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  1. I don't know if the offer is still on as I signed up last week and have been away for the last few days but you could sign up to one of the Amazon additional subscription channels for half price for 3 months, £2.50 a month instead of £5. The pick of them seems to be Starzplay which includes stuff like the excellent Counterpart, Steven Kings Mr. Mercedes and Castlerock plus quite a few other series and movies which are quite appealing. Just need to cancel auto renew before the 3 months is up. Apologies all round if the offer is no longer up, meant to post this last week but stupidly forgot before I went away.
  2. Holy shit, episode 9 This is the best TV since I don't know what.
  3. Not a ruin, but it certainly looked abandoned, I'd love to spend a week camping on the island of The Witness. It's gorgeous.
  4. Yes, add me to The Guilty fan club, thoroughly enjoyed that. Great little thriller.
  5. I've read all of David Sedaris' various collections and they are without doubt some of the funniest things I've ever read. He really is a fantastic man.
  6. Finished episode 2 last night and this has been stunning so far (but what place to end an episode) - This has atmosphere in spades and is just hanging on the right side of mind-bendingly out there (for me anyway). The pace is also satisfyingly glacial and some of the cinematography is beautiful, like the very slow scenes panning back and forth around various indoor locations like the police station and nightclub in Mexico. Can't wait to get on with seeing where it goes next.
  7. Starts again this Wednesday with a double bill on Sky (and maybe the full season on NowTv?) It's quite possibly the very best thing I've seen on Nowtv. Very much looking forward to its return. .
  8. Due to the rewards I've accumulated, I've managed to get this for a little over £3. Bought two x £5.00 Microsoft store vouchers on the rewards section (they're currently 20% off) plus the gamepass discount brings it down to 13 pounds something. Quite happy with that. And it's looking to be a great expansion, not far into it yet but what I have played has been very impressive. The introductory race is quite spectacular and I'm looking forward to getting stuck right into it this evening. I'd kind of drifted away from FH4 over the last 6-12 months and went back to mostly playing Forza 7 for my car based entertainment (I've always preferred the more disciplined version of the Forzas) but this looks like it's going to be glorious fun. Is the previous island based expansion any good?
  9. That's a great doc @Nespresso, thanks for posting. I downloaded this via gamepass the other night, along with Metro Exodus and Hollow Night. Tried them all, but Astroneer is the one that's holding my attention. I've gotten into it in a way that I thought No Man's Sky would grab me, but didn't. This one has though and I don't know why, but I am absolutely loving it. Haven't played it tonight unfortunately but that's because I've been watching reviews on YouTube all night. Desperately wanted to play but it was always a case of 'I will after this one', but look at the time now, far too late to start tonight. I finish work at 1.30 on a Friday though, so I'll put that right in around 12 hours. Great game.
  10. Outer Wilds is really, really great.
  11. Ok @HarryBizzle, I've never got into an internet argument before (apart from that 1 time with AngryH, but that's inevitable isn't it if you're normal) and I'm not going to restart now with you, about something so inconsequential You've taken 1 section of my post and tried to turn it back around on me with a bit of sarcasm thrown in.- and that' is weak of you. However, I don't claim to speak with any authority at all about this subject. I was only expressing an opinion. The use of CAPS in the bit you selectively quoted was just to emphasize my made up quotes, but you already knew that I think Anyway, forget all that, I sincerely hope you can enjoy E3, spoiler free. And I'll enjoy it whatever I see or hear about it beforehand I hope.
  12. You might not agree with what I'm saying but it does make sense. The hypothetical spoiler averse person, crying about spoilers before the trailers are officially aired, seems quite happy to eagerly await and then gobble up the thing (an E3 trailer) that could be spoiler filled for the actual game itself. Take a look at many of the new movie threads on here for an example of the spoiler averse thought process, where plenty of people announce they are going on a 'media blackout' in case of spoilers in the trailers for the next Jurassic Park or whatever. But the very same gamers (assuming that most people who contribute here, are here because that's what they are) will quite happily watch a show full of game trailers? To paraphrase you back to yourself- STUDIO SAYS - "A very exciting movie you will probably like is going to be made and here’s a trailer to get you pumped!' However- THE INTERNET RESPONDS - 'Fuck that, I'm going on a media blackout until I can see it in my local cinema, just in case of spoilers' But what you are saying is that there's no reason for any media blackout if it's just a case of spoiling the surprise, not the movie. Is there a difference between a movie spoiler in a trailer & a game spoiler in a trailer?
  13. Anyone tried Undercover? It's a Belgian/Flemish made (undercover!) police vs drug lord thing, set mainly on a Belgian caravan park of all places. Has some good characters and a nice balance of that dark/light moments thing going on. I'm enjoying it so much that I've watched 3 of them one after the other tonight. I hope it can maintain this initial promise because it's been pretty great so far.
  14. To get all uppity about someone spoiling an announcement or a trailer for a game is just odd. If someone is that spoiler averse, wouldn't watching any of E3 spoil the actual game itself when that person comes round to actually being able to sit down and play it?
  15. multiclunk

    Outer Wilds

    This is a lovely game, mysterious and certainly, as Boozy said, a gem (of the diamond variety in my opinion).
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