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  1. In this story, I approached a character and insisted he perform repeated procedures on me. Most of the lines I typed were the ones with a ">", most of the rest is generated. (The AI gets confused sometimes, but it's amazing how it keeps up 95% of the time)
  2. Earlier on, I entered a village inn and sat down. I was asked to leave by a villager at which point I smashed the table up and they left. A “muscular man” then walked in. After kissing him, he pushed me away and threw a knife at my arm. I removed the knife and used it to chop off his penis, before eating it. I then regurgitated the penis and reattached it, and he thanked me and told me he was impressed.
  3. I got the android version of this this morning. Sometimes it’s janky, but most of the time it understands what you type and responds appropriately. I went to meet a lord who was holding my wife hostage, and mid conversation took off all my clothes. I was then thrown into a cell. I was given clothes to put on and two guards started taking me back to the lord. I then took my clothes off again. I then typed “gain tumescence” and the game gave me this: Just remarkable. I can't stop playing and it's making me laugh so much.
  4. I've read that the three converge after a few hours. I am looking forward to this for sure, but there's definitely going to be a sense of missing out by playing on current gen or next gen before the big update for the new gen is released next year. Part of me wants to hold on until that, because it's likely I'll only want to play through once.
  5. I was so, so close to not doing the 89+ SBC. Already had Carlos as a red, but the other! Probably the best CB in the game. Strangely I've seen reports that he's really common for some reason.
  6. The game definitely turned to shit before then, the world's slowest and most dull boat ride and the following bear boss were both terrible.
  7. Like most games of its type, it's too long. If they'd spent the time they did making this a 35 hour game tightening up the gameplay of a 20 hour game it'd be way better. Then if it's successful you've got a better platform to add DLC.
  8. I found that using magic projectile plus the charms that boost magic power and reduce magic consumption was great for him and for all bosses where heal windows are low. Just forget healing and increase your damage output to make the fight much shorter.
  9. Saving for now, KDB will be out soon and hopefully I can complete him. https://plpots.easports.com/
  10. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    Buttler with a good effort of making up for his appalling keeping!
  11. Even if those two points are true, it's a ridiculous stretch to suggest he'd be in any way a burden to any team in the world, even now.
  12. Timmo

    Titanfall 2

    Just finished on Master for the first time. Still a pretty easy game for the most part but you need to use cover like a more traditional shooter. Therefore I think Hard is the sweet spot, and I think I'm gonna play through again on that difficulty very soon in order to get the rest of the achievements. I love the campaign so much, there really isn't an ounce of fat on it. It's like a 3 minute song that you want to hear again and again rather than a drawn out 6 minute one which repeats the chorus four times. I think my only criticism is that there's very little fleshing out of the named enemy pilots, reducing the agency of the story, but it really is a small or even non-existent nitpick because I certainly wouldn't want the ultra concise campaign stretched out at all - that's why the game is so replayable.
  13. Koulibaly and Busquets. Can't believe I fell for this stupid SBC! Ah well, game is basically over.
  14. You packed 99 Ronaldo and fucking 93 Eusebio!
  15. Good riddance, hopefully this will end the complete saturation of samey superhero movies and give us more thrillers.
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