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  1. Well that's just special looking. Cannot wait.
  2. Away from DOOM talk. Voxelgram is out this week and it is fantastic. Takes a little getting used to the added camera controls, but plays a bloody good game of Picross. I'll have a review at the weekend for it.
  3. Sad news from Charlton. Lucy Kerr has passed away after a battle with cancer 20 is no age.
  4. I think you are not far off @Gotters. But as you say, right now we couldn't care one jot. It's been a horrible 30 year wait. Too many near misses playing exciting football. I can take the 'just do enough' approach for now.
  5. Lock Ann Up! Lock Ann Up!
  6. I have no influence on the football results.
  7. West Ham smashed our women's team. I fear an off night and a 2-1 loss.
  8. Yep. It is the same in other sports. Eg: In Ice Hockey you cannot check until you reach Under-15s, but contact is allowed at younger age groups. In Rigby I don't believe you can do certain tackle types at certain ages too. It just makes sense from a safety point of view. I think it will also see a generation of players be much better with their feet and positioning.
  9. The authorities have put into place a restriction of heading balls in training for Under-16s and a ban for Under-12s. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-51614088 It makes sense after the studies to at least restrict heading the ball at a young age. However check the comments section and despair.
  10. Sounds good. Thanks chap On subject. After a couple of weeks with GeForce Now, I don't think I can justify keeping it going. It plays poorly with my connection* and can't play mist of my library on there. The tech works but it's going to be ruined by those who run it. *Since it came out of beta anyway. Was brilliant during the beta period.
  11. That's fair enough. I'll look at doing a review for Mental Health Gaming when it comes. I like the idea of tghe sandbox mode for unwinding and de-stressing.
  12. I didn't know it was actually up for pre-order. So I for one am grateful!
  13. I keep meaning to pick that up. Looks fun. Assume no plans for other formats than PC / Xbox?
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