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  1. Considering PES 2019 lite exists, I think this might be the worst month in PS+ history.
  2. Psycho Mantis being able to read your mind until you switched controller ports is the standout for me.
  3. Well it's a demo alright. Felt done in about an hour without any progression there. Quite happy to hang on until September, I have loads of weapons to get better at before then!
  4. Nice. I'll try and get some time on it tonight. My new weapon is the hammer. It's just so visceral. Especially against monsters you've learned well.
  5. Perhaps the biggest indicator of how much I've gotten into this game is that I've been seriously considering spending £8 on some entirely cosmetic Samurai armour.
  6. Timmo

    Which Dark Souls?

    A great point! The DLC is excellent.
  7. Timmo

    Which Dark Souls?

    People don't talk enough about the serious dip in quality the first Dark Souls suffers. The first half is incredible, then there's a bit of a lull, then there's a huge one.
  8. Timmo

    Which Dark Souls?

    I think 3. The only reason 3 fell a little short is because it borrowed so much from 1. On a standalone basis it's the best game. It also looks far better.
  9. As did Barca, resulting in what became arguably the best club side of all time.
  10. The correct answer. The first 40 minutes are perfect TV.
  11. Timmo

    PES 2020

    It's downright baffling how they steadfastly refuse to rebuild myclub from scratch. As soon as they make it into a serviceable and simplified online create-your-own-team mode they'll get a lot more sales and popularity.
  12. Nah, the credits roll after the I've played quite a bit since and just unlocked the double betelgeuse mission.
  13. Unlocked the Divine Slasher last night. Needed five Ace Hunter coins and a couple of gems. Fortunately the online is still alive so I was able to team up and it made the grind actually pretty fun! Each time I play I seem to click a little more. The foresight slash is so great to pull off. I've been watching elite players for inspiration and high level longsword is like some kind of beautiful dance. Being able to play like this must be stupidly satisfying.
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