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  1. I think we are about to see the full demise of Ice Hockey in the UK. Rinks have been shut previously, but I think the immediate closure of John Nike in Bracknell will have far reaching effects on the grass roots game. They held jamborees there every year for U10s and for many it was a wonderful introduction to tournament hockey. Aside from Sheffield, it felt like the main trip for events in the sport. I don't think John Nike will be the last to go in the near future, any rink only venues are very much in danger. So likely Hull, Invicta, etc too.
  2. I love this game, right up there with Binding of Issac for me. https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/neon-abyss-review/
  3. Hull should be given Wigan's 12 point deduction as punishment.
  4. Erm... that's certainly something alright.
  5. Wait, so he is still employed by ITV but they decided to just give someone else a chance with the bigger games and Clive gets the secondary? I assumed the world was falling in based on some of the reactions. He was an average commentator at best.
  6. Can post now without getting into trouble... Neon Abyss review. https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/neon-abyss-review/
  7. I think Burnout Paradise almost got it right (bare with me, as this may not come out how I intend). A large open world can be fine, although I prefer the idea of smaller districts fully fleshed out with tons of detail (Yakuza), these can even be linked together via a larger open world if you want a sense of scale. The issue I think comes from structure, with too much to do at any one time. Burnout Paradise sort of overcomes that with the license based progression and the Big Suff Island add on. This can be worked into an open world game in a much better way Say for example your charaxter is doing a story arc when their partner / friend / child / dog / breakfast is in grave danger. The particular arc may be 3-4 hours worth of content. Don't throw in cookie cutter side missions and discoveries that take away from that.... What's that? You child has been kidknapped and time is of the essence? I'll get to it, after I have been to the shops for Doris that old lady I met 10 minutes ago, to get her some cat food for her husband. It makes no contextual sense and just gets in the way. Have relevant side quests that work in context and only for that arc. If between arcs, then open up everything, but close them off for the next story arc and so on. It makes everything feel relevant during the main part of the game and then open it up after that has finished. You could even create additional stories after the fact in the same world (see GTA IV expansions, Fallout 3, etc). I don't want to be travelling from one side of a huge map, to the other side for a pointless fetch quest, it breaks the immersion of the game and makes me not care as much for the chracters involved. As good as the Witcher 3 was, it soon became apparent that even there it descended into cookie cutter quests to fill a map, just with some better smoke and mirrors.
  8. I get the reaction, especially after the result and the way it happened, as emotions are high. However, this is a final warning to everyone here. Start treating each other with a bit more respect or bans will be handed out moving forward. This isn't aimed at just you, the original post was reported and handled in the same way.
  9. What wa De Gea trying to claim when the goal went in?
  10. Jesus @dizogg. Really? REALLY? Wishing harm on a young kid is vile. Even as a joke, that isn't acceptable.
  11. Ha, no. Played it before I set the site up.
  12. Because we likely not adding to the squad during the next window, so better to keep as many as we can right now. We don't have a ready and waiting replacement for him in the U23s who will be able to improve on him (now). With others leaving we have Jones / Elliot who look ready and also Brewster / Wilson back as options from loans. Although I expect Wilson to be sold / loaned again.
  13. It's not too bad - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Pure-Mahjong-1579159.html
  14. Issue with a localisation bug, so moved to bring all reviews in line.
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