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  1. I'd love a proper Slitherlink release.
  2. If they want to bring any game from the Wii of this type, it should be Kororinpa. Get us the GC Monkey Ball instead.
  3. Whatever Klopp and the team do is fine by me. Do I want him back? Don't really care, he made his bed. Would I have him back? Sure, if he benefitted the team by being here.
  4. What if you had this situation... 1. Man City (86pts GF: 85 GA: 10) 1. Liverpool (86pts GF: 85 GA: 10) 1. Chelsea (86pts GF: 85 GA: 10) Results: Man City 2-1 Liverpool Liverpool 1-2 Man City Man City 1-2 Chelsea Chelsea 2-1 Man City Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool Who would win the league? As Chelsea would finish ahead of Man City, who would finish ahead of Liverpool, who would finish ahead of Chelsea. I know it will never actually happen, but hey... I am bored.
  5. What's the best source for learning how to play the ranked modes? Any good Youtubers?
  6. Winning by a foot or so... unbelievable. I can't think of a sporting occasion that has been that close before.
  7. I don'\t even do cricket, but this is amazing.
  8. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    Some how missed that, thanks.
  9. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know if you can use the Twitch Prime Nintendo Online offer more than once on the same Nintendo Account? I did it using my Twitch Prime on my Nintendo account, but found out my Mum has Amazon Prime, so she could get Twitch and do Twitch Prime, but could I then link my Nintendo Account to her Twitch Prime and stack another 12 months?
  10. Still cannot do motion controls on this on handheld, as they remove the ability to use up and down on the right stick.
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