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  1. Yeah. Jeff and Giles need BAFTAs ASAP. Awesome work from day 1 to present day.
  2. They were all full last night after the update. All 9 of them
  3. You can invite people but no private lobbies maybe an issue but I had fun last night with some races. I will be about later this evening as well. (PS4). Are the leaderboards working on this?
  4. Ohhh IRL? Also patch 1.06 has just gone live.
  5. I will be back next week as well. I needed to get Shenmue finished last night.
  6. Shenmue 1 done last night - 20 years since the US Dreamcast launch . Onto number 2 next.
  7. For a good example of this. Watch the mayhem in the background on this race I just had.
  8. I have actually played some of S2 and now I remember that bit. Hopefully I should get S1 out the way this weekend. I think we must have been a lot less forgiving 20 years ago...
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