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  1. Do they have those in Canada?
  2. No luck again today.
  3. I'm spawning a short walk from the entrance. That could be the issue...
  4. No idea what I'm doing wrong for the head glitch not to work as I tried it about ten times. You just stand by a head, go back to the main menu, select Krypt and hold x till you get back to the head you were standing at right?
  5. They should just have left it in. Once they've got your money does it really matter if you're able to unlock some cosmetic items without spending god knows how many hours doing so? Miserable bastards.
  6. This glitch must have been patched. Just tried it a few times and it's not working.
  7. Did anybody who received this from Simply at the weekend get a despatch email? My order still says processing. Wondering if I should just cancel it and grab it from Tesco tomorrow...
  8. Are they likely to ship early with it being Easter?
  9. Actually, John appears at the camp for me. The rest don't though. Im glad this Edge 10 was playtested really heavily.
  10. Aside from not being able to talk to these people in the camp, are you actually missing anything? Really can't be arsed restarting just to be able to exchange the odd line with an npc.
  11. Yeah it's pathetic on their part. If it is ready to be sold and they are confident in the product, which I have zero doubt they are, why does it matter if anybody has it a day early?
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