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  1. Destiny 2 might be the most impenetrable mainstream game of the last 20 years. I don't think you can recommend it to someone looking for something easy to get into. It's not even that quick to start, either.
  2. Lump sum up front apparently, too. $450m into Parker's account and $450m into Stone's.
  3. Nani is my go to sub but he's stupidly cheap now. Maybe the best value player in the game.
  4. You seen the SBC for trading them in? If you're not planning on doing any player SBCs it's probably worth it as you have a chance at the highest rated summer heat cards and road to glory. You could also get shit of course - I got Lucas Vazquez as my best.
  5. Timmo

    Zool Remake

    Yeah, the original was completely shit but they have a blank slate here. The trailer doesn't look too bad.
  6. I get annoyed every time the Microsoft Rewards thread goes up the page. People spending hours of their time for Microsoft credit at a rate far less than minimum pay. The worst is people playing games they hate for gamerscore and pennies. I know it's up to people what they do with their time but surely there was a point, long surpassed, where time becomes more important than that shit.
  7. Dead Man's Shoes This has aged in some of its techniques, but it's still brilliant and Paddy Considine is terrifying. I'm not sure why boot cut jeans ever have been or ever will be in fashion, though. 4.5/5
  8. Yeah it's only good value if you have them untradeable. I got Coman 93 out of mine who fits into my team for this weekend...
  9. I think it is and it isn't. As a basic football game it isn't too bad but when you get to a higher level, and skill moves become dominant, it's barely even football anymore.
  10. The Athletic seem to be very reliable and they're insisting he's skiving.
  11. True, it's easy to forget the human element with £60m involved.
  12. It's just dumb. He runs that contract down and he can be one of the best paid players in the world at a club of his choice, with Spurs one of the options. I guess the reason more players don't run their contracts down is a few years' security against them getting a career-ending injury (or colossal loss of form) but surely those are rare enough for elite players to take the risk.
  13. I've got no empathy for Kane whatsoever. He signed a contract extension for a larger wage and now wants to leave. The only thing stopping him leaving is his greed in signing the extension. Spurs have every right to stand their ground.
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