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  2. I thought they owned Fox? Are they not putting all that content on there? Simpsons, X-Files, etc. I thought it was going to be a complete back catalogue of what Disney currently owns?
  3. One of the things I find most intriguing is that I don't agree with the whole "movies make you want to kill people" or things like that but I do think the surrounding themes or character archetypes can often be assumed to be true or correct as they may be presented as more 'real' than chuck Norris shooting loads of bad guys without ever using cover and so on. It's sort of the representation of people, especially in a more general sense or behaviour that filters in. Also over repetition, for instance face man in A-Team does his "master of disguise" trick in almost every episode but if you watch it now, it pretty much just him chatting up the receptionist or whomever and I'll admit, as a kid, I did grow up thinking that he (and other similar versions of a "handsome man") are almost the only thing a woman would be attracted to, aside from odd rarities. It's embarrassing to admit it but I can't really pretend otherwise. Whereas that's actually complete bollocks. It's the same as the toxic masculinity side of things and men shouldn't show emotion, or even the generic things like jocks and nerds. I genuinely doubt that a lot of high schools are actually like they were depicted in the movies we saw in the 80s, or if they are, it's because they are perhaps unintentionally behaving the way that they think they should do. It brings to mind the thing whoopi goldberg said about star trek, she loved seeing uhuru because it made her think that black people would still be alive in the future and could get to be on a spaceship like that. I find that almost simple hope created from that is amazing, as a white western guy, I'm always in everything and never doubted it could be otherwise. I can barely imagine what it would be like growing up having homosexual feelings in the 80s and 90s with basically everything saying that those feelings are wrong, or a point of comedy etc and even without knowing it I could conceive that you would suppress any inkling towards it from a very young age because of those subtle messages. Another thing I came to realise which is a more generic thing rather than sexism/ homophobia etc but because Hollywood has been the dominant source of movies, it's quite strange how much very specific American things that everyone would know but you don't have a clue about the equivalent in other countries. Things like 911, or even the names of certain places, or companies, I never intended to remember any of these things but I do. I'm also enough of a movie bellend that I watch a lot more foreign films than your average Joe but I don't know anywhere near the same amount about those other countries whose films I've seen. Tl;dr I think movies do have an influence but in a very different way than they're given grief for.
  4. Videos from this YouTube channel have been popping up in my recommendations over the last few months. They are good explanations of the odd quirks and obscure nuances of the original two Doom games' mechanics:
  5. Not likely with my tipping ability. Still, that being said (and given I've only been paying scant attention to the NXT scene of late, and only slightly more to the 'E)... NXT vs NXT UK WORLD'S COLLIDE Houston, Texas NXT Women's Championship Rhea Ripley (c) vs Toni Storm 200 points NXT Cruiserweight Championship Angel Garza (c) vs Isaiah Scott vs Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks 200 points Imperium vs The Undisputed Era 150 points Finn Balor vs Ilja Dragunov 150 points DIY vs Moustache Mountain 150 points Mia Yim vs Kay Lee Ray 150 points WWE ROYAL RUMBLE Men's Royal Rumble Winner: Drew McIntyre (this won't happen... but I can dream) 500 points Women's Royal Rumble Winner: Charlotte (Because Vince likes big ol' chunks of silicon) 500 points WWE Universal Championship Strap Match The Fiend (c) vs Daniel Bryan 250 points WWE Raw Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Asuka 200 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans (If Lacey wins, we riot. Or, to be honest, take a bathroom break because that's slightly more interesting) 200 points WWE United States Championship Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carillo 150 points Falls Count Anywhere Roman Reigns vs King Corbin 100 points Shorty G vs Sheamus (Poor Chad.) 100 points MEN'S RUMBLE BONUS QUESTIONS 50 points each 1. Entrant #2? R-Truth 2. Entrant #30? Big Show 3. Longest innings? Brock Lesnar, via a nap outside the ring 4. Surprise entrant 1? Honky Tonk Man 5. Surprise entrant 2? Wade Barrett WOMEN'S RUMBLE BONUS QUESTIONS 50 points each 1. Entrant #2? Bianca Belair 2. Entrant #30? Lacey Evans (because Vince loves him some silicon chunks, and more is better) 3. Longest innings? Natalya 4. Surprise entrant 1? Lita 5. Surprise entrant 2? Jazz
  6. 2011 2011 was the debut of Nintendo's new great white hope, where their E3 conference wowed all the supposed hardcore gamers, who had unjustly turned up their noses at the Wii and could finally proclaim that Nintendo had made a "proper" console. Did they buy it in the end? Did they fuck. Of course most of the tech demos shown would not exactly pan out into actual things in the end, but it was good to dream at the time. The new Zelda game was looking good, and who didn't want to make video calls with an oversized controller to someone with a lovely dog... Sony decided they had to have an answer to Nintendo's dominance of the handheld market and thus revealed to building shaking applause (once the clappers had prompted everyone)... A strange looking game was announced before all of its players were actually born. And Microsoft continued to show confidence in its new technologies with stellar titles that really showed off what could be done with it... It seemed to be the year of occasionally daring ideas that would ultimately go on to become mostly commercial failures. But thank God the games released that year were some of the best ever made...
  7. Thought that was superb. Always tricky to get a new sitcom up to speed in the first episode and they tend to be weak I find, but I really enjoyed that. Anyone know how many episodes there are in the season?
  8. Somewhat messy but looks a bit better than it felt in practice.
  9. Why the thread title change? Have I missed something?
  10. Is that not the point though? That the old testament is a violent misogynistic piece of shit?
  11. Kids game that my niece and nephews were addicted to kinda like a poor man's Minecraft but with hundreds of youtubers making videos about. It was uninstalled from all their devices due to a grooming concern in the media.
  12. Is online gaming on the PC really always free though? I know there isn't the sort of universal subscription charge that console online network operators get to charge due to their ownership and total control over who can access their networks. But don't EA, or Epic, or whoever ... Find other ways to monetise online play of their games? I honestly don't know because I don't play AAA PC games online. But if it isn't monetised who pays for the server costs?
  13. I find it all fascinating. I think there is definitely correlation and circular cause and effect between society and movies. More so than any other art (this will become less the case as movies dwindle in popularity). For at least 70 years films were the dominant art form, and there are clear stages to them. And when you track patterns its interesting to see how the trends in society and in films play off each other. Women in the 50s movies were extremely deadly and clever. Often the biggest threat in the film. Men were saps. Around that time there were huge female social movements and years later when the little girls who watch these movies grow up you get the swinging 60's In the 80's you have the dumbest tough guy shit ever, all coke fuelled machismo and horrendous stereotyping. Which leads to a huge backlash and the birth of political correctness in the 90's. I'd love the freakonomics guys to do a deep dive into this stuff.
  14. Fargo

