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  1. Hopefully allowed to post this in here but someone has found an exploit to run backups on an unmodified PS2. Certain FW's only at the moment.
  2. So I managed to go a 9s and while the emulation is OK I fancy hooking it up to my PC and using Launchbox and Mame. Can anyone tell me if you have to have the power on for it to work with PC? I have seen videos where it says you don't however Windows does not detect the controller until it is powered on.
  3. Can all versions of PSTV now be modded? - Pretty sure mine is updated to latest version.
  4. One day they will do a film based soley on the first book and make it an 18.
  5. Yes be very careful about this. Left mine in window and went on holiday. Nice burn of my window when I got back on the lense. On that exact stand.
  6. Facebook market place for 55 quid. Not sure if it's a bargain or not but it all boots up and is is fanstic condition with spare buttons and fully boxed. Boot says it running Pandora 9s+
  7. Oh man. EDF made of voxels will put Resogun to shame.
  8. 1992 Sonic 2 Mario land 2 Desert Strike Good times
  9. Everything after the Mega Drive and before the Dreamcast is what killed it. They only had themselves to blame. Mega CD, 32x and then the Saturn was the final straw for many.
  10. Click and collected today from Argos. Top job.
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