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  1. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah it's pretty fun in a snacky kind of way, and it's been undeniably interesting how shots and fielding have emerged there and found their way into ODIs and even Tests. This series has had three close matches out of three with reasonable amounts of ebb and flow between the sides throughout. It feels to me like anyone doing well in a T20 would still need to be proving themselves elsewhere before anybody talks about Test matches. I guess Archer's the most obvious example though, guy bowls like a very accurate railgun in T20 so the natural question was "can he do it all day for two test innings... and can we completely overuse him straight away to make sure we break a limb properly?"
  2. I thought Inner Space might be early 90s but nope, I'm just getting old. 1987! I think it was either our first or second VHS rental after many years of my dad insisting our Grundig VCR was better quality. We had video cases that looked like leather-bound books, from a distance, and you could only use it to record from the telly, nothing pre-recorded was available. Anyway, I read the novelisation of this before seeing it and got pretty hype, no idea how I came to read the book in the first place. Was it any good? My critical skills would've needed mighty disappointment to not like it at the time, but it doesn't seem particularly remembered now. Dennis Quaid! Meg Ryan!
  3. It does seem very Fulham to get battered by the bottom team.
  4. milko


    I'm very very tempted. I'd also (prior to speaking with him) resigned myself to just selling it as 'spares or repair' (watching one on eBay to see how it gets on right now) and buying a new one. Trouble is, the stuff I'd mentally begun shortlisting aren't sold by the repair guy and what he does sell sounds very good but I can't find a lot of info about them online to make myself sure. I still have my pour-over filter for the morning fix but it just isn't the same! Meanwhile my wife was quite reasonably suggesting I replaced it with one of those moka pots for about £20.
  5. Yeah I really liked Hawk The Slayer as a kid. I gather I was most likely mistaken but I haven't attempted a contemporary rewatch yet.
  6. milko


    Rancilio Silvia v3. I'd sort of idly studied a few others when wondering what to do if it was broken and naturally none of the things the bloke was suggesting had appeared on my search at all, so now I have even more options. I guess I should find a box and get the thing sent to him before I worry about it really.
  7. milko


    This is no longer true. Fucken' thing. Apparently it can happen to this model, the element goes and that's that. So, I can send it in to a guy who fixes 'em, he reckons it'll either run me to about £100 or £200 all in, depending on which one of two things is wrong with it. Have to decide if it's worth chasing that sort of money into something thats only worth £350 anyway second hand, if it's a sign of things to come I'd be annoyed. On the other hand it's otherwise in lovely condition so maybe it's worth it. He did say that once he's diagnosed it we can have a chat and he'd take it as part-ex should I fancy one of his other machines too, so that's another dilemma I can have.
  8. milko

    Outer Wilds

    ok cool. I was worried I had to play it to a certain point before it'd start saving my progress at all, the 'quit' confirmation message was very ominous.
  9. milko

    Outer Wilds

    Hey, I have a 'new to the game' question. Sorry if this has been covered previously but I've been trying to avoid spoilers. Yesterday I got a proper crack at playing this for the first time and was very much starting to enjoy it but had to cut things a little short. Early game spoilers for brevity as much as anything: Then I had to stop for the night, and... I can't save of course. I have to restart all over again? I gather there's some kind of time loop cycle I'll be coming up to at some point and then this will make more sense, but in the meantime when I go back to the game. What's gonna happen? Do I need to set aside time properly to get through that, or rush through the bits I've completed already?
  10. Yeah, I'm not unafraid of a hefty block of impenetrable sci-fi to get through so I'll definitely get to it soon.
  11. I've got the Ninefox Gambit on my to-do list still. Had a very brief attempt but I don't think I was in the mood and stopped a couple of pages in for something else.
  12. milko

    NFL 2019!

    Yeah sure, it just seemed like this one was even more extra than the TD celebrations. I get the celebrating everything though, I've sat behind the guys piloting the spider-cam thing and they break out the high fives every time the director cuts to a shot from their camera.
  13. It feels early to be picking Wales as winners, but I agree nobody's likely to make a Slam this year. They couldn't have wished for nicer opponents than Italy at home to start with but there's a lot of tricky away games to negotiate and I feel like better teams will expose the difficulty of new coaching team tactics and familiarity. Maybe I'm just being a typical Welsh pessimist.
  14. milko

    NFL 2019!

    I don't watch enough NFL to know, but that bit in the 4th where the 49ers did a 'team photo' celebration after what looked like a match-sealing play... and then it went very much pear-shaped for them. Does that happen often? It seemed awful premature and fate-tempting but the commentators didn't seem to make much of it at the time (unless I was too sleepy and missed it, my match snacks were one mug of herbal tea and the remains of a Terrys Chocolate Orange, both finished in the first quarter). Whereas people still bring up Milan celebrating in the dressing room at half time before Liverpool turned over a 0-3 deficit that time.
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