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  1. McCoy


    I agree with this. Take away all the licensed content and I am not sure I would continue to subscribe to Netflix. It is also important to be aware of what content is truly 'Netflix Original'. Things like Star Trek Discovery, The Good Place, Daredevil etc. are also labelled as Netflix Originals but are all not to some extent. Star Trek and the Good Place and just regional licensing deals. Daredevil might be closer to a Netflix Original but still based on characters owned by someone else (who can also, after a year or so, start up these shows again if they want). You then have things like Cloverfield Paradox which was produced by Paramount and then offloaded to Netflix when it was a bit crap. Popular Netflix shows like 'You' and 'The Staircase' both originated on other networks. When those other networks and media conglomerates all have their own streaming services they are not going to be willing to sub-licence their content to Netflix. Cloverfield, however crap, will just go onto the Paramount Streaming service. You take away all the 'Netflix Originals' which are not Netflix Originals in the purist business sense and you have some good stuff left. But not that much 'must see TV'. An awful lot of Netflix content which has been produced has either been of poor quality, made no impact at all or both. Netflix does have a tough slog ahead of it. There is no reason it cannot create content like the other big studios but whereas Disney can produce a movie that makes money in Cinemas, DVDs, streaming platform and then adverts on ABC and associated Disney owned netwoks Netflix can produce a movie which will make money by encouraging people to subscribe to Netflix. Sure, Netflix could do any of the above revenue platforms but each one of diminishes the reason to subscribe to Netflix. Netflix also does not have much history or really much in the way of valuable IP. Disney can make money with a new version of the Lion King because it owns the original version of the Lion King, nostalgia is big business. It is hard to think of any Netflix owned IP that can compete with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney animated, Mission Impossible, Simpsons, James Bond, Harry Potter etc. in terms of public perception and interest.
  2. McCoy


    I understand that Apple are going a slightly different route. They are aiming for a service which combines music, film, TV, news and magazines. Depending on what content they get and the price they charge, they might not have to be the best at any one of those categories if they manage to be competent in all. It is a different proposition from Netflix which is solely about films and TV. I'm interested to see what Apple can do with combining different news sources into the same subscription product.
  3. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    I'm getting worried they've not reached out to any of the TNG writers in respite of the Picard show. This current batch don't seem to have a clue.
  4. McCoy

    Comedy timing

    But any part of the Naked Gun films would also suffice.
  5. McCoy

    Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer

    Because you can never watch it too many times, Speed Racer is now free on Amazon Prime for your viewing pleasure.
  6. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    She's actually the origin story of Data. Which I honestly wouldn't put past the writers of Discovery.
  7. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yep, just the one episode so far. Seems very strange that they asked her to sign a one year deal. Perhaps she has more to do coming up?
  8. McCoy

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    Indeed. Hence why the Switch is so great.
  9. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    I'm not sure why they felt necessary to give that speech to Tily in the last episode. It would have been a good opportunity for one of the other Bridge Officers to have a moment. But no, Tily has to be the one. Discovery has to use its supporting characters better. Burnham and Tily could both be good characters but in moderation. We've got the two ladies at the front of the bridge we barely known anything about and the tactical guy officer who is also a bit unknown. TNG/DS9/Voyager weren't perfect but the structure was good in that sometimes it was an proper ensemble episode, sometimes it was a Picard episode, sometimes a Troi episode. It gave everyone moments and stories to handle. By contrast Discovery comes off as being quite a small show, where every plot is going to have to involve Burnham in some capacity. The extent that Tily is used is ridiculous, popping up on the Bridge delivering lines that could have easily been handed to other bridge characters. DS9 is obviously the high point but look at the way a Character like Garek or Rom are used and developed. A guest star on that show got more backstory and development than we've seen attempted with most of the Discovery characters thus far. Bringing in Spock also seems like a unnecessary move, he's a great character but I'm not really sure we needed this part of the characters life filled in, particularly as we know it would never be referenced to again. Of course, this, 'let's scribble in this tiny corner of the Trek timeline' instead of trying something completely new is a longstanding bugbear of mine about Discovery. We're enjoying Pike, not becuase of the one episode he was previously on but becuase he is a proper Trek character. Make him a completely new character and he would still be a good addition. If anything, the knowledge that the fate of this character is both already known and quite a depressing end hinders rather than helps his development. The annoying thing is that I think there is a good show in Discovery trying to get out, the way they have handled Pike shows that, but the show is burdened with long plot arcs which are not that interesting and relies on a very small group of characters to progress the plot forward. TNG et all had around 8-10 core cast Members and by the end of each of the shows first season all the main cast had been given a moment to shine (even Geordi in Season 1 of TNG gets to take command of the Enterprise early on). By contrast, I'd count maybe 6 core cast members of Discoery (Pike, Saru, Burnham, Tily, Tyler, Staments). You add in the other Bridge Crew and you've got a usual Trek size ensemble, but the show just does not to want to give them anything to do. It's shame really.
  10. Respect bro. Not sure I'd be still alive if I tried to get away with that!
  11. McCoy

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    Ports on Switch are fine. For most of the games it is the first time they are playable on the bog or 8000 foot in the air.
  12. They should have done a Star Trek thing like weird ears or bumpy forehead for Jude Law. I agree with not putting decent actors under cakes of make up, but I'm not sure it helped the narrative that Danvers was meant to slightly different from the rest of her team but looks identical to her co-star. There's a happy medium between Thor 2 and Star Trek Beyond make up and something subtle to indicate differences. Perhaps there was something subtle and I missed it though!
  13. McCoy

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I think that was a flashback to Civil War. So Peggy Carter then.
  14. McCoy

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I guess But I think that was pretty much a given anyway. The last bit you already know if you've seen Captain Marvel.
  15. Saw this last night and really enjoyed it. Probably need another watch to see where it ranks in the grand scheme but definitely in the top half of Marvel movies after first viewing. Slight question about the Kree:

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