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  1. I just took a notion to have a look on ebay at the prices some of the old Tiger LCD's fetch now and some of them go for a pretty penny! When I was younger I had to slum it with a few of these while some of my pals were running around with Game Boys. I had the last laugh when I eventually got a Lynx for Christmas though. Oh wait... Anyway, these are undeniably shite but I have a soft spot for them all the same. Of the Tiger games, I recall having Double Dragon handheld and watch versions, Shinobi and Sonic the Hedgehog, then a bunch of generic ones on top. Some no name football
  2. I'm gonna say that crumb is from a Double Decker.
  3. RETRO PEDANTS ASSEMBLE! Hoooooooooooooooooooooo! I don't think anyone rational (oh) expected it again approximately three seconds after we had that ENTIRE THREAD about it.
  4. Definitely don't part with it if that's the case. You'll only miss it down the line, and that's a tremendous version of Wizball. I can soon snap one up off eBay if the notion stays with me. I've just started looking into the C64 anyway so it's not like I'm short of retro goodness right now.
  5. I was still using a shit 80s fake wood veneer telly after uni in 2001 RGwhat?
  6. In before someone says 'IT'S BECAUSE ALL THE GAMES ARE SHIT M8 LOLOLOLOLLOLOOLLLOLLOLLOOLLOOOOlllll'. Seriously, bunch of pricks stink up this thread, but you and I are gonna be real good pals. Reeeaaaalllllllll good.
  7. While you're at it, tell me all about that Atari ST. I made the mistake of tarting up my 1040STE with extra memory and 'upgraded' TOS which fucked it up as a gaming machine. Just a basic ST would be lovely...
  8. Any opinions on The C64 full sized edition? By the time I've bought a refurbished/recapped original, a joystick and a loading solution I'll have spent quite a bit more than one of these new ones. I realise it's emulation but I like that it's a halfway house in that it captures the look and feel of the original harware but with modern conveniences like loading games from USB, and it's not going to die any time soon. I'm not going to be doing anything more than exploring the games library. Anyone got one? Edit - after reading and watching stacks of stuff about them, I've gone ahead
  9. That's my first play through finished. Ending spoilers - I think it's a good ending, it certainly felt like one. I largely played it as a straight up FPS/RPG, barely touched cyberwear, melee or stealth so there's plenty of scope for playing through again more than once. There are also a few things I'd like to do differently but that said, I'm going to largely shelve it for a couple of patches then start over I think. I'll leave it installed and maybe just nip on for a plod around the city every now and again until then, but next time I play it seriously I want to do
  10. Wouldn't know. I didn't follow its development whatsoever so I'm going off my own experience of the end result and nothing else. Let's not 'we'.
  11. Setting aside the bugs and shitty behaviour during development and in the run up to launch, it most certainly is one of the best games ever made (on PC). Once it's been patched up, it'll rightly be considered a landmark game. Nothing has come remotely close to what this achieves in terms of coherent world building, stories and acting in a single package.
  12. I love this game. 50 hours in tying up a few bits before the point of no return, I thought I'd seen all the bugs Night City had to offer, but I've just had my favourite one yet. I rang Rogue for a natter, call went as normal, then POW! She appeared out of thin air right next to me, on an invisible sofa atop some glass balcony edging, just shooting the shit with me like we were still on the phone. This game truly keeps on giving
  13. I've been meaning to watch this since it came out and finally got around to it today. It's great! I watched Chris Curry's interview with the computing museum (or whatever) right afterwards which made for a really interesting companion piece.
  14. It’s on Origin again or you can buy it from Frogwares directly but then you need to use their launcher, so that’s yet another one to add to the list. I nabbed it on Origin the other day for 20 quid or something. I really enjoyed CoC so I’m looking forward to getting into Sinking City. From the first hour I played, the latter really does not hold your hand. I spent most of that time in the same little house working out what the game was asking of me.
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