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  1. Fucks sake. Pricks like this are ruining it for everyone.
  2. Ridiculous pricing has crept into actual shops now too, unfortunately. I’ve been on the hunt for Mega CD games lately and several of the online shops I’ve used in years gone by are matching barmy inflated eBay BiN prices. I suspect they’ve caught it from eBay because they have a portal there but it’s sad to see. I don’t get it though, because the stock just sits there. I mean, retrogames.co.uk, who I used to use back in the day, have Snatcher for £350 and it’s been there forever. No one is going to buy it. Crazy, and they’re far from alone.
  3. I get a picture like that from a dodgy socket on my SCART switcher. Takes a little wiggle to sort, so yeah, likely some dodgy wiring in the plug.
  4. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Anyone played that Lone Wolf game? I used to dig the books as a young un.
  5. Retro Gamer 178 - GoldenEye Special

    Jesu Christo, that would make for an excellent subscriber cover. Looks like Brozzo had been working out hard for the film, but only on his left hand side.
  6. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    Road Redemption for a tenner? I'm in.
  7. @super_quincy's above me in the high score table I demand a refund. But srsly, it looks excellent. Thanking ye kindly @jerellis1!
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Wizball x Splatoon. I'm in.
  9. Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Stupid question time! PAL Mega CD games from Europe and language. I'm specifically looking at a text heavy game - Eye of the Beholder - from France. Will it be in French and will there be a language option? Anyone know?
  10. The Retro Cabling Thread

    Seconded. I managed to snag the official RGB lead for a good deal (i.e. a fiver rather than the ridiculous eBay prices), but otherwise I always use Retrogamincables.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    This place has gone Bovril potty recently. What with the Cap's Bovril thread in Health & Fitness flying out of control, and now the Switch thread turning into the Bovril thread mk2. Crazy days on 'muk. I saw a neon Switch in the flesh (plastic) for the first time in CEX last week. Didn't like it. Vulgar. Grey is correct.
  12. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    Mario Kart did not went wrong, you sicko.
  13. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Yup, even back then! Growing up on the Isle of Man, there were only a select few of us into the really heavy end of the spectrum. I was already into stuff like Faith No More by the age of 15/16, but then I started hanging around with some much older chaps who were able to sneak me into nightclubs, and one of them listened to Mayhem, Emperor, Cannibal Corpse and all that good shit, so that was it from there. I was away. Hair was grown, leather jackets were purchased and painted, and on special occasions I even busted out the Alchemy jewellery and corpse paint I remember sitting in the corner in a room full of conventionally dressed young adults on my first day at uni in Falmouth, feeling like a proper twat, until a long haired dude in an Obituary t-shirt strode in. A beeline was made. I can't dig that much of it any more, but I do still enjoy the odd listen to the properly good stuff. I'm mad in love with post/prog black metal. Opeth have gone off the boil but the likes of Enslaved and Ihsahn are killing it presently.

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