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  1. Hoping the real one gets rid of the PS4 light strip, not makes it more prominent.
  2. Take it to the "Is it time to ditch the consoles?" thread.
  3. @Flub That's impressive, I heard the chances of hi-scoring Attack From Mars are a million to one.
  4. Ah yeah, that's what I was thinking of, it has been a few years.
  5. Was that the one in the room with the pillars?
  6. @Alex W. That could be true of screenshots, but yesterday I was playing Jedi Fallen Order, pressed the share button after a fight, and waited almost a minute before I could save the video while my guy slowly walked forwards.
  7. All I want is a screenshot/record button that works instantly like the Switch.
  8. I remember being amazed with the bump-mapping in Halo, switching the torch on and off and moving around to see the highlights change, and your character in Morrowind causing water ripples in their wake. These days every surface in games has some shader effect or other that I've stopped seeing it unless I take a moment to look for it.
  9. Great list, also Spacestation Silicon Valley on N64 had an item that had no collision detection so the game couldn't be finished.
  10. @Oz Did you ever try doing a thrust attack on him?
  11. Reward for one of the events starting 23rd jan.
  12. Much better than the smash version.
  13. Personally I have a problem with the sunk cost fallacy, once I've attempted something many times I have to keep trying, no matter how frustrated I get, to the point where I end up with bad memories of a game I once liked. Trials Rising beat me though, I found the last couple of extreme tracks impossible (i couldn't get past the first obstacle on Inferno V), let alone the ninja ones.
  14. I'm happy to see this is a reduction from last year, probably thanks to the switch. In fact, Tetris 99 would take 3rd place.
  15. wretcherd


    The Sekiro run was pretty hilarious with how many things went wrong for the runner, multiple "that doesn't usually happen"s and unnecessary deaths. In the end he didn't have enough cash to buy all the items he needed for the category. If you're familiar with the game it was still a brilliant showcase though.
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