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  1. Curtis

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    I think its the best thing (an album as a whole) they've done in a very long time. For want of a better word its 'fun'. Heavyweight but warm and comforting. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I bought the vinyl version after work today because it needed added to the collection.
  2. Curtis

    The Division 2

    Fuck! Endgame ruined my stress-free loot from laps around my Control Points. Back to square one i guess.
  3. Curtis

    The Division 2

    Its a modern day miracle a game of this type rolled out Day 1 with no server issues, and knowing the streamers and maniacs were gonna rush to Level 30 within a week, had a legitimate end game ready. And not a limited rinse-repeat affair - actual variety! I know this only through here-say because i've been taking my sweet time. I hit 30 this evening, and even though i'd been holding onto all my Side Missions for the final XP bump from 26-30, it only took maybe 5-6 to push me over. Then i realised i have the Strongholds to beat before unlocking my specialisation. Soooooo much content. You'll struggle to find a game that gives you more bang for your buck. Not gauged by hours played, but by the fact even a minor session wandering around can be as rewarding as following the beaten path, or chasing the RNG. Its a rare thing where a game makes you feel like the time you've spent with it isn't wasted in anyway. Top notch product!
  4. Curtis

    The Division 2

    I know this won't matter to you end-game players, but as you're levelling to 30, be sure to re-visit the Control Points you've freed - the loot crates (bar the big yellow one) respawn every 24 hours. All of my High End gear has come from those. Its stress-free loot. Just tonight i got 8 High Ends. All upgrades to my set-up.
  5. Curtis


    Don't Google it. Learn the pistol parry, and the axe is a fine choice from now until end game.
  6. Curtis

    The Division 2

    Neutral lighting in the original added so much to the overall atmosphere (which was already top notch) - wandering the streets became like a survival horror - you wouldn't see the mobs until they're right on top of you. At which point you shit yourself and jump for cover. I've not tried it extensively on Div2, but i assume it won't be as dramatic, simply because swampy DC doesn't hold a candle to winter in NYC.
  7. Curtis

    The Division 2

    My bad. I complained prematurely without checking, and yes double RB drops it with me behind cover. Since i discovered the healing ring you can drop on yourself, and the revive Hive for a free 1UP credit, my play-style has been soooooo lame! Sit back in safety, and pop heads with a sniper. Thats probably why i've not been enjoying it as much. Skills aside, i had a wonderful session this evening with one of our clan members. I assume he's off here or knows one of our usual lot. Anyway, thanks, because i needed a kick up the arse with this game, and tonight was enjoyable.
  8. Curtis

    The Division 2

    These new Chem Launcher controls are the worst for a solo player trying to self-heal.
  9. Curtis

    The Division 2

    I see they've added Neutral Lighting to the graphics options. Can't wait to try it later.
  10. Curtis

    Nintendo Switch

    Is Dragons Dogma not getting a physical release? Can't find it anywhere.
  11. Curtis

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I think its counter-productive getting yourself into a mind-set of "i must do this or i'm failing in some way". I never try more than 5 times before either completing said goal or turning off the console/playing something else. Not through frustration (because i avoid artificially difficult games as a rule) but because beating my head against a wall repeatedly feels like idiocy of the highest order. Yes, i know there are players out there who love to master the 'hardest of the hard', and fair play to 'em. But i always try to gauge my own personal enjoyment vs hours spent vs what else could i be playing that's equally, if not more satisfying?
  12. Curtis

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Regardless of game/boss/mountain i have never spent 4 hours banging my head against the wall. That's crazy! Take a break. Come back tomorrow. Its not a race to completion.
  13. Curtis

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    @Uzi Can we change the thread title please?
  14. Curtis

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    As per usual, i take pride in figuring out my own (uninformed) cheese method for the two bosses i beat tonight. And yes, you clearly have to be good at the game to get away with it, but i love abusing the mechanics presented to you. See how far it will bend.
  15. Curtis

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I was waffling last night after 14 hours of play, and basically saying the same things @pinholestar posted above - its lacking 'something'. That something being depth. Its okay to release a beautifully constructed single-player 30 hour game. But then what? Shelve it. Trade it. Sell it? Where's the replayability? If you remove all the RPG elements then its basically throw away. One and done. I know i'm saying these things because i'm used to From giving me what i want, and even though i said exactly the same thing about Bloodborne, which was very limited, compared to Souls upon release. Then they dropped the best DLC of all time which transformed it from great to greatest! I don't see that happening here. Its clearly a singular vision, which you can get deep into and become one with the joyous combat mechanics, but its still very one-note. And as much as i'm enjoying it, i can see it being a distant memory come years end.

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