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  1. Do you have an idea how much you think you would get for it, (roughly)? Are you getting shot of it because it's useless to you or do you just need to make more space for other stuff? If it's the latter, maybe putting it into storage might work. Or could you get a weatherproof shed in your yard or garden? (My brother did this last year for similar reasons, he got a tin/plastic shed for around £300). I'm asking because I've had sellers remorse before over things I thought I didn't want anymore
  2. multi

    Instant Noodles.

    I absolutely love the Shin Ramen ones. Asda sell them in a pot noodle size container and a larger size one too, as seen below (large orange is there for scale). I'd eat these every day if they were better for me. I'm considering having the one I've got left for my dinner today, since I'm watching the football and having a beer, so can't be arsed to cook a proper dinner.
  3. I got to the end of the 1st Mass Effect this month, which I first played when it came out in 2006 (?) I've previously went back to it a few times in the intervening years but never persevered with it until this month, lock down boredom spurred me on. It was OK, I enjoyed it enough to buy 2 and 3 for 5.99 each from the store. I've been a bit put off now though after reading someone in a thread say that you need some DLC to get the best out of the games but it's no longer available apparently. Anyone got any opinions on whether it's worth continuing without DLC? I'm about 5 hours in on ME2.
  4. My version 1 elite controller has the same.
  5. multi

    Perfect Albums

    Agreed, Infected is a great collection of fantastic songs, and stands up today still but I also rate its predecessor Soul Mining equally perfect. Only 7 songs long but I love every one of them. Loads of new listening suggestions for me in here that I'm looking forward to looking up, with all this free time on my hands. Still mulling my own list!
  6. And Nowtv! After my last post on this in Feb 2019(above) I never actually finished off the 1st season. Now with all this time on my hands, I might as well get caught up
  7. Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but 3rd and final season of Dark is coming at the end of June (27th I think)
  8. I watched this tonight on the back of Mr. Kermode stroke Observer film of the week recommendation. Enjoyed it very very much. Some outstanding photography considering it was set completely at night 4 Westinghouse Tape Recorders/5
  9. Yeah your right Art, 7.99 for Prime (I think?) then another 7.99 for Mubi via Prime. It all mounts up* Although there's literally hundreds of hours worth of stuff on vanilla Prime plus the other perks (delivery/kindle unlimited etc). *Edit- going waaaaay off topic here, but a quick calculation of my subs Netflix 11.99 Prime 7.99 Tennis vi's Prime 6.99 (currently suspended) Nowtv 7.99 Google Music 9.99 Disney+ 5.99 Xbox Ultimate 15.99 (?) That's nigh on £70 per month FFS, ridiculous! I need to seriously reconsider some of those subs
  10. @Art Vandelay do you have an Amazon Prime sub? You can get Mubi through subbing it as an extra channel.
  11. Any chance of getting the thread title changed? The £2.99 per month for Mubi is now £7.99 after the 30 day trial.
  12. Its a good few years since I last watched it, so can't say how well it's aged but Hoop Dreams is one of the best sports documentaries I've seen. Made in the 90s about two young and talented lads hoping to make it into the NBA.
  13. That was the best 5 minutes of the whole thing (apart from every Little Wee Yoda bit). Not that I'm disparaging any of it, I enjoyed it all.
  14. X-box Oris? X-BOris Noooooooooo, ffs.
  15. I really, really fancy starting a new game on this, but I've been away from it for so long there's no way I could just pick up again from an old save. However, I'm not sure I can be arsed with that first section again. I remember some of it from my first time, and I think I only persevered then because there was always the chance that it was nearly finished. In my head it takes maybe an hour, perhaps a bit more but that's probably wrong, can anyone remember how long the first section lasts? Brilliant game but a terrible start.
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