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  1. That sounds a sensible away of doing it.
  2. That is fucking ridiculous. Fuck the offside rules as it stands. No way that should be given as offside.
  3. Just play and enjoy. You don't need to compare yourself to @sir stiff_oneor @Jonster . Doing so will drive you bonkers But as Stiff says, just keep playing and you will improve. Only thing is, online is unfair at the moment. I am melting opposition without even getting into a rhythm. So don't be disheartened if you get obliterated online right now.
  4. I can see protective headgear being developed to work with football and then grandfathered in. See the way, helmets for players and then visors were grandfathered in for Ice Hockey. Hell they even started to mandate all players had to wear a helmet during warmups something accelerated after Taylor Hall's injury in 2012. I especially want to see all kids wearing headgear NOW. As they won't stop trying to head a ball during games. One of the reasons I have my team play with the ball on the ground as much as possible. So we can minimise the amount they head the ball.
  5. Attempt number 5 at getting into this. Any advice on how I should concentrate leveling up?
  6. Luiz should be off and that is WHY I will say time and time again that any head injury should see a player removed to be properly evaluated in a quiet room and a 'free' replacement allowed.
  7. This isn't looking promising at all. Thoughts with him.
  8. On this... Virgil was offside, so it could never be a penalty. However VAR should have insisted the ref check the collision and decide if a red card was warranted.
  9. Getting close to 300 and this is myu best win yet! All-Clear Maximus!
  10. If that's on Salah the world screams about it being a dive
  11. Fuck off. That's two players kicking the same ball.
  12. Poor Lallana. Just being around a Liverpool shirt and injured
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