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  1. I'm obviously not a Utd fan but the idea of Jimenez coming in to provide competition for Martial made me laugh. He would be your undisputed first choice no. 9 with Martial and Rashford competing for minutes on the left and Greenwood on the right. The guy is twice the striker that Martial is.
  2. Swallow


    Mike Dean's face when he had to award that penalty.
  3. Swallow


    Good of seanr to spend the day with you.
  4. Bet it turns out the guy in the cage is exactly where he wanted to be.
  5. It's also loads better than when they charged for maps that you could never play because of your one tight friend.
  6. Yeah, Kill Chain with Precision Airstrike, VTOL, Chopper Gunner. Precision Airstrike is basically a guaranteed double kill if you call it in at the wall at A or C spawn on Shoot House.
  7. The bunny hopping corners strategy now being so prevalent is because of the high latency lobbies which makes lag compensation obvious. Someone can do that, scope in and drop you almost before you see them and certainly before the server recognises any of your shots on them. It's called peek advantage. The single best thing they could do for the game would be to make lobbies purely connection based and reduce the amount of times decent lobbies with close results are broken up after just one game. I'm happy to jump on with you for some games, at least that will be another person playing the objective. I'm on Xbox and my gamertag is SwallowFM if I'm not already on your friends list. Any other mukkers still playing regularly?
  8. I've never known another COD to have every gunfight so infuriating. It's largely the skill based matchmaking giving high latency lobbies and this has completely removed any notion of having a relaxed or messing about session, instead forcing you to sweat. The usual response is 'oh so you just want to pubstomp noobs' but no, I want the best possible connection and whatever the spread of bad and good players so be it. The in-lobby matchmaking of previous games was annoying at times (sticking one good player with all the random noobs versus the four or five stack) but was infinitely better than what we have now @moosegrinder if you want to give yourself a couple of extra percentage points of a chance in each gunfight, go with the Grau with longest barrel and no stock options. Literally everyone else is using it and unfortunately you just end up hobbling yourself if you don't match up with it.
  9. Excellent avatar and post combo.
  10. Nope just the one title update, no additional data pack this time. Hardhat is as good as ever.
  11. It doesn't posit itself as particularly clever or deep though, I would say that is projection on your part. As others have posted previously, the story is told fairly straightforwardly, with little hidden from the viewer to be revealed as gotcha moments later on, despite how easy it would have been to do so. I thought it was an excellent series and would highly recommend.
  12. Swallow

    Billie Eilish

    @SozzlyJoe Fierce Poodle pointed out that the person is gender fluid and then immediately referred to them as 'him'. His post is clearly and deliberately transphobic. I don't care what action is taken as the post is enough to show what sort of person they are (terrible, for the avoidance of doubt) but your post reflects very poorly on the moderation of this forum.
  13. Worked out very nicely, thank you. I didn't have a loaf tin big enough so made two layers with lemon buttercream icing. It might even last us until tomorrow...
  14. Last point clearly the most important! Thank you sir.
  15. Any chance of the lemon drizzle cake recipe @jimmbob?
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