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  1. Any candidates clamouring to be recruited as replacement manager? That usually seems a big part of any incumbent getting the boot. Big Sam! I think Old Trafford could use his brand of specialist knowledge.
  2. milko

    Cricket Thread

    England Test squad: Joe Root (Yorkshire) captain, Jofra Archer (Sussex), Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire), Rory Burns (Surrey), Jos Buttler (Lancashire), Zak Crawley (Kent), Sam Curran (Surrey), Joe Denly (Kent), Jack Leach (Somerset), Saqib Mahmood (Lancashire), Matthew Parkinson (Lancashire), Ollie Pope (Surrey), Dominic Sibley (Warwickshire), Ben Stokes (Durham), Chris Woakes (Warwickshire). Pope, Sibley, Crawley, Mahmood, Parkinson in. Bairstow out, no place for Foakes either which surprises me. Jos gonna need to have a good series with bat and gloves?
  3. I got this one for my wife earlier this year. It seems pretty nice, without being hella expensive. I'm sure it's a level under true pro kit but I don't see anyone else being disappointed. https://www.urbanbar.com/product/copper-plated-5-piece-cocktail-set/ They have a few different variations that can bring the price down a touch too. Amazon UK have zillions but I found it pretty hard to distinguish for quality on there.
  4. Forum fave Adrian Tchaikovsky (Children of Time et al) has some fantasy-genre books. I didn't know that! Anyway, one of them is 99p at the moment. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tiger-Wolf-Echoes-Fall-Book-ebook/dp/B018SIYVAU/ First of a series and seems well regarded.
  5. I'm not convinced anybody here has thought about it beyond those 30 minutes to be honest. But yeah, it's a concern that's no fun to have. HONK
  6. lol I'd been quietly worried that this game might be "looks funny and the idea sounds hilarious... what if it's not actually much fun?" but that line's pretty much re-sold it to me.
  7. milko

    Cricket Thread

    hmm, they already made that big call, just now in the Ashes. I think they need to try again.
  8. milko

    Cricket Thread

    alternate for entire series? Interesting, I suppose it saves one each time from having to travel. I could see us looking a bowler light when they inevitably aren't quite fit enough to play every match of the sequence, but maybe that's all a necessary part of the transitional plan. Did he have much to say about solving the batting/keeping dilemmas?
  9. It doesn’t stop him going anywhere else, it just means that whomever buys him pays a massive fee instead of him getting a shitload as a free agent.
  10. milko

    Cricket Thread

    I went along this afternoon. Nice to be a rare witness of Smith getting out, at least. I think Anderson will keep going yet, he sounds keen. I just wonder how England will manage it all, but since they've already got him and Broad on Test-only duties there's a chance.
  11. milko

    Cricket Thread

    he's basically got one innings left to save his place on the next tour, right? Blowing a review on it as well, it just looks worse. Eesh, they were looking reasonably well set at tea.
  12. EXIT THE GUNGEON has been announced. Side-on shooter. An Apple Arcade exclusive, at least for now.
  13. Wasn't that long ago you could do the same in many premier league grounds too, but alas those days are gone. The old clipboard/tie over the shoulder thing would get you anywhere. Now the best I got is a jacket with 'UEFA Signage Crew' on it, which usually makes security at least be polite while searching bags, pockets, ID, primary school record of achievement, swimming badges and so on.
  14. Luton v Leicester (for some reason)? I've yet to actually show up in person but there's some milko work in there.
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