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  1. I think Mansell talks about it a fair bit in his book. How it was amazing to drive but very unsafe?
  2. Fun fact - my mate is touring with the support act in America if anyone goes to see them say hi!
  3. I will 100% be back tonight however when I tried my wheel over the weekend it kept kicking me out the game back to the PS4 dashboard! Anyone else had this the a G29? Cost me an online race on Saturday
  4. Supermassive's follow up to Until Dawn - features couch and online co-op. Out August 30th 2019
  5. I have just picked this up and its brilliant to play it again. What circuit is everyone doing the time trials on and how can I add people as friends on Switch? Big Forest (Normal) Manual Gears Normal Controls Looking at the above screenshots?
  6. Yet has been the norm since the dawn of patches.
  7. I am going to pickup some more of these while they are on sale - add me on Steam for some high score fun! - Metalgearcol
  8. Is there any highlights available for Austria - seems to have gone from C4?
  9. Never heard of it but reviews look good!
  10. I have no idea what this is or where to post it but I want it immediately.
  11. So - is FFB fixed?
  12. Nice to see it has drivers in position at last . This game is amazing but my PC struggles with it so looking forward to playing on PS4. It could be amazing online.
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