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  1. People were wondering if the new game would have wall-running and he said "Nope", which someone then posted on other bigger forums and named him as the source.
  2. Yes, especially after what happened with the Apex leaks.
  3. wretcherd

    Trials Rising

    Re: stadium ghosts, I'm so glad other people have mentioned this as I thought I was going crazy. On top of the ghosts being far too good, I also found the game would claim I came 5th and eliminate me even though I can see 3 riders cross the line ahead of me and 4 riders behind me.
  4. wretcherd

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    Don't forget to put a dollar sign in place of the S to show that you're anti-capitalist.
  5. Do we know when/how they're announcing the winners of the 999 draw?
  6. Speaking of ziplines, this was a genius switcheroo by my teammate, with an enemy squad between us and the circle and time running out.
  7. Most important thing: wear headphones/headset. Doesn't even need to be surround sound, stereo is sufficient to be able to pinpoint the exact direction of nearby footsteps and gunfire. Will also make you conscious of how noisy you are when sprinting about yourself.
  8. @Minion Had several randoms who quit the second they died today, and even during the skydive. Take these 2 numpties.
  9. @Down by Law Love the peek out the window. "Oh you've got to be kidding!"
  10. wretcherd

    Trials Rising

    The tutorial stuff is the best its ever been, just did the one that teaches the / / / bits, which would have helped a lot with Inferno 2 back in the day.
  11. wretcherd

    Trials Rising

    On normal PS4 I'm getting big slowdown when crossing the finish line. Not really an issue, and often just highlights the comedy ragdoll endings. This definitely feels like a sequel to Evolution, a return to form. One track in particular ups the spectacle, clearly them going "look what we can do now".
  12. Just a little skirmish right at the start, with no shields, and downed teammates who quit just before I arrived at this building.
  13. wretcherd

    Trials Rising

    My guy seems to lean all the way forward or all the way back. I assume most of those vertical sections are done mostly with incredible right-trigger control?
  14. wretcherd

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I love it because it's daft. One level is on a football pitch with a goalkeeper who tries to stop your balls going down the hole, unless you pot him first. There are photo ops on the map for you to stick your gurning face through and it takes a photo. And your character sings along to the end of level song and spits out the trophies you've won. It's more like a puzzle game, or What The Golf? where part of the fun is seeing what craziness the next level will bring.

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