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  1. Isn't the point really that Liverpool just need to shrug off the 30 year hoodoo, by whatever means and then going forwards I'm sure Jürgen can toy with things a bit more. That said, I think it's bullshit that Liverpool aren't great to watch - they can be utterly exhilarating at times precisely because they switch gears. Every bit as good as many of the classic championship winning sides of old. I think there's an element of rose tinted spectacles going on. I don't really think there's any point in trying to rub the shine off their achievement. They have blown away the league. They would've done so in any era. The rest of us need to step up or shut up really. I can only hope some of it runs off on Everton eventually
  2. I guess it was more in response to Centrist Penguin on the previous page.
  3. This was excellent. Can I just say a word about the soundtrack - it's deliberate, surely? It's at its strongest at the moments everyone is talking over one another. It's deliberately designed to make the scenes even more stressful, as it's only used in key moments and is loud, and out of place. It's also part of the general subversion of the film - moments that you might think would be important/played for emotional resonance are discarded as just another chittering noise in a wall of distractions. I thought it did that masterfully. I spent most of the film in feeling on edge and tense and the soundtracks plays a vital part in that.
  4. Yeah, I work for QUB, I just tend to work remotely, but I could see myself in Belfast a bit more this year. Good info, cheers.
  5. @Kzo I'm in Belfast a lot of the time - is there an obvious FLGS I'm missing? There seems to be one or two, but one is half knitting shop and about 150 miles from the centre of town through flaggier areas than I'm happy walking through. @Fallows Isn't this a good opportunity to learn Dutch? Even in rural Holland I'm sure you an meet halfway with the language, there aren't many people in Holland that don't speak at least a smattering of English.
  6. The Stranger was REALLY odd. We couldn't decide if we'd enjoyed it or not (we thought probably not).
  7. Oh yes, for sure. I wasn't really expecting them to be a revelation. The yellow banner I did though was really quick and looked great. So there's certainly something there, but whether I'd replace all my existing inks/bases/layers and dry paints, no.
  8. Yeah, I can't say I've been totally sold on the contrast paints. Some seem excellent - I used a yellowy one on a banner and with one coat it looked nearly there. With others I've found I've had to layer a few times and dry brush/highlight over the top. It's a bit of a gimmick really.
  9. Interesting, we've played quite a few times and introduced quite a few people to it, and while it isn't quite the async clusterfuck that Vast is, I still think it's a very difficult game to teach. The cats and birds are both fairly straightforward, but the Vagabond and Woodland Alliance are pretty opaque. The birds' play mechanic is actually excellent and I sometimes wonder if Root might have been a better game if it was just all teams with the same bird-esque play style (I'd love to see a spin off extending just that mechanic). I guess, overall, it's a game you need to play a few times to get to grips with and play as each faction, but in the current board game environment whether it's possible to get it to table that often is debatable (as there's always a pressure to play something else). Having played it quite a bit, I'm also a bit in agreement with SU&SD that ironically after extended play I'm not sure it actually gets that much better and while it's clever to an extent, I'm not sure it has all that much depth. Which sounds like I'm shitting on it, but I do like it. Looking forward to getting the expansion to the table. Glad you enjoyed it though!
  10. Surprising. I don't know many people who had a good game of Root on the first try. What made it click for you?
  11. Cheers! My two eldest kids were looking to get into Age of Sigmar. I can't say I was all that impressed in Games Workshop when we went for a demo (I was like "bro, XWing happened, this is archaic") but you can't argue with the quality of the models. So my kids got the big starter and are each trying to paint the ghosts and musclemen armies. I said I'd try to paint up an army to play in the local shop here, when they're over (an indie, with a weekly 40k/Sigmar evening and a weekly painting evening). As I used to run the XWing club I know how dispiriting it is for newer players to turn up with an army and then find it utterly wrecked by a netlisting alpha player. So I wanted to at least build something that wasn't embarrassingly bad (I'm not bothered about winning, I just don't want to be crushed). I used to play Skaven years ago, and like them on Total War so figured they might be a decent choice. So far, from what I've read I think I can fashion the Verminlord and Starter Box (plus another box of monks) into some sort of swarming, rerolling machine, which sounds good (and keeps it all Pestilens). I have slowly started painting - to tabletop quality, about 14 levels below feltmonkey quality - and at least they aren't that hard to paint. I've also tried the new contrast paints which seem.... not to be that much of a revelation. I think I am starting to agree with you and realise I might need the Battletome Thanks for the help! And feltmonkey don't you dare post any photos of Skaven you've painted. I'm only just holding on to my sanity here.
  12. Can somebody who understands Age of Sigmar tell me the best way to go here. I have the Verminlord Corruptor and the Skaven Start Playing box. To build a relatively competitive list which of the myriad of options should I pick when building the models? And is there anything else I'd need? Basically I need to build the Plague Monks, the siege engines, and the Corrupter itself, and I have option blindness...
  13. Unless its Terraforming Mars. Some of the knock offs of that actually have better card stock and components than the official version.
  14. I've been an Everton fan since I was about six and even I acknowledge that Klopp and this fairly magnificent bunch of bastards deserves the title and all the successes that come their way. Some of the play in the destruction of Leicester was nothing short of scintillating. If they're going to do it, absolutely blowing the rest of the league away means you can't begrudge them it, or the process of enjoying it.
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