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  1. Anybody playing this on a base Ps4? If so, does it perform alright?
  2. Just learn to use English properly and everything will be fine.
  3. *should have*
  4. It all sounds a bit like the stuff with Doctor Who when it first came back and they were saying they weren't going to be able to use the Daleks due to rights issues. That was sorted quite fast.
  5. I'm sure he's rich enough to buy some new clothes though.
  6. Does Kevin Smith ever wear clothes that fit him? He looks like child wearing his dad's suit jacket there.
  7. Do they have those in Canada?
  8. No luck again today.
  9. I'm spawning a short walk from the entrance. That could be the issue...
  10. No idea what I'm doing wrong for the head glitch not to work as I tried it about ten times. You just stand by a head, go back to the main menu, select Krypt and hold x till you get back to the head you were standing at right?
  11. They should just have left it in. Once they've got your money does it really matter if you're able to unlock some cosmetic items without spending god knows how many hours doing so? Miserable bastards.
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