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  1. So I have the PS4 disk version. Do I have to pay a tenner for the PS5 upgrade?
  2. Down to 16 quid for PS and Xbox.
  3. According to multiple reports the sequel is now off
  4. 17 year bump Second Sight is back on Steam after an 8 year absence. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-04-08-free-radicals-cult-classic-psychokinetic-thriller-second-sight-returns-to-steam
  5. I have finihsed the first chapter and it all seems decent enough if a little 'brown'. Its certainly an Oddworld game but looking forward to getting stuck in this evening.
  6. About to give this a quick go - not seen any impressions or reviews at all
  7. Anyone had issues with the joycons coming loose very easily whilst playing in handheld mode? My left one keeps removing itself and its very annoying!
  8. Parappa

    It Takes Two

    Yeah just done an hour or so with a mate who only likes driving games. Great fun with the exception of the camera. Is there a recenter button?
  9. Anyone playing this? - A great take on the DKC formula. Review
  10. Sackboys adveventure is brilliant and not to be missed. To be honest there may not be a lot of exclusives at the moment but there isn't many bad games about either.
  11. Yeah same as me - got another for a friend - 3rd one now so with the right twitter alerts it seems to be working for me.
  12. The amount of support this has had since launch I have no issues paying a tenner for some shineys and performance upgrades. Something has gotta pay for Wreckfest 2.
  13. When this meets its target I assume I can still back it to get the book?
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