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  1. Is there any way to pre load the campaign for halo infinite?
  2. Both. It's about 3am our time in America. Then tomorrow evening on Sky.
  3. You can also add Audible narration for £1.79. Cheers, all.
  4. OTW upgrade day! Camavinga looks great now, the grind was worth it. Ish. It means I can get Zakaria in my team which I've been trying to do for ages.
  5. I think he'd be about 600-700k.
  6. Vini POTM looks likely so be careful with his cards.
  7. I dunno man, I'd say 9/10 squads I face are better than mine.
  8. The OTW and TOTW were for everyone, there was a cut off date in August for the hero packs, unfortunately.
  9. Anyone get hero packs from their preorder? I ordered too late to get one, so last night decided to do a hero pack... Ricken.
  10. VeneratedFatalAplomadofalcon-mobile.mp4
  11. Foden Rulebreakers is an interesting card. Personally I think it's massively overpriced. It costs 10x the cost of the inform, but needs a dribbling boost as that stat is the one that is reduced from his base card. If you put it with an engine next to the inform with a hunter you can see that the inform is a bit faster and only gets beaten in passing. It still has 86 short pass and 80 long pass. I really wouldn't bother with the Rulebreaker.
  12. What a fantastic song.
  13. I adored this week's episode. I was emotionally wrecked. Every character is so three dimensional. The way you can feel so profoundly empathetic for these people is something else.
  14. Get a hunter on him and give him a bit more time.
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