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  1. D.A.R.Y.L (1985) To all intents and purposes, it's a terrible film. But I haven't seen it in over 30+ years and I've had a drink. Dodgy android kid brought up by an average American family. There's baseball, bad haircuts and the kid from The Neverending Story. Impartially, it's not great, but nostalgia kicked in hard and I loved it. 4/5
  2. mdn2

    Xbox Game Pass

    Army of Two is an EA Access game. Maybe that's why it doesn't show on the app? If I remember rightly, Panzer Dragoon Orta was a Gamepass game in certain regions, but not all.
  3. I've been avoiding this thread for spoilers, but have they sorted or said anything about the Hitman 1 export on Xbox yet? My levels are still showing as not available even though I own the export key.
  4. mdn2

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh man, Knights and Bikes is just wonderful. The whole game is just so charming.
  5. The best game no-one played this year. Great write up @Wiper
  6. Yeah, I've been enjoying my Series X. The hardware seems rock solid and quiet as a mouse. It feels like a premium piece of kit. I'm not overly worried about the games because they will come and I've got Gamepass until 2024 so theres plenty to keep me going.
  7. Mines installing,but it's probably gonna be tomorrow night before I can play it.
  8. Native 4K/60fps on Series X. One of the cleanest games they've seen. 1800p/60fps on PS5 1080p/60fps on Series S. Series X has Ultra Textures and High Shadows. PS5 has Ultra Textures and Medium Shadows. Series S has High Textures and Low Shadows. Framerate is close to perfect on all platforms, with a few exceptions.
  9. This has a Japanese Switch demo out now for those with a Japanese account and fancy getting completely lost in the menus.
  10. Rumour is Revelations 3 will be shown on the Switch.
  11. Anthem is the latest new IP from EA Games.
  12. mdn2

    The Medium

    Fuck it, I'll go in for an MC of 80. It won't happen but I like living dangerously.
  13. This is getting a demo next week. https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/balan-wonderworld-demo-launches-january-28
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