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  1. The Hobbit Trilogy

    I think you can probably lay a lot of the blame for that at the feet of WB, I mean look at the abject horrorshow they've made of what should have been a licence to print money in the form of the DC movies.
  2. The Spurs Thread

  3. Sous Vide

    How big was it? This review has someone doing a 2kg piece for 34 hours, which seems like it's probably overkill, but a longer cooking time will break down the connective tissue even at a held temperature. Serious Eats have a good representation of the effects with steak here. I've never done anything that large or for that long, but I do love what an hour in the sous vide does to even a cheap steak.
  4. Arsenal

    Isn't Ancelotti known for being pretty relaxed as a manager? Surely the Arsenal squad needs a bit of a butt kicker to change all those bad habits rather than that? Also he sold Ozil when at Real Madrid and criticised his character, that's not really a great jumping off point for a new manager with a team's star player.
  5. Robocop sequel, anyone?

    It had some interesting ideas and earns marks for taking the idea in a different direction, but yeah generally it was crappy. This idea is really stupid though.
  6. Tortilla press.

    This might be a useful starting point: https://www.mexgrocer.co.uk/Tortilla-Making-Kit.html I got one a few years ago for Christmas, haven't used it for a while but it was pretty good. After reading this recipe and using the method of putting a cut open ziplock inside the press I'd not go back to using the press without too, makes removal of the pressed tortillas much easier.
  7. Football Thread 2017/18

    The Spurs v West Ham match was supposed to be today, it got moved at the last minute when someone suddenly realised that trying to police an ill-tempered derby match on NYE in London was a really stupid idea.
  8. The worst game you have ever played

    Batman: Dark Tomorrow for me, a camera so shockingly poor that I got stuck about 5 minutes into the game with my screen full of grey wall texture and couldn't continue onwards. Fortunately I'd only borrowed it from the shop I was working at, so it went right back the day after!
  9. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

    It's being made by the Black Flag team appearing, so hopefully it'll be at least as good. My biggest issue is that they've completely lost the challenging elements of climbing, especially with the big landmarks. With the ones set in the New World that was somewhat forgivable as everything was much smaller, but in this I was hoping for a return of some more interesting navigating around. Instead they introduced something that completely eliminates the need for climbing altogether! I'm about 1/3 of the way through now and it definitely feels like AC by the numbers, which is a pity.
  10. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That's the same as the relaid WHL pitch was (and I'd guess what the new one will be), and what they use at Wembley too. I think it's more a case of the ground staff needing some time to get used to how the surface behaves so it'll take it being played on to get some proper feedback. Just looking through the friendly fixture list is it right that none of them were at Anfield?
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    Indeed, he was recently rated as the second most valuable player in Europe behind Neymar (and that valuation of Neymar was less than the amount he went for). Add on him being only 21, English, Liverpool being a direct rival for the Champions League and multiply your working by a factor of Daniel Levy.
  12. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You'll have to bear in mind it can take a bit of time to get it dialed in though, especially if they're switching to a hybrid style rather than pure turf. Spurs replaced their pitch a few years ago with one and it was awfully slow to begin with.
  13. Football Thread 2017/18

    You mean the guy they happily sold a few years ago? Not exactly a great message either.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    £108m for Coutinho?
  15. PES 2018

    Oh god yes, I ended up with hundreds of millions in the bank doing nothing in my main ML. Really liked the feel of 18, am tempted to get it for PC as they're promising it'll be proper this time.

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