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  1. loving the hate for PR uprising! that movie was to its original as the RoboCop cartoon was to the visceral Paul Verhoeven masterpiece. why bother expanding a concept and building a universe when you stack a movie with kids and go for toy sales!
  2. I've loved Godzilla movies since I was kid. I enjoyed this one.
  3. depends if it clashes with ballfondlers
  4. I know covid has completely obliterated the old ways this show used to work when filming and i respect that. you cant do vast hordes of walkers, even in the most recent episode the shot of Daryl looking down the train tracks forced the perspective to make it look like they were close together. However this current season is not what i'm looking for in my escapist post apocalyptic zombie overrun fantasy tv. Four mental health and wellbeing themed episodes in a row is getting a bit much. The thing is, they have done a brilliant storyline with Morgan about his breakdown a
  5. What could go wrong with reminding an egomaniac with a tattoo needle of the nadir their tv career?
  6. I softmodded my Wiiu with haxchi, and then softmodded the VWii using bathaxx. I have the homebrew channel in, nintendont loaded on my SD card, but it wont pick my wavebird or wired controllers in any game. I have been reading about needing a controllers.ini file somewhere on the sd card. I have tried to download it from nintedont's options, but it says network initialised and does nothing. i'm going to try changing the DNS to circumvent pihole to see if thats the issue, but has anyone else had similar?
  7. I hope the section 31 series really gets to explore some of the more unhinged ideas that we only briefly see in trek. After re-reading some Iain M Banks i've always thought star trek was too hands off when it came to combat, invaders frequently running round ships like someone legging it around a london underground station. things like the ds9 episode civil defense when the a cardassian security program kicks in, those disruptors that came out of the replicators in ops, why doesn't every starfleet ship have those? Voyager when the kazon sort of got a transporter working and just be
  8. I wholeheartedly agree, its why i quite like the titan books as the crew on there are mostly non human.
  9. Real Ghostbusters = amazing Extreme Ghostbusters = lazy committee designed rubbish, let's make it ultra diverse and chuck in a word with an X somewhere
  10. having almost prestiged on Netflix in the last year, my current guilty pleasure is Hoarders on amazon prime.
  11. for some reason I can't get the thought of a version of TNG where The Borg have the accents and speech patterns of Yorkshiremen out of my mind. I think that would be brilliant.
  12. Dammit man, I came to this thread to read your review! they have been the best thing about this season!
  13. Bored dentists and accountants. All we are seeing of these spacefaring warrior types, like Klingons, Predators etc are the dentists and accountants of their planet off on the interplanetary version of a hunting safari in Africa. Behold the mighty hunter stalking his prey with nothing but a compound bow, the technology to safely off a lion with zero risk from the back of a landrover exists, but these guys are seeking a thrill to get them away from Monday to Friday boring life of examining teeth or adding up receipts. If the entire planet were nothing but warrior types th
  14. sorry, phone typo, how long did they cook for? they are making me hungry and I've just devoured most of a cow!
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