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  1. I have no idea what Toy Bizarre is however it looks incredibly close to Henry's House on the 65XE so it's getting my vote.
  2. Yeah there is no way they would have put this amount of effort into it for it to be released 9 months before a new console generation without porting to PS5 (and probably PC).
  3. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/01/watch_media_molecules_inaugural_dreams_impy_awards_right_here Awards last night. This looks incredible.
  4. Because as soon as I got to the top of the ladder he wanted to blow my head off? Hmmm you have me thinking now.
  5. I managed to get back on this last night and I am not exactly sure what all that was about. There seems to be no patch notes and I cannot see any changes?!
  6. Now up to and some guy helps me out (are these Old Hunters?) - anyway he wasn't much cop and died half way through the fight but maybe I was standing off a bit and not helping enough. I needed a break as I keep dreaming about this game now but I am looking forward to attempting it again tonight. And dying. Also how levelled up do you have to be to get rid of that
  7. Parappa

    Nintendo Switch

    Hmm good question - well the charges have come from Nintendo on my bank statement so I assume Nintendo. Which had my PayPal account attached to it. I have reported to Nintendo who have now escalated it and Paypal have also raised a dispute with Nintendo so hopefully I can get this sorted. I mentioned it at work and it has happened to other people as well so maybe worth a reminder to put 2FA on your Nintendo accounts!
  8. Just come across this on YouTube - the Bloodborne performance is fantastic.
  9. I rang a bell and some dude rocked up and between us he was down and out in about 30 seconds. Easiest boss in the game. . I assume there is some sort of penalty for getting people to help you out like that?
  10. Just got to that bit. No car, house or health insurance. WTF!
  11. I am yet to watch the full video but this doesn't sound good.
  12. Parappa

    Nintendo Switch

    Hey all - have any of you any experience of having your Nintendo account hacked and having 160 quids worth of sodding Fortnite vbucks taken from your account?
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