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  1. Nathan Wind

    Atari Jaguar

    OK, we can be friends.
  2. Nathan Wind

    The Sega Dreamcast appreciation thread

    Yeah but that sweet sweet late 90s air. Breathe it in. I had a similar quandary with a sealed copy of Atari Karts for the Jag. But at least this is a good game lolololololololololuuurrrggghhhh.
  3. As a ‘genre’ that’s pretty open to interpretation. I quite like some older examples like the ones you mention and also Badlands, Roadblasters, and Battle Wheels. The genre really stepped up a gear in the PlayStation/N64 era, with Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, Interstate ‘76 and the like. Ultimately though for a game specifically about cars shooting other cars as they race, nothing else comes close to Mashed on the Xbox.
  4. Nathan Wind

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    That’s two people saying Super Mario Kart is the worst game ever made now. Two people I thought I could trust. I feel so let down. I just don’t understand what’s happening in the retro folder any more. It was always so friendly in here but there’s no coming back from this.
  5. Nathan Wind

    Atari Jaguar

    I only want one. Happy to go halves with someone.
  6. Nathan Wind

    Currently playing...

    Super Double Dragon. I’m a big fan of this game. The move set for a side-scroller is excellent and the special move charging mechanic is some top notch risk/reward stuff. Much better emulated so you can whack the speed up. Also chipping away at a couple of other SNES beat ‘em ups. I’ve got a run through of Aliens vs Predator on the go, which I don’t actually like that much, and of the excellent Turtles in Time. The latter is quite doable, but when it comes to AvP and Double Dragon, all I can say is thank fuck for save states.
  7. Nathan Wind

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    Hmmm, is that front end (edit - or similar) doable on Android? I’d love it on my Retroarched Shield TV.
  8. Nathan Wind

    Gareth Evans' Apostle - September 28th on Netflix

    I must confess, the fence bit made me think of Shaun of the Dead.
  9. Nathan Wind

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 51: Walker

    Do North & South. That's a great game.
  10. Nathan Wind

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 51: Walker

    I'm a big fan of Walker, but you're absolutely right. There's very little sense of progression, it needs more weapons and just more variety in general. It'll always remain one of my go-to games for a 15 minute blast though.
  11. Nathan Wind

    Gareth Evans' Apostle - September 28th on Netflix

    I really digged it. Didn’t mind the understated ending at all after some of the nastiness of the build up.
  12. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I thought Apostle was very good. Strong acting throughout, a visual treat with some really nice shot composition, and nasty as all fuck. It didn’t drag whatsoever for me. In fact, two hours ten flew by. If I had any complaints they’d be some slightly iffy sound mixing, with dialogue getting a little bit lost once or twice, and one or two overly CGI’d bits, but I’m nitpicking.
  13. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I thought this was excellent.
  14. Nathan Wind

    Upcoming Horror Games

    I'm all over that CoC game, it looks good. Dark Corners of the Earth was excellent, but bugs from the deep rendered it unplayable for me on both the Xbox and PC.
  15. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Yeah it's decent. I liked it. Going to watch Apostle tonight.

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