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  1. redbloodcel

    Football Kits 2018/19

    That's... quite something.
  2. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

    They look awful, the absolute state of the aliasing on those pictures too! Who the hell thought that pattern was a good idea?
  3. redbloodcel

    Sauerkraut and other fermented food

    Lots of fermenting things are pretty straightforward, just remember that you need to burp those jars every day to let the gases out! I've made a fair few things from the "It's Alive" series on YouTube: My personal favourite is the garlic fermented in honey, although you really should have a pH tester to be safe with that one.
  4. redbloodcel

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    I've tried this before to no avail, but if you do turn one up...
  5. redbloodcel

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I seem to recall that previously the plan introduced post 2000 was to bring the young players through the age groups together wholesale and keep a couple of the senior ones around to fill in the gaps, but this team seems to be the opposite of that.
  6. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2018/19

    To be fair they're a bit of a bargain!
  7. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2018/19

    They've thanked the PL for being flexible on this occasion in the press release for ticket holders. I would imagine it helps to make the scheduling of fixtures and policing a little easier too, especially as it's another London club.
  8. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Tried to keep it to one player per nation:
  9. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Is Jermaine Pennant The Worst? Yes, yes he is.
  10. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

    I was expecting it to be much worse tbh, what with the adaptation to Wembley hampering the start quite badly. Instead there's only been a small drop down the table despite that and I don't think it's one that isn't recoverable. Hopefully next season won't be as big of a shock now either, as the players will be used to the dimensions and feel of what should be a similar pitch (albeit with a much closer crowd). With Toby and Dembele both apparently going there does need to be reinforcement, although I like Sanchez and Carroll a lot. I've got plenty of faith in Pochettino and the backroom team to get things squared away over the summer.
  11. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2017/18

    He's been a number 2 in Germany though, so obviously he'll be the next Jogi Low.
  12. redbloodcel

    Mad Max - Fury Road

    Between this story and the retrospective videos in the Hobbit thread it seems pretty clear that WB are the absolute worst.
  13. redbloodcel

    The Hobbit Trilogy

    I think you can probably lay a lot of the blame for that at the feet of WB, I mean look at the abject horrorshow they've made of what should have been a licence to print money in the form of the DC movies.
  14. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

  15. redbloodcel

    Sous Vide

    How big was it? This review has someone doing a 2kg piece for 34 hours, which seems like it's probably overkill, but a longer cooking time will break down the connective tissue even at a held temperature. Serious Eats have a good representation of the effects with steak here. I've never done anything that large or for that long, but I do love what an hour in the sous vide does to even a cheap steak.

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