    Nintendo Switch

    BOTW is pretty special.
  15. Costa is bonkers in a good way.
  16. Gundam is, to the Japanese, the Japanese Star Wars and has consistently been pumping out mostly decent universe expanding franchise films and series for decades using this model. It’s no coincidence that the most successful, critically at least, of the new Star Wars are Rogue One and The Mandalorian which broaden what we know and introduce strong new elements. The ‘everyone with force powers is in some kind of directly related extended family schtick’ just doesn’t work anymore. Just as endlessly trying to wise the same old characters from 40 years ago falls flat. Solo anyone? Give me a story about the trials and tribulations of a rag bag of rebel (or Imperial) troopers slumming it in the Outer Rim any day.
  17. Went a bit crazy with the upgrade SBCs and managed to craft Diego Costa and Kenny Lala for an overall expenditure of under 100,000 coins.
  18. Away and don't be daft. Don't hold one duffer up against all the good stuff he's been in. What a duffer mind you. It was bloody awful.
  19. Yep. Out of those I loved Tabu & liked Life of Pi Moonrise Kingdon is Wes's weakest film Berberian was a wonderful curio that doesn't really fulfil its promise The Master did nothing for me In Bloom was nice but slight Beyond the Hills I haven't seen Dark Knight Rises is just plain old shit
  20. Also here's a Spotify version I just made to hopefully make it a little easier for everyone
  21. Chuck D and The Bomb Squad gave Leaders of the New School their name. He also featured on this ray of positivity from Janet Jackson.
  22. I've got a Shield and a Steam link.
  23. I'm unemployed now, but I left my stick controller in the UK. Is there still hope for me with a mere standard controller?
  24. Dudley

    Google Stadia

    Well running locally means that the total lag might well be below noticeable even with the wifi modifier. It's like when people say "Stadia is fine because its lag is the same as a controller" forgetting that even when that's true, the controller lag doesn't actually go away.
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