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  1. Take a look at yourself for crying out loud. It was clearly a joke. Relying on Man United is something we have created for ourselves. So no arguments from me. Hopefully we win our games and Leicester lose one of the remaining two left. If we miss out, then it is fully deserved as we have been shocking all season. Not finishing at least second in this league is a poor return ;).
  2. All over Southampton at the moment. So will finish 1-1 with a late equaliser
  3. Yep save your best XI for Thursday
  4. Could easily have become another Bertuzzi incident. The league need to really be more proactive in how they handle things like this.
  5. Got my invite today and was super simple to get into a game. Tried Rain on Your Parade, but will try later with my XB1 save of The Show 21
  6. A piece from @Gambit on MHG https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/an-ode-to-giant-bomb/
  7. Tom Clancy's The Division: We still haven't fixed the major harassment issues that plague our companyland.
  8. Chelsea beat them yes. But City will hit them with something different and Pep just wins finals
  9. Can't see either Chelsea or Madrid beating City in the final. So they can finally join Europe's elite.
  10. PSG have completely gone
  11. It's the one from The Game Collection I think. Which states it has Aftermath
  12. I've got the vanilla version of this on Switch and I am really enjoying it in single player. If I were to buy Ultimate seperately would it just add the DLC, etc to my copy of MK11(digital)? Or would it treat it as a new game? Can Get MK11 Ultimate for around £20
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