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  1. I've downloaded this ( I think, lol) but I'm scared to actually run it. What should I do once I start? Other than join ship 2? I haven't thought of a perfect character name yet.
  2. The first witcher game was really good, it's just a totally different type of game to the 2nd and 3rd. You need to play it sitting at a PC basically.
  3. They're letting Richard Herring on! At this rate he's going to run out of things to complain about not being allowed on.
  4. I bought eleven albums that were released this year to prove some sort of point to myself. I'm going to tell you about them! All the artists were new to me (except Deerhoof) . I've put a link to a good track from each underneath the title Caribou – Suddenly Never Come Back youtube link Spotify link I get the feeling this is an artist everyone else has already heard of. To me this sounds like fairly straightforward chilled summery pop music. There's a few tracks with pleasing pop spaghetti noodley weird mess on it. The best track is just a straight melancholy dance track. The more I listened to the lyrics the less I liked the guy. He seems to be whinging about a relationship that ended 5 years ago. Get over it. Laura Marling – Song For Our Daughter Fortune Spotify link Youtube Link Indie Folk? Really listenable, mellow timbre. Some of the picking styles remind me of Leonard Cohen. I really love how the last three tracks of this sound like really good album closers. It's solid the whole way through. The LP didn't come with a download code >:( Mamaleek – come & see Eating Unblessed Meat Spotify link Youtube link This is my favourite album of the year so far. I guess I'd describe it as progressive noise-rock with blues and metal influences. Bits of it remind of me of Jesus Lizard, some birthday party side projects, that sort of thing. Except the song structure is pretty out there, and someone is doing black metal screaming over all of it. I thought it was complete madness but I've found repeat listens really rewarding. Agnes Obel – Myopia Island Of Doom Spotify Link Youtube Link I think people who enjoy voices like Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Liz Frazer (Cocteau Twins), Kate Bush (Kate Bush) might like this. An excellent strangelady voice. The instrumentation is mostly very echoey dreamy piano, some strings, very little percussion... there's a great deal of vocal manipulation – pitch shifting etc. This is good to listen to in the dark before bed. Aiming For Enrike – Music For Working Out Hard Dance Brainia Youtube link (!!!Silly video warning!!!) Spotify Link This is pretty much synthwave, but it's microdosing on noise, math-rock, etc??? It has big sound and makes me want to drive a car. Some of it is deeper than it first seems, some of it isn't. Dogleg – Melee Fox Spotify Link Youtube Link I see peb Kacharach mentioned this. I guess it's basically emo except that I like it a lot, so maybe that makes it not emo. My closest frame of reference is mclusky. It's heavy, it's melodic, it's shouty, it's very satisfying. All bangers, no clangers. Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep When Mouths Collide Youtube Link Spotify Link A man talks over music, rhythmically. It's not rap. A lot of the music itself is quite indie guitar band in its instrumentation, some of it more electronic. It's very solid melodically, but the real attraction is the lyricism. The poetry is top-notch commentary of Britain in 2020. Strong sense of background dread. Ahhhh. Deerhoof – Future Teenage Cave Artists New Orphan Asylum For Spirited Deerhchildren Youtube Link Spotify Link I was going to buy this regardless of what it sounded like, I'm a big deerhoof fan. This is one of their most difficult albums to listen to, certainly in the last 15 years, maybe ever. It's them exploring apocalypse themes, based on how horrible America is right now. The whole thing sounds intentionally fucked, something you'd pull out of the dust of a burned world. I would not recommend this album to anyone except Deerhoof fans. But more people should be deerhoof fans, they have a lot of excellent albums and are the best live band. Melt Yourself Down – 100% Yes Crocodile Spotify Link Youtube link This is fun saxophone rock. There's a few solid tracks. But some of it gives me feelings of posh white people doing multiculturalism, like they'd be saxophoning outside a hip bar in August, and they'd be wearing loathsome hats, and a bunch of berks would enjoy it while I'm trying to be depressed. I do really like a couple of the tracks though. There's a clear focus on fun in this music. Downy – Untitled 7th Album Good News Youtube Link Spotify Link Japanese Post-rock, electronic rock, math rock, moody, progressive etc etc. Complicated drumming, distorted guitar, electric noises. It's very Japanese, and its “what language are they singing in” game is extremely strong. It's quite dense and shoegazy sometimes, and quite digital - the production could be better in some places. It's quite expensive too, even on bandcamp friday. I ended up buying it from Amazon music. Katie Dey – Mydata Leaving Spotify Link Youtube Link Glitchy pop. I don't feel like I can really describe this on its own, just compare it to her 2016 album “Flood Network” which was brilliant nightmare pop distorted to the complete beyond. Mydata feels a lot more conventional, but a lot more confident at the same time. Again it's introspective, vulnerable, frail, big, noisey, glitchy. But it's overall less expansive and a bit more “song” based. I think I'd recommend getting Flood Network, and then checking this out if you really like that.
  5. I watched the rest of it over the weekend. Now I want you to explain which of the issues I wasn't aware of, and why watching this BBC drama series was the medium in which I had to learn about them.
  6. I was excited last night that there was a new series of Midnight Diner on netflix. But then I looked through the episode list and I didn't recognise any of the episodes. Turns out what they had on before was seasons 4 and 5. Those are gone now and what they have on now are seasons 1-3 ! So I'm getting a lot more context as to who the characters in the diner actually are! And it's good!
  7. I've watched 4 episodes so far. I think it nught be good but don't think I'm enjoying it. I just feel terrible the whole time I'm watching it. Might have laughed a couple of times, but its almost entirely people in danger having bad things happen to them.
  8. Can anyone recommend some VST compressors with good default settings? I've been struggling with compression for ages.
  9. Oh, bum. I was close! Always feels bad when you're playing a game and do nearly the right thing, and give up on that because it wasn't working. I've finished the game now, after being eaten twice more.
  10. Can someone offer me a spoiler free hint? I haven't made any progress for a good 6 or so hours and I'm starting to get upset . I can't find any spoiler free hint guides online. could someone gently nudge me in the right direction?
  11. Subnautica has some fairly large things in it, and regularly gave me fear. Particularly when I was descending to a new depth or swimming in a really open area.
  12. Is anyone else listening to the podcast still? I'm a couple of episodes behind. There's been a couple of good ones, but I felt like some of them have been pretty dull. I thought that youtuber guy came across as really pathetic.
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