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  1. @Jamie John "Ooh you're 'ard" and "different <blanks>, different needs" come up a lot. I've also heard both Ign UK podcast and RKG make "No professionals" and "what were you worried about?" references.
  2. I suppose that would be one way of doing it, and they do briefly consider a reveal at the end of the episode. I would love to have seen Turners stream his reaction to the Nintendo direct though.
  3. What? The whole idea is they're putting lies in there! Surely no-one is using this podcast as their sole source of E3 news. I think this was the ballsiest and best they've done of these annual shows.
  4. Looks a bit boring compared to yours now!
  5. I genuinely thought the Computer Game Show podcast made that up!
  6. When I worked at Game in 2003 that's pretty much what we did when a customer had a faulty pack-in pad; took a new one off the shelf and sent that back to the manufacturer. Edit: With an accompanying hand-written note, of course.
  7. That Warioware trailer, I was suddenly so conscious that it was just some bloke talking. Much better as occasional soundbites. Now I see why Illumination aren't putting him in the Mario film.
  8. 100% guaranteed that if this was Dark Souls 4 people would complain about the changes from the tried and tested formula.
  9. Part of the reason will be that they don't want to take focus away from their game that is actually released this week.
  10. Good idea, was thinking about fixing it myself like I did the ps4 pad but there are literally no screws on the dualsense! I'll send it off in a week after my new black pad arrives
  11. Started getting stick drift in my PS5 pad, the left stick was moving the character when I wasn't pressing anything. Spoke to Amazon customer services and they've offered me a "partial refund" of £134.99. Thanks Jeff!
  12. Huber has shaved off his lockdown beard
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