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  1. If you have access to PSVR it is 100% worth playing it that way. One of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in gaming.
  2. Has anyone had an invite to what seems to be a previously unannouced Resident Evil title? I cant for the life of me work out what my Capcom ID is to register for it and it links to the Japanese sites.
  3. If anyone needs a set of t300 pedals that comes with it let me know.. I have a spare set.
  4. Original is free here apperently until 17th Jan https://store.bandainamcoent.eu/es/product/437910/little-nightmares-pc-download
  5. Got one for a mate from game and checkout fine. Cheers
  6. And done. Loved it. Maybe more than 2 in the end. Certainly not as stressful. And Jill in this is brilliant. More please!
  7. Just finished on PS5 and RT performance mode is stunning. Indoor environments even more so. About the right length for me after not long finishing the original.
  8. Parappa


    Shame its not on PC Gamepass Not played PES in ages and fancied this.
  9. I am just on the final section of this and after coming from 60 hours of days gone this is a brilliant slice of pure Resident Evil fun. There is a lot of talk this was more designed for multiple play throughs but with the exception of upping the difficulty I can't see why? Ah should have finished reading @Timmo post.
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