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  1. Two Point Hospital: Console Edition Murder by Numbers 12 Minutes Axiom Verge 2 Carrion Spelunky 2
  2. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    The issue I had with Gleamlight was the main character was from an existing franchise.
  3. I loved that film I didn't neg you by the way
  4. I like it! Also like the passworded games. Should mean we can organise some forum battles. Shame you cannot party up and enter team battle as a group.
  5. Napoli have sacked Carlo Ancelotti. Assuming Arsenal or Everton move for him, or West Ham sack Pellegrini and go for him.
  6. Robonauts is also free at the moment. I nearly picked up Mana Sparks for 89p the other day, but may as well wait. Wonder what the 'Mystery Game' will be. My guess is Astro Bears.
  7. Plenty to look forward to from the Indie World Showcase. Must resist The Talos Principle again though.
  8. It's happening! Leverkusen win tomorrow and finish second... Round of 16 we draw Leverkusen QF vs Juventus SF vs Chelsea and on to Istanbul!
  9. My 3 year old daughter is a future headline writer. "Oh Liverpool won? Let's Salahbrate"
  10. Puppeteer remake Rain Remake Just me?
  11. Here is my review for Reventure - http://bit.ly/340kRIA
  12. Probably not the biggest news this side of the Atlantic, but has some potentially massive implications moving forward. MLB The Show has been a Playstation exclusive, since it is developed by Sony San Diego and all that. However the new license agreement means it will be multiplatform from 2021. Including Xbox. This is really great news, as it gives us choice and when we get choice it is better for all. You'll have to assume this will also be cross-play. I don't expect the biggest flagship titles (Uncharted, Last of Us, etc) to do the same, but great to see some movement. What is that now? Minecraft Ori Cuphead MLB The Show ??? Not a huge selection, but something that would have been unimaginable 5-10 years ago.
  13. Lucas had his very first hockey taster session at Invicta. If you want tips, feel free to invite the boy for a skate. He'll happily teach!
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