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  1. They are in a no win situation this weekend.
  2. I knew you’d like that one
  3. It's like naming Trump the Humanitarian of the Year because he stopped to let some Hispanic kids cross the road that one time.
  4. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    You need to set it manually the first time.
  5. Megan Rapinoe wins the FIFA Women's Player of the Year award. Very well deserved, she is a hell of a player. She is using this a platform to bring many issues to the forefront. She isn't afraid to speak out and she has to be commended for that.
  6. Ramos, Marcelo and Modric are all odd inclusions based on last season and as much as I mock them for being pissed at Liverpool winning awards, not a single City player is wrong.
  7. That Mourinho bit was fucking awkward
  8. Yeah, but it is making everyone involved with Man City get more and more enraged as it goes.
  9. Alisson wins the FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year award... blah blah, treble, blah blah, bias, blah blah What About Citeh.
  10. Klopp wins the FIFA Coach of the Year award... blah blah, treble, blah blah, bias, blah blah What About Citeh.
  11. Everton will put up a massive fight against City and get a result.
  12. Just seen the trailer for Tangle Tower which is on Apple Arcade now, but coming soon to Switch. A detective / puzzle game, I am all over that when it releases. Want to see more like it too. Would love for all the old Layton games to get ported.
  13. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, in a tear down they showed some slight differences. Mainly to the housing but I suspect that will help identify which is which
  14. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    No, you can't, at least not with ours.
  15. Loving this. I was only 12-13 when I played originally and I feel I have forgotten a lot of it, so it feels really fresh. I struggled to get into BotW, with the brief time I could play it for* but this just gets you instantly into things and the progression just works so well. *I will try again one day if I find it at the right time.
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