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  1. Triple cursed in Ashardalon today! Brutal.
  2. Thanks! I'm happy to hop in on Sunday if it's no bother. In terms of resources, I have downloaded the free basic rules, and the handbook and Xanathur's are in the post. I'm pretty roleplayey and boardgamey so I'm hoping I won't be too much of a drag on the group over the first few sessions!
  3. Hello! I'm one of them. Never played D&D but I spent much of my youth pen and paper roleplaying in Cthulhu, Werewolf, Vampire, Paladium, Heroes Unlimited, Star Wars, Pendragon and tons of others I've probably forgotten all about. It's been twenty-odd years since I've done anything like this, mind you!
  4. Just hearing those little bits of music on that webpage....
  5. Even though my name is not Nathan, I am unreasonably disappointed that your name is not Dudley.
  6. Re-Volt's all chase cam. It's a great game though, one of my faves of that era. The RC car physics are actually pretty good so it's a bit of a mish mash of an RC game and something like Mario Kart with the power ups and combat. Very different to RC de Go! but a brilliant game.
  7. Uh huh, it's a solo legacy Warhammer Quest in space. Looks superb.
  8. I bought Blackstone Fortress the other day. Felt a bit hard done by parting with so much cash but the instant you pop the box open, the quality of everything is so apparent. The miniatures are fantastically detailed and crisply molded and the card stock looks superb. It's all very much Space Hulk (3rd/4th) level quality and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in. It all takes itself so very seriously, but that bleak 40k gothic architecture meets advanced technology aesthetic is just so delicious.
  9. I have no idea why or how, but I just plugged it in and turned it on now and the TV picked it up straight away...
  10. Yeah, I tried it on a different telly and it’s working. The main TV for it typically just seems to be one of those few which isn’t happy accepting a 480p signal. Edit - it’s a ‘resolution not supported’ message rather than ‘no signal’, so the telly is acknowledging it.
  11. There are a couple on Steam, VRC Pro and RC Sim 2.0. I’ve tried both but they’re pretty dry, not very gamey.
  12. What’s the easiest solution for connecting to a TV which supports 720p as a minimum? I tried a pound cable but got ‘resolution not supported’, so obviously 480p is no good. It doesn’t have any legacy connections, only hdmi. I don’t need the best picture quality, as long as it looks half decent, doesn’t require much fiddling around and doesn’t break the bank.
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