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    Youth Sport

    Dunno if you've seen it already but this article about coaching kids' teams is pretty damn good. Warning, it might get a little dusty at times while you read it. ‘I hope you know this was never about football’: coaching my daughter’s team https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/may/08/football-with-my-daughter-fredrik-backman
  2. @SANtoOos this video, while somewhat irritating at times and never getting to the promised part 2 at all, may help you with your settings for VR.
  3. Yeah, I remember at least Imola seemed to have a fair few offs, albeit maybe they were less smashy and perhaps the rain was to blame. It's fun either way, I don't mind! Until someone takes me out from a good points position then it's going to be toys out of the pram probably no more than I'll karmically deserve already.
  4. You can just see me in that clip having navigated my own similar moment around @Count Buffalos but without the added complication of a second car at least. I later had a similar one passing you and Dave's little contretemps! It'll be interesting to see if these GT4s are still so incident-prone when we hit the league races on more 'normal' racetracks.
  5. Oh @SANtoOosyou can go into some menus in ACC and bring in the HUD displays so they aren’t so far out to the edges of vision. It still means you have to look but it’s not quite such a stretch.
  6. yeah, I’ve been known (as recently as, erm, today’s first race) to be trying to take all that stuff in on a straight, then glance up and go “hmm, shit, that’s the 50m sign” as I plunge off the end of the road. It’s tricky! Good fun tonight as ever! I am a bit apprehensive about my GT4 skill levels for this season but maybe it’s just that this track is extremely deadly. I had a couple of short lived fun battles in there, generally ended up by some kind of wall visit.
  7. Not by default it seems. Maybe there's a way. Still can't get past that I wouldn't be able to read it from my driving seat though!
  8. complete with realistic "can open the driver's side window for ventilation" cockpit setup
  9. The monitor just shows the VR helmet output... also I'm about two metres away to sit at my wheel! I might be able to alt-tab out I guess, I'm always a bit afraid to do it in case something hangs. And my pre-race tends to be about five minutes of cramming before qualification starts as I'm always barely able to make our start times, it's stressful enough already
  10. I only find out once I’m in VR though, I can’t do any of this stuff! I boosted the overall discord volume but I might have to do it again.
  11. I was in but ended up not saying anything I think - I do find the volumes in there low for a few people though! Yeah, in fairness my perception may just be the way it goes for GT4 and I’m just getting used to the lack of aero assistance. I’ve watched a hot lap done in the same car and I’m mostly doing the more or less the same inputs on the corners where I know I’m about right, so it’s mainly figuring out how to do the “down the mountain” part better. Which I won’t have time to do, heh.
  12. Brake harder! Or earlier, dunno. They're easier in that aero isn't doing a lot so it's simpler to set up*, there's a lot less you can do, but I dunno about easier to drive exactly, it's quite different. And yet fun, especially since this is a non-league race you should join in just for the experience, it'll help you mightily for later. This track is pretty lethal though, I understand the reputation now. I can manage a low 2.17 (offline, my Quest ran out of power while I was trying on the server!) but for the race it seems likely that a safety first approach would be prudent. Just a
  13. That plodding about the back position might be quite hotly contested actually!
  14. respect! It's a Kindle I was trying with too.
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