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  1. I boradly agree but when it comes to drifting vehicle choice makes a big difference. It's quite possible to get in the zone of sliding around a twisty tarmac course like China if you use one of the higher end supercars for example. I don't know if you tried quick play but it lets you use any of the vehicles in a class so you can try ones with more speed and looser handling. It changes the feel dramatically. Bizarrely, the RC cars probably feel the least like RC cars.
  2. Mantis Burn isn't much good. It was okay at first but gets very samey in a short space of time.
  3. I'm going to recommend Ultimate Racing 2D. You heard. It's a fun top-down racing game on Steam, seems to have a pretty big career mode, tournaments and quick races. Tons of tracks with different surfaces, loads of different vehicle types which (at least the ones I've tried so far) handle quite differently. A.I. is fairly challenging and aggressive even on easy, there's weather, tyre wear, fuel, pit stops etc. if those float your boat. I've only played an hour but it's been really enjoyable. Only drawback is nobody playing online so unless you organise a game with a friend you'll be stuck racing the computer, but at the price and with the amount of content, that doesn't bother me. It only caught my eye because the screenshots reminded me of Grand Prix Simulator on the Amstrad.
  4. Fired the STE up tonight. It's 1.62 I had it upgraded to! I remember now that I'd asked for 2.06 to go down the HDD route but decided on 1.62 for better game compatibility with a Gotek in mind instead. Anyway I didn't play much, just a little bit of North & South and some Weird Dreams.
  5. Tonight I have played two excellent SNES games wot I haven't played before. The Firemen and True Lies. The former has been on my radar for years and it turns out it's as lovely, charming and quirky as everyone that's played it says it is. I've never seen True Lies before, was just having a flick through the games on my jailbroken NT and fired it up expecting the usual shitty movie tie-in platformer, but it's great! A top-down shooter that plays somewhat like a slower paced Alien Breed but with collateral damage that you must avoid. Really good fun, both. I also attempted to play Populous and Mega lo Mania but as I rather suspected, they're a total clusterfuck without a mouse.
  6. I've read the first chapter so far. It's only been about the history of the ST and how it came to market - for the most part nothing I didn't already know, but it's written nicely. An easy read, not too technical, which would be an instant turn off for me.
  7. Good shout, it should scratch the Hero Quest itch nicely. I wasn't too keen on the graphical style in stills but actually playing it, it's quite nice looking. Went for PC for the custom maps.
  8. Yes, same sort of thing happened to me. I had a 464 with a green screen and went round to a pal’s one day to see what the fuss was about over his new computer. We must have played Dungeon Master for about ten hours straight.
  9. He's in self imposed PUBG exile because he got too good. It was that or turn semi-pro.
  10. One example is a single remaining opponent running away from me for about ten turns until he'd dragged me into the next section of the map and the next lot of enemies. Now, you could argue that is in fact excellent A.I. from the enemy... The way the game works is the maps are huge and you can move freely around them but when you reach enemies it changes to turn-based grid play with set movement points. However, the entire map is always still a grid and how you move over it is determined by whether or not you're in combat. So in reality, because it never considered my squad to be out of combat it meant half an hour of moving four of my dudes six squares forward over and over for fuck all. Incredibly tiresome.
  11. Anyone played Hard West? I’ve read a couple of reviews that mention poor A.I. but don’t go into detail. Is it game-ruiningly stupid? Shitty enemy behaviour killed Achtung Cthulhu for me, but there’s always room for more turn based tactics in my life if its not that bad.
  12. As with every system, my preferred way to go is a flash solution for the bulk of it and a small shelf of boxed games that I really love. I have a couple of original diskettes that no longer read. Whether or not that’s to do with the relative lack of reliability of magnetic media in the first place, or the fabled disk rot, is anyone’s guess.
  13. Nice, I'll order that, thanks! Had no idea about it. I went with pimping my 1040STE. I sent it away for a clean and refurb, double the RAM, PSU recap, TOS 2.06 upgrade and a shiny new 4160STE badge. Haven't used it since There's a guy in the Netherlands on eBay that sells Goteks ready set up in a 3D printed caddy for the ST, so it's a nice neat swap with no modification required. That's the next thing. Then I might actually get around to enjoying some of the games from my youth again.
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