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  1. multiclunk

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    Oh my, I loved XIII. Not just for PlayStation I hope?
  2. Can anyone confirm this as bullshit or not? I heard on the radio yesterday that all episodes of series 8 will be available straight after the 1st ep has been aired, that's bollocks surely?
  3. multiclunk

    Solid little thrillers

    I can't remember the name of it right now but it's a Netflix movie about 2 townies who go hunting in a remote (Scottish?) area and end up in all sorts of bother with the locals. Came out last year I think. Enjoyed that one. Aha! It was Calibre. A couple of years since I seen it but can I nominate Seven Psychopaths too.
  4. multiclunk

    Solid little thrillers

    Blue Ruin, surely? How about Kill List as well?
  5. multiclunk

    Guilty Pleasures

    If we can do TV shows rather than movies? I'm going to nominate Billions (Sky Atlantic/NowTV). It's pretty outlandish and none of the characters are very nice people (they are all really really awful really) but man, it's great. New season has just started and I'm torn as to whether I should watch it weekly as and when it's available or save up and binge the full series/season once it's done. When it's not on (for 9 months of the year) I do not ever spend a moment thinking about it or wishing it would hurry up and come back, but when it's there it's glorious. 2nd tier glorious but glorious all the same (see also Sons of Anarchy, Brotherhood, Animal Kingdom, The Passage and plenty of other tier 2 shows)
  6. multiclunk

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Just about any song off of Soul Mining is a winner for me @SomethingWitty,so you can take sit back, relax then take that fucking franking machine and shove it right up your ARSE mate
  7. multiclunk

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Was driving to work this morning, stuck in slow moving traffic, Radio 5 on, listening to them playing clips from calls from the day after the referendum. People's thoughts on what had just happened and how great things would be from now on. It was how you'd expect it to sound (fucking soul destroying). Fuck that I think, so switch it up to 6 music, and they are only playing Flowered Up, Weekender from way back when everything was just less shit. Can't remember the last time I thought about that song nevermind listened to it. Made my fucking day, weekend even. Full 17 minute mini movie below. Enjoy (shorter edits available). It's glorious.
  8. I haven't watched it myself but it got an absolute panning in the guardian review which did kind of put me off. Might still still give it a go though, depending on the feedback it gets in here Edit - link I posted didn't work. One star review though
  9. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I watched The Dirt (motley crue thing) tonight. It was shit. But very entertaining shit. Had a massive Wayne & Garth feel to it. 10/10
  10. multiclunk


    This is one of those shows that I really enjoy, but I don't think I can think of a single likeable character in it. They are all awful, awful human beings.
  11. multiclunk

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    I just watched the whole of this in one afternoon. Ricky Gervais has been getting on my tits in everything he's done since the middle of The Office, but I really enjoyed this. Who knew that could happen, eh? I know it's a totally different thing, but it had a bit of that gentle Detectorists feel to it for me.
  12. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Suburra - Blood on Rome is back today for a second series. The first one was excellent. Has similarities with Gomorrah (on Nowtv) but is not quite as good (Nothing is as good as Gomorrah tbf).
  13. multiclunk

    Crackdown 3

    Loving this. Had to force myself to bed last night after playing for about 4hrs. Whoever compared the feel of some of it earlier to Just Cause 2 is spot on. Aside from the gameplay itself, I'm also very taken by the presentation of it all, the intro's and the little vignettes for various in-between bits are great. I'm playing on a bog standard One & it still looks grand.
  14. multiclunk

    Forza Motorsport 7

    I haven't played this in a long long time. I had no idea about all these changes and improvements until I caught up with the thread. Think I might well switch it back on this evening to see what all the fuss is about. Thanks for drawing it all to my attention @Boozy The Clown
  15. multiclunk

    Das Boot TV sequel coming to Sky

    I've got a couple of episodes left to go on this, but it's been really good so far. The U-boat side of the story is much better than the resistance sections, I find. So, so tense. The episode I watched last night, mainly focussed on the U-boat crew, was gripping but I also found it severely depressing

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