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  1. bum

    Great lines in videogaming.

    Your greed sickens me. I hope your death will be a lesson to others.
  2. This is one reason why physical media is preferable, to me. If I were buying an X-box One now for the first time, I wouldn't be able to play Forza Horizon 2 if I were digital only. As it is, people can grab a used copy.
  3. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I have it, and like it, although I play it less now that I have the Konami shooters.
  4. bum

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I picked up Wonderboy Remix today. It's good. I'm not a fan of the remixed music though.
  5. I'd love the next game to be Tobal No 1, which is PlayStation, of course. With a fighting tournament and a quest mode, there should be plenty for people to get their teeth into. And it doesn't get discussed all that much, whereas with, say, Tekken, everything that could be said about it has already been said. I don't how easy it is to emulate PS1 games though, and it might be tricky for people to lay their hands on a disk.
  6. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I think you are right, yes. I live in Japan but avoided the local version because I read that it was Japanese only. I ordered the Asian version from PlayAsia instead. It took them nearly two months. it is on Amazon UK, albeit quite pricey.
  7. That in my 40s I'd still be reading and sometimes participating in arguments about which console was best.
  8. I'm never going to finish this. If I really enjoyed the game I might sit down and have a long, determined bash at it. But I get fed up after one play, usually, and stick another game on instead.
  9. bum

    I'm playing old racers.

    Having said that I liked the backgrounds, it was a bit disappointing that the last five races recycled the backgrounds of the first five. The snowy mountains of Canada seemed appropriate enough for the Nepal GP, and the skyscrapers of the USA race didn't seem out of place in the Hong Kong race either, but I was bemused to see Uluru in the background of the China GP. Next, I'm going to play a Game Boy Advance racer.
  10. bum

    Monochrome games

    Used to love Strategic Conquest on Mac. I actually prefer it to Advance Wars.
  11. bum

    I'm playing old racers.

    Finally got past the seventh track in Grand Prix mode - the USSR track. The last two - India and Egypt - didn't present too much of a challenge. There are nine tracks in GP mode, but more in the championships. Not a bad selection for such an old game. It's probably worth a look if you first played it decades ago. Certainly the most fun of the ghree I've written about on this thread so far. Did you play it multi-player?
  12. bum

    I'm playing old racers.

    Here's my most recent racer. Game Boy F1 Race This is one of the earliest racers on the system. It's one of a few games that use the four-player adapter (Super RC Pro Am and Faceball are two others I can think of). It's a racer with a pole position view, and billboards along the sides of the road, so if you overdo a turn, you'll crash, costing you a couple of seconds. There are three modes - Grand Prix, Time Trial and Championship. Championship pits you against three other racers, be they human or AI. Grand Prix is very challenging. In just two laps you have to fight your way to the front and cross the line first. The bad news is thst you start from the back, which is a real bummer at the Japan track (the only track which really resembles its real-life version at Suzuka), since you start the just at the entrance to a chicane. Choice of car is an essential factor - one has higher jet (nitrous) top speed and the other has a higher non-jet top speed. Once the jet is gone, your car can't hold off the AI cars for long if you went with the former. There's some sense of speed, but it's not too fast to be impossible to play in the way that Super Monaco on the Game Gear was. The cars look a bit rubbish, but there are some nice country-specific backgrounds in the distance. I loved the delighted jumping around after you win a race. Engine noises are like an angry bluebottle and jet is like a travel hair-dryer gone beserk. As with a lot of Game Boy games, some of the tunes are quite memorable. It's not a patch on Super RC Pro Am, but on a system that wasn't good for racing games, it's worth a look.
  13. bum

    I'm playing old racers.

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I played it mainly on a portable SNES. Maybe it plays better on the TV.
  14. bum

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    For me the fact that the old one becomes worthless and something you'll never want to play again is all the more reason to go physical and flog it. I doubt many people consider damaging the disk as a factor nowadays.

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