiler your post. The first two games are wonderful unique experiences, and if people are now considering getting into the series I'm sure they'd appreciate discovering the story for themselves. Reducing them to a plot summary is enormously reductive to their charm. If anyone was desperate to spoil them for themselves they can read them on Wikipedia.
  8. ARGH GOD DAMN YOU ALL HAVING IT TODAY Sorry, getting a little emotional...
  9. I've not been this excited by a game for my entire adult life.
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