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  1. Nathan Wind

    Your Retro Grail Items

    Still really fancy an FM Towns Marty. Absolutely no idea why.
  2. Nathan Wind

    Atari Jaguar

    King of the consoles. Getting the big games first, every time.
  3. Nathan Wind

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    Ragna Rock from Max Payne stands out in my mind. It’s not really a nightclub scene in the same sense as the others posted, but it’s a great location. Going in past the ticket booth, working through the backstage areas with a distant industrial tune getting louder as you approach the bar. Lupino’s crazed ramblings in the old church. Lovely stage-setting.
  4. Nathan Wind

    Currently playing...

    Is it thought of as a classic? I've been trying to play it on the Switch anniversary collection and I just can't get into it at all.
  5. Nathan Wind

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    If you insist...
  6. Nathan Wind

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    We did it before, and without the nonsense sweeping statements - In which Sabreman said the following, which is bang on -
  7. Pretty much the same experience as you, @Pob. My dad bought a VCS when I was young and used it approximately twice himself, so it became mine - although I was too young for it really - and later they were happy to buy me an Amstrad "to do my homework on". Tee hee. After that I bought and traded my own gaming systems and they never interfered and they were happy for me to have it all in my room. They were always quick to give me stacks of big old 10p pieces for the arcades at Pontins too. Probably because it was a good way of getting rid of me for a few hours. I think it helps that my dad was always interested in the latest technology. We had the first video player in the village don't you know, and everyone would come round to look at it. Crazy when you look at tech now. He did tend to hedge his bets on the failures though. That was a Betamax player, and he also bought a Sinclair QL and some shitty all-in-one Schneider TV/hi-fi thing that seemed incredible at the time My time was never limited, but like now (horrible PUBG addiction aside), I was never really able to sit down for too long in one sitting without wanting to do something else anyway, a couple of hours before a break has always been enough really. They expressed mild concern when I went through a phase of playing a bit much in my late teens (Goldeneye) but it never got in the way of education or my part-time jobs so I don't think they were all that bothered. Joke's on them now I've grown up to be a mass-murderer.
  8. Nathan Wind

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    It's not even worth debating a statement like that.
  9. Nathan Wind

    Atari Jaguar

    I've got two pro controllers on the way so if anyone wants the spare (£60 posted), let me know. Otherwise it'll be going on eBay.
  10. Nathan Wind

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    New Sigh album is out. Mad as usual - Anselmo on guest vocals here -
  11. Where is the gameplay though? Consult map Go to area Find/kill thing Hold button to gather Gather more Hold button to craft It's just shite, even in TLoU - but at least that's mostly linear so reins it in (excepting the hardest difficulty setting). I appreciate that lots of people must like busywork because it's appearing in ever major release now, but it's padding out games by making you hold down buttons and I fucking hate it.
  12. I'm utterly sick of them. Crafting can just do one, even in RPG's.
  13. Turns out I did not knock that guy clean into the river like wot woz in my head. Still hilarious. Imagine if you will, high-pitched maniacal cackling over the following -
  14. Nathan Wind

    Narcos - Season 4 on 16 November

    I enjoyed it once it got going but it did feel like the foundation of something much bigger and nastier, so it very much makes sense that they branded it as a different series.

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