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  1. McCoy

    Star Trek: Picard

    I must admit, I was not 100% sure when I wrote that it was TNG but it did sound familiar! Hopefully we'll get the TNG theme into the mix at some point.
  2. McCoy

    Star Trek: Picard

    I'm still not convinced any of these teasers contain actual footage. They might do but they also might have been quickly created to put out something.
  3. McCoy

    Star Trek: Picard

    Yeah, I think we'll all be disappointed if we don't get some TNG cameos, appearances. I mean, what we all really want is that family back together for a mini series right? As for the teaser, goose bumps with the few notes of TNG theme.
  4. McCoy

    Far Cry 5

    Post 2, 3 is still the peak primarily because it is a frat boy on holiday that goes on a massive blood lust driven killing spree but still occasionally pops back to check his girlfriend is happy and everything. It's great.
  5. In principle I see your point but haven't we on Rllmuk being saying for a while that there should be more options for the casual/time limited gamer. If I paid £40 for a game, what is the rationale for not letting me play the final level first if I want to? If I buy a film I can skip to the third act, why do games insist on penalising a person without the skills to proceed. And before everyone says that it is part of the game completing the levels in order and helps contribute to a skill curve for the gamer, this sometimes might be true by anyone who purchased Driver never to progress past the bloody garage tutorial can attest that sometimes developers do not set the difficult level at the right setting to allow feasibly allow progression for a lot of people.
  6. McCoy

    Far Cry New Dawn

    I've not played Far Cry New Dawn but that sounds like by issues with Far Cry 5. It is a shame, they are nearly there with making a great game but the same issues keep cropping up. Forced walk, shit bosses, drug sections etc. All the feedback I see is that everyone thinks these are terrible but they keep getting put back in. They have a decent feeling FPS, are capable of making interesting and pretty worlds to explore but continue to include this BS. I enjoyed the DLC for 5 (the Mars one wasn't to everyone's taste but I enjoyed it) partly because they skipped all the bullshit and just made a short compelling game experience.
  7. McCoy

    Star Trek: Picard

    https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1068131-cbs-confirms-star-trek-picard-title-screens-new-footage/amp Hmm.
  8. Confirmed. Talking raccoons do exist in the wild and can be trained to act in films.
  9. McCoy

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Netflix has started releasing as a trial the top ten most watched films and TV shows in the UK. Top ten most-watched series: 1. Black Summer 2. After Life 3. Riverdale 4. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 5. Star Trek: Discovery 6. Lunatics 7. Bodyguard 8. Santa Clarita Diet 9. Bonding 10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Top ten most-watched films: 1. The Perfect Date 2. The Highwaymen 3. The Silence 4. The Spy Who Dumped Me 5. Someone Great 6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 7. Baywatch 8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 9. Sniper: Ultimate Kill 10. Sicario: Day of the Soldado Obviously it is Netflix so who quite knows if it is a completely truthful list (I'm slightly surprised things like Friends aren't up there is they are simply measuring how many people watch 70% of a single episode of a season). I don't know the Netflix release dates well enough but to a certain extent all of those titles looks like new releases - are they simply charting the new releases each month and ignoring back catalogue?
  10. Another observation from my re-watch is that you do see the Hulk in the final line up of characters after the Avengers Assemble line, clearly he is part of the battle. Just strange you don't see anything of him (unless I blinked and missed it) from that point on. I think every other character gets at least a small character beat.
  11. I've seen that book mentioned a few times. I take it is worth a read?
  12. I think this is an area which could have had a couple of minutes devoted to it. I mean we assume that the environment was on the mend but if you wipe out half of all life (trees, plants etc. I assume) does the resulting world thrive or does the whole ecosystem fall apart. I'm cool with whichever way they want to go in, but they kinda of sat on the fence. The New York exterior shots look like the world has got much worse (which it may well have done - oil leaks from Oil rig issues etc.) but Tony's place looks fine and Cap cays Whales are back in the Hudson. It just felt like they didn't really have a handle on what had actually happened to the world during that five years.
  13. Saw it again yesterday and a few points that occurred on repeat viewing: After the five years we see some exterior shots of New York and it looks really polluted and grey. On first thought you might think that wiping out half of all life, particularly if loss of life involves humans, might give nature a chance to take control and there might be less pollution but it looks significantly worse if anything. You wonder if narrative the snap led to some ecological disasters, power stations breaking etc. Equally, where Tony lives looks fine and Cap mentions he saw a pod of whales in the Hudson. The Directors must have had an idea which way the world has gone in that five years but it is a pretty confused message within the film itself. Think Black Widow's death was a mistake really. I'm sympathetic to the 'frideging debate' which after the sacrifice is IW is an unfortunate parallel even if the circumstances were different. Ultimately, Natalie is just a much more interesting character than Hawkeye and it is shame we've lost her and kept him. The end battle is still great and very well paced. I may not like the setting but the actual battle and individual character moments are well done. I liked the female all stars bit on first view but on repeat viewing it is a bit on the nose. I'm all for a moment like that (we get enough moments where it is just the dudes fighting) but it was a bit in the way it was done. Less, oh look we've got an interesting group of characters fighting over here and more LOOK, WE'VE GOT WOMEN ON THE PAYROLL TOO. Cool idea, execution slightly lacking.
  14. Not everyone is obsessive about the MCU as we are. For general audiences you need this reminder. It also sets up that he has a habit of recording last messages into his suits in case something goes wrong which is paid off later. Even though it is not specifically reference, I also felt the message that he always thinks of Pepper when he falls asleep also played heavily into his death scene. I'm not quite sure what the issue with the scene is. It establishes that the characters are not doing well after their battle with Thanos, establishes some humanising of Nebula, provides a nice quiet near death with Tony which also plays into his relationship with Pepper and foreshadows his eventual death. You also get an introduction to Captain Marvel and establishes some of her powers - namely space travel. I think the scene does quite a lot of heavy lifting, without feeling like it is just exposition/foreshadow and moves along at a decent pace. I think it works well and is not part of the movie I'd trim at all.
  15. You want Stark to be facing death so he records his message to Pepper which then has added meaning at the end of the film. It's an important moment to reestablish that relationship.

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