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  1. milko

    Xbox Game Pass

    Desperados, nice. That, Donut and Control are all perfect GP fodder for me, I wanted to play them but never quite enough to part with money. So what was that one that "Melissa" was jokingly tweeting about a while ago that everybody thought would be GTA5 or RDR2? I don't really understand all that injokey stuff at all.
  2. milko

    Cricket Thread

    My thought process whenever Australia lose at cricket always becomes "bugger, this will let them identify and sort all their problems just in time for the next Ashes"
  3. milko

    Cricket Thread

    That's an incredible result for the match and series. Wish I was in a position to be watching these overnight games!
  4. If you can, a steering wheel is very good for VR. Expensive too, I know. VR seems very much at the sim side of driving games for whatever reason. I found Project Cars 2 a bit better with the pad, for what its worth. There's a few lo-fi arcade ones on Sidequest as well, V-speedway maybe the best, worth a look.
  5. I'm not sure those features are in the iPad version in question. Fresco has the lock transparency if that's any help!
  6. I guess there was also that he was often a disappointment at the big international tournaments where he’d been hyped up as the guy who would change England’s fortunes. Probably to the degree where nobody could meet the lofty expectations but even then. Responsible for some AAA tweets over the years too.
  7. Had a fun little duel with @mrben09 for a few laps early on. I learned a couple of races ago that my fuel consumption always seems to be higher in the race than practice, haven't worked out why yet! So far I'm carrying too much around with me and overcompensating. Then a fairly long lonely stint, which I honestly don't mind right now at least while I'm learning the ropes. Then a TITANIC STRUGGLE with @Valver for the last ten minutes I think it was, I was the faster car at that stage but the one time I made it past cleanly I immediately messed up the next corner and lost the place a
  8. Yeah, feels like I could go double-or-quits on the PartAlert FE meryy-go-round! But I've no spare GFX card to use as a stop-gap while I gamble, I think I'll just try to forget all about this nonsense.
  9. Alright, that's helped a lot. I had to up the TC from the aggressive default to the "someone let a toddler behind the wheel" values I'm used to, but then I could get some laps together and sort my tyres out to a place where I'm almost happy (still struggling slightly to get the fronts to balance between too cold and way too hot). On my own local attempt at duplicating the Hungary race conditions I'm at around 1'27" dead and feeling like I could find more time if I could hook up my line through the lap a little better, so that's a big improvement. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks that's really helpful. Though my experience of trying to do 3 or so laps with the aggressive setup rather than safe one has been comical in the past, I am due another shot at it now.
  11. more noob questions: Setup! I am dabbling in trying to make the car drive better by adjusting things. There are rather a lot of things that can be adjusted, and some of the adjustments can make the car incredibly rubbish to drive, so this is good fun. I've read a few guides and summary sheets that enable me to do some basic stuff without getting too tangled. Good. One thing I've noticed in the last couple of tracks is that my front left tyre pressure ends up quite a lot higher than the others. I gather that we're always aiming to have all four tires in the sweet spot, s
  12. I agree but how much of that £16m pot is from what the broadcasters pay The FA for the rights? If it's none, then fair enough, I genuinely don't know. I do know the FA has taken a financial beating in the past year though and while they're hardly on the same scale as the small clubs they've made redundancies and cuts themselves. Maybe they couldn't afford to give out that money without the tournament.
  13. haha, I had a weird feeling I was confused. Apologies to both!
  14. Nice to bump into @CarloOos (not quite literally, but there was a moment) and @willmill on the server just now. I tentatively might have fixed my crash issues, too soon to know for sure. But reinstalling it made me realise I'd kinda sabotaged myself with some view settings, once back to default it gave me a much better start! Not sure what happened originally. Anyway, I did that and tried another USB port for the wheel as I had a half-inkling that the wheel might have been causing trouble. Dunno.
  15. not yet! Feels like I might be up to that “try everything and hope” stage.
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