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  1. parrapatheslapper

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Yeah going to have to be something like that although I got the add on so I can connect the gear stick and there is a bit of room on that so maybe it would fit.
  2. parrapatheslapper

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Cheers looks interesting and a good price point - god knows how I would attach that to my Playseat Challenge though
  3. parrapatheslapper

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Yeah this was amazing and forget the graphics what about the soundtrack! Cant wait for number 2.
  4. parrapatheslapper

    PlayStation VR

    I think the issue maybe that my camera is too high? it's more at eye level for me so like you mention I may need to try it at chest height and see how we get on. Cheers for the info all.
  5. parrapatheslapper

    PlayStation VR

    I really want to play Beat Sabre but my games room clearly isn't big enough for it despite been over 1.5m away from screen. When you setup the camera and it takes a photo of your head all that is fine but when I am in game with the controllers by my side the move controllers just drift everywhere as (I assume) it cannot see them. Its a real pain because I could understand the need to be in a big room for Super Hot but with Beat Sabre you are always facing forward and I have room for that.
  6. parrapatheslapper

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK time forum races!

    Oh is there some time trials going on as well now? How do I get involved?
  7. parrapatheslapper

    PlayStation Classic

  8. parrapatheslapper

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Can you send a link?
  9. parrapatheslapper

    F1 - Drive to Survive

    Watched episode 4 and 5 last night. Good stuff.
  10. parrapatheslapper

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK time forum races!

    Good move that. Those two 2nd gear right handers at Monza get me every sodding time.
  11. parrapatheslapper

    Turn your PS3 into an intriguing emulation machine

    It might be but a PSTV maybe better (and smaller) if you can get hold of one.
  12. parrapatheslapper

    F1 - Drive to Survive

    Yeah this is pretty good - probably not going to change peoples mind about F1 but it's pretty good how close they are to some of the teams. Wrong Right
  13. parrapatheslapper

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    a button on the G29 wheel?
  14. parrapatheslapper

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Hmm yeah that might be an idea - does anyone use the G29 gearstick with Dirt? - seems a little light for me and I think sticking to flappy paddles is going to be the best option.

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