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  1. Looking forward to giving it a go this weekend. Got a fairly positive review in the Guardian edit : (Tried to post a link but it's not worked)
  2. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    x Rollcage!
  3. Anyone who hasn't seen this yet is missing out on an absolute gem of a film. I watched it on my own on a Friday night, then watched it again on the Saturday and made my wife join in (she loved it). It's wonderful and genuinely laugh out loud funny in places. One of the best movies I've seen on Netflix.
  4. Far Cry 5

    Watched it myself just after posting about it last night and I agree, it was a a lot better than I was expecting.
  5. Far Cry 5

    Anyone done a mission with Marvyn Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' as the soundtrack yet? Best background music I've heard in the game so far (outside of the original music, which is fantastic).
  6. Far Cry 5

    Can I urge anyone who hasn't done so yet to speak with the cook in the Falls End bar. He's got some great stories and also gives a few pretty good side quests. Also noticed today that there is a 30 minute live action prequel to the game on Amazon prime video. Haven't watched it yet but I expect it's shit. Anyone want to take one for the team?
  7. All Grainger Games stores are now closed

    I was a regular shopper at Grainger, going back like a few of you to when they had a tiny hut in Newcastle's Grainger Market. It was great, they would always sell you new releases as soon as they had them. More recently I used their Benton store just outside Newcastle, it was also their head office I think. Their big orange Hummer was always parked there or roaming the local streets around the area. Last used them two weeks ago when I picked up Dirt 4 and Mad Max (for less than £30.00). All seemed normal in the shop, quite a few customers & enough staff around (staff who never ever tried to upsell me anything ever, I should add) I've bought and sold a load of stuff from them over the years, games, consoles even the odd bit of tat. The staff were always friendly and many of them were happy to chat about their experiences with the games you were buying, or what they were playing or what was selling\not selling that week. Didn't know they were in trouble until I went on Tuesday evening to trade in a couple of games to go towards and pick up FC5. The carpark was empty, shutters were down & door was locked. And that's the head office, seemed totally deserted. In the end I popped to the big Asda over the road and picked it up there for £46.00. It's a real shame they're gone, I'll miss the place. I hope all the staff I met over the years are going to be OK. As a company they seemed to have come from nothing with their little hut in Newcastle and grew to something successful and quite big in quite a short space of time, but then crashed in an even shorter time. Sad times.
  8. Xbox Games with Gold | April 2018

    The Witness is worth the subs money on its own. It's an exceptional game. I hope it gives it a second wind and drives a lot of new discussion in the thread.
  9. Far Cry 5

    I'm playing on a original Xbox One and a bog standard Sony Bravia HD telly and I think it looks great. For the first time in ages today I came home and wanted to get straight back playing where I left of at 2am this morning. I can't remember the last game I did that with. Normal routine is home, change clothes, make a tea, watch the Chase then the news, then food is cooked and eaten.Then it's games/netflix time. So anyway, power up the Xbox aaaaannd it's Time For An Update from Xbox, been going 40 minutes and it's only upto 14%. FML
  10. Sci Fi recommendations

    Read this a few years ago and really really loved it.
  11. Watched this last night and although I wasn't 100% sure what was playing out in front of me, I thought it was an exceptional and fantastically beautiful looking film. Now that I've read back through this thread again, with the spoilers open, I'm going to watch it again today (with sincere thanks to all those who've posted theories & interpretations - your a very well informed and knowledgeable group). Really looking forward to a second viewing, with the added bonus that I'll be watching the 4k version this time (watched last night on my gaming TV, which is HD only). I've also got the 1st book lined up on my tablet to read during the week. I bought it a couple of years ago but just never got round to it. Going off topic a bit but this has been a great movie weekend for me! Watched 2001: A Space Odyssey on bluray on Thursday, with the Keir Dullea commentary, Annihilation last night AND today (with new insight!) And then I'm going to rent The Florida Experiment to watch with my wife. What a life
  12. I had a good session on Horizon last night, don't think I bested any of your times @Meatball though. Still a great game.
  13. I still think the Rally DLC for Horizon is the best one of all, throughout the series. I've not played it for a while, but I think I might try and get it going again tonight if you chaps are setting new times for me to not beat in the Rivals. Rivals mode is such a great way to play if you want to learn & improve.
  14. I watch the full 8 episodes over the weekend. I thought it was nicely shot and it was interesting enough to keep me at it but I think it was missing something overall - It might not sound like I liked it that much from the spoiler, but I'm definitely in for season 2, should it come to pass.
  15. The Chase - PASS! Best (or worst) player ever?

    She took the lowest offer (£500) and still failed to progress to the endgame.

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