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  1. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    It doesn't massively appeal to me but for kids, if they can keep pushing the price down it will probably do well enough to justify its existence. They do really need to work out a way to seamlessly sync saved games for the same account. That's the only way one of these would possible appeal to me. Even so, it does not look massively more portable than the regular Switch and it is not exactly hard to just take it out of the dock and chuck it in a bag. But yeah, I think if it is durable and they get a good bundle available at a decent price it will do alright as a product designed for younger kids.
  2. Sorry, I was taking the piss with that last bit. Still, it would not completely surprise me...
  3. I'm still amazed that Disney get to include the Sony Spiderman films as part of the Phase box sets. Can't be too long until Disney just drive a truck of cash towards Sony and buy Spiderman back.
  4. Sounds like we will get some more information and perhaps a proper trailer at Comic Con on 20th July. https://trekmovie.com/2019/07/01/cbs-invites-san-diego-comic-con-to-enter-star-trek-universe/
  5. I thought it was better than a lot of the more recent series....
  6. Decision was correct, shame how long it took. For similar situations they should start debating as soon as it occurs and delay the podium for a maximum of 20 minutes before a final decision has to be made. Seeing the podium not knowing who won is a bit farcical. In the race decisions are usually made pretty quickly so incidents near the end should also be dealt with speedily and then the podium can take place. People will say that there are media commitments or scheduling issues but it would be no different to extra time in a football match. Apparently the reason it took three hours yesterday was only because they had to wait two hours to get going.
  7. Yeah, I guess I can see that. It definitely feels like we're 'missing' a Hulk movie which takes place in the 5 year Endgame gap. Plus, he never got his revenge against Thanos....
  8. I've heard that idea before. It's not a bad idea but I'm not sure either version would have been particularly amazing. The surprise angle could well have ended up just looking a bit contrived and breaking out in the battle in IW could have been good but it would just have been another moment in a movie full of 'moments'. It's not exactly Rogers picking up the hammer. I love IW and Endgame but Banner/Hulk isn't particularly well serviced in either movie. The reasons for Hulk not coming out in IW are not clearly shown or explained and the big character development for Banner/Hulk occurs off screen in Endgame. For the rest of the movie we simply have Banner as a slightly bigger, greener version of himself. You don't really get the impression they've melded together so much as just that Banner has taken over Hulk's body. I don't know how it happens in the comics but would have been more interesting to see aspects of Hulk's personality vested within the new Hulk/Banner combo.
  9. Well, he was always meant to use the Hulkbuster armour for a bit but for the change to occur during the final IW battle. In theory though, the first Thanos battle in Endgame also had to be rejigged to use the Hulkbuster armour as well.
  10. I think the diner scene additional footage (not really a re-shoot) was more that they intended smart Hulk to appear at the end of Infinity War but changed their minds in the final cut stage. Hence they needed a new scene in Endgame to explain what had happened and why we now with a Smart Hulk. Problem with filming them both together. You change your mind on part of the first but still stuck with the broad decision with the second since scenes and effects work are already filmed and being completed.
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