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  1. milko

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    The comments felt like a little rllmuk away trip with the amount of us in there. There was even a guy with stan's avatar although it most likely wasn't stan. Anyway. Looking forward to hearing what you and anybody else here who gets it think. I'm feeling like the original mobile game was so well-suited to that format and I'm not sure I really use the Switch (or PC) in that way so I'm kinda torn.
  2. milko


    I always find supermarket beans disappointing for espresso. Do you have any coffee shops that sell beans near you? Then again, if you're looking cafetiere blends maybe they're all you need, the Union Coffee gets my seal of approval in that case and we get it from Ocado at work so I assume other supermarkets have it too.
  3. milko

    The Man Utd Thread

    Not sure that’s allowed, unless you’re doing rush goalie to make it work.
  4. milko

    Cricket Thread

    It’s pathetic really isn’t it. Play a bad test, make noises about what they need to do, make exactly the same mistakes again with a slight personnel reshuffle. Bah.
  5. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Huh, I wonder if there is something going on then. Those poor agents!
  6. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The January window's always been a lot quieter than the summer one though. When you say massively down, are you talking about previous winter ones or overall?
  7. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Fuck sake Fulham
  8. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Fuck sake Fulham
  9. milko

    All time greatest gaming moment

    Doom, on PC. Wolfenstein had been amazing, but this just looked, sounded and played like a distinct “everything is going to be different now” moment. Just light years ahead of anything prior.
  10. milko

    The bad gaming parent thread

    My wife's been pretty goddamn against me introducing videogames to the boy. I think she's more concerned about the compulsive addiction thing than the content, though obviously that would come into it at some point. Anyway, we finally (age 5) have broken her down thanks to Labo, the kid built the motorcycle with me and he's enjoying that. Mario Kart next I reckon. He's also had some time on Forza Horizon with me in the past, it is a safe enough bet.
  11. milko

    Amazon Prime Video

    Abel Ferrara's or Werner Herzog's? edit - oh seen your other post, the former then. Not seen that for a long long time!
  12. milko

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    He's the one who called this place the second cuntiest on the internet, behind mumsnet. weird times.
  13. milko

    The Big Lebowski

    oh god, please just be some throwaway commercial. I can watch that once, do a sort of smirk and move on. If they make a new movie and fuck it up it might somehow taint the original.
  14. milko

    Cricket Thread

    77 all out, wow. Well, better than the 51 all out a few years ago, right? God this team is infuriatingly shit when they're shit.
  15. milko

    Android games

    Lots of the 'main' iOS games are on there. Mario Run and Pocket City and Mini Metro etc. You talk about FTL, are you looking for that sort of thing, games that can go for quite a while on one play?

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