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  1. Swallow

    Cricket Thread

    And an absolutely stunning piece of fielding there to dismiss Gregory.
  2. Can I just start watching this or is it like Neon Genesis Evangelion which going by the recent thread seems to be more of a degree course than an entertainment show?
  3. Thanks for the warning @jonathanhoey. Like many I have no interest in ever seeing that footage again so will be skipping.
  4. Yes, I thought it was a Williams but didn't remember it ever looking as good as that. Of course, I had completely forgotten the BMW involvement. Thanks for the info.
  5. What car was Montoya in that was that much faster than the Ferrari? Or was it that cars got a better slipstream back then rather than the 'dirty air' we hear about now?
  6. After a few rubbish PIM player picks I got Capita last night and Gullit just now. edit: and Puskás in my next one.
  7. This 85x10 SBC is absolutely nuts. Did the Messi SBC for free earlier and working on Cruyff and Vieira now. In addition to Mbappé, Militao and Ronaldo I've packed Hazard, Varane, De Bruyne and Vinicius as well as the lower tier cards like Gini, Foden and Richarlison. Missing Barça Messi, Neymar and Fernandes. edit: Cruyff completed and Barça Messi and Firmino got.
  8. Both PC and Xbox versions included. Nice.
  9. I just got Ronaldo as well. Good job I hadn't started his SBC.
  10. I got TOTY Mbappé in my first one of these, with Militao and Gomez. Crazy.
  11. Just a reminder that the NY Post is not a reliable source, some of the 'details' they have given should be read with a huge amount of scepticism.
  12. Swallow

    Cricket Thread

    How many overs were bowled yesterday? Didn't they play later to recover some that had been lost on previous days? I thought I read on the Guardian earlier that 95 overs are due today. I hope the umpires/match referee do what they can to enforce it.
  13. Obviously as soon as I'd finished it I packed his TOTS for the first time.
  14. Swallow

    Cricket Thread

    We don't really have a poor test team. But yes, they are so different and have diverged so much that there is becoming less and less read-across from white ball to red ball cricket. P.S. I was at Trent Bridge on Friday too. I haven't watched much of The Hundred on TV so the not changing ends after every over threw me completely. Felt Nottingham completely wasted Rashid, and Hales was as disappointing as (almost) every time I have seen him play in person.
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