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  1. I loved the bit where all three senseis are giving an inspiring pep talk to their students at the same time. Kreese is good, but Johnny is hilarious. The actor who plays Kreese looks phenomenally good for his age.
  2. I was mostly a Spectrum gamer, but it rarely happened to me. One or two games didn't load consistently, but they were very much the exception not the rule.
  3. I never experienced any of that. Mine was just stick the game on to load, go and do something else, come back to see if it had loaded (usually it had).
  4. Console released before 2000 - retro. Works for me.
  5. Yeah, I got the cheapest, the remaining ones have a scalper tax on them. I got mine for just over 14,000.
  6. Seems there is an edition of Aleste Collection which comes with a white Game Gear Micro, with the Aleste games on it. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B08JBYJ5G4/ref=pd_aw_sbs_63_1/357-9203737-9058451?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B08JBYJ5G4&pd_rd_r=1702aa5a-4ece-41af-b65e-4592c4755f28&pd_rd_w=0PSiW&pd_rd_wg=DTTBi&pf_rd_p=9341e244-f71d-4c8a-8950-9456431ce234&pf_rd_r=Z98WPRDEAJEFPXKBBA4G&psc=1&refRID=Z98WPRDEAJEFPXKBBA4G I ordered that today. Will be selling my barebones version of just the game.
  7. I haven't played it for ages, but I know that I have played it with my nephews, and they only have two joycons, so you must be doing something wrong.
  8. You can play two player with just two joycons. I think you can in table-top mode too.
  9. And snapped up. Thanks. I have been checking regularly, honestly. I feel like I'm on one of those organised fishing trips, when you can't catch anything for hours, then the boat's captain tries and catches one immediately.
  10. I decided to get a stick and the base for under the cab. They're arriving tomorrow. Love Golden Axe Revenge Of Death Adder. Almost as good as the original Golden Axe.
  11. It's partly explained by the fact that there's barely a PS5 anywhere - my local used shop has a digital one for which they want 97,000 plus tax. Other shops are selling a few to customers chosen at random in a lottery until January 31st. The Xbox Series is even rarer. There have been many months when it was hard to find a Switch - the Lite, not so much - but they available now.
  12. Yes, I'm not losing any sleep over it. I'll be happy with just the original set, although I pick up most of the Songbird releases. Did you ever have the NFL game?
  13. Yeah, that's where I heard of it. With only 15 copies distributed I can't see anyone ever wanting to sell it, so I'll have to live without. I'm struggling to find the NFL game. Don't suppose anyone has one.
  14. Yes, the Lynx has a lot of scrolling action-platform-brawler games and few of them are much good. Still, I'm inching closer to a full set, apart from games like Bitchy, which will be forever out of reach.
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