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  1. Very nice some of the options you all have picked in here. Thing is, I'd love one of these, but I just know that as soon as one I picked/designed arrived, I'd be thinking of a better combo I could have selected. There are just too many options and alternatives, I'd end up buying one every week
  2. Christ the picture I've got on ITV hub is barely SD, can hardly even make the numbers out on their backs from the long views. And I had to watch 2 ads before it went to the game. Shite.
  3. Is this game being plagued by 'technical issues' for everyone, or is it just my TV?? Edit - not just me.
  4. Listening/watching Max Cooper with the repetitive beat, (illegal in some quarters) AND fucking amazing repetative visuals. An absolute feast.
  5. Yeah, loved this from start to finish, no need for a second one at all, let it finish there.
  6. Watched that episode last night! This is great telly. I've attempted watching it twice since it first aired, but both times I gave it up halfway through the 1st episode, for reasons I can't remember. Have given it another try this week, as a time passer during some slack time on some very quiet nightshifts and I'm very glad I did. Gonna finish S1 today. So good that all four seasons are on iPlayer now.
  7. That was fucking great.
  8. Was reading through the thread and saw someone posted WRC 9 was on sale for 7.99, leaving me little choice but to buy it (and a nice surprise to find it reduced further to a frankly ridiculous £3.19 on visiting the store) So it's downloading now. Maybe should have asked before buying, but as someone who really enjoyed Dirt Rally and how difficult and unforgiving it could be (using a pad), is this comparable at all? I understand from reading the thread it seems to be a bit less brutal, but does it have similar structure, locations and cars etc. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy
  9. If any of your potatoes are of the smaller varieties, boil them up (or par boil them would be best). Drain them and let them air dry in the pan for a bit. Once they're coolish, slice 'em up as thin or as thick as you like and then throw them in a roasting tin. Add a decent splash olive or sunflower oil, a massive dosage of balsamic vinegar, a bit of salt & black pepper (plus anything else you fancy, paprika maybe?). Shake them about in the tin to get them nicely coated. Crush a couple of garlic cloves and throw those in the tin too. Stick them in a pretty hot oven
  10. Solaris is more interesting that good in my opinion, it kind of misses the point of the original story I thought Although it's a good few years since I watched it and my take might be way off the mark
  11. Yes, those sequences are wonderful and made me hunt out Mr Malik's quite hard to get hold of Voyage of Time. I eventually managed to find a German Blu-ray online for a pretty stupid price. It's rather a stunning piece of work though but I've only managed to watch it once due to one of the real world sequences consisting of the bloody deaths of a herd of cows slap bang in the middle of it. (I had my hand over my eyes when it came on so I'm not sure of the context, whether it was the aftermath of a lorry crash perhaps or whether it was some ritual slaughter or something. It's a pity because it's
  12. Although I have to say (and I hope I'm not alone here) Primer absolutely mixed my head up. I'm too thick to get that one.
  13. Willing to take all recommendations @squirtle keep them coming man
  14. Oh man, I cannot resist a @Goose recommendation. Predestination goes on the list. Thanks
  15. Ok cool, still got my sub for that, thanks man
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