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  1. Ahem. England were pants tonight, and Scotland played pretty well and asked a few questions. Yes, we should have been punished and got away with the post saving us, but it's the classic English over confidence time and time again. Literally every tournament you (or at least the press) build yourselves up as the best team ever, until a question gets asked and it all falls apart. I'm certain though that we will go one up against Croatia to give us some hope, then lose it in the 95th minute and not get out of the group. I was watching on STV and was questioning
  2. It's just the usual Scotland - lose the 'must wins' and then go all out but ultimately also not win the bigger games we are expected to lose.
  3. Yeah, from what I've seen it's pretty hard to get it running smoothly on the PC without dialling things back unless you've got a monster rig, so hoping they can optimise it quite a bit! I saw rumours of a June release, but also some saying August. It was a nice surprise to see it planned anyway, so I'll be happy whenever it turns up. Need to research some HOTAS setups as well now! Console arrived today, not bad considering I ordered at 4pm yesterday from Smyths toy shop. Got it set up and downloading Sea of Theives and Star Wars Squadrons to try out. Played it briefly on my PC befo
  4. I just ordered an S, I definitely fit in the casual gamer bracket and don't currently have a console, so I'm looking forward to getting back into it. Got the £21 gamepass deal which for me is great value. No initial outlay and access to the games I'm likely to play. New to the thread but is there much info about how well flight sim will run on the S? Details seem thin on the ground just now from my initial searches.
  5. I was just thinking about this one whilst reading this thread, don't know why but this really got me when it came on the TV one day, my son wasn't interested in the slightest but I was sitting engrossed whilst fighting back a tear! Duggie is without a doubt the best for me. It's definitely geared towards adults, there's even one based on apocalypse now references when they go to take mail to the giant panda down a river! The space one also really got me, it has an amazing sequence of them flying through the solar system with an awesome voiceover and music, with the usual humour tha
  6. Yeah, I've ended up selling mine on again as it basically was sat unused. I think I maybe played about 4-5 hours of games on it since November. VR was incredible on it but I've just got too many other things going on to really feel like I was getting my moneys worth from it.
  7. How old is the PSU? The power output does degrade over time but you should be fine on a 3070, that's what I have with a 5600x and a 650W PSU and it hasn't missed a beat. From what I've seen the 3080 is a bit more demanding so you may run into some stability issues there.
  8. Is it any good? The reviews I've seen haven't been overly favourable, I love WW2 games so I was quite looking forward to trying this but now I'm in two minds.
  9. I reckon it's going to be 6 months before there is decent availability. By the time new material gets through the fab etc it takes quite a bit of time to hit the shelves.
  10. Even if you don't have a huge amount of room then most games can be played whilst standing stationary anyway. It takes a bit of the immersion away but still works perfectly well. I've got a 3m + 5m extension for using with link and it works great, so that's also an option if the wireless desktop route doesn't work for you.
  11. Played Vader immortal part 2 tonight and it really brought home the difference between the original quest OLED panels and the quest 2's LCD, it's super dark and looked really washed out and gray which is a bit disappointing. Still, HL Alyx in 90Hz and full res link looks amazing! Got Star wars squadrons in the Origin sale so looking forward to trying that. Was all set to get tales from galaxies edge as well but the mixed reviews have put me off a bit.
  12. Ah, that could be true, the main list didn't show any prices for me so the £590 was an MSI one I think that the page actually loaded when clicked.
  13. Yeah thats the one. I guess it's a premium over the RRP, but only the 3070FE is going for that. The 3rd party ones are all £500+ so it's not a massive difference. Not watched any of the review videos yet so haven't seen the real world comparisons yet, but I've committed to the 3070 now anyway! Will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next year or so in terms of driver updates and optimisations.
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