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  1. I got more fun out of it when I bought it for about £20 years ago than I've had out of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel's Spider-Man and Assassin's Creed Valhalla (the last 'big' games I've played) combined. I haven't even been back to look at the new stuff they've added, and it's comfortably one the most fun gaming experiences I've had in at least a decade.
  2. Love the two big stacks of Macgruber blu-rays on his Mountain Dew minifridge.
  3. Hey, I'm just, like, an average very funny normal person who, like, has a different viewpoint from you old men. Like. Bjork Bjork Bjork. Actually, I'm listening to the newest Beastcast now, and it's a good episode. I think I just like the dynamic of a four person team (which doesn't have Ron Funches on it) better than Vinny, Jeff and Alex by themselves. And I liked the Bombcast because of Jeff's Cyberpunk rant, contradicting my stated opinion of his demeanour over the past couple of years.
  4. The game I'm working on now has had some talk of significant user research (from the design team), but our publisher won't give us the money to do it or the time to implement the findings if we do manage to get some done. The AAA games where you hear of it being done are always the ones that take years and years to make and generally get a "when it's done" treatment by the publishers. And still end up with significant crunch. There's a good TLOU2 video/article floating around somewhere where a level designer talks about how they used user research and constant playtesting to nail a
  5. Conversely, I found the Bombcast one of the better ones recently and I've found the last couple of Beastcasts dull.
  6. It's actually more like having the scene written, shot, lit, gone through most of production before realising that the sound isn't going to work. It's an awkward comparison that doesn't really map well. Games and films are really too different for neat A-B comparisons. You know how people say a film comes together in the editing room? Well, the edit generally happens at the end of a film's production. It's a similar (though again, not a great comparison) situation with games. It's just that the game's 'edting room' is still during active development, and if you can imag
  7. A few things to unpick here. Developers would LOVE to prototype this stuff, at least in my experience. We're always talking, misty eyed, about the games like Mario 64, BOTW or Bayonetta where the core "wow" mechanic was solidified before the rest of the game was built. But I've never worked on a game where there's been the luxury of doing that. Publishers don't want to commit to a year long pre production schedule where you can't guarantee that at the end of it you'll have something amazing. Studios can't afford to find that themselves before they get a publisher for their game.
  8. Just started playing this today. I'm at the beginning of chapter 2. Puzzles seem fairly simplistic up to now which is fine although I hope they do get a little more obscure at some point. But I'm finding the narration and story telling are super clunky. No trust in the audience to figure something out about the story. Everything you pick up, Nora is monologuing in a hugely didactic way that beats you over the head with backstory or a blatant "this is important for a puzzle, player. Remember this! It's important. I'll write it in my journal because it's important and I'll need to re
  9. No, it was specifically called out that this was a pre-symbiont thing. Can't remember the exact wording, but Adira said the only person who knew was Grey (Gray?), and that they'd never told anyone else before they told Stamets.
  10. I do love me some enthusiastic Jeff. I've been rewatching the endurance run of Persona 4 with him and Vinny and it's awesome. I'll take him positive or negative, just want him to care.
  11. Actually, I take it back, kind of. He's still fairly entertaining on The Hotspot, and there were flashes of the old Jeff during the Minecraft series. But on the Bombcast and the other video content he does he just seems like he doesn't want to be there. In any case I don't really consider two years ago to be all that recent given that he's putting out content at least twice a week, usually more. Even if you just count the Bombcast, two years is over a hundred episodes.
  12. Yeah, but he doesn't do that any more. He just sounds bored and says he doesn't like stuff.
  13. I'm clearly in the minority on this, but I think it's a huge shame she's left. In fact, I reckon that aside from Vinny, the best people always leave. Drew, Dan, Austin and Abby were all vastly more entertaining than Rorie, Brad, Ben, Alex or Jason. Or even Jeff who's too grumpy and disinterested these days. Jan's good though. Then there's Patrick who was fine but couldn't carry anything on his own, and Ryan who obviously left for other, tragic reasons. But a GB East crew made of Vinny, Abby, Austin, Dan, Drew and Alex would easily make me buy a lifetime sub
  14. Season 3 seems both interminable and yet I somehow can't believe I'm already watching episode 6. This might finally be when the show loses me. Yet another "Burnham's a maverick ignoring inconvenient orders" storyline. Someone should keelhaul her for her constant insubordination. And the writers, too, just constant keelhauling all round until they find another plot. I've always been against the "not real Trek" line, but really. This isn't the Star Trek I know or want any more.
  15. But I never did. Fell asleep during the very next episode and haven't been back since.
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