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  1. Is base Hierro an upgrade on Ramos? Or Militao? I've got 6 tokens and won't be going for any more this season so don't want to wait for next to get Koeman.
  2. Pléa objective maybe. But yes, no way you could have anticipated it.
  3. Tip if you haven't done the Ligue 1 first owner icon swaps challenge yet. Sub on a Bundes striker after you take the lead. Instant quits from the opponent as they think you're trying to do the Pléa objective.
  4. What was your investment then Timmo? Guess it must have paid off.
  5. Requirements not much higher than last time either.
  6. With your luck you'll probably sell him. I got the 100 rivals wins milestone today. Saving the pack for Headliners tonight but don't really know what to expect other than not packing one. I also have all the La Liga SBC packs and yesterday's marquee matchup packs to add to the eventual disappointment.
  7. The Ziyech objectives are just too annoying. Lob through balls are borderline useless.
  8. Small beans but managed an actual snipe!
  9. This is what I used this weekend: https://www.futbin.com//20/squad/12595751 And this is my fitness team: https://www.futbin.com//20/squad/12595994 I've got tons of other players that are enjoyable and usable like Konaté, Battaglia, Politano etc. who I want to use more but it seems silly to not even have VVD in my secondary team.
  10. Should I sell my VVD? Seems a shame considering packing good players is one of the main aims of the game. I am struggling to get him in to my strongest team (didn't play any WL matches with him) and I think I'm going to take Hierro from swaps who doesn't look far off him.
  11. It's expected but no confirmation yet. Did the CSL SBC today more or less from scratch for 50k. The silver reward packs could make a good chunk of that back.
  12. You think? I don't think this will be popular at all, and would guess that most doing it will be using the icon crafting method.
  13. Yeah, the packs for the PL teams are awful. I had much better pulls from every other league SBC. Speaking of, I completed Liga Nos and Serie A for the second time each this weekend. Difficult to guage how much they cost but I reckon 80k for Liga Nos and 100k for Serie A if you do them from scratch and get average returns. Lots of patience required as bids are essential to keep the cost down.
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