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  1. I've had a couple of sessions on this now and objectively speaking there's a lot wrong with it. Basic QoL stuff from these sorts of games is missing, like a map or the ability to ping something so your partner(s) can see it. There isn't even a countdown timer for party members when the lobby leader starts a game so you're in the middle of something and next thing you know, BAM! Loading screen. No warning. There's also fundamental stuff wrong with the combat. No cancelling of animations so you get stuck in long combos which do nothing to break enemy animations and that, in turn, means you g
  2. Strongest console launch in ages for me. Probably since the N64. There's a solid line-up of native games, my machine is quiet (now it's chewed up that sticker, chortle) except when the drive spins up briefly now and again, and there's a bunch of excellent PS4 games thrown in with PSN. The other thing is, despite being used to high end PC gaming, the visuals this is pumping out knock my socks off. Demon's Souls' Gates of Boletaria makes my jaw drop every time I see it.
  3. That's your fault for leaving me alone in a Souls game. I really like these as co-op games, they work well. I played through much of Bloodborne with @Takizawa and a mutual pal in co-op and it was a hoot.
  4. Well I'm not ashamed to admit I've found a couple of the boss battles pretty challenging in this. Demon's what? Gameplay spoiler
  5. I'm waiting for it to arrive after having warmed to some of the more recent videos I watched of people playing it. I think it'll be a decent co-op loot game to get stuck into with a pal or two. I'm expecting something similar in feel to Destiny in the early days of PS4. Light on content, repetitive but a laugh with mates.
  6. Mine made that noise for about 30 seconds and hasn’t done it since. I expect the mainboard is now covered in a thousand tiny pieces of sticky label.
  7. Anyone know if that Type C port on the front would charge a controller via a C to C cable? I want to have my headset adapter plugged into the Type A port.
  8. You can use a Gotek floppy drive emulator to run games from a USB stick. It's very easy to do and inexpensive, the amiga simply sees the Gotek as DF0. Don't know about question 3 but having an FDD solution in conjunction with WHD Load would work fine. I used to have an Amiga 600 with that very set up.
  9. Yup, if they sail today. We've got a severe gale warning and GAME Douglas have sent out texts warning people their pre-orders might not reach the island for tomorrow. Exciting times!
  10. Cosmo Jarvis was absolutely sensational in this. All of the cast were, actually. Very bleak but extremely good, I'd give it a 4/5 because I like a miserable film. The Gentlemen - loved this. Superb performances from an excellent cast saved it from its paper thin story. Another 4/5 Parasite - Beautifully shot and acted but a bit more ham fisted than I'd expected. A third solid 4/5 in as many films. Pretty good going. I'm bound to spoil this good run with something shit soon.
  11. Well I can tell you that Birchwood isn't on the Isle of Man as a starter for ten. Edit - It's in Warrington, which is the Hermes hub it's coming through so no doubt it's just a kink on the reporting system and that just means it's left the depot. Either that or someone's getting a free PS5.
  12. Mine's out for delivery in Birchwood! I live on the Isle of Man... (that's an atlas).
  13. Gaming chum popped over for some Tomb of Annihilation this afternoon. We ended up fighting a giant four-armed ape! Was fun. We haven't played one of the D&D adventure games in yonks!
  14. I'm cursed to forever read this game's title to the rhythm of Nights in White Satin.
  15. I've hardly bought any new music this year. All solid though, if you like proggy rock/metal. 01 - Bill Fisher - Mass Hypnosis and the Dark Triad 02 - Mastodon - Medium Rarities 03 - Enslaved - Utgard
  16. I watched this today. Brilliant stuff. You may also like Bad Day for the Cut if you haven't already seen it.
  17. What the fuck is this shit? Someone needs to remaster this post.
  18. Oh right, sorry for a flippant, jokey reply to a flippant post. I'll do better next time, dad.
  19. RC de GO! is great fun. Even moreso if you get an RC handset controller for it
  20. Don't ask me if you're prone to troll rage.
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