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  1. Had an hour or so on this earlier (didn't play the demo). Looks gorgeous! Plays just like RE7. Enemies are sponges. Headshots still do fuck all, not even flinch. I never know if i should be running or fighting. Typical Resident Evil 'complaints' then.
  2. Yeah use the nearest warp point (theres always one in T11 before the boss) and teleport back to T1. Your ship will a quick hop-skip-jump away. Go sleep, then warp back to whatever zone you were in. You can't do it beyond Biome 1 because the gate to 2 is one-way only.
  3. Its actually alot easier than you might think. And remember: when you die and you're back at the ship: just bee-line it to
  4. Everyone in the first Biome struggling with the boss: You can warp back to your ship and sleep for full health regen as many times as you like. Use that top-up to explore every side door and earn enough cashola for the shop room so you can craft an Astronaut and a Large Health pack. Then, and only then tackle the boss!
  5. Not feeling the second biome. Its aesthetically uninspired and makes me think of Red Faction: Guerilla. I made it to the boss by accident, but i was fucked, so i stuck my nose in to get a feel for his patterns. Didn't seem too bad. I must've misread some of the previous posts about getting back to Biome 2 (killing Biome 1 boss again?), because all you have to do is bee-line straight for the Crimson Room. Don't even bother with prep, you get so much stuff in the first few areas of 2. Also, i'm starting to question weapon proficiency because my Lv.1 Carbine was doing per
  6. You should. I saw a weapon swap icon on my mini-map but couldn't see it in-game. Lo-and-behold, you shoot/melee the statue and its hidden inside.
  7. I wish the adrenaline level up wouldn't flash bright red. Every time it procs i panic thinking i've taken damage. Also, don't be scared of those sucky vines. Use them to reach high up places.
  8. I hate games where you have to pause and look at a map to gather your bearings and re-orientate yourself - it always feels like you're spending more time in the menus than actual playing the damn thing! At least this game's mini-map and icons are very clear as to which is the main path (locked or otherwise) and which are the optional side avenues. I commend that!
  9. I'm starting to think my first run was a cock-tease. I had a serious firepower by the time i hit the boss. Every subsequent run i've been mugged by all sorts of shit i won't post for fear of spoilers. A couple of runs i tried a raggo melee & shotty playstyle to see if i could eat the damage at point-blank range, but its too early to be experimenting like that, so i'll chill until i understand the game more. And then...another update just dropped, so thats me done for tonight. Great game! Thinking about it when you're not playing is the best sign.
  10. This game is scary! And scarily good! Just had my first real death at the Level 1 boss. Gonna need to learn those patterns. I can understand all the Metroid comparisons.
  11. You are confusing Appearance Settings (hair, makeup, clothing, voice) which you can do as many times as you like, with Character Edit (face and gender), which requires a ticket, and was only just added in 2.0.
  12. Oh i'll be there, don't you worry about that. Campaign, yes. Leaderboards for 3rd person shooter skills...now we're talking!
  13. Oh! I don't know. I've moved my TV and therefore gaming set-up around recently so headphones is the best way to go for me if i want decent audio. I have no idea if they're any good. I hope so!
  14. Just bought a set of Sony Pulse 3D headphones specifically for this game. Cannot wait for next week!
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