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  1. Thanks again for the driving lesson tonight @Erik, very useful. Actually consistently executing the improvements may be a challenge im not quite succeeding at yet but it feels closer.
  2. Oh yeah did those too of course. Interesting stuff, I will have a play with all that, thanks much!
  3. Did you ever do anything with the Lambo, @Erik? I still wonder if I bit off more than I can chew this time. NEXT season I’ll choose a safe-above-lively car. Maybe. Anyway, beyond moving BB back to 56% I’ve not done much with it. I can’t even really work out what I want to improve, make it a little less slidey without slowing it down or being less exciting somehow. Which is a contradiction. in a way Monza is a not-ideal start with learning setup on a new car, when I did a few laps around Zolder with much more downforce it was probably closer to what I’ll end up with as a setup for other tracks.
  4. One of those that took a long time because I hardly had any valid options.
  5. It's any comfort, I've not come particularly close to replicating my best lap since. I have been concentrating on driving with race fuel and in AI traffic though as part of project "stop fucking up my own race", which I suppose is more or less the opposite aim to your new season approach! ...I can't really speak for Monza getting harder, I never drove it that much in GT3 before anyway and with a new car to learn as well I can't really make a useful comparison. These are the bits I'm finding tricky so far: Lesmo 2 exit, roughly once every 20 laps someone's clearly pressing a comedy sabotage button for my car because the back end will suddenly let go and send me into the inside wall. I need to figure out a way of reliably being able to get on throttle earlier so I don't lose time down the long straight that follows, but it gets risky. Ascari, well it's just a bit dangerous innit, but finding a consistent fast line through here and then executing it is quite a challenge.
  6. milko

    Cricket Thread

    kinda stalled a bit, partly due to lack of partners who could keep up maybe. Every time I've seen CSK this year they've only had one or two people get going.
  7. This is absolutely true this weekend, of course. Arsenal and Everton are the only teams with a non-zero chance of winning there.
  8. milko

    Marc Rebillet

    there's at least a couple of albums on Spotify I think. Pretty much 'recordings of live improv' from what I remember but even those I'm sure are rehearsed plenty really to get the right take.
  9. milko

    Marc Rebillet

    I don't (at all!) begrudge him making some cash but the Fitbit ad featuring Rebillet lacks a lot of things. No building of layers. No multitracking self harmony stuff. And so on. Anyway. Wow this thread stopped for a few years.
  10. I just saw that Jardier guy crown the Lambo as the 'worst car for novices' (Porker second), so I'm glad I've picked that for this season, I look forward to proving him right. The Aston's his call as best for newbies, btw.
  11. You just whack it on before breakfast, check in a couple of times through the day to make sure all is progressing correctly, and then eat it for dinner! There are shorter time ones though, I did a brisket in that way which was amazing.
  12. @Meers no I mean you're the current 'most improved' trophy holder, from Season 9, I think. But this one's for Season um, Challenge Cars. Right?
  13. was Meers the winner last time? hard to look past Winky with the 4 wins and overall championship. Valver also high up the table.
  14. yeah that's what I'm talking about - someone buy me one of those! It's always just been slightly above my impulse price, but I should probably just get over it.
  15. I have a Thermapen which does the job for me and when I'm doing slow 'n low I just open it up quickly to check how things are and get a reading every now and then, it's been fine. Having something like this is just handy in general for checking you've got any meat you're cooking is just right. My dad (who I bought a 57" weber kettle for a couple of months ago) has a cheapo knock-off thing and it's horrible, takes ages to get a reading, basically useless. He also has a wired one like Kingpin links to which is a-OK, fortunately. If you do want a Thermapen, https://www.amazon.co.uk/SuperFast-Thermapen-Professional-Thermometer-Sherbert/dp/B076DGSTQB/ this particular colour appears to be on-sale right now. With that said, if somebody got me some funky wireless thing as a gift I'm sure I'd welcome the convenience given that I'm confident my coals are right. Checking temps from the comfort of my recliner sounds nice. On coals - I got some Weber briquettes to do the 'modified minion' method of slow and low, it worked great and being able to count briquettes helps make it straightforward. Once I'd done it once I felt confident setting up the same thing with lumpwood, which I prefer for general use and having a massive sack of that around already I don't really want to be filling my shed with yet more at the same time. There's no wrong answer really so long as you're not using the cheap crappy stuff, but cheap lumpwood just burns fast and is annoying, cheap briquettes make your food (and everything else) stink as well.
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