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  1. sir podger

    Final Space (Netflix)

    This kind of lacked any spark for me. Not awful, but not great. It was a decent background to a lot of late night amazon shopping.
  2. sir podger

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    I liked Tim Langdell's cover art the best.
  3. sir podger

    The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    I started and finished Feersum Endjinn on holiday, I've only got two books of his left now I kind of wish i could forget them all and read them for the first time again.
  4. sir podger

    The Stargate Thread

    by the looks of that picture it seems that they forgot to commission Stargate and actually signed on for a season of Wormhole X-Treme
  5. I think the German chap tried to explain that with the phrase "from what we know about quantum entanglement...." Chris O'Dowd's character did feel like Roy in space, I'm glad this was a netflix movie, i would have felt a bit miffed if i paid the money to see this in a cinema, but as part of my monthly netflix fee i don't feel to aggrieved about it. I just wanted more of the monster from the original movie, i love a good (or terrible) kaiju movie
  6. sir podger

    The Apprentice 2017

    As soon as they fired Michaela I was done with this season. You have a woman who has built several businesses that turnover millions against someone with zero vision who believed a bow on top of her generic cup of sweets made it unique, and a guy who was fired for violating the terms of his employment and going behind their backs to line his own pockets and also lied about his companies accreditations. I can see why he fired her, as it would have made the final a choice between an obvious squash victory, or a farcical underdog win, so for TV's sake they chose two lesser candidates who were equal to each other. It just makes the whole process seem ridiculous.
  7. Luc Besson scifi is a bit weird, one scene will look like tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours have gone into its creation, and the next scene will look like it has the budget and effort of an infant school nativity. It felt very much like an alternative fifth element script that got its own movie in the end. I really like some of the stuff he does, the market scene and concept were great, and I like the way people interact seeming weird but that's because its set in the future and the common frames of social and behavioural references will have shifted. but it always seems to me for every bit of great scifi he produces, there is always something that doesn't sit right (like the military uniforms looking absurd) that drags it back. I had the movie on as background noise, there were a few scenes that made me rewind, but its not something i feel compelled to watch again
  8. sir podger

    Hey Arnold

    Every time I see this thread title the words "Move it football head!" pop into my brain.
  9. sir podger

    The Apprentice 2017

    This show is less of the ultimate job interview, it's now more like a team building exercise in Pembroke gone horribly wrong.
  10. sir podger

    Robot Wars Returns - Sunday 8pm BBC2

    That was the only entertaining part of a rather boring episode. I'm not too sure about the fog of war. I think that would be better if there were a few more arena hazards or pits, but its more of a pause button than a panic button. Although i did get to see one of my favourite events, the school children vs the team of engineers with massive amounts of funding. I hope they are saving the more destructive bots for later in the series as this all seems a bit like a village fete compared to battlebots.
  11. sir podger

    Star Trek Discovery

    It's the first Star Trek to start off on a story arc, so the character development is a bit different from other Trek. It feels a bit weird without a bedding in period I'm quite liking it, the only thing that is off-putting is that the Klingon language doesn't sound savage enough, especially when they sound all emo when talking about t'kuvma
  12. sir podger

    Top-Down Racing Games

    Supercars and Supercars II were absolutely brilliant. Supercars racing was only half of the fun though, trying to negotiate the price down for upgraded cars by asking the the right questions to the salesman was a good bit of silly fun, and watching the news reporters read the results with your name in first was always cool. Supercars II upped the graphics and really concentrated on the combat. selecting the right weapons playing against a mate was critical. I remember getting absolutely schooled by a mate who picked landmines on the really curvy courses, a tactic 12 year old me hadn't thought of. I also remember staring in awe as I was beating him on a straight and he launched a set of rockets, I thought that was it, I was going to be blown up and he would take first, but for the first and only time I can ever recall, the level 1 armour actually withstood a hit.
  13. sir podger

    The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    I finally finished Inversions last week. I have owned that book for so many years and made so many attempts i thought i would never finish it. It was the second Banks book i ever bought after The Algebraist, and I was always cold towards it due to the lack of spaceships and technology. In the end the subtlety of his writing won me over. I've only got three of his books left to read, Feersum Endjin, Against a dark background and The Hydrogen Sonata. I'm a little bit gutted about this.
  14. sir podger

    Sunday Lunch

    How have I not found this thread before. I love cooking a Sunday roast, there is something so cathartic about spending a good couple of hours in my kitchen as the family (well, my Mrs' large and extended family, my folks live 100+ miles away) invade the house. After the last incident where the mother in law spilled my carefully prepared Yorkshire pudding batter all over the fridge (she just rams anything into her fridge as actually having space is an anathema to her, so she thought she would be helpful and just rammed the 6 litres of coke she bought with in to my fridge without checking what was in there. I was not best pleased) whenever they ask if there is anything they can do i tell them to go to the lounge, drink and relax. My other half is a good tag team partner for cookery, she does a mean gammon which is family favourite with her clan, which gives me room to experiment with another meat dish, and she does the boring veg like peas and sweetcorn which gives me time to look after yorkies, spuds, 'snips, gravy and the more important things. The last roast just gone, was a nice 1.5 kilo joint of silverside. The Mrs' was just going to roast it in a tin and was going to use bisto gravy later on, so i chucked in a couple of roughly chopped onions, a couple of chopped carrots and some thinly cut celery with a whole bulb of garlic cloves. When the beef was done it was wrapped and rested and the tray it was cooked in went straight onto the hobs at low heat, a litre of warm water slowly added, a knorr beef stock pot added, a couple of large tablespoons of flour, and one and a half tablespoons each of mustard and horseradish and a large glass of Rioja were all added to the mix and slowly stirred and reduced until we had a nice thick gravy. I've been trying to get roast spuds in Goose/Duck fat right for a while now and think i finally nailed it. What worked for me was the parboiling was done with cold water from the start, by the time it got up to boiling point i only needed to give them a couple of minutes before roughing them and all importantly coating them with flour. whacked them in the oven for 45 minutes turning them every 15. The bit that I really enjoy (apart from eating all of it) is coordinating everything so it all comes out at once. so the goose fat goes in the same oven as the beef 30 minutes before its due to come out, which means i can bring the finished beef out when i first need to flip the spuds over, and the spuds finally come out after the beef has rested for 30 minutes. During the 30 minutes resting time i'm putting yorkies in, making gravy, drinking an ice cold beer and listening to some music while my better half does the veggies i don't look cooking. I'm in the mood for another big family cook up next weekend and will try to take some pics.

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