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  1. Anyone know when the demo is due on Steam?
  2. There wasnt when I looked, no.
  3. Switched over to ps4 version to see what would happen and its doing an 11gb download.
  4. I thought it was a pretty small update if you already own the game? It's started a 100gb download on my pc?
  5. Tosin Cole continues to knock it out the park with his stunning acting range. The BAFTAs beckon.
  6. Truest words ever spoken on Rllmuk since time someone asked "Do they have Doctor Who in Canada"
  7. Since when has this show ever featured possible futures that might change if mankind bucks up its ideas? Utter shite.
  8. What are you on about? I never said the article was apt or funny. I said it was ridiculous.
  9. I said it was an idea put forth by a published article.
  10. To suggest the clip means the Doctor should only ever be played by women from now on is ridiculous. So awful yet you still laughed. OK.
  11. It was just funny for the sheer shock value of Pertwee saying something like that in character. I've seen an article since saying that this video shows why the Doctor should never again be played by a man. I mean seriously - the writer of that needs to get a grip.
  12. It was funny. Just something of its time. Laugh at it, not with it. The OUTRAGE this clip has been on the receiving end of from the usual WOKE soy latte drinkers is a bit pathetic.
  13. Which affects everyone? Or is it caused by doing something then you end up stuck with it? Hope they fix it regardless.
  14. Minor complaint but I hate the way that you draw your weapon every time you tap square to talk to somebody. Really should have been hold square to draw.
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