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  1. Captain America Civil War please.
  2. McCoy

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Doubtful they would be able to. Otherwise every month the chart would surely have the Games with Gold titles.
  3. McCoy

    The Great British Bake Off

    I'm a meat eater but didn't mind the concept of vegan week. My friend runs a vegan cafe and some of the stuff is fairly tasty (still not sure I'd voluntarily opt for them if there was a non-vegan brownie available). I will say that part of the Bake Off for me is lusting over what is being made and this episode was a bit lacking for that. Interesting skills and a change from the normal but it didn't really convince me that anyone would choose to bake in a vegan method if they were purely going for the best taste/result.
  4. McCoy

    BBFC Want to classify Internet Videos

    A mega bump for a mostly unrelated reason (although, unsurprisingly, BBFC did never end up classifying online videos) we have this Cineworld/BBFC story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-45816893 I must admit, from a purely selfish reason, I'm on Cineworld's side here. Firstly, where would you draw the line? A six month old baby? A two year old? Secondly, and this is the selfish part, I am not sure I want to have babies brought into a cinema auditorium for an adult film. I don't have kids so perhaps my view would change, but it doesn't seem to be the best environment to take a baby into and could also affect the enjoyment of other cinema goers. I feel a bit bad since we are not very good in the UK of accepting children into normal social situations. I still don't think babies should come into adult films though. It is bad enough when children who are too young to understand come into fairly adult 12A films like The Dark Knight.
  5. McCoy

    Is "Game" finished?

    I see the logic. Extremely similar demographics for each. Everything seems a weird pair up until it works. Why should a food retailer have any business in selling clothes? Nothing, apart from the demographics indicate that the typical person who does the food shopping for a family is also the typical person who purchases the kids clothes. Put both options on one place and you can translate that into sales. Now Sports Direct combining with a fine wine concession would be a weird mix. But a store combining items which both appeals to teenage boys seems a good idea. Note, I'm probably being a bit every day sexist above since I've actually not looked into the demographics for either food retailers or Sports Direct beyond what I typically encounter myself.
  6. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Well, if you have an Xbox One.... https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/forsaken-remastered/bqmpk93q7561?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab
  7. He probably is, but all these news stories come from that single tweet. If the character survives I am sure this retirement is nothing that a Robert Downey sized pay cheque can't resolve.
  8. McCoy

    The Apprentice 2018

    I enjoyed the episode task but turned off at the boardroom bit after the winning team was announced. It is hard to care who goes in the early episodes, particularly this one since the task was literally a joke task and they were all ridiculous. It's 2018 and they are stilling giving a Directory book, a single phone and a map. And then we laugh when they do not know what they are meant to be buying or that one team purchased two of the same item. They need to bring it into the 21st century at some point. It fun to watch the teams be ridiculous but it is just a general knowledge quiz of whether you know what a Octopus with a 40 inch span is rather than some great test of business acumen. I've been diving a few times and I had no idea that that was the name of a piece of diving equipment. If you can't do a task legitimately in 2018 without ridiculous limits then drop the task. I also laughed when all the contestants handed in their business plans. If they have already done business plans then what do they spend two days producing before the interview stage. And as if anyone who actually had a good business idea would risk it by going on the Apprentice! Thinking about it, they could do a decent 2018 version of the trip task. Make the teams plan everything, the logistics of getting to the place, local transport, arranged business meetings etc. transport of items back to the UK. Everything would incur a cost so teams have to decide how many people to send, if they are going to hire a car for the day or use taxis/local public transport. The team members left behind can be arranging meetings to purchase the requested items. Teams have to prioritise between saving a bit of money getting an off peak ferry or flight or spend a bit more money but have a longer people of time at the location. The sub-team back in the UK have to decide how long to allocate to a purchase meeting and ensure that the team abroad have enough time to conduct the meeting and then travel to get to the next meeting or buying destination. That would be a proper task and would actually show some business skills. Lots of small business have to make decisions about how much to spend on transport, how many people to send to a conference. If a team could successfully arrange all their logistics and pick up the required items at a good price I'd have much more faith in them as business people than a team winning because they knew that a Octopus was a piece of diving equipment.
  9. McCoy

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Unless it counts digital sales it is pretty hard to really compare like for like.
  10. McCoy

    The Beer Thread

    Big Wave is one of my favourite beers that widely availible in California. Although it is increasingly availible in the UK so not such a novelty anymore. Go to a Whole Foods Superstore for a decent selection of American beer to choose from.
  11. McCoy

    The Apprentice 2018

    I was the same a few years ago and decided not to go to the interview. Firstly I probably couldn't have got the time off work and it was also when they changed it to having a business concept rather than the job. I've probably got as much as a business concept as most of the contestants which is saying not really much of one at all. I'd have been tempted to go if it was still the job version of the series.
  12. McCoy

    The Great British Bake Off

    Yeah, I agree. Well, not that it is the camera operator who is washing the clothes by hand but that they have a external firm which comes in, does all the laundry and then returns them to the contestants on Sunday morning. Doesn't sound like any kind of impossible task to pull off. It might even be the hotel they stay at that do it.
  13. A cynic would day he had plenty of time considering the film itself simply consists of about a billion edits.
  14. McCoy

    Just Cause 4. - December 4th

    I must admit. I'd have thought a safer realistic time frame would be to do a Far Cry 5 and come out in the Spring...
  15. McCoy

    Just Cause 4. - December 4th

    Wow. That's coming out soon. Just Cause 3 was an excellent idea but flawed in its final execution. If they can build on the many successes of Just Cause 3 and refine and improve the problems this could be something special. Off the top of my head, I want a more interesting location to explore and better missions.

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