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  1. Yeah, the ending is dealt with in a couple of ways. Firstly, I never thought he was giving up for good, just that he finally understood that it wasn't the suits that made him a hero. It was him. No 3 was all about the suits and him trying to build the ultimate suit and the ending is him realising that the difference between him and someone else isn't the suits, but simply him. Plus I think Civil War referenced/retconned this by mentioning that he was back in the game because Loki's sceptre was never stolen and that he never stopped after that. This was more for the folks who thought in 3 he has retired as opposed to my interpretation.
  2. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah, I thought I'd missed something. The crew seemed really pleased with themselves and amazed at what they'd done but to the viewer it was about 60 seconds of exposition and, wham, the asteroid simply landed in the shuttle bay. And come on, my TNG crew didn't need no maths to do the same thing. Just eye ball it yo.
  3. I don't have much sympathy for the people who purchased tickets but I was reading a few articles and it seems like a lot of tickets were sold at early bird prices of around $500. Glastonbury is what, $300 a ticket, and this was including flights to the island and accommodation. Obviously too good to be true, but I don' t think you have to be a complete moron to think that it might be worth it for $500 and that you'd expect to get a minimum standard of service and accommodation for that price. But yeah, people paying thousands of dollars for it just so they could post to Instagram get no sympathy.
  4. Yeah. The Netflix mega thread is silly. It's like having a single thread for anything BBC 1 shows.
  5. McCoy

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    Depends on whether it is enough for most of the artists to make a modest living. Although, whether you'd choose to start a band to make a modest £30,000 a year living is a fair question.
  6. McCoy

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    I think you're implying it but the take away is that the license holders are retaining too much of the money themselves right? There's money going to the licence holders, but not enough going from the licence holders out to the artists. Which is either that not enough money is going to the licence holders to start with or they are retaining the bulk of the money and not paying it out.
  7. McCoy

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    It's weird isn't it. Why let someone else profit when 70% of the content is controlled by three players. Hire a tech guy and create your own platform. The thing is Spotify has been losing money for many years - https://eu.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/02/28/spotify-files-ipo-go-public-details-years-losses/382271002/ - presumably due to the high fees it pays to licence holders. Why set up your own platform when someone else is willing to do it themselves, make a loss and still pay you what your owed. Whilst someone else is willing to take a loss and pay the fees you may as well sit back and accept the money. Something will have to give eventually.
  8. I've not really played the mobile version but auto loot sounds great. Too often the first few minutes of any match is basically a loot sim rather than an action game. How does it work, you pick up a Gun and then anything that is applicable to the gun you would automatically pick up when close to it? Sounds like a good change to incorporate.
  9. McCoy

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    I don't know much about the music industry but it does seem strange. Within reason you would think it is possible for an average band to record an album and distribute their music without needing shed loads of cash behind them. Which is obviously not the same with other types of media production. But it seems despite the apparent lack of barriers to entry, most of the music industry is still controlled by the big publishers. I guess it is like books, yes you can write and publish your own novel without incurring two much expense but whether this will gain any traction without a big publisher behind it is a different question.
  10. I think he was making a joke.
  11. Yeah, it was a bit hard to explain but I'm guessing that the heroes of Iron Man and Captain America will be kept around but with different heroes behind the masks. But I'm expecting one or both of Stark and Rogers to be retired/killed off at the end of Infinity War. But this is a problem the MCU will have at some point. They have skillfully avoided it thus far but the wait of continuity could present a problem. In fact, you could argue that simply replacing the actors but keeping the characters (ala Norton/Ruffolo) is the simplest solution to trying to explain, without becoming too bogged down in exposition, why Bucky, for example, is now maintaining the mantle of Captain America.
  12. In fairness, the big question marks seem to be over the future of Downey and Evans (no doubt Iron Man and Captain America will live on in some form) and this trailer doesn't give any hint to the outcome of their stories. It is a bit silly to say cliffhangers are of no consequence. I mean, 99% of any cliffhanger ever is of no consequence since it is eventually resolved. As you say, most people viewed the ending exactly as that, a cliffhanger, as opposed to the actual end of those characters.
  13. McCoy

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    I've said it before, but eventually the only good solution for consumers is likely to be a impartial tech platform which you can populate with whatever services you want and from then it is just seamless searching of content. Not ideal by any means but certainly preferably from the possible future of having 10 different apps for 10 different services.
  14. McCoy

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    Is that true though? Isn't most of the music listened to Spotify represented by one of the three main labels? I don't know the answer, I just thought that the main music labels controlled an awful lot of music in the industry. Surely what we are seeing is the result of the fact that these days a single episode of TV can easily costs millions of dollars to produce, and a motion picture could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Do the finances make sense to be able to produce all that content and then dump it all in one place for an overall £10 a month contribution. Particularly if that one place has replaced your previously very lucrative business of physical sales. I could be wrong, but producing a new album is probably much less of a financial endeavour than producing a new season of an average TV show.
  15. McCoy

    Star Trek Discovery

    That's a fair point. Original Georgiou was pretty good, mirror universe Empress was the aspect that didn't really work for me.

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