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  1. Nathan Wind

    Space Hulk Tactics

    Yeah, the Blood Bowl games are great, particularly the Legendary Edition of BB2. I was horribly addicted to it on PS4. Full Control's Space Hulk game is pretty faithful to the board game already - I'm really not sure why this is being made, but whatever. There have been some solid GW games of late. I'm thoroughly enjoying Sanctus Reach and Inquisitor Martyr also. I'm not even that much of a GW nerd. I don't own any of their board games (although I've had a few over the years), have never read any of the books and don't care for the lore. I think it's just the massively overblown, pompous aesthetic which translates really well into video games for me.
  2. Nathan Wind

    Space Hulk Tactics

    Some PC configurations were like that in the early days, it always ran ok for me, but it's improved significantly with patches. I get the odd crash or bug but generally it's fine now. They might sort it out a bit on PS4 but it just doesn't have the grunt to brute force its way through the really heavy stuff like a PC can get away with. I really must get back to it. There is a thread for the Deathwing buried in Discussion - I was pretty much the only person posting in it
  3. Nathan Wind

    Space Hulk Tactics

    PC yeah. It looks amazing, has real heft and runs ok now after a problematic launch period. Edit - It was never going to look good and run well on PS4, even on a Pro (I've got one). There's just too much going on when you get bum rushed.
  4. Nathan Wind

    Space Hulk Tactics

    Deathwing is absolutely ace FYI. Space Hulk from a few years ago and its sequel, Ascension, are also ace. I don't see what this is going to offer over those two but if it's got 'Space Hulk' written on the box, I'll sure as fuck be buying it.
  5. Nathan Wind

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Nice! It was the same with the McWill screen in my Lynx - a camera would pick up vertical lines but it was totally crisp and clear to the eye.
  6. Utterly superb game. I'll give that a listen later.
  7. Nathan Wind

    Sega Bass Fishing (Get Bass)

    Absolute classic for me. I spent countless hours at uni playing this with chums while completely off our tits. Hilarity ensued.
  8. Rick Dangerous is absolutely nails! I dodn't think I ever got past the second world on the Amstrad. I was playing Hostages yesterday. It's superb but a lot trickier than I remember.
  9. Nathan Wind

    Must have PSP games. What's your top 5

    Field Commander and Killzone Liberation gotsta be in there.
  10. Amiga or ST. I played it on the latter when I was young. It's usually followed by a bash on North & South but deKay recently reminded me of Mega Lo Mania so that's getting a run out next time I'm in a retro strategy mood.
  11. Nathan Wind

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    For whatever reason, it does seem a lot better fit on Switch. I couldn’t really get into it on Wii U but I’m loving it here.
  12. Nathan Wind

    Battlefield V

    Maybe you’re going to play the part of a military reenactor in multiple wars. English civil war, both global wars, Boer...and you have to drive between the various weekend meets in your clapped out Ford Fiesta using a modified Euro Truck Simulator engine.
  13. Nathan Wind

    HBO's Westworld. Yee-Haww Co/w,bo.Y@@@ [FATAL ERROR]

    Also mightily digged that bit of Wu Tang near the end.
  14. One of my all time favourites. I still prefer a good blast on Laser Squad to any of the modern X-coms.
  15. Nathan Wind

    Currently playing...

    I love Mega Lo Mania. Haven't played it in years.

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