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  1. I was too, game was brutal tonight. One of the kids has a sickness bug so ive had to jump off. Should be on tomorrow though.
  2. Sounds good. I play on my Shadow so will just need to set up the mic on my headset. Pop me an invite later.
  3. Had a really good night on this last night and I didnt get a single kill. It was all about the loot. It was insane i was finding loads of rare drops, stumbling into the aftermaths of mass shootouts and looting it all. I started the night with 2.9mil, bought a Lucky Scav Junkbox for 1.4mil and finished the night on 2.6mil. It really reinforces an earlier comment that the game isnt just about kills. The adrenaline rush when you are going for an exit with 400k worth of stuff on you is fantastic.
  4. Once more in to the breach I go. Lets hope its kinder than last night. My ID is Vivsjack if anyone wants to add me.
  5. I've definitely hit a wall with the tasks. I'm only level 16 atm, but the tasks now involve me going into high traffic places such as dorms on Customs and I just get wrecked everytime by geared players. One quest I have is to get 4 pistol kills. I cant even damage most of the players I see with one! My stash is nowhere near what you guys have, I dont have a single weapons case. I do have nearly 3 million rubles in the bank though, buts thats largely down to selling the drops I got on Twitch. I definitely enjoy Scav runs more than PMC runs as I'm not filled with the fear of losing everything. I've heard the next wipe is likely to be in March, I so suppose I should just lose the gear fear and go for it as everything is just going to go with the wipe anyway.
  6. Im sure its dependent on xp gained. You can loot loads, not kill anyone and it wont be a run through.
  7. Any idea when the stock level on these is likely to improve? I want to get one but nothing in the local Argos or PC World.
  8. Hey. I have put in about 30 hours into the game recently. Im not very good at it but i found the following useful: - Play Interchange offline and turn off PvE to learn the map. Find out the loot spawn locations and importantly the extract points. The two scav exctractions will always be the same. - when you have learned the map do some scav runs. You come into the instance at random points. If you come in at around 25 mins on the clock you should he able loot some dead players for stuff. - dont worry about losing your stuff on PMC runs. When you are low level you are running bad equipment that other players wont take if they find you. So insure your stuff before the raid and there is a good chance you will get it back after 24 hours (real time). If you dont log in to claim it within an allotted time then you will lose it. The quests are also a good thing to concentrate on as they will give you something to aim for and not feel like you are constantly getting your arse kicked.
  9. Cant think of a worse choice. Spurs like to develop youth and bring them through. Jose buys players who are already the finished article. He likes total control, Levy will not give him that. He likes to spend big and Levy wont spend. Spurs will be in turmoil within 12 months.
  10. Ive gone for the Ultra tier. I can also recommend the Shadow Ghost. I know another formite reported problems with his but mine has been flawless.
  11. Do i need a starter set per player?
  12. Morning. I read through the thread over the weekend and X Wing looks like it will be a good game to play with the kids. What do i need to get as a starter set. Are there any deals about at the moment.
  13. I ended up buying a new copy of Bloodbowl from ebay. Friend in work plays it so i have someone to learn with. In time ill teach the kids.
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