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  1. I bought EDF 5 in the recent sale and it was the first time I'd switched my PS4 on in about a year. The Switch gets most of my gaming time at the minute. But even if there's nothing coming out I'm interested in, I'm still gonna keep the PS4. I'll use it sporadically.
  2. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    The new Switch Battery + versions will be out end of next month for those looking to get one.
  3. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    This is going to be the rumoured Pro version. Everyone who was expecting a power boost should reign in your expectations.
  4. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    And a new updated model Switch has been announced. No real differences except a longer battery. 4.5 - 9 hours depending on the game compared to 2.5 - 6.5 hours now.
  5. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    They can't be! @NEG said Nintendo wasn't bothering any more!
  6. Was Banana Blitz the one with the jump button? That was rubbish.
  7. 2 and 3 are on the 360 Silent Hill Collection which are backwards compatible on the Bone. They're not great ports, though. But I think that's the only way you can play them on current consoles. Don't know about the PC versions.
  8. Cytus Alpha Release date - 16th July Platform - Switch Metacritic score - 82 As some of you know, I've been quite vocal about my love of Voez, a rhythm action game on the Switch. Deemo, it's sequel is equally as good, but I haven't spent nearly as much time with that. Now Rayark are releasing their follow up - Cytus Alpha is 200 songs - a mix of J-Pop, J-Rock and electronica - where you tap circles in time to the rhythm. Which makes it sound a little like a certain old forum favourite - Ouendan - just with less dancing cheerleaders. It's also the first Rayark Switch release to get a physical version. A collectors edition with a CD soundtrack is out tomorrow. Base.com are selling it for £34.85 https://www.base.com/buy/product/cytus-alpha-collectors-edition-nintendo-switch/dgc-cytaphns.htm Anyway, my physical version has been dispatched so if anybody other than me is interested in impressions, I'll be happy to post them when it arrives.
  9. This has been delayed until September 20th. But there's a nice physical collectors edition for those who are interested.
  10. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is a good 40 hour JRPG. I tired of it a bit at the end, but enjoyed my time with it.
  11. I've tried getting into Dragons Dogma, but the lack of lock on bothers me more than I expected. Its such a small thing, but it puts me off continuing.
  12. Recently, I'd say Hollow Knight. Some of the locations are incredibly atmospheric.
  13. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    What about 'I own a Switch but don't want a Lite'?
  14. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Anyway, in answer to who the Switch Lite is for:
  15. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    Mario Maker. Fuck the grip case.
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