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  1. Timmo

    Gaming things you regret buying....

    After only ever enjoying Arcade racing games, and caring little about the inner workings of cars, I nevertheless bought Dirt Rally after seeing it described as the Dark Souls of car games. I didn't even finish the tutorials.
  2. Timmo

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    I finally found a copy of the original 'apology' without other YouTubers talking over the top of it and trying to make money from it themselves: I can't help feeling a bit sorry for him losing his career but the fact he's essentially not apologising at all makes it extremely hard to feel compassionate.
  3. Timmo

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    My guess is that he's barely played the games he's reviewing. He could be bored of games.
  4. Timmo

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Nice pinch shot
  5. Yeah, I think everyone gets that. Thankfully it's not gotten me killed or hurt, yet.
  6. I almost feels like I'm not playing this right. Once I get four or so levels in (whichever route) I end up using the traps and grenades for almost every enemy. Is that the intention? They're a lot safer to use than melee so it's hard to justify getting in close when the enemies hit so hard.
  7. Spelunky has to be the best but this comes close! I love it!
  8. You know a game is good when you keep thinking about it when not playing and you wish your weekend had more free time in it.
  9. This is damn good, only concern is that it might be a bit repetitive on repeat runs but I imagine when you're improving your starter gear you can just zip through the opening levels whilst still having to be careful due to low health. I had one run which almost felt like cheating:
  10. Vydra can be yours for the bargain price of £15m and £50k a week
  11. Conor Washington - Not really Assombalonga - Big yes Dwight Gayle - Big yes Paul Taylor - Big no Makail-Smith - Not really Could go either way. I'm excited about this season, we've looked great in friendlies against full strength Southampton and Wolves. Only friendlies, yes, but still. It could go horribly wrong but Lampard has made all the right noises so far.
  12. Timmo

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    The Lies of Locke Lamora. Thank me later.
  13. Timmo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Naka has been in FIFA threads for years telling us how he only ever uses Japan, not sure why he's in here slagging off England to be honest.
  14. Wow you guys love to moan! I'm loving being able to use cards like Henry, Ronaldinho and R9 who I was nowhere near on the main mode. Yes everyone else's teams are stacked, but so is mine! In fact, it's more balanced than it's ever been since everyone has a super team. I just wish there was a seasons mode for proper matchmaking.

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