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  1. milko

    Something loose of any

    I was just talking about the spambot bit, personally.
  2. milko

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Broadsword Computers, in Rhyl. Only thing I really remember is trekking there pretty much weekly one summer, to ask if the new Dizzy game had come out yet. Finally it did! Then I learned that following a how-to guide really wrecks the fun of a game. Formative years...
  3. milko

    Something loose of any

    Way more likely (and the IP checks to Sao Paulo) to be one of the people following Yonlu here. So yeah, a little faith and tolerance, please!
  4. milko

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    As somebody who is not likely to read 16 of his books, may I ask for one or two 'must-read' recommendations from that list?
  5. milko

    Put Here

    it's surely not just random! Sir, I put it to you that this is a "my four year old could do that" kind of comment. My life was slightly enriched by trying to figure out if he really really was doing that thing with the Up!dogs.
  6. milko

    Audio Club

    That's one way, although audio in via that jack is mono I think, if that matters. Or you end up getting into various ways to connect via the Lightning port which will give you more power but it immediately becomes probably more complicated than you want. I've not really used it in a wider context, only on the iOS device itself with something like Audiobus routing in sources.
  7. milko

    Put Here

    I'm not saying I read every word or even any of them really. But check that, Fresh Prince quotes in a vaguely cyperpunky lo-fi thing? It's got a certain Outsider Art appeal I think. Claims that the dogs in Up are scripted by a rudimentary old AI rather than actual writers? haha! It's not like it stops other content from being here or anything.
  8. milko

    Audio Club

    @morcs do you have an iPad (or I guess actually a lot of people use iPhones for this). There's some pretty neato looper apps for that (Loopy HD is the most well-known I think) if you can get the thing working in your workflow.
  9. milko

    Put Here

    I kinda like it tbh
  10. milko

    Outcast (1999) is reborn!

    good tip. that's a bit annoying, I still don't have sodding home internet and don't know when it will be sorted. Maybe I can do it on Wembley stadium wifi tomorrow.
  11. milko

    Outcast (1999) is reborn!

    now we can be disappointed for free! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outcast-second-contact
  12. milko

    The Visual Effects Thread

    don't forget you can just tweak the curves on the motion in and out of the keyframes as well - click the little graph icon next to the timeline. I sometimes use 'easy ease' as a start and then just do that, if I want something quick (somewhat lame as it is!).
  13. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46224473 lemme know if you want any more tips
  14. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Fulham doing so badly, and not looking particularly like turning it around anytime soon may also not have helped. Shame though, I hadn't quite given up on him getting something sorted yet.
  15. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah, leave him right there to keep bagging those innings-rescuing runs towards the end. Man that must've demoralised Sri Lanka a bit just now.

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