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  1. F9, Tomorrow's War and Justice League were all utter shit. Haven't seen The Suicide Squad yet. And Justice League wasn't this year, was it? Unless you're talking about the Snyder Cut, I guess. Is it actually good then? It'd need to be about a hundred times better than the original cut just to be watchable.
  2. I've just finished the first episode. A bit like Galavant, if you saw that, but less charming, knowing or clever. There are hints that it might have a bit more substance than that did, but it's too early to tell.
  3. Late to the GBK discussion, but on the few occasions I've had one, they've been dry as dirt and tough as leather. They might be cheaper than 5 Guys, but they're inedible by comparison. No better than McDonalds in quality, just presented more nicely. Chip portions were tiny (though I'm fully on board with the idea that 5 Guys portions of fries are insane) and the whole experience was disappointing. Also, no-one buys burgers from a chain because they think home cooked ones are too difficult. You buy them because you're not at home, you're hungry, they're nice and it's more convenient than going home, getting the ingredients and cooking it yourself. Yes, you pay a massive premium for that, but it's the same in any chain restaurant. Nando's? You can cook tastier chicken easily and far more cheaply at home. Pizza Hut/Pizza Express/Other Pizza Restaurant? Takes a little bit of prep to make the dough but it's still simple, and once it's done your results will shit all over a chain's pizza. Total cost for the dough will be pennies, and even if you go mad on the toppings you'll be paying a tenth the price of a chain pizza.
  4. I don't know if this will be controversial, but I've just been to the Latitude Festival, and they closed the thing with Bastille. Which I'd never heard before and turns out to be the blandest, beige-est, most insultingly inoffensive tosh I've heard in years.
  5. I had a McDonalds on Friday since the kids love it and I'm lazy and won't go to two separate fast food places. It just reinforced my view that it's better to pay three times as much for a Five Guys that's actually tasty than save money eating cardboardy bread, tasteless dry meat and limp salad.
  6. The one regret I have about moving house is that I'm no longer a minute's walk away from a Co-op, which means I've had to cut back savagely on my consumption of their salt and vinegar crisps, which are - as any fule kno - the perfect crisp.
  7. I'm in my 40s. I can't see myself ever stopping gaming. I go through periods where I don't play much (I'm in one of those periods now), but it's always because there's something going on that means I find it hard to find the time to do it. Currently I'm working full time, have just got a puppy, just started to watch Westworld with my wife, got into a series of books, got two kids who take up loads of time and the TV... and I very nearly bought Wildermyth last night, and I regularly check PS5 stock (though always too late to buy one, luckily!) My parents are in their early 70s and have both played games for as long as I can remember. My mum got really bad tennis elbow from Guitar Hero 2, and since rinsing Puzzle Quest has migrated to (much worse, if you ask me) match 3 games on her iPad. My dad used to just play flight sims and turn based strategy games on the C64, Amiga and then PC when I was young. He then dipped in and out for years - mostly out as I recall - but since he retired he's got way back into gaming. He's got an Xbox One and in the past month he's finished Control, Mass Effects 1-3 and some Diablo-esque game I can't remember the name of. He keeps asking if he should buy a Series X, but since he doesn't care about frame rate or decent graphics and says load times don't bother him, there's not a great argument for him buying one. But he asks with such regularity that I'm realising he doesn't care about those things I mentioned, but does very much want a new toy, even if it does the same things as the old toy, just better. So I'm probably just going to tell him yes next time he asks.
  8. Yeah, I'm hoping they are still finding their feet a bit. I was hoping they'd immediately somehow pull a Vinnyvania and a "Vinny plays Assassin's Creed" show and a "Brad and Vinny play a Brad and Vinny game like Astroneering" show out, but they haven't yet. Maybe it's not their favourite stuff to do, which would be a shame for me. What I want is to watch one of them playing through a game from start to finish while they all joke around. But it's still early days.
  9. Fear Street 1994 wasn't really my sort of thing. I thought it was dull, pedestrian, lacked any sort of tension or meaningful character work, and at least half an hour too long. But I do like the conceit of the trilogy, so I'll probably watch at least the next one.
  10. Is it available anywhere legit?
  11. It's been mentioned a couple of times earlier in this thread, but I watched Possum last night and thought it was fantastic. Really got under my skin. It's not a traditional horror, but I think if you enjoy films like The Witch or Under The Skin, you might get something out of Possum.
  12. I thought the final five minutes were the worst part! But thanks, it seems like I won't be going out of my way to watch In The Earth. Shame, as I loved A Field In England, Kill List and High Rise.
  13. https://www.gravityforce20.com/
  14. Gravity Force 2 is utterly incredible.
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