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  2. The mighty Reading win again, we have got more points this week than we got in most months in the last two seasons.
  3. I agree, the one sided conversations work well sometimes, but the waiting around hurts the pacing a lot, plus you don't really want to fast forward in case you miss some kind of reaction or other visual clue. It's probably my biggest bugbear of the game. I think one sided conversations are great for the mystery and getting a feel for the character's personality, but its overused. Have no fear folks, it seems once the credits roll you can go video trawling to your hearts delight. I've started my to-do list and already found some very good files including one that sheds a lot more light on one of the major mysteries of the game. I also found clues in the early videos you get access to that could steer people in totally different directions to me. I will always be amazed by how Barlow structures the narrative in this game by gating off the keywords, or at least planting seeds for them. There are some videos which you'll only get to via one keyword, but bear in mind each keyword gives 5 results, so he can reveal little chunks of the narrative at the time, with each new video potentially having new keywords to unlock more. Can you imagine how complicated that must be to plan out? His wall must look like A Beautiful Mind. And then he has to also ensure he doesn't accidentally reuse important keywords in other clips and spoil the flow of the narrative, which must make writing the script even harder. There are so many keywords where you expect to get loads of hits, but you only get one or two, allowing the creators to feed you excactly the clips they want you to see at that moment. It's genius.
  4. https://www.thurrott.com/music-videos/212907/disney-will-offer-four-simultaneous-streams-and-free-uhd-content $6.99 for 4k content, 4 simultaneous streams, 7 profiles, and 10 registered devices for offline viewing? Yes, please.
  5. It’s just another PC storefront that currently lacks most of Steams bells and whistles (the overlay) and erm a shopping basket. If not having your entire PC library in one place bothers you then I guess it getting exclusives is upsetting, but given I currently have erm seven? (Uplay, Origin, GOG, Epic, Twitch, Bethesda and Steam) and they all run the games personally I have no concerns. Apparently they aren’t too hot at refunds either Its a whole lot of fuss over nothing really and they’ve garnered masses of good will from me by giving away one or two free games every week (and having a semi decent sale a month or two ago).
  6. Shut the front door! Filthy from Bobby.
  7. Click here to join the Skype meeting Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Member vote - new client transportation technique 3. Reminders - disintegrations, docking fees, etc. 4. AOB Budget code TBD
  8. Also get the online membership so you can play Tetris 99.
  9. Me neither. Genuinely stoked for the Behind the scenes trailer too. They're the best things out there when it comes to marketing these movies. This one still gives me goosebumps. Just that feeling of "Star Wars is coming back!"
  10. Harvey Barnes’ goal tracked at 862mph, which might be faster than light, I’m not sure, I’m not a scientist. Ridiculous save from Schmeichel too. Albeit the goal wouldn’t have counted but can only admire the reaction speed involved. Kasper could probably catch flies with chopsticks.
  11. Is a Minecraft save stuck on the machine you created it on? I was thinking of grabbing it for the kids on the Switch, for when the TV is in use, but our save is on the Xbox. Or do you need to rent a realm for that? If you do have to have a realm, I think the cheapest is two players. Is that two Xbox accounts, or does guest mode count as a player? And I'm guessing it's two concurrent users, but you could invite more?
  12. Just stuck MOTD on and watching the highlights. Thats 3rd goal really was a a fantastic goal. Shame we conceded again, but a great win. Only team in the top 4 leagues to have a 100% so far. Long may it continue.
  13. Working on my new base
  14. Yeah, makes sense. I played Her Story and loved it. Interviewed Sam Barlow for Gamestyle because of it too. One of my favourite games.
  15. Anyone who says it's shit has never played on one or just tried the bare minimum. The pads fine, the N64 is much worse to use. Tempest 2000 is and always will be great, super burnout is basically super hang on, AVP, Defender, ultra vortek, iron soldier, Rayman, missile command are good. Just lots of weird, underdeveloped / prototype titles as Atari was in its death throes at that point. It had the power to really push loads of 2D sprites (look at super burnout) but they pushed hard for polygon based games which it really struggles with. https://youtu.be/_8K8yPNSW3E I've a soft spot for it, it existed in that weird spot between the 16 bit consoles and full on 32 bit consoles when loads of companies tried to make the next big console. It's contempories would be the 3DO, CD32, CDI and Apple Pippen.
  16. Today
  17. Hunter Killer (Jezza Butler submarine flick) is now on Netflix. Utter gash! (Exactly what you'd expect)
  18. Has anyone played Arkham LCG The Circle Undone? Finding it really hard (not gameplay although Wages of Sin kicked bums) but there’s just so much to remember and keep track of
  19. God, nothing like Star Wars fans to completely destroy excitement for a Star Wars movie...
  20. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    It just makes the most sense, doesn’t it?
  21. Nimrod used to be able to do a T1000 and adopt a convincing human cover form. He even spent a while just chilling as a construction worker and seemed to be adapting to an almost normal life of just acting like a decent person (with a the odd spot of murderous vigilantism here and there against local criminals). Then his construction site dug up the remains of the Master Mold and it assimilated/repurposed him, though his human persona kinda persisted as a kind of moderating conscience in the gestalt while it battled the X-Men. Then it got punched into a gateway to be reborn with a clean slate and Christ knows what happened then. Comics!
  22. 90 minutes in, no real idea what’s going on but I think that is kind of the point. Controls well, looks a bit bland till you start chucking stuff about. Men in black meets Twin Peaks and controls a bit like uncharted, minus the cover mechanic. So, yes, good so far!
  23. Penny wise would have been amazing.
  24. All that typing on a console? Maybe switch. But one of the few games i would play on Pc/Mac. That said gone iPad myself. But I have a keyboard case. After a few mins play my bug bear is that without trying to spoil things so far you listen to lots of one sided conversations which means watching pauses whilst the unheard person speaks, or fast forwarding which is immersion breaking. I was transfixed in her story, but this messes the pacing a bit.
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