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  1. And today they posted this! I haven't watched it yet.
  2. Tremors, what a great film. This documentary popped up on YT a few weeks ago. You should watch it, it's good!
  3. I've got a core set of Shadespire I don't want if you're after a cheap entry into it. Played once but it'll never hit the table again. Nothing wrong with it but there's so much other stuff my gaming chum and I prefer to play. Might as well be with someone that'll use it.
  4. I picked up the second of the Space Marine Adventures games last week - Rise of the Orks. It's another filler/beginner game exclusive to GAME, this time based around tower defence where the first one was a dungeon crawl of sorts. Just played my first game on novice to get a grip of the rules and it seems pretty good. Component quality is excellent with thick card stock and huge, impressively detailed terminator minis. I think they're the ones you can buy individually in little boxes. They absolutely dwarf normal 28mm scale board game minis. So considering you get five of them plus all the
  5. I always rather liked Bet on Soldier - it kind of fits the brief in theme if not gameplay, in the same way as Unreal Tourney. It was one of those 7/10 also-ran shooters of the mid 2000s but the premise was so daft it gave it some real character. You were in the middle of a future world war but it was televised and you earned money for kills in order to buy ammo and stuff. Each stage culminated in this massive TV event boss battle on which punters would bet stacks of cash. Lots of barmy fun.
  6. Table is prepped for our first proper games of the new WoT Miniatures Game (a reskin of Tanks by Galeforce 9) any time now. We had a very quick blast after an afternoon of Imperial Assault last Sunday and it seemed a lot of fun for X-wing fans like us.
  7. Hi, could you be a darling and delay the release a couple of months, please? I'm already buying a PS5 and 30xx graphics card that month. Cheers. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
  8. They sound amazing! I'd be all over a Pocket Fiasco Color.
  9. I'm going to buy Lorf's off him a couple of months after launch.
  10. Ohhhhhhhhh boy. A deluxe Coryoon player, and no mistake!
  11. About three hundred quid.
  12. Speaking of, I'd love this to take the form of the A1200. The A500 is more iconic of course, but hot damn the A1200 is such a handsome machine.
  13. I don’t care about the C64 so I never gave that so much as a second look, but now this has been teased I am interested as to just how authentic it feels. Did they replicate the feel of the keys or is it something more modern?
  14. It will be full sized, exact original spec. HDMI modulator sold separately in the original RF modulator format. Half meg upgrade available separately. Games sold on SD cards which you clip into a full size diskette adapter. Who gives a fuck? Someone’s doing an Amiga that’s going to plug into your telly. Someone excited - check. Someone calling the makers cunts - check. Bunch of people arguing about form factor - check. We just need seven pages of incredibly dry arguments about the internal spec and we’ll have achieved ‘muk bingo.
  15. I see what you're saying, Lorfarius, if that's even your real name. But heed this - the C64 is a considerably smaller creature in the first place. You are as uncorrect as Seanrar. This is a Wind guarantee.
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