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  1. Rahane determined not to bat!
  2. Good to know you’ve still got the touch!
  3. I don't really know how to focus on keeping it clean though! I think @davejm said something about this, but the car seems very happy to lose the back end when pushing it but also when not. I do love how it turns in though, I'll give it that.
  4. Yeah it's a real challenge. I keep telling myself that if I can crack it I'll be a better driver in other cars for the experience. So frustrating though, every time I think I've got it going (my best invalid-lap-but-very-minor-mistake is now 2.00.1) it throws me into a wall again. When I do manage to correct a slide and make it look like Valver's first gif it feels amazing! But also that's like 1 in 20 compared to just fucking it up.
  5. has anyone tried the flying boat that appears to be literally a hang glider and a propeller strapped to a Zodiac inflatable?
  6. then come out of the pits, around the first hairpin and PUNCH IT CHEWIE PUNCH IT MORE GENTLY, CHEWIE!
  7. I'm trying to remember covertapes on Your Sinclair and Sinclair User but I guess they were mostly full old games rather than demos of upcoming ones. Or I just forgot all the demos. Outside of the usual suspects like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom then, I remember how sometimes a good demo coming out way before an actual game would actually end up being a bit of an anticlimax. Me and my schoolmates absolutely hammered the demos for Worms and Micro Machines 2, and when we finally had all those extra tracks/weapons/levels it didn't seem to have quite as big a draw as we'd expected.
  8. There's some sort of sci-fi one this month, right? I chose that, but with low expectations. Most months (I can't remember when I last did) I don't choose any of them, doesn't seem worth it.
  9. It took me about 18 laps to get that one valid one. I did hit 2.00.xx once but put a tiny bit of my wheel over the line and invalidated it in a silly place. At least that gives me hope! The car is amazing, such a lot of noises going on.
  10. I reckon I could get fast at this Porsche Cup thing, just as soon as I stop it spinning around as soon as I press the go pedal. Whee!
  11. It’s the women’s games that are all free on YouTube, I don’t think many of the men’s are (just the ones that the bbc also have, maybe?)
  12. I was nowhere near good enough to actually race, but that was a lot of fun to try and drive anyway. Second race in the evening looked incredible, too.
  13. I'm interested in how many of you new players seem to have gone for sightseeing and realistic flights. I made a beeline for the landing challenges myself, the ones where you're trying to drop into a tiny airstrip (e.g. Nepal) especially. We could have a high score tournament!
  14. @Gabeapparently so, and it would not have been the case if the morning was rained off instead. By all accounts this is an oversight rather than an actual decision so it’ll probably change in future, but I don’t even need to apply for it, it will just happen.
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