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  1. For a nice grippy Gr. 3 try the Subaru WRX Gr. 3, oodles of grip to get you going in that class Also bear in mind you can get a free loaner car (in multiple classes) by signing a manufacturer contract. This Monday, 8:30 PM! FOR REAL! By all means play around with traction control and brake balance, as said it makes one hell of a difference with quite some cars. Amazing. Always loved Sardinia and curious how it'll work as a tarmac track. Clever way to further expand the track list without having to build one from scratch, too! Oh yes, I've been wanting to race my E-Type Jag for a while now
  2. It's always been in my opinion, I've had several seconds of time penalty each time I barely even crossed track limits.
  3. Nearly half the season now, mostly European races and some flyaways near the end. Pretty happy to skip Austria in this double header actually. Every GP leaves you knackered, let alone one with no time to recuperate. (Or play GT.)
  4. I am indeed... However, by all means scratch off the two Monday nights after today, as I'll be home and all over GT Sport to make up for the lost nights! Also, Noble has promised to do everything he can to join our races on 8 July
  5. No chance for me to race online tonight sadly - got another 'motorsports meeting' in Paris extremely early tomorrow morning... Hopefully next Monday right after the French GP - otherwise the week after that (right after F1 in Austria) for sure!
  6. No league after the one last year, but we still fairly regularly do forum racing on Monday nights It's a bit tougher for me to make it consistently with the F1 season ramping up but should have some nights to play in July and mostly August. Hope we get some races with 8+ players going again soon to enjoy the increased party capacity!
  7. Heh, I know Jon a bit from the F1 paddock, he actually already messaged me on PSN asking to join us next time (When not on a plane to/from a GP, that is.)
  8. VERY much up for that Sadly I'll be away next Monday due to a bank holiday. Can do racing on Tuesday instead, though.
  9. Thanks so much for last night, to @marsh, @Batmobile and @mexos Three amazing races around Goodwood: Very long shot to 2nd in the last corner! Anybody's race in Ferrari's and Porsches: 'I was sweating the whole last lap' - @marsh
  10. Back again!* And amazing to see the Goodwood Motor Circuit has dropped Let's do racing tonight in Mini's and some serious racing cars too around there! I'll be hosting the online races at 8PM UK time again, hope to see you all in to have some great battles (* = Where was I, you may ask? Away on holiday in Italy, for a week of rest, mediocre weather, a theme park and excellent wine. Also, I drove a Ferrari 512 TR )
  11. Right, it's been waaaaay too long since we did forum racing night! (At least when I was involved.) So would very much like to return to that tonight at 8:30 PM UK time Make sure you bring: - Toyota AE86 - Any Gr. 3 racer - Any Gr. 1 racer (such as the Porsche 962 C) - Any Super Formula racer Who's up for it?
  12. Right, it's been waaay too long again since we did proper online racing! I've been away for work (and will be headed for the Spanish GP tomorrow) but would very much like to get back to some racing tonight Who's up for it, starting 9PM?
  13. I now imagine Pete was already playing like this before the 'accident' (watch the left arm here):
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