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  1. Excellent. The future of endless possibility I dreamt of as a child has at last delivered on its promise of poor user experience for the payment of video streaming services...
  2. B&W is pretty straightforward. Colour and slide film need higher, and consistent, temperature chemicals, which is why I've not attempted either of those. Most B&W film can be developed at 20 degrees, so pretty much room temperature give or take. I use a one-shot developer, so it stays in it's original bottle until I pour some out to dilute with tap water. The used developer gets disposed of afterwards. The stop-bath and fixer are both reusable for multiple rolls and I keep mine in a plastic dilute orange juice bottle and a Dettol detergent bottle respectively with stickers on them so I
  3. Disney seem to be ok with password sharing currently as long as it isn't abused. See this article on The Verge where they say:
  4. It is, but I selected monthly when I signed up. Now the price hike is coming I want to switch to annual as it works out cheaper. Because I subbed using Google Pay, I have to manage the sub via the Google Play store but all it lets me do there is cancel the monthly sub. If I re-subscribe, it just defaults to monthly again with no other option. It might change the available options when my current month expires in a week or so, but who knows?
  5. Is there a way to switch from a monthly to annual sub when you pay via Google Pay? I'm stuffed if I can see how. All I can do is cancel my sub and then hope that when the month ends it'll let me change it to an annual sub.
  6. While it seems unlikely, the bug being on the negative seems the only possible answer. If it had been anywhere else it would have been out of focus (assuming it's not a huge, 6" thing crawling on the ceiling of the shop!). I guess it must have been partly translucent as it would have just shown up as a silhouette otherwise.
  7. I find shooting film tactile and maybe a little therapeutic. I can get sharper images that can be more heavily processed straight out of the bad with my digital gear, but just prefer the way that my film shots look. The whole analog process of choosing which film you want to use, loading it in the camera, (in my case, at least) taking time over each shots because you have a limited number (and each one has a financial cost) and you don't want to waste any, winding (or feeling the camera wind) the film on between shots, developing the film, and the anticipation of the results without the chimpi
  8. I want a Ro-Busters movie. Or the R-rated Jurassic Park gore fest that would be Flesh.
  9. unless I’m missing something (which is eminently possible), there were a couple of physics faux pas in episode 3... Neither spoiled the episode or anything, but I did notice both when they took place.
  10. I bought it on CD (the Victor Hely-Hutchinson symphony) a few years ago. Might bung it on tomorrow while I'm doing other stuff.
  11. I’ve had another re-watch this year. Still enjoy it just as much. A little sad to see Yoshi cat in the picture above, who hasn’t been with us for about five years now. Love you Yoshi ol’ buddy.
  12. It'll probably cost around £20 to rent going on other premium releases, so they can do one if that's the case. I'd looked forward to seeing this at the cinema this month but, given we're in a Tier 3 area, that's not happening now.
  13. INT. THE BATCAVE BATMAN is stalking amongst the high-tech computer terminals while ALFRED PENNYWORTH watches on with a concerned expression. BATMAN's hands are clenched. He is very angry. Suddenly, BATMAN strikes a screen with his gloved fist causing it to explode in a shower of sparks. BATMAN Oh flibbertigibbet! ALFRED PENNYWORTH I've told you about using that sort of language before young man! Now wash your fucking mouth out with soap!
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