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  1. My five year old loves Embr.
  2. It's going to ask happen lap one next weekend
  3. So much moaning and bitterness all round I want full Prost/Senna, Schumacher/Hill style battles
  4. Not as good as Ori and the Blind Forest
  5. West Ham continue to impress. The next 6-8 months will be massive for them in deciding what their ambitions are Clubs will be testing their resolve for the likes of Bowen, Rice, Soucek, etc
  6. Look forward to your full opinion. Where can we see that?
  7. Adding to my wishlist I really want this one. Everspace 2 isn't in a good enough state to play properly yet, so this should scratch that itch
  8. Can finally try this out. Looking forward to giving it a go
  9. Fair enough. I just wanted to get the reference in
  10. He hurt his toe for crying out loud Imagine telling Bert Trautmenn a goalie hurt his toe so the game should be stopped or a goal given back.
  11. Nah, letter of the law the Sunderland goal should have been chalked off. This was a fair goal.
  12. Every time even you think you've seen it all.
  13. I must remember to share these more. Our last episode was the first in a while where I wasn't stupidly ill.
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