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  1. That looks really fun. I recall an older Forza Horizon or GTA Online having a similar mode, but not with 72 people online. Will have to try this tonight I think
  2. Actually, could you take over hosting tonight @mexos? Or any other forumite preparing to race tonight. I just came home feeling a bit unwell so I'm having to cancel on my part of the racing after all. Really sorry guys, I just can't do it already this time
  3. Hi all, I'm feeling slighty better today and would love to do some racing with the group. Will be hosting tonight from 8:30 PM UK time again! I'm expecting to be able to do something like to 2 good races, so let's make 'm count
  4. Yeah, GT Sport is much more focused on online racing. In fact that's the main reason I like to play it much more than any of the previous GT games. Seems that the frankly brave decision of Yamauchi to go with this route didn't go down that well with the player base, given the 'cut-down' campaign they added a few months after launch. (I never really bothered with that anyway, too. ) Also Kudos Prime figures seem to suggest rather few people have bothered with the online part anyway, despite this actually being the lion's share of GT Sport. Still, personally I don't need a 'GT7' as such at all, but I can imagine the majority of player demand (like yours) would say otherwise...
  5. GT6 is still great, but you should definitely give GT Sport a proper shot
  6. This I remember finding this a bit odd when I played the 32X and arcade versions through emulators, but was just the way the music worked in the original game. I actually like it, puts the emphasis on your driving and passing cars (of which the SFX are still so lovely) and just hearing some cool music at intervals.
  7. I reviewed this (in Dutch, but can be Google Translated) and found it pretty decent actually. It takes a lot of known Need for Speed elements and combines it into an enjoyable open world arcade racer. The story isn't too cringeworthy, fortunately. Some bugs, which I hope have been patched out by now (haven't played this that much after launch day).
  8. My PS4 is still in a crashed state (which cancelled last week's Wreckfest session!) I'm afraid, so I'm unable to join the online racing tonight. Should be fixed later this week though. I'm still not quite well myself, but some days are better than others. (It's because of the 'occupational burnout' according to the therapist.) I hope to be able to do some racing on Mondays again, starting next week when my PS4 works again
  9. McSpeed

    Forza Horizon

    I would love to agree but very quickly fell out of love with 4's multiplayer due to a huge design error when you actually participate in set events. The 'forced car classes' thing sounds like a nice idea on paper, but cuts up the field. Any system like in earlier Forza's, from loaner cars to homologation possibilities, would be much more fun as you can just race friends and randoms in similar machinery. (Though admittedly I haven't played 4 again recently to see if this has been changed.)
  10. McSpeed

    Forza Horizon

    I loved the original game and regularly went back to it over the years. It's probably still my favourite as it feels so pure, devoid of too much frills. Just you, the car and a varied map filled with nice races and the occasional special challenge. Absolutely loved blasting around in my Shelby Mustang GT500 and Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport The physics are just right and I have fond memories of playing the demo with my girlfriend - actually being able to teach her the basics of driving and sliding on loose surface with RWD and 4WD cars. Not to mention the ace Rally Expansion, which is probably the closest thing we got to a proper classic Sega Rally style game since Sega Rally Championship 2 Forza Horizon 2 was bigger and more beautiful, but ruined it a bit with the new emphasis on off-roading - doing 200 MPH through fields in Ferrari's just didn't feel quite right... Still, really loved some of the street circuits and caning around in slightly tuned up road cars such as the Toyota Supra en Caterham R500. Forza Horizon 3 dialed back on that silly off-roading a bit by making that something more suited to specific car classes. All in all, I'd rate this as the best of the Horizon games (despite 1 still being my favourite). Forza Horizon 4 is certainly the most beautiful and varied game, but just feels like a huge mess design-wise: finishing last in all races will still see you 'completing' them, there's no proper explanation or option to deal with car classes in multiplayer races and it all feels rather pointless. Loads of content but bloated and unnecessary complex. Still fun to just blast around, but so much wasted potential. Can only hope they trim the fat a lot for the next one, as I'd love to just enjoy driving and drifting cars in Japan!
  11. Agreed! That RX-7 looks like another great cup racing car to use in our group My PS4 has crashed the other day sadly, so will have to look at re-initializing the entire system to be able to play again. Hope to do this over the weekend to race again come Monday.
  12. Sorry guys, I'm very sad to say I have to withdraw for tonight. My PS4 crashed due to a malfunction and corrupted the HDD. Need to sort this out for the rest of tonight
  13. Minor rollcall: will @marsh, @PeteBrant and @Dave White be joining us tonight from 8:30 PM as well? All other welcome too of course
  14. I would be happy to do that How about tonight at 8:30 PM UK?
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