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  1. Oh I thought I was agreeing about the battery life being shit but you're saying the DS4 is shit even if it had good battery life?
  2. Joycons have like 500mah and last for days (admittedly they don't deal with obstructions very well)
  3. wretcherd

    Fall Guys

    This game was basically over straight away.
  4. Oh I agree, I specifically deleted mention of NSMBU from the post so it was more explicitly about the console.
  5. It would have been fitting though, for the narrative. A callback, almost. Like Mario being absent for GC and Wii launch and triumphantly returning with the Wii U. Hmm, not a favourable comparison there.
  6. At very least loading faster is a given day one, and probably a more consistent framerate.
  7. Mainly the bloodstain retrieval mechanic but also limited, carefully timed heals, bonfire-like checkpoints, obscure story with hidden lore, oppressive tone overall, NPCs you bump into on their own journey, theme of descent into the depths and at times a real trapped-in-Blighttown feel. It makes it its own thing though unlike many games that ripped off aspects of Souls without really knowing why.
  8. Surely the warranty is a year from purchase date. How do they know when you bought it?
  9. I didn't buy a PS4 for Resogun or a 360 for Geometry Wars but that's what I played the day I got them home. It's not really about launch games, this will be the box I use for non-Nintendo games for the majority of the decade. This time around I'll probably see how well my existing games run, like I did when I got a Voodoo 2 and Half-Life wasn't in software mode anymore.
  10. I feel similar about Picross 3D tbh. Also they feel less "pure" because some of the sides are deliberately left blank whereas in 2d picross every row and column is labelled correctly.
  11. Nintendo revealed Switch launch games and price in January for a March release. Edit: though they announced the announcement a month before that
  12. wretcherd

    Fall Guys

    After getting stuck on See Saw multiple times, my top tip for the pink one is to walk off the edge (not jump) and hold R2 as soon as you land and keep holding it to walk up the incline.
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